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E. V.-See UT- and the original drawings of the tables,

281. 10s. Heber, pt. ix. without the Tables, TERSON, E. V.

but with a folding plate of the Spanish U. P. A Ser-Armada, 1063, 21. 185. Reprinted in the mon equally

first volume of the Harleian Miscellany. pointing back ,

See ADAMS, Robert. wards and for- Comeliness; the Conveniency of

UDALL, Ephraim. Communion wards, as delivered in the Uni

the People's drawing neere to the versitie Church, Cambridge, by P. Supper. Lond. 1641, 4to.

Table when they receive the Lord's U, of Queen's College, 1647, 4to.

Noli me tangere is a thinge to be Maskell, Apr. 1857, 1002, 3s. 6d.

thought on, (against sacrilege). Anon. U. R. The Olde Faythe of Great Lond. no, printer's name, 1642, 4to. en

graved title. Bliss, pt. i. 11. 2s. Britayne, and the new learnyng of Second edition, printed for William Englande. Lond. Anthony Sco- Cowley, 1642, 4to. loker, n. d. 12mo.

- Directions concerning the Booke of BLACK LETTER.

At the end of this Common Prayer and Episcopale Governrare little volume is an account of the

ment. Lond. 1642, 4to. Bible burning, and an allusion to the

- John A Demonstration of printing of the usually called Mazarine the Trueth of that Discipline which Bible. Bliss, pt. i. 5l.

Christ hath prescribed in his Worde UBALDINO, Petruccio. La Vita for the Gouernment of his Church, di Carlo Magno Imperadore. in all Times and Places, until the Londra, appresso Giov. Wolfio End of the World. n. p. or d. Inghilese, 1581, 4to. 1l. 11s. 6d. (1588) 8vo. A copy is in the Bodleian Library.

Sotheby, Dec. 9, 1854, 11. 10s. " Descrittione del Regno di Scotia, e For this work Udall was tried and condelle Isole sue addjacenti. Anversa, 1588, demned to be hanged, but died brokenfolio. Sotheby's, Aug. 1862, (Currer), 10s. hearted in the White Lion prison, just Reprinted in 1829, by the BANNATYNE as a pardon had been procured for him, in Club. See Appendix.

1592. Le Vite delle Donne illustri del Regno Full and plaine Declaration of Ecclesi. d'Inghilterra et del Regno di Scotia, et di astial Discipline owt of the Word of God quelle che d'altrl paesi ne i due detti and off the declininge off the Churcbe of Regni sono stato maritata da Petruccio England, from the same. Imprinted, 1574, Ubaldino. Londra, Gio. Wolfio, 1591, 4to. 4to. with 2 large folding leaves. Bright, 11. 113. 60. Heber, pt. v. 58.

5738, 21. 2s. So catalogued by Sothebys, A Discourse, concerninge the Spanishe but generally attributed to Walter TRAFleete invadinge England in the yeare VERS. See ECCLESIASTICAL DISCIPLINE, 1588, and overthrown by her Majesty's p. 710. Navy, under the Conduct of the Right True Remedy against Famine and Hon. the Lord Charles Howard, High Warres. Five Sermons upon the first Admiral of England. Written in Italian, chapter of Joel. Lond. R. Waldegrave, by Petruccio Ubaldino, Citizen of Flo n. d. 12mo. Bliss, pt. i. 14s. rece, and translated for A. Ryther. Lond. Amendment of Life: Three Sermons. A. Hatfield, 1590, 4to. pp. 32. Jadis, 303, Lond. for Thomas Mann, 1584, 12mo. with tables expressing the exploites,' Sotheby's, Nov, 1859, 14s.


