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being two miles distant from any | abundant hartest; an earnest of place of worship, till, during the last what the Lord is about to do for this four years, they were perishing for benighted part of the country, whose lack of knowledge; and no man ignorance and prejudice have long seemed to care for their souls. About been proverbial, and where the mathree years ago, a room was fitted jority are still Roman catholics. up for worship, which will accommodate about 200 people, where the gospel has been regularly preached, We hope, with considerable success.

Several have already put on the Lord
Jesus Christ, by embracing the or-

NEW CHAPEL OPENED, dinance of baptism; and, we believe, nothing but timidity prevents AT STREET, NEAR GLASTONBURY, others, who are proper subjects, from

Nov. 10, 1814. following the same example. A Sunday School is taught in the same room, (the only school in the village,) N. T. BURNETT was ordained to which is well attended. At Has- the pastoral office of the particular lingden, a few friends have been as- Baptist Church, at Street, Glastonsisted in defraying the expenses of bury, Somersetshire, their new charegular preaching, for about four pel being opened the same day. years past. The church now con- Brother Martin, of Malmsbury, insists of about forty members, and troduced the services of the day by they have it in contemplation,shortly, reading the scriptures, and prayer. to erect a chapel.

Brother Viney, of Bridgewater, de Itinerant labours have also, we scribed the nature of a gospel church, trust, been made very useful to the and asked the usual questions-Orgood of many in the Filde, an ex- dination prayer by Brother Coxtensive country betwixt Preston and Charge by Brother Ryland, Rev. ii. Lancaster.

10," Be thou faithful;"&c.-Sermon On Saturday, July 22d, a church to the people by Brother Holloway, was formed at the Roebuck,near Gars- Heb. xiii. 22, " Brethern suffer the tang Mr. Allison, student from word of exhortation.” Brother HolBradford, introduced the service, loway preached in the evening, which was performed by a river side. from Mic. iv. 8. “ The first domiMr. Gray, of Blackburn, preached nion.”. Other devotional services from Acts, ü. 41; after which, Mr. by brethren Opie Smith, Cantle, and Edwards, of Accrington, administer- Reynolds, (indep.) The pleasing exod the ordinance of baptism to fifteen ercises of the day will be long remempersons, twelve and three women,

bered by the people and their pastor. nearly all in the prime of life, and, The establishment of preaching wė trust, all in the lively exercise of the gospel at Street, commenced repentance towards God, and faith about seventeen years ago, by two in our Lord Jesus Christ. They brethern of the name of May: They, were forined into a church in the in connection with our dear Brother afternoon, a relation which none of Martin, now of Malmsbury, labourthem had ever filled before, except ed there, and in the neighbouring one, who had been a Roman catho villages, indefatigably, for twelve lic. The services of this day were years, one of them being removed by peculiarly interesting, and, we hope, death, and the others called away by they will be 'long remembered for Providence, the people were left good. The congregation was large, almost destitute of a minister; but attentive, and, many of them, deeply the Lord, in the course of his allaffected with what they saw and wise providence, sent their present beard. The-room, which was lately pastor amongst them. opened for worship, in this neigh None of the friends, during these bourhood, is generally crowded with twelve years, were united to any attentive hearers; and, we trust; church; but since their present minithose are but the first fruits of an ster has been with them, nineteen


persons have been baptized upon Baptist connexion, in Worcestetprofession of faith in Christ, and stroet, Bromsgrove; the services of united in church-fellowship. For the day were conducted as follows: thirteen years, they met, for the wor- in the morning, brother Cooke inship of God, in a dwelling-house, troduced the service and baptized which proved by far too small for four persons: The Rev. Mr. Birt, the congregation; they, therefore, of Cannon-street, Birmingham, conthought it their duty to provide a cluded with prayer. In the aftermore suitable place, especially con- noon, these, with twenty-six others sidering the far advanced age of the solemnly united in the covenant, or good widow woman in whose house bond of union, drawn up on the octhey used to worship, and they were casion; and gave to each other the very unlikely to obtain a place for right hand of fellowship. In the the same purposê after her decease. evening, the union was pablicly reUpon these considerations, and for cognised: Mr. Birt delivered a júthe glory of the Redeemer's kingdom, dicious discourse, from Rom. xiv. 8, they have built a chapel 32 feet and a last clause, “ Whether we live, hali, by 22 and a half, with a vestry, therefore, or die, we are the Lords :" and a very convenient baptistry, all after which, he read the church of which cost upwards of four hun- covenant, to which the brethren dred pounds.

