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Y Father is the mighty Lord, whose arm
Spans earth and sky, and thields his child from

Whose still, smali voice of love is yet the same
As once from Horeb's fiery mount it came ;
Whose glorious works the angel-choirs declare ;
He hears their praise, and hearkens to my prayer.

My King is God's eternal, holy Son,
And he anoints me as a chosen one ;
He has redeemed me with his precious blood,
And for unnumber'd debts has surety stood;
He fought the foe, and drew me by his hand,
Out from his camp, into his Father's land.

My brotherhood 's a circle, stretching wide
Around one fount, although a sea divide;
With fathers, who behold the Lord in light,
With saints unborn, who shall adore his might
With brothers, who the race of faith now run,
In union and communion, I am one !

My journey's end lies upward and afar;
It glimmers bright, but vaguely as a star ;

And oft as faith has caught some glimpse serene,
So often clouds and mists obscure the scene;
Yet, in this longing ends each vision dim
To see my Lord, and to be made like him !

My grave, so long a dark and drear abyss,
Is now scarce noticed on the way to bliss ;
Once at the gates of Hell it yawning lay,
Now ftands as portal to the land of day;
It takes me to the Father's home so bleft;
It brings me to the feast, a welcome guest.



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FATHER-EYE, that hath so truly watch'd,

O Father-hand, that hath so gently led, O Father-heart, that by my prayer is touch'd,

That loved me first when I was cold and dead : Still do thou lead me on with faithful care

The narrow path to heaven where I would go, And train me for the life that waits me there,

Alike through love and loss, through weal and wo.

O my Redeemer, who for me wast llain,

Who bringést me forgiveness and release, Whose death has ransom’d me to God again,

That now my heart can rest in perfect peace;

Still more and more do thou my soul redeem,

From every bondage set me wholly free, Though' Evil oft the mightiest power may seem,

Still make me more than conqueror, Lord, in thee.

O Holy Spirit, who with gentlest breath

Doft teach to pray, dost comfort or reprove, Who givest us all joy and hope and faith,

Through whom we live at peace with God in love; Still do thou shed thine influences abroad,

Let me the Father's image ever wear,
Make me a holy temple of my God,
Where dwells forever calm adoring prayer !




IGHT of light enlighten me

Now anew the day is dawning ;
Sun of grace, the shadows fee,

Brighten thou my Sabbath morning,
With Thy joyous sunshine blest
Happy is my day of rest!

Fount of all our joy and peace,

To Thy living waters lead me,
Thou from earth my soul release

And with grace and mercy feed me;

Bless thy word that it may prove
Rich in fruits that thou dost love.

Kindle Thou the sacrifice

That upon my lips is lying ; Clear the shadows from mine eyes

That, from every error Aying, No strange fire within me glow

That Thine altar doth not know.

Let me with my heart to-day,

Holy, Holy, Holy, singing,
Rapt awhile from earth away

All my soul to thee upspringing, ,
Have a foretaste inly given
How they worship thee in Heaven.

Rest in me and I in thee,

Build a Paradise within me;
Oh reveal thyself to me,

Blessed Love, who diedst to win me;
Fed from thine exhaustless urn,
Pure and bright my lamp shall burn.

Hence all care, all vanity,

For the day to God is holy; Come thou glorious majesty

Deign to fill this temple lowly ; Nought to-day my soul shall move, Simply resting in thy love.

B. Schmolck. 1731. DE A TH.



EYOND the smiling and the weeping,

I shall be soon ;
Beyond the waking and the sleeping,
Beyond the sowing and the reaping,

I shall be soon.
Love, rest, and home!
Sweet home!
Lord, tarry not, but come.

Beyond the blooming and the fading,

I shall be soon ;

Beyond the shining and the shading,
Beyond the hoping and the dreading,

I shall be soon.
Love, rest, and home!
Sweet home!
Lord, tarry not, but come.

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