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SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers. FINANCIAL DATA.


Western Div. (Boston to Portland), Boston and Maine Rail.

115.31 m.; Eastern Div. (Boston to road.

Portland), 108.29 m.; Conway Jct., [New York, Massachusetts,

Me., to Intervale Jct., N.H., 73.31 Vermont, New Hamp

m.; Worcester, Mass., to Portland, President, Lucius Tuttle; 2d Viceshire, Maine, Quebec.)

Me., 148.34 m.; Boston, Mass., tó President and General Traffic For year ending June 30, 1906.

Groveton, N. H., 221.84 m.; Concord. Manager, W. F. Berry; 3d ViceTotal earnings. .839,214,202

N. H., to White River Jct., Vt., 69.50 President and General Manager, Operating expenses 29,353,368 m.; White River Jct., Vt., to Len- Frank Barr; 4th Vice-President,

noxville, P. Q., 142.25 m.; N. Cam- W. J. Hobbs; Freight Traffic Net ea gs...... $9,860,834

bridge Jct. to Northampton, Mass., Manager, M. T. Donovan; GenOther income... 622,085

95.69 m.; Springfield, Mass., to eral Superintendent, C. E. Lee. Total net income.$10,482,919 Keene, N.H., 74 m.; Boston to Rot- General Offices, Boston, Mass. Total payments ...

10,265,645 terdam Jct. and Troy, 250.98 m.; Surplus....


Ashburnham Jot. to Bellows Falls,
53.85 m.; other branches, 934.10 m.
Total mileage, 2,287.52.

EXPRESS Co.-American,
Buffalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh Railway.

President, Arthur

G. Yates, Roch. (New York, Pennsylvania. ]

ester, N. Y.; Vice-President, For year ending June 30, 1906. Main Line and branches, 847.86 m.;

Adrian Iselin, Jr., New York; Total earnings $7,797,247 leased lines, 94.04 m.; trackage

General Manager, W. T. Noonan; Operating expenses 4,559,112 rights, 125.87 m. Total mileage, Secretary, John H. Hocart, New Net earnings .... $3,238,135 567 77.

York. General Offices, RochesOther income....... 32,204 EXPRESS Co.-American.

ter, N. Y.; New York Office, 36

Wall Street. Total net income $3,270,339 Total payments.... 2,153,836 · Surplus..... $1,116,503 Canadian Northern Ry. (Manitoba, Saskatchewan,

President, Wm. Mackenzie, ToAssiniboia, Ontario, Min

ronto, Ont.; Vice-President, D.D. nesota. )

Mann, Toronto, Ont. ; 3d ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906. Total mileage, 2,492.5.

President, D. B. Hanna, Toronto, Total earnings. $5,903,755 EXPRESS Co.-Canadian Northern; Ont.; Manager, E. A. James, Operating expenses 3,674,732 Northern; Great Northern.

Winnipeg, Man.; Traffic ManNet earnings..... $2,229,023

ager, Geo. H. Shaw, Winnipeg,

Man.; Secretary, W. H. Moore, Total payments.. 1,509,448

Toronto, Ont. Surplus

$719,575 Canadian Pacific Ry. Eastern Div.,1,275.8 m. ; Ontario Div., [New Brunswick, Maine,

851.9 m. ; Atlantic Div., 689.2 m.; Vermont, Quebec, Ontario, Western Div., 1,262.5 m. į Pacific Chairman of the Board, W. C. Van Michigan, Manitoba, As- Div.,951.7 m. ; Lake Superior Div.

Horne; President, T. G. Shaughsiniboia, Saskatchewan, Al- 981.7 m.; Central Div., 2,764.1 m. nessy ; Secretary, Charles Drinkberta, British Columbia. ] Total mileage, 8,776.9.

water; Vice-President, D, McFor year ending June 30, 1906. Length of Main Line, Montreal to Nicoll; 2d Vice-President, Wm. Total earnings.....$61,669,758 Vancouver, 2,911.9 m.

