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finging-men and singing women of his father, stood round about to wait upon them! Now did Mansoul's cup runt over, now did her conduits run sweet wine, now did she eat the finest of the wheat, and drink milk and honey out of the Rock! Now she said, How great is his goodness! for fince I found favour in his eyes, how honourable have I been!

The blessed Prince also ordained a new officer in the town, Col. iii. 15, and a goodly person he was, his name was Mr. God's-peace; (a) this man was set over my lord Will-be-will, my lord-mayor, Mr. Recorder the subordinate preacher, Mr. Mind, and over all the natives of the town of Mansoul. Himself was not a native of it, but came with the prince EMANUEL from the court. He was a great acquaintance of captain Credence and captain Good-hope; some say they were akin, and I am of that opinion too, Rom. xv. 13. This man, as I said, was made governor of the town in general, specially over the castle, and captain Credence was to help him there. And I made great observations of it, that so long as all things went in Mansoul as this sweet-natured gentleman would, the town was in most happy condition. Now there were nojars, no chidings, no interferings, no unfaithful doings, in all the town of Mansoul; every man in Mansoul kept close to his own employment. The gentry, the officers, the soldiers, and all in place, observed their order. And Holy concep

as for the women and children of the town, tions, and good they followed their business joyfully, they thoughts. would work and sing from morning till night; so that quite through the town of Mansoul now nothing was to be found but harmony, quietness, joy, and health; and this lasted all that summer. But there was a man in the town of Mansoul, and his naine was Mr. Carnalsecurity; this man, after all the mercy bestowed upon


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(a) A sense of pardon produces peacc, hope, love, filial fear, &c.

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this corporation, brought the town of Mansoul into great and grievous Navery and bondage. (a) A brief account of him, and of his doings, take as followeth:

When Diabolus at first took poffeffion of the story of the town of Mansoul, he brought thither Mr. Carnalwith himself a great number of Diabolonians, security. men of his own conditions. Now among these there was one whose name was Mr.

Mr. Self-con: Self-conceit; and a notable brisk man he was, as any that in those days pofseffed the town of Manfoul. Diabolus, then, perceiving this man to be active and bold, sent him upon many desperate designs: the which he managed better, and more to the pleasing of his lord, than most that came with him from the dens could do. Wherefore finding him fo fit for his purpose, he preferred him, and made him next to the great lord Will-be-will, of whom we have spoken so much before. Now the lord Will-be-will, being in those days very well pleased with him and with his atchievements, gave him his daughter, the lady Fear-nothing, to wife. "Now of my. lady Fear-nothing did this Mr. Selfconceit beget this gentleman Mr. Carnal-fe Carnal-feeu

ritg's original. curity. Wherefore there being then in Mansoul those strange kind of mixtures, it was hard for them, in fome cases, to find out who were natives, who not; for Mr. Carnal-security sprang froin my lord Willbe-will by his mother's side, tho' he had for his father a Diabolonian by nature. Well, this Carnal-security took much after

His qualities. his father and mother : he was falf-conceited, ħe feared nothing, he was also a very busy man: nothing of news, nothing of doctrine, nothing of alteration or talk of alteration, could at any time be on foot in Manfoul, but Mr. Carnal-security would be at the head or tail of it. But to be sure he would decline those that he


(a) By refting in comforts, and not living in Chrift by faith. No, 6.


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deemed the weakest, and stood always with them in his way of standing) that he supposed was the strongest side.