signified their assent by standing ap Tho chapel is vested in the hands while it was read. Mr. B. then, ad of trustees, for the use of the Baptist ministered the Lord's supper. May denomination for ever. Towards this little interest grow as the corn, the above sum, one hundred pounds flourish as the vine, and bring forth have been collected by them and fruit like Lebanon. Amen. their immediate connections. For the liquidation of the remainder, their appeal must be to the generosity of the friends of Christ; and, when the

WELLS. peculiar circumstances are stated in which their minister stands, (his people not being able to do any thing 1815, a church of the particular Bap

On Lord's day evening, July 30th, towards his pecuniary assistance, and tist denomination was formed in the he having his hands engaged in business, which rondets it impossible for that there is a very promising pro

city of Wells; and, we understand, him to be long from home for the purpose of personally waiting on the spect of raising

a congregation


Hitherto the baptists in that city friends of religion for their kind as: sistance :) we trust, that without have been obliged to travel as far any other statement of facts, the nances of the New Testament, agrec

ás Croscombo, to enjoy the ordicause of Christ at Street will meet with that liberality, from the friends ably to the dictates of conscience. of religion, which the humble case requires. Should any individuals be disposed to remit donations in its favour, they will be faithfully applied,

NEW MEETINGS OPENED.' and thankfully received, by the

Rev. Dr. RYLAND, Bristol.
Rev. Mr. PORTER, Bath.

Or, by the pastor of the Church,

N: T. BURNETT, at Street. On Tuesday, June 13, 1815, two .

Sermons were preached at the Bapa

tist Meeting-Mouse, Swanbourn, that NEW CHURCHES FORMED. in the Morning by Mr. Patrick, late

of Fenny, Stratford, from 1 Joủy, i. BROMSGROVE.

1, the other by Mr. P. Tyler, from

Ezek. xlvii. 1-12. This MeetingON Tuesday, May 30, 1815, a House has, hitherto boen private Church was formed, of the particular property, but is now conveyed into

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the hands of Trustees on the consisterly, Durham, the 27th and 28th deration of 2501, being paid in four days of June, 1816. First day, they years, by regular instalments.

met at two o'clock P. M. for prayer and reading the letters. Three brethren were engaged in prayer. Ad

journed at four o'clock. Mr. PenMARGATE,

gilly preached in the evening, at six A NEAT and commodious place

o'clock. Second day. The mes. of worship, crected for the Rev. G. sengers met at nine o'clock, and Atkinson's congregation, Margate, again at three in the afternoon, for was opened on Thursday the 13th prayer and conference. Public worof July, when three sermons were ship.commenced at half-past ten in preached. In the morning by the the forenoon, when Mr. Harper, Rev. Dr. Rippon, from Ps. xxviii. 9. from Aldstone, in Cumberland, and In the afternoon by the Rev. Dr. brother Hartly, of Stockton, preach Townly, from Exod. xiv. 15; and, in ed; the former from Heb. x. 12; the the evening, by the Rev. Dr. Collyer, latter from Matt. xii. 10. In the from 2 Tim. ii. 7. The Rev. Messrs evening, public worship was beguig Townsend, of Ramsgate, Young, of at six. o'clock, when brother Wil Margate, Hinton, of Oxford, Barker, liamson preached from Col. ii. 4 of Deptford, and Greig and Dr.Nicol Singing at the usual intervals. of London, engaged in prayer. A

A penny a-week society was revery large congregation attended commended by the messengers in through the day, especially in the each congregation, in aid of the evepiug, when multitudes were un- Baptist mission, and translations of able to obtain admission. Nearly

the sacred scriptures, now carrying 250 persons dined together in the on so extensively in the East by the Great Room at the Royal Hotel. brethren of the mission at SeramThere was a universal expression of pore: approbation respecting the building, The next association, Monday and which combines economy with an Tuesday in Whitsun week, at Row elegant neatness; and all the mini-| ley, in 1816. sters who were engaged in the different services, breathed a spirit of Christian affection toward the pastor, the church, and the congregation;

ANNUAL ASSOCIATION and expressed an earnest desire for the prosperity of the cause. The sum collected at the doors on the

SHREWSBURY occasion was £ 100 2$. 64.