Whyte, Winnipeg, Man.; 3d ViceOperating expenses 38,696,445 Steamship lines: Vancouver, B. C., President, I. G. Ogden; 4th Vice

Net earnings. $22,973,313 to Japan, China, Honolulu, H, I., President, G. M. Bosworth. Gen. Other income... 1,969,447 Australia, Sydney, N. S.


eral Offices, Montreal, Quebec; Total net income.$24,942,760

Slocan Lake Line; Upper Lake New York Offices, 31 Pine Street,

Line; Lake Okanagan Line; Co- 458 Broadway. Total payments.... 12,778,278

lumbia and Kootenay Line; AtlanSurplus.. $12,164,482 tic Ocean-Liverpool to Montreal.

EXPRESS Co.-Dominion. Central of Georgia Ry. (Georgia, Alabama, and Ten- Columbus-Andalusia, 138 m. ; Griffin- President, J. F. Hanson, Macon, nessee. ]

Chattanooga, 198m.; Macon-Athens, For year ending June 30, 1906.

Ga.; lst Vice-President, A. R. Total earnings.

105 m. ; Savannah-Atlanta, 294 m.; $11,396,122

Lawton; 2d Vice-President, W. Birmingham-Macon, 257 m.; Ft. Operating expenses. 8,235,212

A. Winburn; General Manager, Valley- Montgomery,194m.; Smith

T. S. Moise; Secretary, C. C. Net earnings.......$3,160,910 ville-Lockhart, 178 m.; other

Williams, Macon, Ga. General Other income........ 274,621 branches, 549.4 m. Total mileage,

Offices, Savannah, Ga.; New 1,913.4. Total net income.$3,435,531

York Office, 317 Broadway. Total payments..... 2.934,860 EXPRESS CO.-Southern.

Surplus..... $500,671
Central Railroad of New New York to Scranton, 191.67 m.;

Newark Br., 10.62 m.; South Br., (New York, New Jersey,

15.78 m.; Perth Amboy Br., 23.56 Pennsylvania.

m.; High Bridge Br. 55.80 m.; President, George F. Baer; ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906

sundry branches in New Jersey, President, R. W. De Forest; Total earnings $23,101,089 23.08 m.; sundry branches in Penn

Vice-President and General

New Jersey Operating expenses 12,779,866 sylvania, 91.18 m.;

Manager, W. G. Besler; SecreSouthern Div., 174.24 m.; Freehold Net earnings... $10,321,223

tary, G. O. Waterman. General and Atlantic Highlands Div., 24.47 Other receipts...... 1,151,197

Offices, 143 Liberty Street, New m.; New York and Long Branch

Total netincome.$11,472,420 R. R. 38.04 m. Total mileage, 6-18.44.
Total payments... 9,186,514 EXPRESS Co.-United States. On New

99285,906 York and Long Branch R R.

Adams: United States

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers FINANCIAL DATA.

Central Vermont Ky.
(Connecticut, Massachusetts,

Vermont, Quebec.]
For year ending June 30, 1906.

President, Chas. M. Hays, MontTotal earnings... ..$3.836.976 Southern Div., 173.5 m.; Northern

real, Can.; Vice-President, E.H. Operating expenses. 3,048,554 Div., 362.6 m. Total mileage, 537.

Fitzhugh; General Manager, G.

C. Jones. General Offices, St. Net earnings...... $788,422 EXPRESS Co.-American; Canadian.

Albans, Vt.; New York Offices, Other income.. 13,840

385 Broadway, 82 Wall Street. Total net income. $802,262 Total payments..... 797,745 Surplus.....

$4,517) Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. [Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio. )

Main Line, 664.9 m.; Louisville Line, President, Geo. W. Stevens; ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906.

President, Decatur Axtell; SecreTotal earnings.

