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SCENE I.-A Room of State. However, for a colour, tell him, you

Have cause to fear his guards may be corrupted, ZARA and Selim.

And some of them bought off to Osmyn's interest, Zara. Thou hast already racked me with thy Who, at the place of execution, will stay;

Attempt to force his way for an escape ;
Therefore require me not to ask thee twice: The state of things will countenance all suspicions.
Reply at once to all. What is concluded ? Then offer to the king, to have him strangled

Sel. Your accusation highly has incensed In secret, by your mutes; and get an order,
The king, and were alone enough to urge That none but mutes may have admittance to
The fate of Osmyn; but, to that, fresh news

him. Is since arrived, of more revolted troops. I can no more, the king is here. Obtain 'Tis certain Heli, too, is fled, and with him This grant, and I'll acquaint you with the rest. (Which breeds amazement and distraction) some Who bore high offices of weight and trust,

Enter King, Gonsalez, and Perez. Both in the state and army. This confirms King. Bear to the dungeon those rebellious The king in full belief of all you told him

slaves, Concerning Osmyn, and his correspondence The ignoble curs that yelp to fill the cry, With them who first began the mutiny.

And spend their mouths in barking tyranny. Wherefore a warrant for his death is signed; But for their leaders, Sancho and Ramirez, And order given for public execution.

Let them be led away to present death. Zara. Ha! haste thee! fly, prevent his fate Perez, see it performed. and mine;

Gons. Might I presume, Find out the king, tell him I have of weight, Their execution better were deferred, More than his crown, to impart ere Osmyn die. Till Osmyn die. Mean time we may learn more Sel. It needs not, for the king will straight be of this conspiracy. here,

King. Then be it so. And, as to your revenge, not his own interest, Stay, soldier; they shall suffer with the Moor. Pretend to sacrifice the life of Osmyn.

Are none of those returned who followed Heli? Zara. What shall I say, invent, contrive, ad- Gons. None, sir. Some papers have been vise?

since discovered Something to blind the king, and save his life, In Roderigo's house, who fled with him, In whom I live. Spite of my rage and pride,

Which seemed to intimate, as if Alphonso I am a woman, and a lover still.

Were still alive, and arming in Valentia : Oh! 'tis more grief but to suppose his death, Which wears, indeed, this colour of a truth, Than still to meet the rigour of his scorn. They who are fled have that way bent their From my despair my anger had its source; When he is dead I must despair for ever. Of the same nature divers notes have been For ever! that's despair it was distrust Dispersed, to amuse the people; whereupon Before; distrust will ever be in love,

Some, ready of belief, have raised this rumour: And anger in distrust; both short-lived pains. That, being saved upon the coast of Afric, But in despair, and ever-during death,

He there disclosed himself to Albuccacim, No term, no bound, but infinite of woe.

And, by a secret compact made with him, Oh, torment, but to think! what then to bear? Opened and urged the way to this invasion; Not to be borne-Devise the means to shun it, While he himself, returning to Valentia, Quick; or, by Heaven, this dagger drinks thy In private, undertook to raise this tumult. blood.

Żara. Ha! hearest thou that? Is Osmyn then Sel. My life is yours, nor wish I to preserve it, Alphonso ? But to serve you. I have already thought. Oh, Heaven ! a thousand things occur at once Zara. Forgive my rage; I know thy love and To my remembrance now, that make it plain. truth.

Oh, certain death for him, as sure despair But say, what's be done, or when, how, For me, if it be known-If not, what hope Shall I prevent or stop the approaching danger?. Have I? Yet 'twere the lowest baseness now, Sel. You must still seem more resolute, and To yield him up-No, I will conceal him, fixed

And try the force of yet more obligations. On Osmyn's death; too quick a change of mercy

Gons. 'Tis not impossible. Yet it may be, Might breed suspicion of the cause. Advise That some impostor has usurped his name. That execution may be done in private,

Your beauteous captive Zara can inform, Zara. On what pretence?

If such a one, so escaping, was received, Sel. Your own request is enough,

At any time, in Albuccacim's court.