Now when SHADDAI the mighty, and EMANUEL his Son, made war upon Mansoul to take it, this Mr. Car-: nal-security was then in the town, and was a great der among the people, encouraging them in their rebellion, and putting them upon hardening themselves in their relifting the King's forces: but when he saw that the town of Mansoul was taken and converted to the use of the glorious Prince EMANUEL; and when he also saw what was become of Diabolus, and how he was unroosted, and made to quit the castle in the greatest contempt and fcorn ; and that the town of Mansoul was well lined with captains, engines of war, and men, and also provision ; what doth he but wheel about also, and, as he had served Diabolus against the good Prince, so he feigned that he would serve the Prince against his foes; and, having got some little smattering of EMANUEL's things by the end (being bold), he ventures himself into the company of the townsmen, and attempts also to chat among them. Now he knew that the power and strength of the town of Mansoul was great, and that it could not but be pleasing to the people, if he cried up their might and their glory ; wherefore he

beginneth his tale with the power and How Mr. Carnal-security strength of Mansoul, and affirmeth, that it begins the

was impregnable ; (a) now magnifying the misery of

captains, and their flings, and their rams;

then crying up their fortifications and strong, holds; and, lastly, the affurarce that they had from their Prince, that Mansoul should be happy for ever. But when he saw that some of the men of the town were tickled and taken with this discourse, he makes it his bufiness, and, walking from street to street, house to house,


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(a) Beware, as a pardoned finner, of pride and self. fufficiency.


The heads of


and man to man, he brought also Mansoul to dance afier his pip, and to grow almost as carnally-secure as himself; so from talking they went to feaiting, and from feaiting to Sporting, and so to some other matters (now EMANUEL was yet in the town of Mansoul, and he wisely observed

their doings): my lord mayor, my lord Manfoul le- Will-be-will, and Mr. Recorder, were also

taken with the words of this tattling Diabolonian gentleman ; forgetting that their Prince had given them warning before, to take heed that they were not beguiled with any Diabolonian fleight; he had further told them, that the security of the now flourilhing town of Mansoul did not so much lie in her present fortifications and force, (a) as in her so using of what the had, as might oblige her EMANUEL to abide within her castle. For the right doctrine of EMANUEL was, that the town of Manfoul should take heed that they forget not his Father's love and his; also that they should so demean themselves as to continue to keep themselves therein. Now this was not the way to do it, namely, to fall in love with one of the Diabolonians, and with such an one too as Mr. Carnal. securitywas, and to be led up and down by the nose by him : they should have heard their Prince, feared their Prince, loved their Prince, and have stoned this naughty pack to death, and taken care to have walked in the ways of their Prince's prescribing ; for then should their peace have been as a river, when their righteousness had been like the waves of the sea.

Now when EMANUEL perceived that thro' the policy of Mr. Carnal-security the hearts of the men of Manroul were chilled and abated in their practical love to him;


(a) We must not trust in ourselves, but derive all help from Jefus.



First, he bemoans them, and bewails their EMANUEL bemoans Man- state with the Secretary, saying, “ (that foul.

my people had harkened unto me, and that Mansoul had walked in my ways! I would have fed them with the finest of the wheat ; and with honey out of the rock would I have sustained them.” This done, he said in his heart, I will return to the court," and go to my place, till Mansoul shall consider and acknowledge their offence. (a) And he did so, and the cause and manner of his going away from them was thus, for that Mansoul declined him, as is manifest in these particulars:

1. They left off their former way of visiting him, they came not to his royal palace as afore.

2. They did not regard, nor yet take notice; that he came, or came not to visit them.

3. The love-feasts that had wont to be between their Prince and them, tho' he made them ftill, and called them to them, yet they neglected to come to them, or to be de lighted with them.

4. They waited not for his counsel, but began to be headstrong and confident in themselves, concluding that now they were strong and invincible, and that Mansoul wus secure, and beyond all reach of the foe, and that her ftate must needs be unalterable for ever.

Now, as was said, EMANUEL, perceiving, that, by the craft of Mr. Carnal-security, the town of Mansoul was taken off from their dependence upon him, and upon his Father by him, and set upon what by them was bestowed He endeavours upon it; he first, as I said, bemoaned their

state ; then he used means to make them

understand that the way they went on in was dangerous : for he fent my lord high Secretary to them, to forbid them such ways; but twice when he came to them, he found them at dinner in Mr. Carnal-security's

parlour ;

to reclaim them.

I (a) A careless, self-confident walk brings darkness and delertion of soul.

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