207.7 m, James River Line, 229.9 $24,602,988

m.; Washington Line, 93.5 m. : tary, C.E. Wellford; General Operating expenses 14,869,649 other branches, 630,9 m. Total Manager, C. E. Doyle

General Net earnings......$9,733,339 mileage, 1,826.9.

Offices, Richmond, Va.; New York Other income. 204,352 EXPRESS CO. -Adams.

Office, 362 Broadway.
Total net income.$9,937,691
Total payments..... 8,511,114

Surplus.... $1,426,577
Chicago and Alton R.R. Chicago to Fast St. Louis, 279.95 m.;
[Illinois and Missouri.] Coal City Line, 24.79 m.; Dwight to

For year ending June 30, 1906. Washington and Lacon, 80.10 m.; President, s. M. Felton, Chicago, Total earnings... $11,586,094 Roodhouse to Kansas City 251.17 m.;

Ill. ; Vice-President, W. D. CorOperating expenses 7,818,903 Bloomington to Wann, via Jack

nish, New York; Secretary, Alex. Net earnings. $3,767,191 sonville, Godfrey, and Upper Alton,

Millar, New York. General OfOther income... 259,145 158.19 m.; Mexico to Cedar City,

fices, Chicago, Ill.; New York 50.10 m. ; 'Springfield to Grove, 53.56 Office, 120 Broadway. Total netincome..$4,026,336 m.; Barnett to Eldred, 48.80 m. Total payments... 3,831,362 Total mileage, 946.66. Surplus....

$194,974 EXPRESS Co.-United States. Chicago and Eastern

Illinois Railroad. (Indiana and Illinois. ]

President, A. J. Davidson, St. For year ending June 30, 1906.


Mo. ;

Vice-President, Total earnings.. $9,928,562

Robert Mather, New York; 2d Operating expenses. 6,851,288 Now part of "Frisco System.”

Vice-President and General Net earnings......$3,077,274

Manager, H.I. Miller; Secretary, Other income... 316,418

J.S. Ford, Chicago. General Of

fices, Chicago, Ill.; New York Total net income..$3,393,692

Office, 71 Broadway. Total payments.

3,356,000 Surplus...

$37,692 Chicago and Northwest

ern Railway. - TheWisconsin Div., 324.55 m.; Galena President, Marvin Hughitt, Chic Northwestern Line."

Div., 497.98 m.; Iowa Div.,669.46 m.; [Michigan, Illinois, Iowa,

cago, Ill.; Vice-President and Madison Div., 508.10 m.; Minnesota Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minand Dakota Div., 1,302.41 m.; Penin

Secretary,' E. E. Osborn, New nesota, North Dakota, South

York City; Vice-Presidents, M. sula Div., 464.44 m. ; Iowa and MinDakota, Wyoming.)

M. Kirkman, H.R. McCullough, nesota Div., 323.11 m.; Northern For year ending Juie 30, 1906.* Iowa Div., 383.57 m.; Ashland Div.,

J. M. Whitman, and William A. Total earnings... $63,481,577

Gardner; General Manager,R. H. 902.78 m.; Northern Wisconsin Div., Operating expenses 42,216,275

Aishton; Freight Traffic Man332.72 m.; Sioux City Div., 416.15 m.;

ager, Marvin Hughitt, Jr.; PasNet earnings... ... $21,265,342 Nebraska & Wyoming Div.,1,428.31

senger Trattic Manager, W. B. Other income. 577,080 m. Total mileage, 7,453.58; Chicago,

Kniskern, General Offices, ChiTotal net income. $21.842,382 St. Paul, Minn. & 6. Ry., 1,697.57.

cago, Ill.; New_York Offices, 52 Total payments.... 19,525,742 EXPRESS Co.-American.

Wall Street, 461 Broadway. Surplus..