The Combat betwixt Christ and the transl. from the original Spanish. Devil : four Sermons upon the Tempta- The third Edition, to which are tion of Christ. Lond, by R. Waldegua.ve, added, by Mr. John Adams, occa

The Key of the Holy Tongue, wherein sional Notes and Observations, &c. is contained, first, the Hebrue Grammar Lond. 1772, 8vo. 2 vols. out of_P. Martinius; secondly, a practize

Best edition, with a map of South upon Psalms 1,25 and 68; thirdly, a short Hebrne Dictionary. Leyden, 1593, 12mo. cording to the Retrosp. Review, 'may be

America and plates. Ulloa's travels, acMaskell, 1903, 3s.

selected as the most interesting and satisCommentary upon the Lamentations of

factory work of its kind; they are the Jeremy. Lond. 1593, 4to. Certaine Sermons, Lond. 1596, small unacknowledged source of much that has

been published in other forms. Drury, 8vo. Mitford, pt. ii. 3601, 17s.

4355, 158.

Fonthill, 2818, 14s. Nassau, UDALL, Nicolas. Ralph Royster pt. ii. 852, 115.-1760, 8vo. 2 vols. Dept,

pt. ii. 946, 6s. — The fourth edition. Doyster, a Comedy.

Lond. 1806, 8vo. 2 vols. plates, 10s. 6d.
A copy of this dramatic piece, entered Uhoa's Voyage to South America will be
upon the books of the Stationers' Com- found in the fourteenth volume of Pin-
pany by Thomas Hacket in 1566, wanting kerton's Collection of Voyages and Tra-
the title-page, is in the library belonging vels.
to Eton College.- Reprinted Lond. 1818, Noticias secretas de América, sobre el
8vo. 25 copies, at the expense of the Rev. Estado naval, militar, y politico de los
Mr. Briggs. Nassau, pt. ii. 134, 11s. Sir Reynos del Peru, y Provincias de Quito,
F. Freeling, 1229, 41. 45.-Again, Lond. Costas de Nueva Granada Chile; Go-
1821, 8vo. for Mr. Pulham of the East bierno y Regimen particular de los Pueb-
India House. This is now considered as los de Indios : Cruel Oprésion y Extorsia
the first regular English Comedy... It is ones de sus Corregidores y Curas, Abusos
reprinted in “Old English Drama,” pub- escandalosos introducidos entre estos Ha-
lished by White, 1830, vol. 1. And edited bitantes por los Misioneros: Causas de
with a Memoir by W. Durrant Cooper, su Origen y Motivos de su Continuacion
in 1847, for the Shakespeare Society. For por el Espacio de tres Siglos. Por Don
an account of the Play, and the discovery Jorge Juan y Don Antonio de Ulloa.
of the unique copy, see Collier's English Sacadas a luz por David Barry. Londres,
Dramatic Poetry, vol. 2, p. 144.

1826, 4to. 2 vols. in 1, with portraits of
Apophthegmes. See ERASMUS, p. 748. Ulloa and Jorge Juan, 10s. 6d.
TERENCE, p. 2608.

W. Historie of the Life and a Voyage to O'Brazeel, a submarine
Death of Mary Queen of Scotland. Island, lying west off the Coast of
Lond. 1636, 12mo.

Ireland. Lond. 1753, 8vo.
With portrait and engraved title by

Bliss, pt. i. 5s.6d.
Marshall. Reed, 4689, 14s. 6d. Steevens, ULUG-BEIGH. Epochæ celebrio-
1785, 18s. Dent, pt. i. 1397, russia, 11. 5s.
Hibbert, 8111, russia, 11. 5s. Towneley,

res Astronomis, Historicis Chro-
pt. ii. 1249, 11. 188. Nassau, pt. ii. 851, nologicis, Chataiorum, &c. usitate;
morocco, 21. Bishop Randolph, 1462, 21. ex Traditione Ulug Beigi, Arab. et
108. Heber, pt. i. 6927, 10s. 6.; pt. viii. Lat. cum Commentariis, Pers. et
2808, 153. Skegg, 1846, 11. 9s. Gardner,
2156, 198. Sotheby's, Aug. 1859, 11. 12s? Lat. Joannis Gravii. Londini,
This work was originally printed under 1650, 4to. 5s.
the name of W. Stranguage, at London,

A curious work. 1624, fol. See p. 2530.

