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the same fiery pillar upon him, where- Encouragement of Literature; the capital fore he was “ miraculously betrayed."* to be £100,000. in shares of £25. to be

After St. Gregory's death there was a increased, if advisable ; shareholders to bermit, who had left all his goods, and be allowed to subscribe at par; each left the world, and kept nothing but his shareholder to be entitled to a copy of cat, and this cat he used to play with, every work published by the society, at and hold in his lap tenderly: one day he two-thirds of the publication price ; inprayed that it might be revealed to him, terest 5 per cent., to be paid half yearly on io the joy of what saint he should here the instalments subscribed ; a deposit of after come; then St. Gregory was revealed £1. per share to be paid on subscribing, to him, and that he should come to his the remainder by instalments as the joy; wherefore the hermit sighed, and dis- extension of the society's concerns may liked his poverty, because St. Gregory had demand; of the profits one-fourth to possessed so much earthly riches : and in form a fund for the benefit of authors, at revelation it was commanded him to be the discretion of the society; two-fourtis quiet, because he had more pleasure in to be divided among the proprietors anstroking and playing with his cat, than nually; the remaining one-fourth to St. Gregory had in all his riches. Then accumulate into a perpetual triennial the hermit prayed that he might have fund, to meet unforeseen expenditure, the tbe like merit and reward with St. Gre- possibility of loss, &c. &c. &c. There is gory; and in this story, lieth great moral. not one word about the Encouragement

of Literuture beyond the title. This abDOMESTIC MEDICINE.

sence is the most intelligible part of the Although this is not a family receipts proposals. book, yet a prescription is extracted from There was a Society for the Encouthe “Yea and Nay Almanack for 1678,ragement of Learning, established in because the remedy has been tried and May, 1736. The duke of Richmond approved.

was president, sir Hugh Smithson, (afterFor the Eyes.

wards duke of Northumberland,) and sir In the morning as soon as you rise, sidents. The trustees were the earl of

Thomas Robinson, bart., were vice-preinstead of fasting spitle, os a cat's tail; Hertford, earl of Abercorn, Harley, ear rub your eyes with a hundred broad pieces of your own gold; and I tell thee Dr. Mead, Dr. Birch, Paul Whitehead,

of Oxford, earl Stanhope, lord Percival, friend, it will not only do thy eyes good, Ward, the professor at Gresham college, but thy purse also.

Sale, the translator of the Koran, and CHRONOLOGY.

other really eminent men; Alexander 1689. King James II. landed at Gordon, the author of "Iter SeptentriKinsale in Ireland, with an army he onale," a "History of Amphitheatres," and brought from France, to assist in the other learned and antiquarian works, was recovery of the throne he had abdicated. their secretary. In the December of the He afterwards made a public entry into

same year Gordon wrote a letter to Dr. Dublin, and besieged Londonderry, which Richardson, master of Emanuel college vigorously defended itself under the rev. Cambridge, soliciting his interference George Walker, and suffered dreadful with Dr. Conyers Middleton, to obtain privations till it was relieved, and the for the society the publication of the life siege abandoned. He then held a parlia- of Cicero. They have already entirely ment in Dublin, coined base money, and paved the way for the reception of aucommitted various outrages, till William thors,” says Gordon ; " appointed bookIII. signally defeated him at the battle of sellers for their service; settled the regula the Boyne, and compelled bim to fly to tions concerning printers, and the printing France.

part;" and," in fine nothing is wanting but to set out with some author of genius and note." Dr. Middleton chose to

publish his life of Cicero with a bookAmong the proposals in 1825, a year seller, notwithstanding an army of really prolific of projects, there is one for a great names had made all those arrangeJoint Stock Company or Society for the ments, and courted him to their en

couragement. In the outset of this so. Porter's Flowers.