$2,316,640 Chicago, Burlington and

i? Burlington Route: Lines in Illinois, 1:679.91 m, in Towa. President, Geo. B. Harris; Ist Vice. [Illinois, Wisconsin, Min

President, Darius Miller; 2d Vicein Wisconsin, 223.10 m. ; in Minnenesota, Iowa, Missouri, Ne

President, Daniel Willard ; Secbraska, Kansas, Colorado,

sota, 38.45 m.; in Nebraska, 2,631.51
m. ; in Montana, 199.90 m.; in

retary, H. E. Jarvis, Burlington, Wyoming, South Dakota,

Iowa; Assistant Secretary,G, H. Kansas, 260.44 m,; in Colorado, Montana. )

Earl, New 429.35 m.; in South Dakota, 210.03

York ; Passenger For year ending June 30, 1906.

Traffic Manager, P. S. Eustis; Total earnings.. $74,146,670

m.; in Wyoming, 360.38 m. Lines
east of the Missouri River, 4,449.08

Freight Traffic Manager, G. H. Operating expenses 51,463,641 m.; lines west of the Missouri

Crosby. General Offices, Chicago, Net earnings....


River, 4,374.79 m. Total mileage of) Ill.; New York Chice, 34 Nassau Other income


Burlington system (less duplicated General offices of lines west of the Totalnet income. $23.093,711 mileage), 8.823.87.

Missouri River at Omaha, Neb. Total payments.... 19,186,139 EXPRESS Co. -Adams. Surpius.

$3,907.5721 *Exclusive of Chicago, St. Paul, Mimu. &0. Ry.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers.

Express. Chicago Great West

ern Railway. (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota,

Minneapolis to Chicago, 430 m. ; Oel

wein to Kansas City, 357 m. ; 'Hay- President, A. B. Stickney; ViceMissouri, Kansas, Nebraska) For year ending June 30, 1906.

field to Clarion, 100 m.; Delwein to President, Ansel Oppenheim Total earnings.. Omaha, 265 m.; De Kalb Br., 6 m.;

2d Vice-President and General $8,345,716 Cedar Falls Br., 7 m. ; Mantorville

Manager, S. C. Stickney; 3d ViceOperating expenses 6,817,655

Br. , 7 m.; Lehigh Br., 16 m.; Man- President, L. S. Cass; Secretary. Net earnings. $2,628,061 kato-Osage Line, 210 m.: Winona- R. C. Wight. General Offices, St Other income


Rochester Line, 55 m. Total mile- Paul, Minn., and Chicago, Ill. ;; Total net income. $2,766,492 age, 1,453.

New York Offices, 31 Nassau

Street, 305 Broadway.
Total payments...... 2,343,589 EXPRESS Co.-Wells, Fargo & Co.

8411,903 Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Ry. (Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky.)

President, W. H. McDoel, Chicago For year ending June 30, 1906. Chicago to Louisville, 325,3 m.; Mo

Ill.; Vice-President, M. F. Plant, Total earnings........ $5,921,001 non to Indianapolis, 95.1 m.; BloomOperating expenses 3,937,938 field Br., 40.3 m.; Michigan City

New York; General Manager, B. Net earnings..

E. Taylor, Chicago, Ill.,

SecreDiv., 60 m. ;French Lick Br. , 18 m. $1,983,063 Total mileage, 537.9.

tary, J. d. Hilton, New York. Other income.. 249,475

General Offices, Chicago, Ill.; Total net income. $2,232,538 EXPRESS CO.--American.

New York Office, 80 Broadway. Total payments... 1,034,901 Surplus.

$1,197,637 Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway.