Tabula Geographica, Lat, a Joh.Gravio. UFFLET, John. Wits Fancies, Lond. 1652, 4to. This table will also be or choice Observations and Essayes. found in Hudson's Collection of the GeoLond. 1659, 12mo.

graphi Veteres.

Tabulæ Longitudinum et Latitudinum Heber, pt. vii. 6221, 2s. 6d. Hanrott, Stellarum fixarum, ex Observatione Ulug1288, 13s. Utterson, in 1852, with Witts Beigi, Arab. et Lat, Comment. Illustravit Tearme (wanting title), 17. 78.

Th. Hyde. Oxon. 1665, 4to. ULLOA, Don Antonio de. A Voy

See GREAVES, John. age to S. America, by Don George ULYSSES vpon Ajax. 1596. See Juan and Don Antonio de Ulloa, HARINGTON, Sir John.

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UMFREVILLE, Edward. The pre UNITARIANS.—The Faith of One sent State of Hudson's Bay: to God, who is only the Father; and which are added Remarks and of One Mediator between God and Observations made in the inland Men, who is only the Man Christ Parts, during a Residence of near Jesus; and of one Holy Spirit, the four Years; and a Specimen of Gift (and sent) of God; asserted five Indian Languages ; and a Jour- and defended, in several Tracts. nal of a Journey from Montreal to Lond. 1691-1708, 4to. 6 vols. New York. Lond. 1790, 8vo. 4s. 21. 2s. Fonthill, 2810, 9s.

This collection is seldom found comThomas. The Case of Mr. plete. In vol, i, are eleven, in vol ii. teu, John Ferguson of Argyleshire, who in vol. iii. eight, in vol. iv. thirteen, in hath lived more than eighteen truly stated,' 20 tracts.

vol. v, seven, in vol. vi, 'Socinianism

Gosset, 4958, years only on Water, Whey, or 10s. Barley-Water. Lond. 1743, 8vo.

History of the Unitarians, called' SociUNDERDOWNE, Thomas.

nians. (By Thos. Firmin.) Lond. 1687, The

8vo. excellent Historyo of Theseus and Tracts printed and published by the Ariadne, written in English Meeter Unitarian Society: 1791-1800, 12 vols. by Thomas Vnderdowne. Lond. Hollis, 1395, 11. 168.

See BIDDLE, John. by Rycharde Jones, 1566, sm. 8vo. UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL and

Sixteen leaves. See Brydges' British Naval and Military Magazine. Bibliographer, ii, 534-7, A copy is in Earl Spencer's collection. Underdowne

Lond. 1829 to 1862, 8vo. 99 vols. published translations of Heliodorus and Sotheby's, Jan. 1860, from 1829 to 1852, Ovid's Invective against Ibis,

69 vols. (voi, for 1849 wanting), 72. 2s. 6d. UNDERHILL, John. News from UNIVERSAL HISTORY, An, from America, or a New and Experi- the earliest Account of Time to the mentall Discoverie of New Eng- present. Lond. 1779-84, 8vo, 60 land, containing a true relation of vols. 101. 10s. their War-like proceedings_these

This edition is thus divided ; Ancient, two years last past, with a Figure the Index); and Supplement, 3 vols.

18 vols. ; Modern, 39 vols. (vol. 39 being of the Indian Fort or Palizado. Drury, 4357, 191. 88. Edwards, 452, 211. Lond. by J. D. for Peter Cole, 1638, Marquis of Townshend, 3339, 231.' 10s. 4to.

