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People, bless You with all encrease of Grace, Honor and Happiness in this world, and Crown You with [p. 21. Immortality and Glory in the World to come. AMENT

Then the Arch Bishop turneth to the People and saith. “And the same Lord God Allmighty grant, That the Clergy & Nobles gathered together this day, for this great and Solemn “Service: and together with them all the People of the Land

fearing God, and honouring the King and Queen, and yielding “ all chearfull Obedience to Gods Coñand and theirs ; may by “ the gracious assistance of Gods infinite goodness, and by the

Vigilant Care of his anointed Servts. Our Gracious King and "Queen, be continually govern'd, and preserv'd in Peace, “ Plenty, & Prosperity through Jesus Christ Our Lord; To “whom with the eternal Father and God the holy Ghost, be "glory in the Church throughout all Ages, world without End “ AMEN.1

The blessing being thus given the King and Queen sitting down in their Chairs, vouchsafe to admit the Arch Bps, and Bps assisting at their Coronation, sto kiss the Kings Cheek, and the Queens Cheek or Hands: they kneeling before them one after another.

| Then the Quire begins to sing *TE DEUM LAUDAMUS4 and the King and Queen go up to the Theatre, upon which the Throne is placed; all the Bishops, great Officers, and other Peers attending them, every one in his place, the Swords being carried before them, and there they sit down, and repose themselves in their Chairs below the Throne.

Cap. 15.

THE INTHRONIZATION. The *TE DEUM* being ended, the King and Queen are lifted up into their Throne, by the ArchBP and Bps and other Peers of the Kingdom, and being Inthroniz'd or plac'd therein, all the great Officers, those that bear the Swords, and the Scepters and the rest of the Nobles stand round about the Steps of the Throne; and the ArchBP standing before the King and Queen, saith.

“ Stand firm, and hold fast from henceforth the Seat and “ State of Royal and Imperial Dignity, which is this day “ delivered /unto You in the Name, and by the Authority (p. 22. “ of Allmighty God, and by the hands of Us, the Bishops, and “ Seryts of God, tho’unworthy. And as You see Us to approach nearer to Gods Altars, and to wait there; so vouchsafe the “ more graciously to continue to Us yor. Royal favor. and Pro"tection. And the Lord God Allmighty whose Ministers We

i underlined wi!h black line. 2 struck out with black line and kiss interlined. 3_3 struck out with black line. 4__4 Underlined with black line, as well as written in capitals.

are, and the Stewards of his Misteries, Establish your Throne “ in Righteousness; that it may stand fast for evermore, like as " the Sun before Him, and as the faithfull Witness in Heaven. “ Amen."

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This Exhortation being ended, all the Peers then present do their Homage publickly and solemnly unto the King and Queen upon the Theater. And in the mean time the Ld Chancellr. or Lord Keeper)2 attended by Garter King of Arms &c. proclaims the Kings and Queens general Pardon, reading it distinctly, and audibly at the 4. sides of the Theatre: And at every of them as he goes along, the Treasurer of the Household, throws among the People, Medails of gold and Silver ; as the King and Queens Princely Largess or Donative.

The ArchBP. first kneels down before their Mãties knees, ye rest of the Bishops kneel on either hand, and about him and they do their Homage together; for the shortning of the Ceremony; the ArchBP. saying.

“I. N. ArchBp. of Cant: (and so every one of the rest, “ I. N. Bishop of N. and then repeat the rest audibly after " the ArchBishop) will be faithfull and true, and Faith and “ Truth will bear unto You, Our Sovereign Lord and Lady, " and your heirs Kings of England: And I will do and

truly acknowledge the Service of the Lands, which I " claim to hold of You as in right of ye Church; so help Me “ God


And then the Arch Bp kisseth the Kings left Cheek, and the Queens left* cheek or Hand, and so the rest of the Bps present after Him.

1 After this the other Peers of the Realm, do their Homage in like manner; the Dukes first by themselves; and so the Marquisses, the Earls, the Vicounts, and the Barons, severally; the first of each Order kneeling before their Mãties and (p. 23. the rest with and about him, all putting off their Coronets and the foremost of each Class beginning, and the rest saying after him.

1 underlined with black line.

2 The fellow of this bracket is not present. 3 In the margin at this place is a pointing hand and Blank written. 4 left interlined.

“ I. N. Duke or Earl etca. of N. do become your liege Man “ of Life, and Limb, and of Earthly Worship: And Faith, " and Truth I will bear unto You to live and die against all

manner of Folks; so help me God.

The Peers having thus done their Homage, they stand all together round about the King and Queen; Or each Class and Degree go up by themselves; or (as it was at the Coronations of Ch. I. and II. every Peer one by one in Order, putting off their Caps and Coronets, singly ascend the Throne again ; and stretching forth their hands, do touch the Crowns upon their Majesties heads; as promising by that Ceremony to be ever ready to support them, with all their Power.

And then every one of them kisseth the Kings Cheek, and the Queens Cheek or Hand.

[ While their Mãties general Pardon is reading, and the Medails are thrown about, and the Peers are doing their Homage; the King and Queen if they think good, deliver their Scepters with the Cross, to the Lord of the Mannor of Worsop to hold; and the other Scepters or Rods with the Dove to some one near to the Bloud Royal, or to the Lords that carried them in the Procession, or to any whom they please to assign, to ease them thereof, and to hold these Scepters by them. And the Bishops that support the King and Queen in the Procession, may also ease them by supporting the Crown, as there shall be Occasion.