ciety Mr. Clarke in a letter to Mr. Bowyer



expressed his conviction, that “it must and which he thought could be divertech be at last a downright trading society," or regulated by new cliannels and slui.cps; and said " I hope you will take care to be he appeared not to know, that it is an $ne of their printers, for there will certainly ocean of mighty waters, with countless be a society for encouraging printing. currents and varying tides. He proposed Mr. Bowyer took the hint, and printed for largesses to indigent writers, and their them. The security was good, because widows and orphans, and“ honorary reeach member of such a society is wards" to successful ones. Robertson, answerable individually for its debts. Bryant, Melmoth, Johnson, Gibbon, and At the end of three years “ Dr. Birch, as many other “useful and accomplished treasurer to the society, handed over to writers," were to have had the “honorary Mr. Stephen le Bas, his successor in rewards of the encouraging society. office, the astonishing balance of 591. Such honours, such a society was to 3s. 94d. During that period the society have forced on such men! The doctor's had printed only four books; and then, “hints" were not adopted, except that deeming the assistance of booksellers ne- to relieve the casualties of minor literary cessary, they entered into a contract for men, and their dependents, there now three years with A. Millar, J. Gray, and exists the Literary Fund. J. Nourse; afterwards they contracted In the records of former days there is with six other booksellers, whose profits mention of a project for extracting, bol- 3 they retrenched : then they became their tling, and preserving sunbeams from cuown booksellers; then they once more had cumbers, for use at that season when sunrecourse to three other booksellers; and beams are rare, and cucumbers not at all. finally, finding their finances almost ex- The projector seems to have inferred, that hausted, they laid before the public a as cucumbers derived their virtue from memorial of the Present State of Affairs sunbeams, it would be virtuous in cucumof the Society, April 17, 1748,” whereby bers to return the deposit. Whatever it appeared that they had incurred so virtue cucumbers had, it would not be considerable a debt they could proceed forced. Experiment, doubtless, disapno further.*

pointed hope ; the promising project abLess than fifty years ago another sorbed the capital advanced, as completely society existed, under the very title of as the cholicky vegetables tenaciously the Joint Stock Society proposed in 1825. retained the solar rays; and the deposit Mr. Tyson, in a letter of June 21, 1779, never found its way to the shareholders. to his friend Mr. Gough, the antiquary, Any Society for the Encouragement of nientions that a bequest of £5. was “ left Literature, save one, is a fallacy—that one at the disposal of the Society for the En- is society itself. All interposition in its couragement of Literature." + If the behalf is feeble and doting interference. literature of the present day owes its A public Joint Stock Company can neither existence to that society, its offspring is create literary talent, nor by divided most ungrateful; the foster-parent is not efforts obtain so much; nor with capital, even remembered, nor is the time of its however great, reward' it so well, as the birth or death recorded in any public undivided interest, industry, and unshared register. That it survived the bequest purse of the private publisher. alluded 10, only a very short period, ap- If a Society for the Encouragement of pears certain; for in the very next year, Literature be instituted, when more in1780, Dr. Leltsoin issued.“ Hints for estas stilution is threatened, and less instiblishing a Society for promoting useful tution is necessary, than at any former Literature.” The doctor, a most bene- period, such society will be a' hot-bed volent man, and a good physician, dis- for the cultivation of little more than pensed much charity in privaie as well as hopeful weeds. A few literary shoots in public, and patronized almost every may be sel in warm borders, and drawn humane institution for the relief and cure up under frames, to look handsome, of human infirmity; and hence his eye but they will not bear transplarting to was as microscopic in discernment, as his open ground. Their produce will be prehand was experimental in the healing of mature, of inferior quality, and not repay griets. Literature seems to have been to the trouble and expense of rearing. If him as a gentle river that he rilled into, left unsheltered, the first chill will kill

them. Weak suckers, however weli favoured, will never come to Irees.

« Nichols's Anecdotes.



The monarch of the forest, in natural which are honoured at sight. The desolitude, drinking sunshine and dews, un- mand for talent is greater than the supply. interrupted and untainted by human en- What is to be done ?-nothing. What croachments, and striking deep root be- can be done ?-nothing. Literature must neath virgin earth, attains, in fulness of be let alone. Under bounties and drawtime, to majestic growth. In like manner backs, it becomes tortuous and illicit. the silent spirit of man, seeking peace in solitary imaginings, penetrating below the foundations of human knowledge, and Channelled Ixia. Ixia Bulbocodium. generalizing and embodying the objects of Dedicated to St. Gregory. sight and feeling, arrives to a grandeur astonishing to men's eyes, because not the work of men's hands. This self

March 13. created power, is denominated Genius. St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of ConstantiIn an incipient state it evaporates beneath nople, A. D. 828.