Dent, pt. ii. 1318, 261. Earl of Kerry, 563,

381. 6s. 6d. Williams, 1823, in pig-skin, With a folding plate. North, pt. iii. 541. 12s. There are very considerable 5.92, 11. Heber, pt. ix. 11, 4s. Puttick’s, alterations, &c. in the three editions.Nov. 1860 (Jos. Sams), 131. 158. A copy Lond. 1747-66, 8vo. 65, vols, viz. Ancient, is in the Grenville Collection.

21 vols. ; Modern, 44 vols.; Maps and UNDINE, a Romance, transl. from plates sometimes in a separate volume, La Motte Fouqué, by George but oftener in the book, 107. 10s. Heath, Soane. Lond. 1818. 12mo. 58. 68. 2164, 341. 13s.


Lond. 1736-65, With plates. Drury, 4856, morocco, 21. folio, 26 vols. Sotheby's,

in June, 1822, 78. UNFORTUNATE JACK (the Second 1823, 25 vols. riissia, 301.

25 vols, russia, 291. 8s.; and in March, Part). A Metrical Romance. Lond, The Ancient portion only. Dublin, Will. Whitwood, 1673, 12mo. 1744, folio, 7 vols. in 9. Garrick, 2950,

11. 13s.-Lond. 1747, 8vo. 21 vols.-Dublin, BLACK LETTER. Gardner, 1838, 21. 16s.

1745, 8vo. 20 vols. UNION, The, or select Scots and

The Maps and Charts (37 in number) English Poems. Edinb. 1753, to the modern Part of the Universal His12mo.

tory. Lond. 1766, folio, 12s. A small but choice collection of poems, UNIVERSITY MISCELLANY; or edited by Tho. Warton, Bindley, pt. iii

. More Burning Work for the Oro 2198, 2s, 6d. Roxburghe, 3198, 88.-Second edition, Lond. 1759, 12mo.

f-d Convocation, containing Two

In verse.

Speeches spoken in the Theatre by Planetary Incantations of Ceylon. Mr. R-8, of Magdalen Hall, Ox. 1829, folio (or large 4to.) ford Intrigues. Lond. 1713, 8vo.

With 43 coloured plates, &c. published 78.

at 51. 5s. plain, 31. 3s.

Memoranda illustrative of the Tombs UNTON, Henry Fynebria nobi. and Sepulchral Decorations of the Egyplissimi ac præstantissimi Eqvitis,

tians, &c. 1822, 8vo,

Rameses, an Egyptian Tale, with his. D. Henrici Vntoni, ad Gallos bis torical Notes of the Era of the Pharaohs. Legati Regij, ibiq: nuper Fato 1824, post 8vo, 3 vols. pub. at 11. 10s. functi, charissimæ Memoriæ, ao 1827, post 8vo. 8s.

Arabian Tale. Lond. Desiderio, à Musis Oxoniensibus Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon, apparata. Oxoniæ, excudebat Io. the Mahávansé, the Rájá Ratnácari and sephvs Barnesivs, 1596, 4to.

the Rájávali, transl. from the Palee, and

revised and edited by Edward Upham. Thirty-four leaves, A to H, in fours, 1832, 8vo. 3 vols. pub.at 21. 2s. not including a signature of four leaves,

History of the Ottoman Empire from containing title, &c. The address, ‘Be. its Establishment to the year 1828. nevolo lectori S.', is signed Robertus Edinb. (Constable’s Miscellany) 1829, Wright. Bindley, pt. ii. 1225, 31. 38. A 18mo. 2 vols, map. copy is in the British Museum. The Correspondence of Sir Henry Un

UPTON, John. Critical Obserton in the years 1591 and 1592, edited by vations on Shakespere. Lond. Joseph Stevenson. Lond. 1847, 4to. 1746, 8vo. Printed for the ROXBURGHE CLUB. See

Field, 466, 3s. 6d. Heath, 1933, date APPENDIX.