Chairman, Roswell Miller, New (Illinois, Wisconsin, Mich

York; President, A. J. Earling, igari, Minnesota, Iowa, Lines in Illinois, 401.40 m.; in Wiscon

Chicago, Ill. ; 2d Vice-President, Missouri, South Dakota, sin, 1,765.76 m.; in Iowa, 1,869.83 m.;

E. W. McKenna; 3d Vice-PresiNorth Dakota.)

in Minnesota, 1,199.27 m.; in North dent, J. H. Hiland, Chicago; Gen For year ending June 30, 1906. Dakota, 152.21 m.; in South Dakota,

eral Manager, W.J. Underwood, Total earnings......$55,423,052 1,369.25 m.; in Missouri, 140.27 m.;

Chicago; Secretary E. W. Operating expenses 36,444,331

in Michigan, 159.12 m. Total mile- Adams, Milwaukee, Wis., AssisNet earnings. $18,978,721 age, 7,056.46.

tant Secretary, J. M. Mckinlay, Other income.. 258,359 EXPRESS Co. -United States.

New York. General Offices, ChiTotal net income. $19,237,080

cago, Ill., and Milwaukee, Wis.

New York Offices, 30 Broad Fixed charges. 5,913,850

Street, 381 Broadway. Balance

$13,333,230 Chicago, Rock Island

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Ry. aud Pacific Railway.

-Chicago-Colorado Springs, 1,070.9 (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota,

m.; Davenport-Atchison, 334.5; St. South Dakota, Missouri,

Joseph-Terrall, 520.0 m. i Hering-
Kans Okla

ton-Texhoma, 323.3 m.; Keokuk-Des homa, Colorado, Tennes

Moines, 162.4 m. ; Burlington-Min- President, B. L. Winchell; lst see, Arkansas, Louisiana.]

neapolis, 365 m.; Vinton-Water- Vice-President, R. A. Jackson; For year ending June 30, 1906.

town, 376 m.; Memphis-Texola, 2d Vice-President, H. U.Mudge; Total earnings... $51,237,858

647.5 m.; other lines and branches, 3d Vice-President, W. B. Biddle; Operating expenses 35,067,058

3,125.2 m. Total mileage, 6,924.8. Secretary, George H. Crosby.

Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Rail- General offices, Chicago, Ill. ; Vet earnings. .$16,170.800 way, 388.5 m.; Chicago, Rock Island New York Ottices, 71 and 401 Other income.. 1,015,837 and El Paso Railway, 111.5 m.; Broadway. Total net income $17,186,637

St. Louis, K.C. and Colorado R.R., Total payments.... 10,400,804

298.5 m. Total mileage Rock Island Surplus....

System, 7,723.3.

$6,785,833 EXPRESS Co. -U. S.; Wells, F. & Co. Cincinnati, Hamilton &

Dayton Railway. (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. ] For year ending June 30, 1906.

Receiver. Judson Harmon. PresiTotal earnings. $8,398,417

dent, F. D. Underwood, New Operating expenses 6,911.433

York; Vice-President, George F. Net earnings..... $1,486,984 Main line and branches, 1,038.24 m.

Brownell, New York; Secretary, Other income... 120,735 EXPRESS Co.-United States,

Thos. J. Walsh; General Trattic Total net income $1,607,719

Manager, C. L. Thomas. GenInterest & rentals,

eral Offices, Cincinnati, O. 2,755,349 Deficit..

$1,147,630 Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago& St. Louis Ry.

Cleveland-Indianapolis Div., 341 m.; (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan,

Mt. Gilead Short Line, 2 m.; Cin- President, W. H. Newman ; ViceIllinois. ]

cinnati-Sandusky Div., 320 m.; St. Presidents, E. V. W. Rossiter, W. For year ending Dec. 31, 1905.

Louis Div., 309 m.; Chicago Div., C. Brown and John Carstensen, Total earnings.

New York ; C. E. Schaff and G. $22,517,763

321 m.; Cairo Div., 270 m.; Peoria Operating expenses 16,879,345

and Eastern Div., 352 m.; White J. Grammer, Chicago; General

Water Div., 70 m., Michigan Div., Manager, J.Q. Van Winkle; SecNet earnings. $5,638,418 302 m.; Kankakee and Seneca Div., retary, D. W. Pardee, New York. Other income.. 241,476 42 m. Total mileage, 2,330.

