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Lot. 462 J. W. Lake. The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, sheep, 8vo., Phila., 1835 463 The Poetical Works of Joanna Baillie, sheep, 8vo. Philadelphia 464 Vincent Bourne. Poetical Works, Latin and English, mus. 16mo., London, 1838 465 W. H. Ireland. Vortigern, with an original Preface, paper 12mo., London, 1832 466 Thomas T. Burke. Temora, an Epic Poem of Ossian, bds. Svo., - Perth, 1818 467 Fr. Petrarch's Works, folio, original, vellum, 1532 468 Matthew Prior. Poems on Several Occasions, plates, folio, calf, original edition, and in fine order, London, 1718 469 Scott's Poetical Works. Thick 12mo., cl., illustrated, New York, 1846 470 The Songs of Beranger, translated into English verse, with sketch of the Author's Life, 8vo. bds., Philadelphia, 1844 471 The Poetical Works of Edmund Spencer, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, Boston, 1839 472 The Poetical Remains of the Scottish Kings, plates, 8vo. bds. London, 1824 473 British Theatre, (Bell's), containing all the principal English Plays, numerous plates, including † of all the principal Performers of the time, in their favorite characters, 20 vols., 18mo., cf. gilt, Bell, 1780

Essays, General Literature, Novels, Tales, &c, &c.

474 G. Standfast. The Decameron of Boccaccio, muslin, 12mo., London, N. D. 475 Henry Fielding. History of Amelia, illustrated by Cruikshank, 12mo., New York, 1837 476 Mrs. Sherwood's Works. 15 vols., muslin, 8vo. New York, 1837 477 Mrs. S. C. Hall. Tales of Woman's Trials, muslin,8vo., London, 1835 478 Elizur Wright, Jr. Fables of La Fontaine, plates, 2 vols.,

in French and English, 8vo., mus. Boston, 1841 479 Hon. B. F. D'Israeli. The Wondrous Tale of Alroy, 3 vols., bds. 12mo., Lond., 1833

480 Charles Rowcrofte. Tales of the Colonies, or adventures of an Emigrant, mus. 12mo., Lond., 1847 Lot. 481 Charles Cowden Clarke. Tales from Chaucer, in prose, Plates, mus. 12mo., Lond., 1833

482 The Vision of Rubeta, an Epic Story of the Island of Manhattan, bds. 8vo., - Boston, 1838

483 Camilla Toulmin. Lays and Legends, illustrative of English Life, mus. gilt,82 plates, 8vo., Lond., 1845

484 Nutrebian Tales, or the strange and surprising adventures of a captive Queen, 2 vols., Lond., 1765

485 Shelton's Don Quixote, a choice copy of this Rare Edition, many fine plates, 4 vols. 12mo., cf, 1731

486 Harrison's Novelist's Magazine, in 23 volumes, cf. 8vo. Lond., 1781

A Choice Collection of the old Standard Novels.

487 Harper's Library of Select Novels, 20 vols., mus. 8vo.,
N. Y. V. D.

488 Maria Edgeworth's Tales and Novels, 18 vols.in 9, mus. 8vo. N. Y., 1832

489 Mrs.Ann Radcliffe. The Romance of the Forrest, plates, mus. 16mo., Lond., 1849

490 T. Smollet. La Sage's Gil Blas, plates, 2 vols., mus. 8vo.; N. Y., 1836

491 Life of John Buncle, Esq., 4 vols. bds., Lond., 1770 492 H. Fielding. History ofTom Jones, a foundling, illustrated, mus. 8vo., N. Y., 1836 493 T. Smollet. The Adventures of Roderic Random, illus.mus. 8vo., N. Y., 1836

494 Do. The Experience of Humphrey Clinker, o# 8vo, . Y., 1836 495 Prof. Wilson. The Noctes Ambrosianae ofBlackwood,4 vols. mus. 12mo., Phila,1843 496 Countess of Blessington. The Idler in France, 2 vols. mus. 12mo., Lond, 1842 497 L. Mariotti. Blackgown Papers, a series of Eleven Original Stories of Italian Life (founded on fact) 2 vols., post Svo, with two frontispieces by Leslie, ex. cl, pub. at g1 1s Lond, 1846 498 Life, Travels, and Adventures of Christopher Wagstaff Gent, grandfather of Tristram Shandy, 2 vols., 12mo, London, 1772