1749? 4s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 1703, date

1747 ? 7s. Roxburghe, 3876, 6s. 6d. In UPCOTT, William. A bibliogra- this first edition will be found

a Reverie, phical Account of the principal p. 139, &c. which is omitted in the second Works relating to English Topo- Additions. Lond. 1748, 8vo. Field, 467, graphy. Lond. 1818, 8vo. 3 vols. 3s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1704, 5s. 6d.

An indispensable work to the collec Remarks on Three Plays of Benjamin tor of Topography. Strettel, 1517, 41. Jonson. Lond. 1749, 8vo. 9s. Drury, 4359, russia, 6l. 28. 6d. Brock

Letter concerning a New Edition of ett, 3195, russia, 61. 6s. Sotheby's, Spenser's Fairie Queen, addressed to GilJan. 1860, 31. 188. Bandinel, 1225, 31. 198. bert West. Lond. 1751, 4to. LARGE PAPER, in imperial 8vo. Brockett, 3317, 4l. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii.

UPTON, Nic. Nicholai Vptoni 1061, 51. 158. 6d. Dent, pt. ii. 947, 61. 185. de Stvdio Militari Libri quatuor; Sotheby's, August, 1862 (Currer), 61. Iohan. de Bado Aureo Tractatus 178. 60.

de Armis ; Henrici Spelmanni AsBiographical Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland, pilogia, Edvardys Bissævs e Codiand a Chronological Register of their cibus mss. primus publici Juris Publications. Lond. 1816, 8vo. "The fecit, Notisque illustravit. Lond. anonymous compilation of that careful and industrious antiquary, the late Wil- 1654, folio, portrait of Spelman, liam Upcott.”—Notes and Queries, vol. x. and plate, 21. 2s. But by Bolton Corney ascribed

valuable work, illustrated to John Watkins and Frederio Sboberl. throughout with cuts of arms, seals, Ib. x. 331, and xi. 34.

monuments, &c. The head-pieces enCatalogue of Original Letters, MSS., Igraved by Hollar. Lloyd, 1365, 11. 28. and State Papers, colleoted by William Inglis, 1653, 11. 28. Towneley, pt. ii. Upcott, of Islington. Lond. 1836, 4to. 1681, 11. 9s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1028, 17. 168. portrait of Anne Hyde and 2 facsimiles, Nassau, pt. ii. 1610*, 21. 38. Gough, 4054, privately printed, 11, 13.

21. 5s. Stanley, 84, 41. 14s. 6d. Bright,

5741, 11. 15s. Sotheby, August 1862, UPHAM, Edward. The History (Currer), 21. 4s. Collation.- Title; dedi. and Doctrine of Budhism, with cation to John Selden, 2 pp.; ad lectorem, Notices of the Kappooism or De 8 pp. Uptɔn, 259 pp.; Joh. de Bado Aumon Worship, and of the Bali or pp. Prefixed to the Aspilogia is a finely

p. 314.

A very

engraved portrait of Spelman by Faith-|--Fifth edition, edited by Robert Hunt, orne, and at p. 67 is the original print of chiefly re-written, and greatly enlarged, the famous John Talbot, Earl of Shrews- 1860, royal 8vo. 3 vols. 41. bury, and at p. 20 in the Notæ' are 2 Recent Improvements in Arts, Manuengravings, each 2 leaves, representing factures, and Mines, being a Supplement in several compartments the Ceremonies to the Third edition of the Dictionary of at creating Knights. There is a trans- Arts, &c. Lond. 1844, 8vo. 14s. lation of Upton's portion of the work in

New System of Geology, in which the the Book of St. Albans

Great Revolutions of the Earth and Ani. URBAN VIII. See BARBARINI, mated Nature are reconciled to Modern

Science and Sacred History. Lond. 1829, Maffei.

