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(1892) Where is one that, born of woman, alto

gether can escape From the lower world within him,

moods of tiger, or of ape? Man as yet is being made; and ere the

crowning Age of ages, Shall not æon after æon pass and touch

him into shape?


Sunset and evening star,

And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar,

When I put out to sea, But such a tide as, moving, seems asleep,

Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the

boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell,

And after that the dark ! And may there be no sadness of farewell,

When I embark; For though from out our bourne of Time

and Place The food may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face

When I have crossed the bar.

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(1892) Though sin too oft, when smitten by Thy

rod, Rail at “Blind Fate” with many a vain

“Alas!" From sin through sorrow unto Thee we

pass By that same path our true forefathers

trod; And let not Reason fail me, nor the sod 5 Draw from my death Thy living flower


(1835) The Development of Man I knew, I felt (perception unexpressed, Uncomprehended by our narrow thought, But somehow felt and known in every

shift And change in the spirit, nay, in every


and grass,

Before I learn that Love which is, and







Of the body, even) what God is, what we Soars up and up, shivering for very joy; 675 are,

Afar the ocean sleeps; white fishing-gulls What life is - how God tastes an infinite Flit where the strand is purple with its joy

tribe In infinite ways, one everlasting bliss ; Of nested limpets; savage creatures seek From whom all being emanates, all power Their loves in wood and plain — and God Proceeds; in whom is life forevermore, 645 Yet whom existence in its lowest form His ancient rapture. Thus he dwells in Includes: where dwells enjoyment there is all, he,

From life's minute beginnings, up at last With still a Aying point of bliss remote,


man, - the consummation of this A happiness in store afar, a sphere

scheme Of distant glory in full view; thus Of being, the completion of this sphere climbs

Of life: whose attributes had here and Pleasure its heights forever and forever. there

Been scattered o'er the visible world beThe centre-fire heaves underneath the fore,

685 earth,

Asking to be combined, dim fragments And the earth changes like a human face; meant The molten ore bursts up among the rocks, To be united in some wondrous whole, Winds into the stone's heart, outbranches Imperfect qualities throughout creation, bright


Suggesting some one creature yet to make, In hidden mines, spots barren river-beds, Some point where all those scattered rays Crumbles into fine sand where sunbeams should meet bask

Convergent in the faculties of man. God joys therein. The wroth sea's waves Power,— neither put forth blindly, nor are edged

controlled With foam, white as the bitten lip of hate, Calmly by perfect knowledge; to be used When, in the solitary waste, strange At risk, inspired or checked by hope and groups

fear: Of young volcanos come up, cyclops-like, Knowledge not intuition, but the Staring together with their


slow flame

Uncertain fruit of an enhancing toil, God tastes

a pleasure in their uncouth Strengthened by love: love — not serenely pride.

pure, Then all is still; earth is a wintry clod. But strong from weakness, like a chanceBut spring-wind, like a dancing psaltress, sown plant passes

665 Which, cast on stubborn soil, puts forth Over its breast to waken it: rare verdure changed buds Buds tenderly upon rough banks, between And softer stains, unknown in happier The withered tree-roots and the cracks of climes; frost,

Love which endures and doubts and is Like a smile striving with a wrinkled face; oppressed The grass grows bright, the boughs are And cherished, suffering much and much swoln with blooms

sustained, Like chrysalids impatient for the air; And blind, oft-failing, yet believing love, The shining dorrs are busy, beetles run A half-enlightened, often-checkered trust :Along the furrows, ants make their ado; Hints and previsions of which faculties 705 Above, birds fly in merry flocks, the lark Are strewn confusedly everywhere about






ress is






The inferior natures; and all lead up And this to fill us with regard for man, higher,

With apprehension of his passing worth, All shape out dimly the superior race,

Desire to work his proper nature out, The heir of hopes too fair to turn out And ascertain his rank and final place: 740 false,

For these things tend still upward, progAnd man appears at last.


The law of life, man is not Man as yet.

So far the seal Nor shall I deem his object served, his Is put on life; one stage of being complete, end One scheme wound up. And from the Attained, his genuine strength put fairly grand result

forth, A supplementary reflux of light

While only here and there a

star disIllustrates all the inferior grades, explains pels Each back step in the circle. Not alone 715 The darkness, here and there a towering For their possessor dawn those qualities, mind But the new glory mixes with the heaven O'erlooks its prostrate fellows: when the And earth: man, once descried, imprints host forever

Is out at once to the despair of night, His presence on all lifeless things. The When all mankind alike' is perfected, winds

Equal in full-blown powers then, not Are henceforth voices, wailing or

till then, shout,

I say, begins man's general infancy. A querulous mutter a quick gay For wherefore make account of feverish laugh,

starts Never a senseless gust now man is born. Of restless members of a dormant whole, The herded pines commune and have deep Impatient nerves which quiver while the thoughts, –

body A secret they assemble to discuss

Slumbers as in a grave? Oh, long ago 755 When the sun drops behind their trunks, The brow was twitched, the tremulous lids which glare

astir, Like grates of hell. The peerless cup The peaceful mouth disturbed; half-utafloat

tered speech Of the lake-lily is an urn, some nymph Ruffled the lip, and then the teeth were Swims bearing high above her head. No set, bird

The breath drawn sharp, the strong rightWhistles unseen but through the gaps

hand clenched stronger, above

As it would pluck a lion by the jaw; 760 That let light in upon the gloomy The glorious creature laughed out even in woods,

sleep! A shape peeps from the breezy forest-top, But when, full roused, each giant-limb Arch with small puckered mouth and awake, mocking eye.

Each sinew strung, the great heart pulsing has enterprise; deep quiet fast, droops

He shall start up and stand on his own With evening; triumph takes the sunset earth, hour;

Then shall his long triumphant march Voluptuous transport ripens with the begin,

Thence shall his being date: thus wholly Beneath a warm moon like a happy face. roused,



The morn




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(From Part Second) Give her but a least excuse to love me! When where How — can this arm establish her above

255 If fortune fixed her as my lady there, There already, to eternally reprove me? ("Hist!" said Kate the Queen; But "Oh!" cried the maiden, binding her

tresses, "'Tis only a page that carols unseen, Crumbling your hounds their messes!")


In my own heart love had not been made

wise To trace love's faint beginnings in man

kind, To know even hate is but a mask of

love's, To see a good in evil, and a hope In ill-success; to sympathize, be proud 875 Of their half-reasons, faint aspirings, dim Struggles for truth, their poorest fallacies, Their prejudice and fears and cares and

doubts; All with a touch of nobleness, despite Their error, upward tending all though

weak, Like plants in mines which never saw the


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