499 Margaret Percival, 2 vols. mus. N.Y., 1847

Lot500 The Sketches. 6 plates, mus. N. Y. 1848 501 H. W. Longfellow. Hyperion, a Romance, 2 vols.bds. 12mo.,

N. Y., 1839 502 Andrews, James Petit, Anecdotes of Art, Coaches, Passions, Wealth, &c., with curious frontispiece, a rare collection,

8vo. cf., a fine copy of this scarce work, Lond., 1789 503 D. Defoe's Works, 2 vols. 12mo., Lond., N. D. 504 The Young Lady's Book, 12mo., Boston, 1836

505 Schlegel's Dramatic Literature. By John Black, hf. cf.12mo., Lond., 1846 506 Theo. Foster. Cabinet Miscellany, 13 vols. in 6, mus. 12mo., N. Y., 1836 507 Bentley's Miscellany, vols. 1 to 9, halfcalf,8vo., N. Y., N. D. 508 Harper's Family Library, 82 vols., mus. 12mo., N. Y., V. D. 509 Harper's Classical Library, 6 vols. mus. 12mo., N. Y., V. D. 510 Blackwood's Magazine, 10 vols., half bd. 8vo., N. Y., V. D. 511 Foreign Quarterly Review, 2 vols. hf. bd. 8vo., N. Y., V. D. 512 P, do., for 1842-3, and 1843-4, 2 vols., half calf neat, large VO, 513 Edinburgh Review, 1843 and '4, and 1844, 2 vols. hf. calf, large 8vo. 514 London Quarterly Review, 3 vols., hf. caifneat, 8vo. 515 Blackwood's Magazine, 1844, 2 vols., half calf, 8vo. 516 Dublin University Magazine, for 1842, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf. 517 History ofTrinity Church, 8vo. cl., plates, N. Y., 1845

518 Edinburgh Cabinet Library, beautifully printed in small 8vo. with appropriate engravings by the most eminent artists, comprising Geographical Discovery and Adventure, Biography, History, and Polite Literature.

" This we consider one of the best, and certainly the most elegantly got up, of the series of similar works at present in progress of publication in this coun

try, on the continent of Europe, and in the New World."-Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal. Vol. 1. Polar Seas. Vol. 2. Discovery in Africa. — 3. Russell's Egypt. — 4. Russell's Palestine. — 5. Early Navigators. 6. to 8. British India. 9. N. Coast of America. — 10. Humboldt's Travels. — ll. Life of Raleigh. 12. Palestine. In all, 12 vols. hf cf. 8vo. Edinb. N. D. 519 Savary's Letters on Greece. Translated from the French, 8vo. cf. Lond. 1788 520 The Comedies of Terence, by George Colman, with illustrations, 4to. cf. full gilt back, Lond. 1765

A remarkably fine copy of this rare and choice edition. 521 Dr. Ferriar's Illustrations of Sterne, 2 vols. 12mo. cl

Lot, 522 The Philosophy of Mystery, by Dendy, 8vo. cl. N. Y. 1845 523 Woodfall's Junius, with Facsimiles of attributed Authors,

richly bd. in cl. 8vo. 1848 524 Letters and Despatches of Hernando Cortes, 8vo bds. N. Y. 1843

525 Heraldic Anomalies, 2 vols. 8vo. hf cf. neat, Lond. 1823

526 Oxford English Prize Essays, new edit. brought down to 1836, 5 vols. crown 8vo. † printed, ext. cl. let. (pub. at £2 : 5s) wants the 1st vol. Talboys, Oxford, 1836

This valuable collection comprises original essays by upwards of 50 leading scholars, amongst whom may be cited : Copleston, Phillpots, Bp. Heber, Bp. Mant, Abp. Whately, Keble, Dr. Arnold of Rugby, Milman, Sewell, &c.