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The elders and messengers of the WORCESTER.

Baptist Churches, m ting for di

worship at Broseley, (Old Meeting On Tuesday, August 1st, a new House,) Oswestry, Shiffnal, Shrews meeting was opened in Droitwich, bury, Wellington, Whitchurch Worcestershire: Messrs. Brewer, of Wem, Chester: beld their seventh Birmingham, and Richards of Stour- yearly . Association at Shrewsbury, bridge, preached on the occasion, May the Bd and 4th, 1815. morning and evening. Mr. Scroxton, of Bromsgrove, and other bre

State of the Churches, thern, engaged in prayer.

Added by Baptism,




The Northern Association of the
Five Baptist Churches met at Ham.


Removed by Death,

7 is a considerable balance dae to the Dismission, 13 treasurer, which will appear from Exclusion,

6 the following statement of the res

ceipts and disbursements, since the 26 commencement of the society, in

the year 1806. Increase,


RECEIVED. May 3d, assembled at half-past | £ 273 2 3 £261 8 27 six in the evening; brother Fenn Balance due to the read xivth chapter of John and pray- Treasurer,

11 14 02 ed; brother Hollis preached from Psalm cxxvi. 6.-" He that goeth

of 272 3 3 forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." -After sermon, brother Palmer WHITCHURCH, SHROPSHIRE. was chosen moderator.The letters from the Churches were read.. The church at Wem, consisting of 13

About thirty years ago, Mr. and Mrs. members, and the church at Chester, Bayley came to reside in this town. They

were members of the Baptist Church at consisting of 25 members, were

re- Shrewsbury, now under the charge of Mr. ceived into the association. (This John Palmer. Being twenty miles distant addition makes the increase 59, and from Salop, they opened their house for the number of members in the eight worship, and procured, as frequently as churches 423.) Brother Snow con- they could, the preaching of the gospel. cluded in prayer.

Their pastor, Mr. Palmer, with his accus. May 4th, met at six in the morn-tomed zeal and indefatigable labour, came ing: Brethern Hollis and Thomp-over and helped them. God blessed the son engaged in prayer. The circu- wjeans, and several persons were lar letter was read, approved, and lightened. About seven years ago, a ordered to be printed. Brother received their dismission from the church

church was formed, of nine persons, who Crumpton concluded in prayer.

at Salop; and, soon after, Mr. Yates Metagain athalf-past ten:


was called to preach to them. Mr. Yates Thomas read the xlvi. Psalm, and laboured among them three years, and engaged in prayer: Brother Lister, then resigned his office. A small

, but of Liverpool, preached from Isaiah, very incommodious, place of meeting had liii. 11.-“He shall see of the travail been erected, and the cause sunk very of his soul, and shall be satisfied." low. The lease of that place being es. -Brother Weaver concluded in pired, a new place, in an eligible situa. prayer.

tion, and able to hold 200 persons, has At half-past two, Brother Snow been fitted yp, in a very plain and neat introduced the worship, by reading

manner; where the gospel has been the scriptures and prayer: Brother preached, and an increasing congregation Hinmers preached from Matt. vi. 10. twelve months, Mr. John Hinmers, a

gradually collected. During the last _" Thy kingdom come.” Brother member of the church in Shrewsbury, Palmer concluded in prayer. and called by them to preach the gospel,

Met at half-past six : Brother has almost regularly dispensed to them the Crumpton prayed. Brother Davies, word of life. Having received a unani, who is supplying at Oswestry, preach-mous and hearty invitation to the pastoral ed from Rom iii. 24. “ Being justi- office among them, and having thought it fied freely by his grace, through the his duty to accept it, Mr. Hinmers was redemption which is in Christ Je- ordained over them on Tuesday. the 2d of sus," and concluded in prayer.