General Offices, Cincinnati, 0.: Total net income $5,879,894 This Road is now part of New York New York Office, Grand Central Total payments.... 5,838,344 Central System.

Station, Surplus

$41,550 EXPRESS CO.- American. * Dividends to be deducted.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisious, Mileage, and Operating



General Oficere.

Colorado and Sonthern

Chairman of the Board, G. M. Railway.-6. The Col- Pueblo Dist., 134.05 m.; Trinidad Dist.,

Dodge, New York; President, orado Road."

Frauk' Trumbull, New York; 55.24 m.; New Mexico Dist., 166.30

Vice-President, A. D. Parker; (Colorado, Wyoming, New m. ; Clear Creek Dist., 65.94 m.; Ft.

Secretary, J. S. Mackie, New Mexico, Texas.) Collins Dist., 142.30 m.;


York. General Offices, Denver, For year ending June 30, 1906.

Cañou Dist., 102.36 m.; Leadville Total earnings. ... . $11,653,445

Col. ; New York Offices, 71 BroadDist., 74.36 m. ; Gunnison Dist.,

way. Operating expenses 7,902,211 164.51 m.; Wyoming Dist., 153.68 m. Fort Worth and Denver City Ry.Net earnings. $3,751,234 Total mileage, 1,058.74.

President, Frank Trumbull, New Other income. 157,274 Fort Worth and Denver City Ry.,

York; Vice-President, D. B. Kee454.14 m. Total net income. $3,908.508

ler, Fort Worth, Tex. : Secretary, Total payments.... 2,142,295 EXPRESS Co.-Wells, Fargo & Co. W.S, Streater, Fort Worth, Tex.

General Offices, Fort Worth, Tex.; Surplus..... $1,766,213

New York Offices, 71 Broadway.


Colorado Midland Rail

For year ending June 30, 1906. Colorado Springs, Col., to Grand President, Frank Trumbull; Vice-
Total earnings.. $2,132,665

Junction, Col.,
303 m.; Aspen Br., 18

President, C. H. Schlacks; GenOperating expenses 1,616,911 m., Jerome Park R.R., 15 m. Total

eral Manager, Geo. W. Vallery; Net earnings. $515,754 mileage, 336.

Secretary, James S. Mackie, New Other income...

York. 40,948 EXPRESS Co.-Wells, Fargo & Co.

General Offices, Denver,

Col. ; New York Offices, 71 and 195 Total net income $556,702

Total payments.... 433,059
Surplus..... $123,643

Delaware and Hudson

Railroad. (Pennsylvania, New York, Pennsylvania Div., 130.09 m.; Sara- President, David Willcox; ViceVermont.]

toga Div., 248.77 m. ; Champlain President, Alex. E. Orr; 2d ViceFor year ending Dec. 31, 1905.

Div., 230.69 m.; Albany and SusTotal earnings..... $37,331,629 quehanna Div., 233.34 m.

President, Abel I. Culver, Al. Total

bany, N. Y.; Secretary, F. M. Oly. Operating expenses 29,635,706 mileage, 842.89.

phant, New York. General Offices, Net earnings. $7,695,923 EXPRESS Co.-National.

32 Nassau Street, New York. Total payments.. 7,507,015 Surplus.



Delaware, Lackawanna

and Western Railroad. (New York, New Jersey,

Main Line, 114 m.; Buffalo Div., 214 Pennsylvania.]

m. ; Morris and Essex Div., 119 m.; Chairman of the Board, Samuel For year ending Dec. 31, 1905. Bloomsburg Div., 80 m.; Syracuse Total earnings.... $31,951,063 and Binghamton R.R. , 81 m. ; Cay

Sloan; President, W. H. TruesOperating expenses 18,828,059 uga Div., 34 m. ; Utica Div., 105 m.;

dale; Vice-Presidents, B. D.Cald

well and E. E. Loomis; Secretary, Sussex R. R., 31 m.; Oswego and Net earnings. $13,123,004



Fred. F. Chambers. General Of m, :

other Other income... 3,938,962 branches, 106 m.; Bangor and Port

fices, 26 Exchange Place, New

Total net income.$17,061,966 land R. R. ,38 m. Total mileage, 957.
Total payments.... 14,363,537 EXPRESS Co.-United States.