King. Pardon, fair excellence, this long ne- To cast beneath your feet the crown you have glect :

saved, An unforeseen, unwelcome hour of business, Though on the head that wears it, were too little. Has thrust between us and our while of love; Zara. Of that hereafter : but, mean time, tis fit But wearing, now, apace with ebbing sand, You give strict charge that none may be admitted Will quickly waste and give again the day. To see the prisoner, but such mutes as Į Zara. You're too secure : the danger is more Shall send. imminent

King. Who waits there?
Than your high courage suffers you to see;
While Osmyn lives, you are not safe.

King. His doom

On your life, take heed Is passed; if you revoke it not, he dies. That only Zara's mutes, or such who bring Zara. 'Tis well. By what I heard upon your Her warrant, have admittance to the Moor. entrance,

Zara. They, and no other, not the princess' self. I find I can unfold what yet concerns

Per. Your Majesty shall be obeyed. You more. One, who did call himself Alphonso, King. Retire.

[Erit Perez. Was cast upon my coast, as 'tis reported,

Gons. That interdiction, so particular, And oft had private conference with the king; Pronounced with vehemence, against the princess, To what effect I knew not then : but he, Should have more meaning than appears barefacAlphonso, secretly departed, just

ed. About the time our arms embarked for Spain. This king is blinded by his love, and heeds What I know more is, that a triple league, It not. Aside.}-Your majesty, sure, might have Of strictest friendship, was professed between

spared Alphonso, Heli, and the traitor Osmyn.

The last restraint : you hardly can suspect King. Public report is ratihed in this. The princess is confederate with the Moor. Zara. And Osmyn's death required, of strong Zara. I've heard her charity did once extend necessity.

So far, to visit him, at his request. King: Give order strait, that all the prisoners Gons. Ha! die.

King. How! She visit Osmyn! What, my Zara. Forbear a moment, somewhat more I daughter? have,

Sel. Madam, take heed; or you have ruined all. Worthy your private ear, and this your mini- Zara. And after did solicit you, on his

Behalf. King. Let all, except Gonsalez, leave the room. King. Never. You have been misinformed.

[E.reunt Perez, &c. Zara. Indeed! Then 'twas a whisper, spread by Zara. I am your captive, and you've used me pobly;

Who wished it so; a common art in courts, And, in return of that, though otherwise I will retire, and instantly prepare Your enemy, I have discovered Osmyn,

Instruction for my ministers of death. His private practice, and conspiracy,

[Ereunt Zura and Selim. Against your state : and, fully to discharge Gons. There's somewhat yet of mystery in Myself of what I've undertaken, now

this; I think it fit to tell you, that your guards Her words and actions are obscure and double, Are tainted; some among them have resolved Sometimes concur, and sometimes disagree: To rescue Osmyn at the place of death.

I like it not.

[Aside King. Is treason, then, so near us as our guards? King. What dost thou think, Gonsalez Zara. Most certain; though my knowledge is Are we not much indebted to this fair one? not yet

Gons. I am a little slow of credit, sir, So ripe, to point at the particular men.

In the sincerity of women's actions. King. What is to be done?

Methinks this lady's hatred to the Moor Zara. That, too, I will advise.

Disquiets her too much; which makes it seem I have, remaining in my train, soine mutes, As if she'd rather that she did not hate him. A present once from the sultana queen, I wish her mutes are meant to be employed In the grand signior's court. These, from their As she pretends—I doubt it now-Your guards infancy,

Corrupted! How? By whom? Who told her so? Are practised in the trade of death; and shall In the evening Osmyn was to die; at midnight (As there the custom is) in private strangle She begged the royal signet, to release him; Osmyn,

In the morning he must die again; ere noon Gons. My lord, the queen advises well. Her mutes alone must strangle him, or he'll King. What offering, or what recompence re-Escape. This, put together, suits not well, mains

King. Yet that there's truth in what she has In me, that can be worthy so great services ?




the king.


Is manifest, from every circumstance.

Why art thou mute? Base and degenerate maid! This tumult, and the lords who fled with Heli, Gons. Dear madam, speak, or you'll incense Are confirmation ;-that Alphonso lives, Agrees expressly too, with her report.

