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Swords: on his left hand the Bp. of Bath and Wells, and the Lord great Chamberlain.

The Queen sits in her Chair on the left hand of the King ; the 2. Bps that support her standing one on either hand of her. And the great Lady Assistant, and she that bears up her Train, constantly attend near her during the whole Solemnity. The other great Ladies are in the Seats prepared and appointed for them.

On the North side of the Altar sits the ABP in a Purple Velvet Chair; the Bps being plac'd on Forms along the North Wall, betwixt him and the Pulpit. And on the South side, East of the King's Chair, nearer to the Altar, stands the Dean of Westmr. the rest of the Bps, and the Prebendaries of Westmr.

| How the rest of the Peers and great Officers etca, are to be disposed offt, may be seen in the Ceremonial of ye Heralds.

/Cap. 71


[p. 1o.

| The Sermon being Ended, the King uncovers his head; and the ABP. ariseth and goeth to the King and Queen, and standing before them, asketh them ; 'Are yor. Māties willing to take the Oath *usually taken by yr Predecessors* ?? And the King and Queen each of them answering 3I am willing :: the ABP. ministreth these questions; and the King and Queen having each of them their4 book in their hand, answer each Question severally, as followeth ;

5Archbishop. Will you solemnly promise and Swear to govern the People of this Kingdome of England, and the Dominions thereto belonging, according to the Statutes in Parliament agreed on, and ye Laws and Customes of ye same?

King & Queen. I solemnly promise so to do.

Archbishop. Will you to yor Power cause Law and Justice in Mercy to be Executed in all yor Judgments ?

King & Queen. I will.

Archbishop. Will you to the Utmost of yor Power maintain the Laws of God, the true Profession of ye Gospell and the Protestant Reformed Religion Established by Law; and will you preserve unto ye Bishops & Clergy of this Realm, and to ye Churches committed to their Charge, all such Rights and Privileges, as by Law do or shall appertain unto them or any of them.

King & Queen. All this I promise to do."


1 written in red ink.
2_2 underlined with red.

* struck out with a black line. 3_3 underlined in blick.

4 struck out and a interlined. 5_5 Written by same hand but with different pen and ink. It does not fill up the whole of p. 1o.

/T Then the King and Queen arising out of their Chairs, (p. II. supported as before, and assisted by the Lord great Chamberlain, the Sword of State being carried before them, shall go to the Altar, and there make a solemn Oath in the sight of all the People to observe the Premisses ; &each of them laying their right hands upon the holy Gospels in the great Bible, (which was before carried in the Procession, and is now brought from the Altar by the ABP, and tendered to them as he kneels& upon the Steps,) and saying these words each of them.

“The things which I have here before promised, I will perform " and keep; so help Me God. Then each of them kisseth ye book.

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The King and Queen having thus taken their Oaths, return to their Chairs ; and both kneeling at their Faldstools, the ABP beginneth the Hymn "VENI, CREATOR SPIRITUS, and the Quire singeth it out.

" Come holy Ghost, our Souls Inspire, [p. 12.
“ And warm them with thy heavenly fire.

Thou, who th' anointing Spirit art,
“ To Us thy sevenfold Gifts impart.
“ Let thy blest Unction from above,
“ Be to Us Comfort, Life, and Love.
“ Enable with Coelestial light
“ The weakness of Our mortal Sight.
“ Anoint, and chear Our hearts, Our face
“ With the abundance of thy Grace.
"Keep far Our foes ; give Peace at home:
“ Where thou dost dwell, no ill can come.
“ Teach us to know the Father, Son,
" And Spirit of both, and all but one ;
“ That so through ages all along
“ This may be Our triumphant Song :

In thee, O Lord, We make Our boast,
“Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

1 A large blank space is left at the head of this page ; apparently intended for part of the Coronation Oath, the length of which was not known at time of beginning the writing of this paragraph. The royal assent was only given to the bill for establishing the Coronation Oath on April 9, the Coronation itself being on the 11th. (See App. IV.) 2 struck out and their interlined in red ink.

3_3 interlined. 4 interline.

5 The s struck out. 6_6 underlined wit? red ; and in the margin is written in red : they kneel.

7_7 underlined with black, and then struck out with red line ; Veni Creator Spiritus written in margin in re1, underlined with black.

| The Veni Creator being sung out, the ABP. saith this Prayer.

O Lord, holy Father, Allmighty and Everlasting God, the Exalter of the Humble, and the Strength of thy Chosen ; who by the Anointing with Oil didst of old make and Consecrate Kings, Priests, and Prophets to teach, and govern thy People Israel. Regard, We beseech thee, the Supplications of thy Congregations ; Bless this Oil, (*Here the ABP lays his hand upon the Ampulla“) and sanctify these thy chosen Servis William and Mary, who by our Office and Ministry, are now to be annointed, and Consecrated King and Queen of this Realm, Strengthen them O Lord with the holy Ghost the Comforter; Confirm, and Establish them, with thy free, and Princely Spirit; the Spirit of Wisdom, and Government ; the Spirit of Council, and Ghostly Strength; the Spirit of Knowledge, and true Godliness; and fill them, O Lord, with the Spirit of thy holy fear ; now and for ever. Amen.

