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celle qu'ils ont de cacher les mauvaises, et as long as they are slaves to the bull. And de ne se pas laisser pénétrer.”

these heard of the whore of the hills, who

had a herd of bulls, and how she milked HERMOLAUS BARBUONI raised the devil, them, and obtains exceeding great riches by that he might learn from him the meaning this milk; and they believed in the whore of Aristotle's word, évtelexeia, which is of the hills, for her bulls were token to rendered perfectihabia.


Pahat begat Balunder, and Balunder be"BELZEBUL, maître mouche," said M. gat Boddarajon, and Boddarajon begat Matras to a devil of this name,

Phun, and Phun begat Ryhot, and Ryhot nemi des Huguenots," who threatened to begat Merdar, and his brothers Doal and strike him, “Belzebul, maître mouche, si Dorel, and Myrrhdur. vous vous jouez à moi, je vous battrai en The whore of the hills, and yet a pure diable;" and taking a stick, he frightened virgin, and the bread which she did eat was this devil, who beat every body else."- mutton, BAYLE, vol. 3, p. 208.

Therefore they scorned their own bull

for her, because he gave no milk, and they SOME of those remembrances which used turned unto the whore of the hills, and beto be our gala thoughts go into mourning, lieved in her, that she was a pure virgin, as the friends of our youth drop off; and and that the bread was mutton, and whatwhenever we lose one whom we dearly love, ever she commanded them to do, this did a part of our own existence mortifies.

they, and they worshipped her herd of bulls.

The daughters of Pahat were Truhust, DALETH occurs in the Scriptures 32,530 and Phort-hin, and Undurs-tand-din, and times.

Cheef, who was his favourite child, and be

called them all Mig, which was the title and INITIAL chapter. Dispute when the new honour that he


them. century began. Pye's Carmen Sæculare. Di

He said by the power he would make his luvian world, and what happened therein. people to see also. The creation of the pig, and Noah's son, are Corn and oil and wine for her bulls, yea, told by Eulia. Also the history of Eve's silks also, and cloth of gold and of silver ; second fall, the forbidden potatoe, and her and silver and gold also, and precious stones. son Mirphi.

And she made a brazen bull, and did heat She brought forth a son, and she called it with fire, and put there all those who dehis name the Great O, query in Hebrew ?

nied that she was a pure virgin. And the great O begat Kainor, and Neehil, and Mairah, and his brethren; and Kai- Noau left ten volumes. nor begat Faelim, and Faelim begat Thadi, Some say he made the circumnavigation and Thadi begat Mahoc, and Mahoc begat in the ark. Mirphi, and Mirphi begat Mahoone, and Mahoone begat Patteric, who is Pahat, and PAHAT's lamentation for having forgotten in her days was the deluge.

the wet fire? which Mirfi had made. Noah Balunder would imitate Jeroboam, and cannot let him in, because of the mischief so he set up a calf, but it was a live one, and he would do. He admits this, “I dare say a bull calf, and all the people when he grew I should set the beasts a fighting." He up, worshipped the bull.

Jupiter, Lavir, they kill his bull, and make a feast and eat "There is a most humorous letter of Souit: his curse that the bull shall be in their they's made up from this rigmarole, --- which,

no doubt, some day or another will be printed. mouths, and that the curse shall continue -J. W.W.

begs Noah to roast some of his roots for The ague. Fear often cures it in the him. And he tried to cut a hole in the country where wise physicians practice. bottom of the ark, that he may creep and | NABBE's Microcosmus, O. P. ix. p. 129. surprize the old fellow; but in the attempt he brakes his knife. “If it be the Lord's SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE. Necessity of a pleasure to save thee thou wilt be saved, state physician. Body politic. Constituand this verily I hope for there is much tion, Mens sana in corpore sano." How good in thee, and had it not been for the often might a kingdom be saved by helleforbidden root, among all the generations bore ? Bile corroborants. See p.

56. of Adam none would have excelled that."

Evlias's, “my compliments to you.” A Causes and consequences.-Actions more chapter upon the proper understanding beprolific than herrings or insects.

tween author and reader, and the courtesy Advice to princes who will read this opus. due from one to the other.

Reward asked for the pleasure they derive.

Oom maunee paimee oom.-TIBET. Conjectures guard the author.

“ AQUINAS was once asked with what Sly the any churchman, and Sophist the compendium a man might best become true churchman, and Smooth the all church- learned ? He answered, 'By reading of one man, and Sour the no churchman, — and book,'-—meaning that an understanding enSavage the no king man, and Stiff the high tertained with several objects is intent upon churchman,and Supple the moderatechurch- neither, and profits not.”—J. TAYLOR. man, and Sneak the low churchman.