Alm. What is it to speak? Or wherefore should Gons. I grant it, sir; and doubt not, but in I speak? rage

What mean these tears but grief unutterable ? Of jealousy, she has discovered what

King. They are the dumb confessions of thy She now repents. It may be I'm deceived.

mind; But why that needless caution of the princess? They mean thy guilt, and say thou wert confedeWhat if she had seen Osmyn? Though it were strange;

With damned conspirators, to take my life. But if she had, what was't to her, unless Oh, impious parricide! Now canst thou speak? She feared her stronger charms might cause the Alm. O earth, behold, I kneel upon thy bosom, Moor's

And bend my flowing eyes to stream upon Affection to revolt?

Thy face, imploring thce that thou wilt yield; King. I thank thee, friend.

Open thy bowels of compassion, take There's reason in thy doubt, and I am warned.- Into the womb the last and most forlorn But think'st thou that my daughter saw this Of all thy race. Hear me, thou common parent, Moor?

- I have no parent else—be thou a mother, Gons. If Osmyn be, as Zara has related, And step between me and the curse of him, Alphonso's friend, 'tis not impossible

Who was—who was, but is no more, a father; But she might wish, on his account, to see him. But brands my innocence with horrid crimes; King. Say'st thou? By Heaven, thou hast And, for the tender names of child and daughter, roused a thought,

Now calls me murderer and parricide. That, like a sudden earthquake, shakes my frame. King. Rise, I command thec, rise--and if thou Confusion ! then my daughter's an accomplice,

wouldst And plots in private with this hellish Moor. Acquit thyself of these detested names, Gons. That were too hard a thought—but Swear thou hast never seen that foreign dog, see, she comes

Now doomed to die, that most accursed Osmyn. Twere not amiss to question her a little,

Alm. Never, but as with innocence I might; And try, howe'er, if I've divined aright.

And free of all bad purposes. So Heaven's It what I fear be true, she'll be concerned My witness. For Osmyn's deash, as he's Alphonsu's friend : King. Vile equivocating wretch! Urge that, to try if she'll solicit for hiin. With innocence! Oh, patience! hear-she owns

it! Enter ALMERIA and Leonora.

Confesses it! By heaven, I'll have him racked, King. Your coming has prevented me, Al- Torn, mangled, flayed, impaled-all pains and

meria; I had determined to have sent for you.

That wit of man, or dire revenge, can think, Let your attendant be dismissed; I have Shall he, accumulated, underbear.

[Leonora retires. Alm. Oh, I am lost. There fate begins to To talk with you. Come near; why dost thou

wound. shake

King. Hear me, then; if thou canst reply; What mean those swollen and red-flecked eyes, know, traitress, that look

I'm not to learn that cursed Alphonso lives; As they had wept in blood, and worn the night Nor ain I ignorant what Osmyn isIn waking anguish? Why this on the day

Alm. Then all is ended, and we both must die. Which was designed to celebrate thy nuptials; Since thou'rt revealed, alone thou shalt not die; But that the beams of light are to be stained And yet alone would I have died, Heaven knows, With reeking gore, from traitors on the rack? Repeated deaths, rather than have revealed thee. Wherefore I have deferred the marriage-rites; Yes, all my father's wounding wrath, though each Nor shall the guilty horrors of the day

Reproach cuts deeper than the keenest sword, Prophane that jubilee.

And cleaves my heart, I would have borne it all, Alin. All days to me

Nay all the pains that are prepared for thee; Henceforth are equal : this, the day of death, To the remorseless rack I would have given Tomorrow, and the next, and each that follows, This weak and tender flesh, to have been bruised Will undistinguished roll, and but prolong And torn, rather than have revealed thy being. One hated line of more extended woe.

King. Hell

, hell! Do I hear this, and yet enKing. whence is thy grief? Give me to know dure ! the cause;

What! darest thou to my face avow thy guilt ? And look thou answer me with truth; for know Hence, ere I curse--fly my just rage with speed; I am not unacquainted with thy falshood. Lest I forget us both, and spurn thee froin me,



or hear?