8vo. wood-cuts, pub. at 14s. URBANUS REGIUS, D. A Com Philosophy of Manufactures, an Exparison betweene the olde Learn- position of the Scientific, Moral and com

mercial Economy of the Factory System ynge and the newe, translated out of Great Britain. Lond. 1835, post 8vo. of Latin in Englysh by Wyliam numerous wood-cuts, 10s. 6d. - Third ediTurner. Southwarke by me Peter tion, enlarged and continued by P. L.

Lond. Bohn's Scientific LiNicolson, 1537, sm. 8vo.

brary, 1861, thick post 8vo. 7s. 6d. Sign, G. 8.--Lond. by Robert Stough Cotton Manufacture of Great Britain, ton, 1548, sm. 8vo. H 6, in eights.

systematically investigated and illusGodly Exposition upon the xviii Chap- trated Lond. 1836, post 8vo. 2 vols., ter of Jeremie, newly translated by portraits, published at 11. 1s.-Second Gwaller Lynne. Lond. 1548, sm. 8vo. edition, with a Supplement completing Dedicated to Princess Elizabeth.

the Statistical and Manufacturing InforSermon which Christ made on the way mation to the present time, by P. L. Simto Emaus to two sorrowful Desciples; monds. Lond. Bohn's Scientific Library, translated by Hilton. Lond. John Day, 1861, post 8vo. 2 vols. 150 wood-cuts, 10s. 1578, 4to. With an Ingresse to the

Rev. David. The History of Reader by John Foxe.

The Solace of Sion and Joy of Jeru. | Rutherglen and East - Kilbride. salem, or Consolation of God's Church in Glasg. 1793, 8vo. the latter age, redeemed by the Preaching

An entertaining volume. Bindley, pt. of the Gospell Universallye. Translated iii. 1711, 11s. by R. Robinson, n. p. 1587, 8vo. Heber,

See AGRICULTURE, p. 20. pt. ix. 2397, 11s.

An Homely, or Sermon of Good and URI, Joannes. Bibliothecæ BodEvil Angels. Translated by Ri. Robinson. leianæ Codicum MSS. Orientalium Lond. 1593, 8vo. Sothebys, July 1860, Catalogus. See Bodleian Library. 18s, An Instruccyon of Christen Fayth,

Epistolæ Turcicæ et Narrationes Perhowe to be bolde up on the promyse of sicæ editæ ac Latine conversæ, a Joh. God, not to doubt of our salvacyon. Ory: Oxon. 1771, 4to. 2s. 6d. Translated into Englyshe, Lond. by

Pharus Artis Grammaticæ Hebrææ.

Oxon. 1784, 8vo. Hugh Syngelton, n. d. 12mo. Heber, pt. iv. 2175, 15s.

LXX Hebdomadum, quas Gabriel ad Several other of Urbanus' writings Daniel detulerat; Interpretatio, Parahave been translated into English.

phrasis, Computatio, cum Vocabulorum

difficiliorum Explicatione, accedit Virgo URCHARD. See URQUHART. Almah cum Immanuel. Auct. Joh. Uri.

URE, Andrew. A Dictionary of Oxonii, 1788, 8vo. Chemistry, by Andrew Ure, M.D. URINE. The Judycyall of Uryns : with an introductory Dissertation. collected and gathered out of ye Third edition, with numerous Ad- sentencyals Sayngis of al Auctours ditions and Corrections. Lond. of Phisike. Lond. J. Rastal, n. d. 1827, 8vo.

folio. New edition. Lond. 1855, 8vo. pub. at In the King's Library, British Mu. 11. 1s.

Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and The Judgment of all Urynes. ExerMines. Lond. 1839, 8vo. with numerous cysed and Practysed by Doctor Symth, wood-cuts.- Third edition, 1843, 8vo. pub. and others at Mountpyller. Lond. Roat 21. 108.- New edition, enlarged, 1854, bert Wyer, n. d. 12mo. Begins at back 8vo. 2 vols. with 1600 wood-cuts, 31. of the title, and contains sign. T in fours.


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