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Only the King and his Son foresaw all this long before, yea, and sufficiently provided for the relief of Mansoul, Tho' they told not every body thereof. Yet, because they also would have a share in condoling of the misery of Mansoul, therefore they also did, and that at a rate of the bighest degree, bewail the losing of Mansoul ; Gen. vi. 5, 6. The King said plaivly, ibat it grieved bim at tbe beart, and you may be sure that his Son was not a whit behind him. Thus they gave conviction to all about them, that they had love and compassion for the famous town of Mansoul. Well, when the King and his Son were retired into the privy-chamber, there they again consulted about what they had designed before, to wit, That as Mansoul should in time be suffered to be lost, so as certainly it should be recovered again. Recovered I say, in such a way as that both the King and his Son would get themselves eternal fame and glory thereby. Wherefore, after this consult, the Son of Shaddai (a sweet and comely person, and one that had also great affection for those that were in affliction, but one that had mortal enmity in his heart against Diabolus, because he was designed for it, and because Diabolus sought his crown and dignity). Isa. xlix. 5. 1 Tim. i. 15. Hos. xiii. 14. This Son of Shaddai, I say, having stricken hand with his father, and promised that he would be bis servant to recover Mansoul again, stood by his resolution, nor would be repent of the same. The purport of which agreement was this, to wit, That at a certain time prefixed by both, the King's Son should take a journey into the country of Universe, and there in a way of justice and equity, by making of amends for the follies of Mansoul, he should lay the foundation of her perfect deliverance from Diabolus, and from his tyranny.

Moreover, Emanuel resolved to make, at a time convenient, a war upon the giant Diabolus, even while he


was possessed of the town of Mansoul; and that he would fairly, by strength of hand, drive him out of his hold, his nest, and take it to himself, to be bis habitation.

This now being resolved upon, order was given to the Lord Chief Secretary, to draw up a fair record of what was determined, and to cause that it should be published in all the corners of the kingdom of Universe. A short breviat of the contents thereof, you may if you please take here as follows :

Let all men know, who are concerned, tbat tbe Son of Sbaddai, the great King, is engaged by covenant to bis Fatber, to bring bis Mansoul to bim again ; yea, and to put Mansoul too, through the power of bis matchless love, into a far better, and more bappy condition than it was in before it was taken by Diabolus.

These papers therefore were published in several places, to the no little molestation of the tyrant Diabolus ; for now, thought he, I sliall be molested, and my habitation will be taken from me.

But when this matter, I mean this purpose of the King and his Son, did at first take air at court, who can tell how the High Lords, Chief Captains, and noble Princes that were there, were taken with the business! First, they whispered it to one another, and after that it began to ring throughout the King's palace, all wondering at the glorious design that between the King and his Son was on foot for the miserable town of Mansoul. Yea, the courtiers could scarce do any thing either for the King or kingdom, but they would mix with the doing thereof a noise of the love of the King and his Son, that they had for the town of Mansoul.

Nor could these Lords, high Captains, and Princes, be content to keep this news at court: yea, before the records thereof were perfected, themselves came dowii and told it in Universe, At last it came to the ears, as

I said, of Diabolus, to his no little discontent. For you must think it would perplex him to hear of such a design against him : Well, but after a few casts in his mind, he concluded upon these four things.

First, that this news, this good tidings (if possible) should be kept from the ears of the town of Mausoul : For, said he, if they shall once come to the knowledge that Shaddai their former King, and Emanuel his Son, are contriving of good for the town of Mansoul, whai can be expected by me, but that Mansoul, will make a Tevolt from under my hand and government, and return again to him?