Denver and Rio Grande

Denver to Grand Junction, 449.88 m.; Chairman of the Board, George (Colorado and New Mexico.] Salida to Grand Junction, 208.62 m.;

J. Gould, New York; President, For year ending Juine 30, 1906. Cuchara Junction to Silverton,

Edward T. Jeffery, New York; Total earnings..... $19,686,114 328.47 m.; Antonito to Santa Fé,

Vice-Presidents, Charles H. Operating expenses 12,104,172

125.79 m.; Pueblo to Trinidad, Schlacks, Denver, Col., and A. Net earnings.... $7,581,942 91.55 m.; Carbon Junction to Farm- C. Bird, Chicago ; Secretary, Other income

262,124 ington, 47.66 m.; other branches, Stephen Little, New York. GenTotal net income. 87,844,067 567.81 m. Total mileage, 1,819.78.

eral Offices, Denver, Col., and

Salt Lake City, Utah; New York Total payments... 7,687,228 Express Co.--Globe.

Offices, 195 and 335 Broadway. Surplus..


Detroit and Mackinac

Bay City to Cheboygan, 195.44 m.; (Michigan.)

Prescott Div., 11.8 m. Rose City President and General Manager, For year ending June 30, 1906. Div., 31.8 m.; Lincoln Br., 14.4 m.;

J. D. Hawks; Vice-President, Total earnings. $1.154,826 Au Gres Br., 8.33_m.; logging

G. M. Crocker; Secretary, A. H. Operating expenses 873,138 branches, 81.49 m. Total mileage,

Gillard, New York. General Net earnings....

Offices, Detroit, Mich. ; New York $281,693 343.26.

Office, 23 Wall Street, Total payments..

276,435 EXPRESS Co.-American, Surplus....... $5,258

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers. FINANCIAL DATA.


Detroit, Toledo and
Irontón - Ann Arbor

(Michigan and Ohio.)
For year ending June 30, 1906.

President, E. Zimmerman: Vice. Total earnings... $4,090,208 Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Ry., 436

President, F. A. Durban, ZanesOperating expenses 2,747,028 m. ; Ann Arbor R.R., 292 m. Total

ville, O.; General Traffic ManNet earnings. $1,343,180 EXPRESS Co.-Pacific. mileage, 728.

ager, C. P. Lamprey. General Other income...... 34,261

Offices, Toledo, o.
Totar et income $1,377,441
Total payments.., 1,217,679
Surplus.... $159,762

Duluth, South Shore

and Atlantic Railway. (Michigan, Wisconsin, Min

President and General Manager, nesota.)

W. F. Fitch, Marquette, Mich.; Main Line, 517.44 m.; other branches, For year ending June 30, 1906. 65.61 m. Total mileage, 583.05.

1st Vice-President, T.G. ShaughTotal earnings..... $3,057,808

nessy, Montreal, Can.; 2d ViceOperating expenses 2,057,459 EXPRESS Co.-Western.

President, George H.Church, New

York; Secretary, Arthur Starke, Net earnings....... $1,000,348 This road is now controlled by the Other income.....

New York, General Offices, Mar14,536 Canadian Pacific Ry.

quette, Mich.; New York Office, Total net income.. $1,014,884

44 Wall Street. Total payments..... 1171,187 Deficit...


Erie Division : New York Div., 198|

m.; Delaware Div., 104 m.; SusqueErie Railroad.

hanna Div., 138 m.; Jefferson Div. (New York, New Jersey,

37 m.; Tioga Div., 65 m.; Rochester Pennsylvania, Ohio, In- Div., 146 m.; Buffalo Div., 203 m.; President, F. D. Underwood; Ist diana, mlinois.)