Cap. 17

THE FINAL ANTHEM. [ While the general Pardon is proclaim'd, the Medals scatter'd, and the Homage of the Lords perform'd; the Quire sing this Anthem with Instrumental Musick of all sorts as a solemn Conclusion of the Coronation. Ps. 84. II. The Lord God is a Sun and a Shield, the Lord

will give Grace and Glory, no good thing will she withhold from them that walk uprightly. (v. 12) Oh Lord of Hosts, blessed is the man

that trusteth in thee. /Ps. 20. 6. Now know I that the Lord saveth his [p. 24.

Anointed, he will hear them from his holy 4Heaven, he will hear them and help them,

with the Saving Strength of his Right hand. 1 In the margin at this place is a pointing hand and Blank written.

2 In the margin here is written and then struck out with black line : an 8° page and half. 3 Chorus written in margin.

4 Vers is written in the margin.

Ps. 21. 7. For the King and Queen trust in the Lord,

through the mercy of the most high they shall not be moved, his hand shall find out all

their Enemies. Ps. 20.

7. Some trust in Chariots and some in Horses, but

lwe will remember the Name of the Lord of?

Our God 8 They are brought down and fallen, but we are

risen and stand upright. 9. His Salvation is nigh them that fear him, that

Glory may dwell in Our Land. Ps. 72. 18. Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who

3only doth Wondrous things. 19. And blessed be his Glorious Name for ever, and

let the whole Earth be filled with his Glory. Amen and Amen.


At the end of this Anthem the Drums beat, and the Trumpets sound, and all the People shout, crying out 'GOD SAVE KING WILLIAM AND QUEEN MARY: LONG LIVE KING WILLIAM AND QUEEN MARY. MAY THE KING AND QUEEN LIVE FOR EVER.4

Cap. 19. 18.


Then the Offertory begins; the Quire singing the first Sentence : 'Let your light so shine before Men etcar and the ArchBishop reading "Charge them that are rich in thet world etca?

Then the Organ plays, and the Quire singeth, "Let my Prayer come up into thy presence, as Incense; and let ye lifting up of my hands be as an Evening Sacrifice.?

In the mean while the King and the Queen descend from their Throne, supported, and attended, as before, and go to the Steps of ye Altar and kneel down there; And first the King and Queen offer bread and Wine for the Comunion ; which being then brought out of King Edwards Chapel ; are deliver'd into their hands; the Bread upon the Patin by the Bishop, that read the Epistle ; and the Wine in the Chalice by the Bishop that read the Gospel, and are by the ArchBP receiv'd from [p. 25.

2 struck out in black.

i Partes is written in the margin.
3 Chorus written in the margin.
44 Dritten in capitals and underlin:d with black.

6 written in capitals and underlined with black. 7. _7 Underlined with black.

5 struck out.


the King and Queen, and reverently plac'd upon the Altar, and decently cover'd with a fair linnen Cloth; the ArchBP. saying this Prayer.

“Bless, O Lord We beseech thee, these thy gifts, and sanctify " them unto this holy use; that by them We may be made “Partakers of the Body, and Bloud of thine only begotten Son "Jesus Christ; and fed unto everlasting life of Soul & Body ; "and that thy Servants King William and Queen Mary may be "enabled to the discharge of this weighty Office, whereunto of

thy great goodness, thou hast called and appointed them : “Grant this O Lord for Jesus Christ his sake, Our only Mediator “and Advocate. Amen.'

Then the King and Queen kneeling as before, make their second Oblation, offering each of them a Mark weight of Gold which the Treasurer of the Household delivers to the Ld great Chamberlain, and he to their Mãties : And the ArchBP. coming to theirMãties3 receives them into the Bason, and placeth it upon the Altar; and then repeats the Collect us'd before at the first Oblation.

$"O God who dwellest in the high and holy place : etca with * Them they also, who are of an humble Spirit; Look down

mercifully upon these thy Servts. William Our King, and Mary “Our Queen, here humbling themselves before thee at thy "Footstool, and graciously receive these Oblations, which in “humble acknowledgment of thy Soverainty over all, and thy “great bounty to them in particular, they have now offer'd up “unto thee ; Accept, We beseech thee, this their freewill Offer'ing; through Jesus Christ Our only Mediator and Advocate Amen.

Then the King and Queen return to their Chairs; and both kneeling down at their Faldstools; the ArchBP. saith,

Let us pray for the whole State, etca. 8
'Yout that do truely and earnestly repent you etca.
Lift up your hearts etca) with this proper preface.

Allmighty everlasting God, byo whom Kings reign, and “ Princes rule, and decree Justice; who makest Kings to be " the Nursing Fathers of thy Church, and Queens her nursing “ Mothers, and both Defenders of thy Faith, and Protectors " of thy Church, That under them We may lead a quiet, (p. 26. " and peaceable life; in all Godliness, and Honesty. Therefore “ with Angels etca. (at length)

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1 underlined with black.
3 struck out with black lines.

V. Ist Oblation in margin.
7 struck out in black.
9_9 underlined with black.

2 altered to them.
4 struck out with black line and it interlined
6 struck out with black.
8__8 underlined with black.



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