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The Prayer of Address. We do not presume etca. I | The Prayer of Consecration Allmighty God Our heavenly Father etcal

When the Arch BP, and the Bps, assistant, have communicated in both kinds; the Arch BP, administreth the Bread, and the Dean of Westm". the Cup to the King and Queen; the Bps that attend, holding a Towell of white Silk or fine linnen, 2. before the King, and 2. before the Queen, while they receive.

The ArchBP goes on to the Post Comunion. 'Our Father which art in Heaven etca. O Lord and heavenly Father, We thy humble Seryts, etcal

The Quire sing 'Glory be to God on High etca.1 1 And in the mean time the King and Queen return to Their Throne upon the Theatre; and the Arch Bp. reads.

Cap. 19.


“ Assist Us mercifully O Lord in these Our Supplications etca.

“ O Lord Our God who upholdest and governest all things “ in Heaven and Earth ; Receive Our humble Prayers with “ Our thanksgivings for Our Soveraign Lord and Lady King “ William and Queen Mary, set over Us by thy Grace and “good providence to be Our King and Queen: And so together “ with them bless Catharine the Queen Dowager, her Royal

Highness the Princess Anne of Denmark, and the whole " Royal Family, with the dew of thy heavenly Spirit ; that

they all, ever trusting in thy Goodness, protected by thy “ Power, and Crowned with thy gracious and endless favor.

may continue before thee in Health, Peace, Joy, and Honor. a long and happy life upon Earth; and after death obtain

everlasting life and Glory in the Kingdom of Heaven, by the “ Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ Our Savior. who with “thee O Father eternal, and the holy Spirit liveth and reigneth ever one God, world without End, Amen. “ Almighty God who hast promised to hear the Petitions etca. “The Peace of God which passeth all Vnderstanding. etc”.

/Cap: 20.

[p. 27. The whole Coronation Office, and Comunion-Service being thus perform'd, and ended; the King, and Queen accompanied and attended, as before, descend from their Thrones, Crown'd, and carrying their Scepters, and Rods in their hands; and go down into the Area Eastward of the Theatre; And as they pass by the Altar, the rest of the Regalia lying upon it, are redelivered to the Lords, that brought them in the Procession, to be again borne before their Mãties : And so they proceed in State into King Edwards Chapel ; the Organs playing all the while.

1-1 underlined with black.

The King and Queen being come into the Chapel, and standing before the Altar there, take off their Royal or Imperial Crowns, and deliver them to the Arch Bp, who laieth them upon the Altar there, and the rest of ye Regalia are given into the hands of the Dean of Westmr and by him laid there also.

Then the King, and Queen withdraw themselves in the Traverses prepared for them, upon the western wall of that Chapel. And the King within his Travers is disrobed by the Lord great Chamberlain; and the Queen within her Traverse is disrobed by the chief Lady Assistant etca of their Royal Robes of State (which are forthwith to be delivered to the Dean of Westm'. and to be laid also upon the Altar) and again they are to be arrayed with their Robes of Purple velvet, furr'd with Ermines, which they are to wear the rest of that day, and which were before laid ready in the Traverses for that purpose.

When the King and Queen thus habited come forth of their Traverses they both stand before the Altar; And the ArchBP. being still revested as before, setteth the Crowns (provided for the King and Queen, and laid ready upon the Altar, to be worne by them the rest of the Solemnity) upon their heads : And that being done the ArchBps and Bps divest themselves of their Copes, and leave them there; proceeding in their usual Habits.

/ Then the King and Queen take their Scepters with the [p. 28. Cross in their right hands, and the Orbs in their left, And the Swords, and the Rods with the Dove, being borne before their Māties; and the Heralds having again put the rest of the Procession in Order, they go from King Edwards Chapel to the Theatre, and thence through the midst of the Quire, and the Body of the Church, and so out at the West door, & return into Westmr Hall in the same manner, as they came : Saving that the Peers who in the former Procession carried any of the Regalia, which are now left behind in the Church or which the King and Queen now wear or bear themselves; go not now, as they then did, immediately before the King and Queen; but fall into the Procession, and are ranked in place according to their degrees, or Consecrations. And in this Procession, all the Noblemen have their Coronets, and all the Bishops

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2 etca, interlined in red.
4 struck out in red, and or interlined in red.

their Caps on their Heads; the Kings of Arms too their Crowns.

When Dinner is ended, and the King and Queen withdraw out of the Hall into their Chambers; the Scepters, Orbs, & Rods, which the King and Queen carried in their Hands; the Swords also with the Scabbards of Cloth of gold, are to be deliver'd to the Dean of Westmr. to be laid up, and kept in their Treasury or Vestry with the rest of the Regalia ; and to be put into the Inventory of them.-Finis.

[a blank leaf.]




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