Allegheny Div., 128 m.; Bradford Vice-President, G. F. Brownell; For year ending June 30, 1906.

Div., 85 m, ; Wyoming Div., 96 m. 2d Vice-President, G. A. RichardTotal earnings.. $50,002,634 Ohio Division: Meadville Div., 225 son; 3d Vice-President, H. B. Operating expenses 35,872,837 m.; Cincinnati Div., 205 m.; Mahon

Chamberlain; 4th Vice-PresiNet earnings.....$14,129,797 ing Div., 164 m.; Lima Div., 127 m.;

dent, J. M. Graham; General Other income...... 2,177,842 Chicago Div., 123 m.

Manager, J. C. Stuart; Secretary, Total net income $16,307,639 Greenwood Lake Div., 53 m.; North

David Bosman. General Offices, Total payments.... 13,217,969 New Jersey & N. Y. R. R., 36 m.

ern R.R. of New Jersey, 26 m. 11 Broadway, New York. Surplus............ $3,089,670 Total mileage of Erie R.R., 2,161.

EXPRESS Co.-Wells, Fargo & Co.

Jacksonville to Homestead, 393.86m. ; President, H. M. Flagler, New Florida

York; Vice-President and Gen-
East Coast

Titusville Br., 47 m.; Orange City
Junction Br., 27.4 m.; Mayport

eral Manager, J. R. Parrott; 2d Railway. (Florida. Div., 26 m.; other branches, 7.6 m.

Vice-President, R. W. Parsons, Total mileage, 501.86. Also con

New York; 3d Vice-President, J. No financial report of this road

E. Ingraham; Traffic Manager, obtainable. Road

nects with Steamship Lines from
Miami to Key West, Havana, and

J. P. Beckwith; Secretary, J. C. owned by Flagler interests. Nassau,

Salter, New York. General EXPRESS Co.-Southern.

Offices, St. Augustine. Fla, ; New

York Office, 26 Broadway. “Frisco System." (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, St. Louis & San Francisco R.R., 4,737 President, A. J. Davidson; 1st Vice. Mississippi, Alabama.) For year ending June 30, 1906.

m.; Fort Worth & Rio Grande Ry., President, Robert Mather, New (Exclusive of Chi. & E. Ni.

195.88 m, ; Chicago & Eastern Illinois York; 2d Vice-President, C. R. R.R.) R.R., 947.67 m.; St. Louis, San Fran

Gray; 3d Vice-President, A. S. Total earnings... cisco & Texas Ry., 124.61 m.; Paris

Dodge; 4th Vice-President, A. $32,046,656 & Great Northern R. R., 16.94 m.

Douglas; Secretary, F. H. HamOperating expenses 20,545,533 Total mileage, 6,022.10.

ilton; Freight Traffic Manager, Net earnings. $11,501,123 Other income...

J. A. Middleton. General Offices, EXPRESS_ Co. - Adams; Southern; 1,632,659

St. Louis, Mo.; New York Offices Wells, Fargo & Co, Total net income. $13,133,782

71, 401 Broadway. Total payments... 11,344,389 Surplus.


Georgin Railroad.
[Georgia. ]
For year ending June 30, 1906, Augusta, Ga.,

to Atlanta, Ga., 171 m.; Total earnings. $2,842,497

Macon Br., 78 m.; Athens Br.,40 m.; Operating expenses 2,063,815

Washington Br., 18 m.; White General Manager, Thos, K. Scott Net earnings. $778,682 Plains Br., 14 m. Total mileage,

General Offices, Augusta, Ga. Other income...... 16,823 321.

New York Office, 290 Broadway Total net income $795,505 EXPRESS Co.-Southern. Total payments.... 618,725 Surplus............


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