May, 1815. After each service,

Mr. William Stevens, of Manchester,

collection was made in aid of' the Itinerant delivered a short and able address, on the

constitution of a Christian church, Fand. Amount of the collections,

At the request of Mr. Palmer, of Salop, 61. 16s. 4d. The accounts relative Mr. Bayley, senior member and deacon, to this institution were examined, and through whor, chiefly, the cause of and we are sorry to state, that there Gud bad been iutroduced and fostered)


related the steps by which the church bad | Edmonds addressed the auditory on the heen led to the choice of Mr. Hinmers. spread of the gospel in foreign parts. BroMr. Hinmers, also, delivered a brief but ther Butterworth closed the meeting in explicit confession of his faith, and avowed prayer. the motives by which be was influenced Tuesday evening, seven o'clock, met at in the susception of the pastoral office. Zion chapel. Brother Trotman prayed. This part of ihe service was very affecting. Brother Franklin, of Coventry preached, Mr. Hinmers was then set apart, by prayer from Isaiah, xii. 6. and imposition of hands, and received his Wednesday morning, six o'clock. Bre. charge from Mr. James Lister, of Liver- thren, Parsons, Hall, Rindon, and Underpool, who spoke from these words :- hill, engaged in prayer Immediately «« Take heed to yourselves, and to all the after prayer.meeting, the fund money was Rock, over the which the Holy Ghost has distributed among a number of friends, made you overseers, to feed the church of who are accustomed 10 preach in vile God, which he hath purchased with his lages. own blood."

Nine o'clock, met at Brother Johnson's. In the afternoon, Mr. Palmer spoke to It was unanimously agreed, the church from the admonition, " The 1. That the next association should be elders that rule well are worthy of double held at Bilston, Staffordshire; and that honour, especially they who laħour in the Brethren Trotman, Birt, and Belcher, be word and doctrine.”

appointed to preach; and, in case of In the evening, two persons were or- failure, Brusher Cave. dained to the deacon's office. Mr. Lister 2 That the circular letters shall be al. read suitable portions of scripture, and re- temately on the important subjects, men. ceived the votes of the church in behalf tioned at the head of the annual address, of the members whom they had called to especially considered with regard to their the office of deacons. Mr. Stevens ad experimental and practical influence. dressed them from the apostolic canon- 3. That the subject of the next letter “ Likewise must the deacons be grave, not shall be, the Doctrine of the Trinity, condouble tongued, not given to much wine, sidered with respect to its experimental not greedy of filthy lucre, holding the and practical influence. mystery of faith in a pure conscience." 4. That the quarterly meetings shall be

The services of the day were conducted held at Bewdley, the first Tuesday in with much interest, and made a deep im- July; at Tewkesbury, the first Tuesday in pression on every mind. May it be a October; and, at Evesham, the first Tues, time long remembered, and introduce day in Easter week. many happy days to the dark county of Half past ten, met at Cannon street, Shropshire.-- Whitchurch is a populous Brother H. Hawkins introduced the ser. thriving town, and surrounded by several vice by reading the scriptures and prayer; large villages. In two of these Mr. Hin- Brother Draper preached, from Rev. vi. mers regularly preaches, and is desirous 1, 2.; and Brother Butterworth from Heb. of maintaining a wide and growing itine- viii. 8, 9, 10. Brother Edmonds con. rancy in the vicinity. The cause here is cluded the services with prayer. but in its infancy; the people are few in Four o'clock, met at Brother Eames's number; the church consisting of not The circular letter, on Motives to Chrismore than 40 members, of whom 12 have tian Usefulness, drawn up by Brother been added during the past year, and the Draper, was read, approved, and ordered hearers only beginning to collect; and it to be printed. is hoped, that liberal friends will cheer. Seven v'clock, Brother Cave read a fully assist them in carrying on what has portion of the scriptures, and prayed. been so auspiciously begun This place Brother Puole preached, from Psalm of worship has cost £500, on which re. xlvi. 4; and closed the interesting and mains a debt of £200.

profitable services of the Association in prayer.

It was requested, that the churches in

general will have a collection for the fund MIDLAND ASSOCIATION.

to encourage village preaching.

STATE OF THE CHURCHES. Tuesday afternoon, three vclock, met


Decrease. at Zion chapel, New Hall street, Birming. By baptism ....129 | By death ....25" ham. Brother Butterworth was chosen By letters....... 25 By exclusion. .17 moderator. Brother W. Hawkins introduced the service by prayer. The letters

154 from the churches were read. Brotber

Total incrcase, 112.


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