Зображення сторінки

Some better shroud, some better warmth to cherish
Our limbs benumb'd, ere this diurnal star
Leave cold the night, how we his gather'd bearns
Reflected, may with matter sere foment,
Or by collision of two bodies grind
The air attrite to fire, as late the clouds
Justling or push'd with winds rude in their shock
Tine the slant lightning,* whose thwarı flame drivia

Kindles the gummy bark of fir or pine,
And sends a comfortable heat from far,
Which might supply the sun : such fire to use,
And what may else be remedy or cure
To evils which our own misdeeds have wrought,
He will instruct us praying, and of grace
Beseeching him, so as we need no: fear
To pass commodiously this life, sustain'd
By him with many comforts, till we end
In dust, our final rest and native home.
What better can we do, than to the place
Repairing where kr jug'd us, prostrate fall
Before him reverent, and there confess
Humbly our faults, and pardon beg, with tears
Watering the ground, and with our sighs the air
Frequenting, sent from hearts contrite, in sign
O! sorrow unfeign'd, and humiliation meek?
Undoubtedly he will relent and turn
From his displeasure; in whose look serene,
When angry most he seem'd, and most severe,
What else but favour, grace, and mercy shone ?

So spake our father penilent, nor Eve
Felt less remorse ; they forthwith to the place
Repairing where he judg’d them, prostrate fell
Before him reverent, and both confess'd
Humbly their faults, and pardon begg’d with tears

* Tine the slant lightning :' an old wori for kindle.

Watering the ground, and with their sighs the air
Frequencing, sent from hearts conuite, in sign
Of sorrow unfeign'd, and humiliation meek.

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The Son of God presents to his Father the prayers of our first på.

rents now reperting, and intercedes for them: God accepts them : but declares that they must w longer abide in Paradise ; sends Michael with a band of cherubim to dispossess them; but first to reveal to Allam future things: Michael's coming down.Adam shows to Eve certain ominous signs: he discerns Micliael's approach, goes out to meet him : the angel denounces their departure. Eve's lamentation. Adam pleads, but sulumits : the angel leads hin up to a high hill

, sets before him in vision wbat shall happen till the flood.



Thus they in lowliest plight repentant stood
Praying, for from the mercy-seat above,
Prevenient grace descending had remov'd
The stony from their hearts, and made jew flesh
Regenerate grow instead, that sighs now breath'd
Unutterable, which the spirit of pray'r
Inspir'd, and wing'd for heav'n with speedier flight
Than loudest oratory: yet their port
Not of mean suitors, nor important less
Seem'd their petition, than when the ancient pair
In fables old, less ancient yet than these,
Deucalion and chaste Pyrrha, to restore
The race of mankind drown'd, before the shrine
Of Themis stood devout. To heav'n their prayers
Flew up, nor miss’d the way, by envious winds
Blown vagabond. or frustrate : in they pass'd
Dimensionless through heav'nly doors; then clad
With incense, where the golden altar fum'd,
By their great intercessor, came in sight
Before the Father's throne : them the glad Son
Presenting, thus to intercede began:

See, Father, what first fruits on earth are sprurg
From thy implanted grace in man, these sighs
And pray’rs, which in this golden censer, mix'd
With incense, I thy priest before thee bring,

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