The title-page must turn over, for the Dove's foot another name for gera- sake of the long mottos. nium. Something should be said of dove-tailing. THERE are hindermates as well as help

mates in marriage. NOMANCY, or onomatoncy. 'Ovouavrela ? Thus an even number of vowels in the name Hall says that Henry VII.“ signified an imperfection in the left side of farre in the Frenche Kynges brest as hys

An odd number indicated it in the physicion did in his uryne.” right.

Ways and means. The body of Moses, according to the Rabbis, was so pure and holy, that no fly DANIEL DANCER warming the stewed dared to settle on it. — MICHAELIS, vol. 4, trout by putting it under him in bed.



a man.

p. 385.

EVERY man his own fulling mill in IceDecember 29, 1819. SERIOUSLY proposes land.-HORREBOW. hay tea as a beverage for the fasting and evening refection, as much superior to the “ The Hebrew, then, appears to be the dry leaves of China, as gold or silver are most ancient of all the languages in the superior to copper and lead.

world; at least it is so with regard to us,

who know of no older. The skin is wise, and the stomach is wise, “ Some learned men have asserted it to and the heart is wise. The head is gene- be the language spoken by Adam in Pararally the most foolish part.

dise; and that the saints will speak it in

heaven; alleging that it is so concise, and yet They estimate distances in Holstein by
so significant, so pathetic, and yet so free pipes of tobacco. To such a place it is two
from levity or bombast, as of all languages pipes, or a pipe and a half. The barrister
to approach nearest to that of spirits, who who made a speech at Kendal forty miles
need no words for conveying their ideas to long.
each other.”

A Scotch laird and his tail. Suns and
Some Frenchman has written upon the stinkards of the Natches. Limb of a dog
Chimie du gout et de l'odorat, and illus- | in Ceylon. Criados.
trated it with plates.

SEPHER Aothiioth. Liber literarum. A " As 'tis in nature with those loving hus

mystical application of the alphabet. bands

There is another MS. with the same title, That sympathize their wives' pains, and

which poetically describes a contest for sutheir throes,

premacy among the letters. When they are breeding; and 'tis usual too, We have it by experience."

ELDAD IIADDANI, i. e. Danita de Tribu

for a Month, act iii. sc. 1.

How the tribe of Dan forsook Jeroboam
Fred. TAUBMAN published Columbæ Poe-

and retired into Ethiopia.—BERTOLACCI,

vol. 1, p. 108. ticæ, 1594.

Some of them in Paris. EFFECT of tea in promoting scandal. In what a different temper must the old maids

In the days of the Messiah the Jewish and Mrs. Candours of old have talked over

women are to lie in every day. their strong beer.

In a late number of an Edinburgh me. Novalis.

dical periodical, a case is given of a young Philosophy is properly home sickness; gentleman about thirteen years old, who -the wish to be every where at home.

had been affected with constant sneezing “ We are near awakening when we dream for three weeks; at first in rather violent that we dream.

paroxysms with intervals of many minutes, “ Every beloved object is the centre of but afterwards occurring from three to six a paradise."-Foreign Review, vii.

times every minute, each occasioning a slight

degree of bodily agitation, and accompanied ERASMUS says, “ nihil fere tam fædum with a forcible expulsion of air between the quod non aliquando niteat ætate." — Adag. nearly closed teeth, producing the sound 148.

"tchee.” He had been taking considerable

quantities of magnesia on account of conHis notions of cookery. The Escurial stant acidity of stomach. The sneezing was worthily built in form of a gridiron. always suspended during sleep, but recom

menced immediately on waking, as he someThe Gorgon's eye.

times seemed to awake sneezing. He was

cured by blisters, purging, injecting olive Advantage of reticules.-- Col. M‘Don- oil into the nostrils, followed by carbonate of nel's widow, coming from Lisbon, as she iron and gradual exposure to the cold air. stepped from the packet into the boat, in her trepidation dropped one into the sea, HUMANITY made him sometimes doubt containing one hundred six-mil-fours. whether those men really had souls, who for


the paltry temptations of this world were so I ing the Druidical notion of progressive life. willing to risque and to lose them : and This notion applied, as a mode of explainthus Beaumont and FLETCHER say, “ Parting propensities. Lord B. supposed to have with their essence.” Queen of Corinth, | been a discontented devil in the condition act i. sc. 1.

of Klopstocks-who, because he was always

promising how well he would behave if “ Non mihi si latices Siloe, si porrigat He opportunity were allowed him, was granted bron

a second trial, and placed in the most faPocula, si cunctis destillent collibus undæ, vourable circumstances, — the effect being Et vatem Dan ipse riget, tua dicere dicta to prove himself fit for nothing but dam(facta)

nation. Sustineam, casusque tuos."

BARLÆUS, 1. 16. The famous Père tranquille of the Capu

chins (who was he?) teaches “que le diable HERODOTUS Mentions the Gandarii, Tav- dûëment exorcisé est contraint de dire la èúproc. Lib. iü. 91. vii. 66.

vérité.”—VIE DU P. JOSEF, p. 309.