Now to accomplish this his design, he renews his flattery with my Lord Will-be-will, and also gives him strict charge and command, that he should keep watch by day and by night of all the gates of the town, especially Ear-gate and Eye-gate: For I bear of a design, quoth he, a design to make us all traitors, and that Mansoul must be reduced to its first bondage again. I hope they are but flying stories, quoth he; however, let no such news by any means be let into Mansoul, lest the people be dejected thereat; I think, my Lord, it can be no welcome news to you, I am sure it is none to me, And I think that at this time it should be all our wisdom and care to nip the head of all such rumours as shall tend to trouble our people: Wherefore I desire, my Lord, that yon will in this matter do as I say. Let there be strong guards daily kept at every gate of the towi). Stop also and examine from wbeace such come, whom you perceive do come from far hither to trade; for let them by any means be admitted into Mansonl, unless you shall plainly perceive that they are favourers of our escellent government. I commanil morcover, said Diabolus, that there be spies continually walking up and down the town of Mansoul, and let them have power to suppress and destroy any they shall perceive to be plot

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ting against us, or that shall prate of what by Shaddai and Emanuel is intended.

This therefore was accordingly done. My Lord Willbe-will hearkened to his Lord and Master, went willingly after his commandment, and with all the diligence he could, kept any that would, from going out abroad, or that sought to bring these tidings lo Mansoul, from coming into the town.

Secondly, This done, in the next place, Diabolus, that he might make Mansoul as sure as he could. frames and imposes a new oath, and horrible covenant upon the towus-folk.

To wit, That they should never desert him, nor his government, nor yet betray him, nor seek to alter his laws; but that they should own, confess, stand by, and acknowledge him for their rightful King, in defiance to any that do, or hereafter shall, by any pretence, law, or title whatsoever, lay claim to the town of Mansoul, Isa. xxviii. 15. Thinking belike that Shaddai had not power to absolve them froin this covenant with death, and agreement with hell. Nor did the silly Mansoul stick or boggle at all at this most monstrous engagement, but as if it had been a sprat in the mouth of a whale, they swallowed it without any chewing, Were they troubled at it? Nay, they rather bragged and boasted of their so brave fidelity to the tyrant their pretended king, swearing that they would never be changelings, nor forsake their old Lord for a new.

Thus did Diabolus tie poor Mansoul fast, but jealousy that never thinks itself strong enough, put him upon another exploit, which was yet more, if possible, to debauch this town of Mansoul. Wherefore he caused by the hand of one Mr. Filth, an odious, nasty, lascivious piece of beastliness to be drawn up in writing, and set upon the gates, whereby he granted and gave licence to all his true and trusty sons in Mansoul, to do


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whatsoever their lustful appetites prompted them to do, and that po man was to let, binder, or controul them, upon pain of incurring the displeasure of their Prince.

Now this he did for these reasons:

1. That the town of Mansoul might be yet made weaker and weaker, and so more unable, should tidings come, that their redemption was designed; to believe, hope, or consent to the truth thereof. For. Reason says, The bigger the sinner, tbe less ground for bope of mercy.

2. The second reason was, If perhaps Emanuel, the Son of Shaddai their king, by seeing the horrible and prophane doings of the town of Mansoul, might repent, though entered into a covenant of redeeming them, of pursuing that covenant of their redemption ; for .he knew that Shaddai was holy, and that his Son Emanuel was holy; yea, he knew it by woeful experience; for, for the iniquity and sin of Diabolus, was he cast from the highest orbs. Wherefore what more rational than for him to conclude, that thus for sin it might fare with Mansoul: but fearing lest also this knot should break, he bethinks himself of another, to wit,

3. Thirdly, to endeavour to possess all hearts in the town of Mansoul, that Shaddai was raising of an army, to come to overthrow, and utterly to destroy the town of Mansoul ; and this he did to forestall any tidings that might come to their ears, of their deliverance; for, thought he, if I first spread this abroad, the tidings that might come after, will all be swallowed up of this; for what else will Mansoul say, when they shall hear that they must be delivered, but that the true meaning is, Shaddai intends to destroy them? Wherefore he summons the whole town into the Market-place, and there, with deceitful tongue, thus he addressed himself unto them.

Gentlemen, and my very good friends, you are all, you knowv, my legal subjects, and men of the famous town of



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