527 The Odd Fellow's Offering for 1848, mus. pls. 8vo. N. Y. 1847

528 The Oriental Annual, 1837, pls. Turkey mor. gt. 8vo. Lond. 1836

529 J. E. Pray, Jr. The Pearl and Literary Gazette, vol. 3 and 4, fol. hf bd. Hartford, 1834

530 The Republic of Letters, vol. 1 to 3, fol. hf cf. 531 Geo. Walker. Examples of British Prose, mus. 12mo. Lond.

N. D. 522 Rev. C. B. Tayler. The Records of a Good Man's Life, 2 vols. mus. 12mo. · Lond. 1832 533 Evardo Copleston. Praelectiones Academicae Oxonii Habitae, mus. 8vo. Oxford 1828 534 Joseph Salkeld. The Evergreen, a Church Offering for all Seasons, hf mor. pls. 2 vols. 8vo. N. Haven, 1844

535 Douce. The Dance of Death exhibited in elegant engravings on wood, with a Dissertation on the several representations of that subject, but more particularly on those ascribed to Macaber and Hans Holbein, with 50 pls. 8vo. hf mor. uncut, (pub at É1 1s.) · Lond. 1833

536 Kirby's Wonderful Museum, or Magazine of Remarkable and Eccentric Characters, including Curiosities of Nature and Art, from the remotest period to the present time, drawn from every authentic source, 5 vols. 8vo., upwards of 100 curious plates, extra cloth.

537 The London Quarterly Review, 4 vols. 8vo. half bound,

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540 Mrs. L. H. Sigourney. Sketches. plates, 12mo., muslin, Philad. 1834


5 H1 British Essayists, viz. Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, Rambler, Adventurer, Idler and Connoisseur, complete in 3 thick vols. 8vo. portraits, mus. Lond. 1825

542 Erasmus. Praise of Folly, from the Latin, by W. Kennet, with 48 copper including the effiigies of SirThomas More, and neatly engraved from the designs of the celebrated Hans Holbein, very curious plates, 18mo. shp.

Lond. 1740 543 Dr. Samuel Johnson's Works, 10 vols. 12mo. half Russia, Lond. 1818 544 John S. Hart. Essay on the Life and Writings of Ed. Spencer, 8vo. mus. N. Y. 1847 545 The Bridgewater Treatises, 9 vols. 8vo. mus. Pickering, Lond. 1833 546 T New York Review, 10 vols. 8vo. elegantly bound † # CI.

547 Wm. Cowper's Letters, plates, 12mo. cf. gt. Lond. 1827 548 James Beattie. An Essay on Truth, plates, 12mo. mor. gt.

Lond. 1827 549 Alfred Howard. Beauties of Mackenzie, plates, 12mo. calf, Lond., V. D. 550 John Locke. .. Essay concerning Human Understanding, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. Bost. 1803

551 Harris, James. The Works of, with an account of his Life and Character, by his son, the Earl of Malmesbury, 8vo. Oxford, 1841.

This volume contains-1. A Discourse on Music, Painting and Poetry. 2. Concerning Happiness, a Dialogue. 3. Hermes, a Philosophical Enquiry concerning Universal Grammar. 4. Philosophical Arrangements. 5 Philological Enquiries, &c. To which is prefixed an Account of his Life and Character, by his son, the Earl of Malmesbury.

552 Walter C. Dendy. The Philosophy of Mystery, 8vo. mus Lond. 1814 553 John Foster. Essays in a series of Letters, 8vo. muslin, Lond. 1838 554 Charles Bucke. Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature, 2 vols. 8vo.mus. Lond. 1837 555 Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Library of Entertaining Knowledge, illustrated with numerous engrav

ings, 27 vols. 12mo. cf. Lond., V. D. 556 The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, 22 vols. 8vo. numerous engravings, bds. Lond.

557 Wm. Hone. The Table Book, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. Lond. 1827

558 H. W. Herbert. The Magnolia for 1836, plates, 8vo. mor. gt. N. Y. 1833

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