“SHARP and sententious, pleasant without A NOTION prevailed almost generally scurrility, witty without affection, audacious among the Christians of the third century without impudency, learned without opi- that “they who took wives, were of all nion, and strange without heresy.”—Love's others the most subject to the influence of Labour's Lost, act v. sc. 1.

malignant demons." - MOSHEIM, vol. 1, p.

218. Joshua BARNES, when he edited Euripides, preserved with the name of one of Timothy PRIESTLEY in his brother's pulhis plays the only remaining word of it,-a pit. Introduces with this the question, adtrisyllable, which has not been found else- vice, &c. to great personages. where.— STEEVENS's Preface. BoSWELL'S Shakespeare, vol. 1, p. 117.



1. xxviii. c. 3, " A scorpione

aliquando percussi, nunquam postea à craThe Devil -como gran Filosofo, que es, bronibus, vespis, apibusque feriuntur.” If says PIEDRAHITA.

he had said that they bardly felt the sting,

there might have been some show of proYou are entering into the story with the bability in this assertion. deepest interest. You are all animation in pursuit of it,--all anxiety to reach the end It is said of S. Jerome, that he filed away next; turn and see what will open with the his teeth to the very gums, that he might new point of view. Be not so impatient, pronounce Hebrew with greater facility. not so fast, reader : whither are you hurry- This I find in the Evangelical Magazine, ing so fast with whip and spur,-gently, on what authority the absurd story is given gently, draw up, for heaven's sake, --stop, does not appear, but the absurd repeater you are on the brink of a hawhaw.

gives it as an example of " diligence in

study." DOGDAYS.— The Romans sacrificed dogs A gentleman is said to bave had a front to the dogstar.–See Pensées sur la Comète, tooth drawn, that he might spit, like a coach'vol. 1, p. 171.

man, with the greater effect.

Tue Dr's opinion of what he himself had Coke said of Garnet upon his trial, that been in prior stages of existence, --he hold- he was a doctor of Jesuits, that is, a doc


tor of five DD's, as dissimulation, deposing “ Ce que je fis de fort bonne encre."of princes, disposing of kingdoms, daunting CARD. D'Ossat. and deterring of subjects, and destruction."

“ Per persona positiva les Italiens enPROGERS, who had been about the person

tendent ce que nous apellons un honnête of Charles the Second, died at ninety-six in homme, un homme de mise. Amelot de

l'Houssaie." cutting his teeth; he bad cut four, and many others were coming, which so inflamed his

CAMBLES, a King of the Lydians, such a gums, that it proved fatal.

gormandizer, that one night after he had The Romans when travelling from home supped and went to bed, he eat up his wife recommended themselves to the goddess that lay by himn ; and in the morning when Abeona; when returning, to Adeona; when he found one of her hands in his mouth, he

killed himself. resting, to Statilinus ; when weary, to Fessonia.

GRUNDULES. Lares of the pigsty, ap

pointed by Romulus in honour of a sow who St. BARBARA a saint for the mountains.

had thirty pigs at one litter. St. Agatha for the vales.

Take then the book to thy pocket, the " THERE's no making a whistle of a pig's

doctor to thy heart, Nobs for thy hobby. tail."-SHADWELL. Squire of Alsatia.

horse, and M. Urgandus, the unknown, for “ The most solemn act of worship per

thy guide, philosopher, and friend. formed to the Syrian Baal by his ordinary

TELLIAMED theory. devotees, was to break wind and ease themselves at the foot of his image."-SKELTON'S “ANTIPHERON, one who," Aristotle says, Deism Revealed.

“ met with himself, and saw his own image

before him wherever he went." An odd notion that “ The greatest heads and smallest eke were

ASPENDIUS, a harper, who would finger wont

the harp so lightly, that none could hear it To bear in them the finest wits away; (qy. but himself.

alway.) This thing is true, thou can'st it not de

He goat, dog wolf, buck rabbit, Jack hare. nay.”

Tom cat, Jenny ass. Higgins, Mirror for Magistrates, Bull-child in Chinese. vol. 1, p. 222.

It was a comfort to the doctor, that the “ GELDINGS, with their goddess Epona, relative to whom his paternal estate would are objects of admiration to you."-TER- pass was named Lamb. TULLIAN'S Apology.

Sapientia, the ancients connected wisdom "Alhahor seems is the name of heaven's with taste.—See Van HELMONT, p. 737. fierce dog." - M. Magazine, vol. 3, p. 819.


says nature seems to have “ JAQUES Gonory disoit que ce qu'il avoit formed animals to live and enjoy health traduit du Roman d'Amadis passeroit un upon a scanty and precarious supply of joir pour aussi veritable que l'histoire de food ;” and argues that men produce disPaul Jove."--BAILLET, vol. 2, p. 319. eases by the repletion to which their tables

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