St. Euphrasia, a. D. the meddling touch, and at maturity soars 410. St. Theophanes, Abbot, A. v. 818. above its reach. Talent is ungovernable. St. Kennocha, A. D. 1007. St. Gerald, It directs itself, appoints its own trustees Bishop, A. D. 732. St. Mochoemoc, in for uses, and draws drafts upon the public Latin, Pulcherius, Abbot, A. D. 655.

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Winter and Spring allegorized—a Sport.
Mothering Sunday. - Refreshment Sunday. – On this day boys went about, in ancient
Rose Sunday.

times, into the villages with a figure of This is the fourth Sunday in Lent, and death made of straw; from whence they noted as a holiday in the church of Eng. were generally driven by the country

people, who disliked it as an ominous

land calendar.

appearance, while some gave them money reason of which," says Wheatly, (on o get the mawkin carried off. Its precise the Common Prayer) " I suppose is the meaning under that form is doubtful, Gospel for that day, which treats of our though it seems likely to have purported Saviour's miraculously feeding five thoir the death of Winter, and to have been only sand; or else, perhaps, from the first a part of another ceremony conducted by lesson in the morning, which gives us the a larger body of boys, from whom the story of Joseph entertaining his brethren." death-carriers were a detachment, and It is also denominated Rose Sunday, from who consisted of a large assemblage car- the pope on this day carrying a golden rying two figures to represent Spring and rose in his hand, which he exhibits on his Winter, whereof one was called " Sommer way to and from mass.* stout".

On this day at Seville there is an usage Apparelde all in greene, and drest evidently the remains of an old custoin. in youthful fine arraye ;

Children of all ranks, poor and gentle, The other Winter, cladde in mosse, appear in the streets fantastically dress

with heare all hoare and graye. ed, somewhat like English chimneyThese two figures they bore about, and sweepers on May-day, with caps of gilt fought; in the fight Summer, or Spring, got and coloured paper, and coats made of the the victory over Winter, and thus was crusade bulls of the preceding year, allegorized the departure or burial of the During the whole day they make an indeath of the year, and its commencement cessant din with drums and rattles, and or revival as Spring. The custom described


“ Saw down the old woman. At on March the 6th, (p. 339,) was only a midnight,parties of the commonalty parade variation of the present, wherein also the the streets, knock at every door, repeat boys carried about cracknels or cakes :- the same cries, and conclude by sawing in Thus children also beare, with speares,

two the figure of an old woman representtheir cracknelles round about.t

ing Lent. This division is emblematical It is still a custom on Mid-Lent Sunday of Mid-Lent.[ in many parts of England, for servants and

FLORAL DIRECTORY apprentices to carry cakes or some nice Heartsease. Viola Tricolor. eatables or trinkets, as presents to their Dedicated to St. Euphrasia. parents; and in other parts, to visit their mother for a meal of furmity, or to receive

March 14. cakes from her with her blessing. This is called going a mothering | Herrick men

St. Maud, or Mathildis, Queen, A. v. 968. tions this custom in Gloucestershire :

Sts. Acepsimas, Bishop. Joseph, and I'le to thee a simnell bring

Aithilahas, A. D. 380. St., Buniface, 'Gainst thou go'st a mothering ,

Bishop of Ross, about 630

So that when she blesseth thee

1733. The Excise scheme was first Half that blessing thoul't give me. Going a mothering is from the Roman moved in the House of Commons, by

resolutions, which were powerfully recatholic custom of going to the motherchurch on Mid-Lent Sunday, to make of sisted, but on the 16th finally carried, and

the Excise bill brought in. On the 4th of ferings at the high altar; and that custom of the Romish Church is derived from the April the bill was read a first time, and Hilaria, a heathen festival celebrated by carried by a majority of 36; the majority the ancient Romans, in honour of the being 236, the minority 200. There were Mother of the Gods on the ides of March. petitions against it from every trading

town of the kingdom, and great tumulis The offerings at the altars were in their origin voluntary, and became church pro- attacked on their way to parliament.

in London ; the obnoxious members were perty. At length the parish priests com

The measure was so unpopular that it was pounded with the church at a certain sum, and these voluntary donations of the for that time dropped, whereon public people have become the dues known by feeling was manifested by general illumi

nations, and other rejoicings. the name of Easter Offerings.

