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Ætatis 33.

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Printed b J. PARAMOR E, at the Foundry, Moorfields;
And fola at the New Chapel, City-Road, and by all the

Booksellers in Town and Country.

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An EXTRACT from Dr. Whitby's Discourses. on the


DISCOURSE I. Concerning Election and Reprobation.

The State of the Question. ·L

ET it be observed from Bishop Davenant, " That no

medium can be assigned, either on God's part, betwixt the decrees of predestinating some men, and not predestinating others; or on men's part, betwixt men absolutely predestinated to the attainment of life eternal, and absolutely left to fail of eternal life, which is absolute Reprobation. As for example: let us suppose the number of mankind to be iwo millions, if out of these, one million only, by the decree of Election, be infallibly appointed to eternal life, and absolutely distinguished from others, not only as to their number, but their persons also; who can deny but that one million, and those certain, as to their persons, are as abso. lutely comprised under the decree of Reprobation, as the cthers were under the decree of Election,” So there is no Vol. VIII.


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