Alm. And yet a father! Think, I am your Cursed my own tongue, that could not move his child !

pity; Turn not your eyes away-look on me knceling; Cursed these weak hands, that could not hold Now, curse me if you can, now spurn me off.

him here! Did ever father curse his kneeling child? For he is gone, to doom Alphonso's death. Never : for always blessings crown that posture.

Gons. Your too excessive grief works on your Nature inclines, and half way meets that duty, Stooping to raise from earth the filial reverence; And deludes your sense. Alphonso, if living, For bended knees returning folding arms,

Is far from hence, beyond your father's power. With prayers, and blessings, and paternal love. Alm. Hence, thou detested, ill-timed Hatterer; Oh, hear me, then, thus crawling on the earth-Source of my woes: thou and thy race be cursed;

King Be thou advised, and let me go, while yet But doubly thou, who couldst alone have policy The light impression thou hast made remains. And fraud to find the fatal secret out,

Alm. No, never will I rise, nor lose this hold, And know that Osmyn was Alphonso.
Till you are moved, and grant that he may live. Gons. Ha!
King. Ha! Who may live? Take heed! No Alm. Why dost thou start? What dost thou see

more of that;
For, on my soul, he dies, though thou and I, Was it the doleful bell, tolling for death?
And all, should follow to partake his doom. Or dying groans from my Alphonso's breast?
Away, off, let me go- -Call her attendants. See, see, look yonder! where a grizzled, pale,

[Leonora and women return. And ghastly head glares by, all smeared with Alm. Drag me; and harrow the earth with my blood, bare bosom;

Gasping as it would speak; and after, see, I will not go 'till you have spared my husband ! Behold, a damp, dead hand has dropped a dag. King. Ha! What sayest thou ? Husband ! ger: Husband! damnation !

I will catch it—Hark! a voice cries murder! ah! What husband! which? Who?

My father's voice! hollow it sounds, and calls Alm. He, he is my husband.

Me from the tomb—I will follow it; for there King. Poison and daggers! Who?

I shall again behold my dear Alphonso. Alm. Oh


[Ereunt Almeria and Leonora. Gons. Help! support her.

Gons. Sh

greatly grieved; nor am I less Alm. Let me go, let me fall, sink deep-— I will surprized. dig,

Osmyn Alphonso ! No; she over-rates I will dig a grave, and tear up death; I will; My policy; I never suspected it; I will scrape, till I collect his rotten bones, Nor now had known it, but from her mistake. And cloath their nakedness with my own flesh; Her husband too! Ha! where is Garcia then? Yes, I will strip off life, and we will change : And where the crown that should descend on I will be death! then, though you kill my hus- him, band,

To grace the line of my posterity? He shall be mine still, and for ever mine. Hold, let me think—it's should tell the king

King. What husband? whom dost thou mean? Things come to this extremity: his daughter
Gons. She raves !

Wedded already, what if he should yield?
Alm. Oh, that I did. Osmyn, he is my husband. Knowing no reinedy for what is past,
King. Osmyn!

And, urged by nature pleading for his child,
Alm. Not Osmyn, but Alphonso, is my dear With which he seems to be already shaken.
And wedded husband-Heaven, and air, and seas, And though I know he hates, beyond the grave,
Ye winds and waves, I call ye all to witness. Anselmo's race; yet if-that If concludes me.
King. Wilder than winds or waves thyself dost To doubt, when I may be assured, is folly.

But how prevent the captive queen, who means Should I hear more, I too should catch thy mad- To set him free ? Ay, now 'tis plain. O well

Inventedtale! He was Alphonso's friend. Yet somewhat she must mean of dire import, This subtle woman will amuse the king. Which I will not hear, till I am more at peace. If I delay--'twill do-or better so. Watch her returning sense, and bring me word; One to my wish. Alonzo thou art welcome. And look that she attempt not on her life.

[Erit King.

Enter ALONZO. Alm. Oh, stay, yet stay; hear me, I am not Alon. The king expects your lordship. mad.

Gons. 'Tis no matter. I would to Heaven I were-He is gone. I am not in the way at present, good Alonzo. Gons. Have comfort.