1757. Admiral John Byvg, second Mid-Lent, or Mothering Sunday is

son of lord viscount Torrington, was shot likewise called Refreshmeni Sunday, “ the

at Portsmouth, under the sentence of a Gorge's Naogeorgus. : Lentleman's Magazine.

• Shepherd, on Common Prayer. lotbroke's British Mo nachi ini.

Dollado's Lettera

+ Ibis

court martial, for not having done his

CHRONOLOGY. duty to an action between the British and Forty-four years before Christ, Julius Frenen fleets on the 20th of May prece- Cæsar was assassinated by Brutus and his ding. After he had made his defence, associates in the senate-house of Rome, in and conducted himself throughout the the 56th year of his age. He is said to have trial with coolness and courage, he was so conquered three hundred nations, taken sure of acquittal, that he ordered his eight hundred cities, defeated three huncoach to be in waiting to convey him to dred millions of men, and slain one hunLondon. He suffered on board the dred millions on the field of battle. He Monarque with undaunted firmness, walk- was learned himself, and an encourager of ing out of the cabin with unchanged learning and the arts. He wrote the “Comconntenance to the quarter-deck,where the mentaries on the wars of Gaul,” a book marines were stationed to execute the which bears his name, and which would sentence. He desired to die with his eyes have been lost in the bay of Alexandria, uncovered; but on its being represented if he had not swam from his ship with his that his intrepid looks might intimidate book in one hand, and his arms in the the soldiers, and frustrate their aim, he other. His ruling passion was ambition, tied a handkerchief over his eyes, and yet he was a slave to sensuality; with then dropping another, five musket balls talents that might have made him the passed through his body, and he fell dead protector of Roman liberty he destroyed it. instantly. An historian of the day says 1784. Dr. Thomas Franklin, translaof him, that “Whatever his errors and in- tor of Sophocles, Phalaris, and Lucian, discretions might have been, he seemed to died. He was born about 1720, and have been rashly condemned, meanly given wrote two tragedies, the “ Earl of Warup, and cruelly sacrificed to vile con- wick” and “ Matilda." siderations.” It is believed that popular fury had been excited against him by

‘FLORAL DIRECTORY. various arts, and especially by the sup

Coltsfoot. Tussilago Farfala. pression of important passages in his

Dedicated to St. Zachery. official despatches. He delivered a paper to the marshal of the admiralty on the Lasting Mercury Mercurialis perennis.

Dedicated to St. Abraham. morning of his death, wherein he expressed his conviction, that he should hereafter be regarded as a victim to divert

March 16. the indignation and resentment of an in

St. Julian, of Cilicia. St.Finian, surjured and deluded people from the proper named Lobhar, or the Leper. objects, and that his very enemies be

St. Finian. lieved him innocent.

He was descended from Alild, king o. 1797. Courtney Melmoth died at

Munster, built the abbey of Innis-Fallen Bath, aged 89 years; he translated part of in an island on the lake of Loughlane, "Cicero's Works,” and “ Pliny's Epistles,” county of Kerry ; another at Ardfinnan, and wrote “ Fitzosborne's Letters," and the in Tipperary; and a third at Cluin-more “ Memoirs of a late eminent Advocate;” Madoc, in Leinster, where he was buried.* his father was the author of “The great

It is related of St. Finian, that he Importance of a Religious Life.”

visited St. Ruadanus, who had a miracu1803. Frederick Klopstock, a German lous tree in his cell, dropping a liquor so writer, author of the “ Messiah” and other peculiar, into a vessel from nine o'clock to works, chiefly poetical, died at Hamburgh, sun-set, that it sufficed to dine him and aged 80. His funeral was a public one, all his brotherhood every day.

St. and conducted with a marked solemnity, Finian's visit was to persuade St. Ruadadenoting affectionate respect for his talents

nus to live like other people; therefore, and character.

when St. Finian came to the tree, he FLORAL DIRECTORY. Mountain Soldanel. Soldanella Alpina.

signed it with the sign of the cross, by vir

tue of which the liquor ceased to flow Dedicated to St. Maud.

after nine o'clock. This was in the absence

of Ruadanus, who being informed on his March 15.

return, that St. Finian and others had Sli Abraham, Hermit, and his neice, St. come to see him, he ordered his servant

Mary, 4th Cent. St. Zachary, Pope, 4. D. 752.

# Butler's Saints,

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