This Prayer being ended, the Quire sing, 11 Kings i. 34• “Zadock the Priest, and Nathan the [p. 13. "Prophet anointed Solomon 39' King ;8 and they blew the

Trumpets, and Piped with Pipes, and rejoyced with great Joy, "so that the Earth rent with the sound of them ; and they said,

408 " God save King Solomon Long live the King, may the King live for ever.' Amen.10

In the mean time the King and Queen rising from their Devotions, go before the Altar (supported, and attended, as before :) and the King is there by the Lord great Chamberlain etca. disrobed of his upper Garment (His Crimson Velvet Mantle) (which are immediately to be carried thence into the Kings Traverse, set up for him in King Edwards Chapell :) And the Kings under Garment is opend on the breast by the Dean of Westmr and the Queens by the chief Lady Assistant.

The King and Queen sit down'l in their Chairs (plac'd in the midst of the Area over against the Altar with Faldstools before it??) wherein they are to be anointed. Four Knights of the Garter hold over them a rich Pall of Silk or Cloth of Gold. The Dean of Westmr. taking the Ampulla, and Spoon, from off the Altar, holdeth them ready, pouring some of the Holy Oil into the Spoon: And with it the ABP. anointeth first the King, and then the Queen, in the form of a Cross.

2 Interlined.

1-1 Underlined with black line.
3 The final s struck out in black.
+44 Underlined with red.
6 The c struck out with black ink.
8 written in margin in red ink.
10 This word is written in red.
12 struck out and them interlined in red.

525 written in margin in red ink.
7 Here a verticai red line.
9 This anthem is underlined with red.
11 interlined in red.

1. On the Crown of the head ; saying, “Be thy head

anointed with holy oil, as Kings, Priests and Prophets

were anointed.? 2. On the Breast; saying, “Be thy Breast anointed with

holy Oil. 3. On the Palms of both the hands; saying, “Be thy hands

anointed with holy Oil. " And as Solomon was anointed King by Zadock the Priest, “and Nathan the Prophet; so be You anointed, blessed, and

consecrated King and Queen of this Kingdom over the Lord* People, whom the Lord your God hath given You to rule, and Govern, In the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Then the King and Queen kneel down at the Faldstool; and the ABP. saith this Prayer, or Blessing over them.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who by his Father was anointed with the Oil of Gladness above his Fellows ; by /" His holy anointing pour down upon your heads and [p. 14.

hearts, the blessing of the Holy Ghost, and prosper all the “ Works of yor Hands; That by the Assistance of His heavenly

Grace, You may govern, and preserve the People, Comitted to your Charge in Wealth, Peace, and Godliness; and after a

long, and glorious Course of ruling this temporal Kingdom, "wisely, justly, and religiously, You may at last be made Par“ takers of an Eternal Kingdom, thrô the Merits of Jesus Christ “ Our Lord Amen.

| This Prayer being ended the King and Queen arise and sit down again in their Chairs; and the Dean of Westmr. closeth again the fore part of the Kings under Garment, which before was open'd; and the chief Lady Assistant the Queens, having first wip'd or dried the places anointed, with fine Linnen or fine bombast Wool, deliver'd to them by the Lord great Chamberlain.

“The Spurs are then brought from ye Altar by ye Dean of Westmr. & deliver'd to a Nobleman appointed thereto by the King, who kneeling down touches the Kings heels with them & forthwith sends them back to the Altar, that they may not encumber the King.

In the meantime this short Anthem is sung. Ps. 84. 9. *Behold, O God, Our Defender : and look upon the face of thine Anointed.


i interlined in red.

? This address underlined with red. 3 The c struck out in red.

4 struck out with black. 5–5 This is all written in the margin in black ink.

* Underlined with red ink, except the references, which are written in the margin.


xviij. 51. Great Prosperity givest thou unto thy King: &1 wilt show loving kindness to thine Anointed for evermore.

1. Sam. ii. io. The Adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to Pieces; out of Heaven shall he thunder upon them: But He shall give strength unto his King, and exalt the Horn of his Anointed. Allelujah."

1 *


While the Anthem is yet singing, the King riseth up, and ungirds his Sword, and going to the Steps of the Altar offers it up there in the Scabbard ; and then returns, and sits down again in the Chair : And the ABP. having receiv'd the Sword from the King, laies it upon the Altar, and saith the following Prayer.

“Hear Our Prayers, We beseech thee, O Lord; and with thy heavenly Grace so sanctify and bless these thy Servants King “Wilm and Queen Mary, that they may not bear the Sword “ in vain, but /may use it as the Ministers of God, for the [p. 15.

terror and Punishment of evil doers, and for the protection, " and Encouragement of all, that do well; through Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen.

Then the ABP. takes the Sword from off the Altar, and the Bps assisting, and going along with him, delivers it into the Kings right hand, and then into the Queens, and they both holding it the ArchBp. saith.

" Receive this Kingly Sword, brought now from the Altar of “ God, and deliver'd to You by the hands of Us the Bps, and “ Servants of God, though unworthy.

The King and Queen standing up, the Sword is girt about the King, by the Lord great Chamberlain, or some other Peer thereto by them appointed; and then the King and Queen sitting down, the ArchBP saith.

" Remember Him of whom the Royal Psalmist did Prophesy, saying ; Gird thee with thy Sword upon thy Thigh Oh thou “ most Mighty, Good luck have thou with thine Honor. Ride on prosperously because of Truth, Meekness and Righteous

Be ye followers of Him. With this Sword do Justice. Stop the growth of Iniquity. Protect the holy Church of “ God.

Help and Defend Widows and Orphans. Restore “the things that are gone to decay. Maintain the things yt are restor’d. Punish and Reform what is amiss, and “confirm what is in good Order. That doing these things You


1 altered with red ink into Alleluia.

2 interlined.

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