Alm. If it please your lordship, I will retura, Alm. Cursed be that tongue that bids me be of comfort;

I have not seen you.



and say

Gons. Do, my best Alonzo.

And privacy, the wearing garb of one Yęt stay, I would—but go; anon will server Of those, though purchased by his death, I would Yet I have that requires thy speedy help

give I think thou wouldst not stop to do me service. Thec such reward, as should exceed thy wish. Alon. I am your creature.

Alon. Conclude it done. Where shall I wait Gons. Say thou art my friend.

your lordship? I have seen thy sword do noble execution.

Gons. At my apartment. Use thy utmost diAlon. All that it can, your lordship shall com

ligence; mand.

And say I have not been seen- -Haste, good Gons. Thanks; and I take thee at thy word. Alonzo.

(Exit Alonzo. Thou hast seen,

So, this can hardly fail. Alphonso slain, Amongst the followers of the captive queen, The greatest obstacle is then removed. Dumb men, who make their meaning known by Almeria widowed, yet again may


And I vet fix the crown on Garcia's head.
Alon. I have, my lord.
Gons. Couldst chou procure, with speed



SCENE I.- A Room of State. Oh, give me patience, all ye powers ! No, rather

Give me new rage, iinplacable revenge,
Enter King, Perez, and Alonzo.

And trebled fury-Ha! who's there?
King. Not to be found! in an ill hour he is Per. My lord.

King. Ilence, slave! how darest thou bide to None, say you ? none! What, not the favourite watch, and pry eunuch?

Into how poor a thing a king descends? Nor she herself, nor any of her mutes,

How like thyself, when passion treads him down! Have yet required admittance?

Ha! stir not, on thy life; for thou wert fixed, Per. None, my lord.

And planted here, to see me gorge this bait, king. Is Osmyn so disposed, as I commanded? And lash against the hook-by Heaven, you are Per. Fast bound in double chains, and at full

all length,

Rank traitors ! thou art with the rest combined: Jle lies supine on earth; with as much ease Thou knewest that Osmyn was Alphonso; knewest She might remore the centre of this earth, My daughter privately with him conferred; As loose the rivets of his bonds,

And wert the spy and pandar to their meeting. King. It is well.

Per. By all that's holy, I am amazed (A mute appears, and, seeing the king, retires. King. Thou liest. Ha! stop and seize that mute; Alonzo, follow Thou art accomplice too with Zara; here him.

Where she sets downStill I will set thee free.' Entering, he met my eyes, and, starting back,

[Reading Frighted, and fumbling one hand in his bosom, That somewhere is repeated— I have power As to conceal the importance of his errand. O'er them that are thy guards-Mark that, thou

(Alonzo follows him, and returns with a paper. traitor. Alon. A bloody proof of obstinate fidelity! Per. It was your majesty's command I should King. What dost thou mean?

Obey her order. Alon. Soon as I seized the man,

King. (Reading,] · And still will I set He snatched from out his bosom this and strove, Thee free, Alphonso-Hell ! cursed, cursed, AlWith rash and greedy haste, at once, to cram

phonso ! The morsel down his throat. I caught his arm, False and perfidious Zara! Strumpet daughter ! And hardly wrenched his hand to bring it from Away, begone, thou feeble boy, fond Love! bimi;

All nature, softness, pity, and compassion, Which done, he drew a poinard from his side, This hour I throw ye off, and entertain And, on the instant, plunged it in his breast. Fell hate within my breast, revenge and gall.

king. Remove the body thence, ere Zara see it. By Heaven, I will meet, and counterwork this

Alon. I will be so bold to borrow his attire; treachery. 'Twill quit me of my promise to Gonsalez. Hark thee, villain, traitor--answer me, slave!

Aside. Erit. Per. My service has not merited those titles. Per. Whate'er it is, the king's complexion King, Darest thou reply? Take that—thy ser. turns.

vice! thine!

[Strikes him. King. How is this? My mortal foe beneath What is thy whole life, thy soul, thy all, to my

[Having read the letter. 'One moment's case? Hear my coinmand : and looka Vol. I.

my roof!


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