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knowledge of those that have gone before; till his pledge had been redeemed. Quin no one must presume to be wiser than his stammered and evaded, and kept them fathers: around the Son of Heaven, as from the point as long as possible; but they designate their emperor, assemble the when their patience was bearing down all learned of the land as his council ; so in bounds, his reluctance gave way. the provinces the learned in their several then, gentlemen," said he," in the first degrees around the governor; and laws place, take an old pair of boots !! und rules are passed from the highest down "What! an old pair of boots !” “ The to the lowesi, to be by them given to the older the better;"-(they stared at each people. Every, even the most minute, other)—“cut off their tops and soles, and circumstance of common life, is regulated soak them in a tub of water"-(they besi. by law. It matters not, for example, what tated)—" chop them into fine particles

, may be the wealth of an individual; he and pour them into a pot with two gallons must wear the dress and build his house and a half of water. “ Why, d-n it, after the mode prescribed by ancient regu- Quin,” they simultaneously exclaimed, lations. In China everything bears the you don't mean to say that the soup stamp of antiquity ; immoveableness seems we've been drinking was made of old to be the characteristic of the nation ; every boots !" “I do, gentlemen," he replied, implement retains its primitive rude form; seriously, my cook will assure you she every invention has stopped at the first chopped them up.” They required no step.

such attestation ; his cool, inflexible ex. Quin's Siamese Soup.-Quin in his old pression was sufficient : in an instant, hor. age, every one knows, became a great ror and despair were depicted on each gourmand, and, among other things, in countenance, in the full conviction they vented a composition, which he called his were individually poisoned. Quin, ob* Siamese Soup," pretending that its in- serving this, begged them not to be alarmgredients were principally from the" East.” ed, since he could contemplate po danger: The peculiarity of its flavor became the ous results from their dinner ; but if they topic of the day. The “rage at Bath thought it would sit uneasy on their stowas Mr. Quin's soup; but as he would not machs, there was an apothecary's shop in part with the recipe, this state of notice the next street. The hint was taken : an was highly inconvenient; every person of idea of personal safety subdued the rising taste was endeavoring to dine with him; throbs of indignation. Seizing their hats

, every dinner he was at, an apology was away flew the whole bevy down stairs, made for the absence of the “ Siamese and along the street to the place advised, soup.” His female friends Quin was where ipecacuanha and other provocatives forced to put off with promises ; the males were speedily procured, and the “ Siamese received a respectful but manly deniai. soup. (and all its concomitants) was A conspiracy, was accordingly projected speedily disgorged. by a dozen bons vivans of Bath, against Present State of History. In the south his peace and comfort. At home he was of Europe, as if for a warning to others to flooded with anonymous letters ; abroad, shun the evil, civil and religious despotism beset with applications under every form. are still suffered by Providence to display The possession of this secret was made a their hideous forms; but in the New canker to all his enjoyments. Collecting World, the incipient and chaotic state of the names of the principal confederates, freedom is travailing in the birth of a purer he invited them to dinner, promising to and more regular order of things. The give them the recipe before they departed “march sublime” of liberty is, we trusi,

-an invitation, as my reader will suppose, not to be retarded for ages to come. Eng. which was joyfully accepted. Quin then land has led the way in this glorious ca. gave a pair of his old boots to the house reer; and the last blemish which stained inaid to scour and soak, and, when suffi- her fair fame, and afforded a topic of reciently seasoned, to chop up into fine par. proach to her enemies, has been removed, licles, like minced meat. On the appoint- while her councils were directed by the ed day, he took these particles, and pour- warrior who so often had led her armies ing them into a copper poi, with sage, to victory. Esto perpetua. poions, spice, ham, wine, water, and other Vand jke, Titian, and Reynolds, --Northingredients, composed a mixture of about cote began by saying, “ You don't much two gallons, which was served up at his like Sir Joshua, I know; but I think that table as his “ Siamese soup." The com is one of your prejudices. If I was to pany were in transports at its flavor; but compare him with Vandyke and Titian, Quin, pleading a cold, did not taste it. A should say that Vandy ke's portraits are pleasant evening was spent, and when the like pictures (very perfect ones, no doubt) hour of departure arrived, each person Sir Joshua's like the reflection in a look: pulled out his tablets to write down the ing-glass, and Titian's like the real people. recipe. Quin now pretended that he had There is an atmosphere of light and shade forgot making the promise ; but his guests about Sir Joshua's, wliich neither of the were not to be put off'; and closing the others have in the same dogree, together poor, they told him in plain terins, that with a vagueness that gives them a visionpeitliver he nor they should quit the room ary and romantic character, and makes


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them seem like dreams of vivid recollec. this art in Germany pretend to have distions of persons we have seen. I never covered the means of plunging animals could mistake Vandyke's for anything but into magnetic sleep. A German paper pictures, and I go up to examine them as mentions several real or pretended insuch : when I see a fine Sir Joshua, I can stances of success. neither suppose it to be a mere picture nor Originality.Northcote said that Sir a man; and I almost involuntarily turn Joshua used to say that no one produced back to ascertain if it is not some one be more than six original things. I always hind me reflected in the glass : when I see said it was wrong to fix upon this number a Titian, I am riveted to it, and I can no -fire out of the six would be found, upon more take my eye off from it than if it examination, to be repetitions of the first. were the very individual in the room. A man can no more produce six original That," he said, "is, I think, peculiar to works than he can be six individuals at Titian, that you feel on your good beha once. Whatever is the strong and prevailrior in the presence of his keen-looking ing bent of his genius, he will stamp upon beads, as if you were before company." some master-work; and what he does else, Liberality.Mr. Robert Fenwick, lately will be only the same thing over again, a established at Choisy, near Paris, supplies little better or a little worse ; or if he goes one half of the milk necessary for the Hô. out of his way in search of variety and to tel Dieu, a contract which requires from avoid himself, he will merely become a 4,000 10 4,500 litres a-month. This re- common-place man or an imitator of others. spectable gentleman has made an offer to Potato Cheese.—In many parts of Saxothe director, who has accepted the gene- ny, cheese is made in the following manmous proposal, to furnish gratis the whole ner from potatoes :- Take the best potaquantity of milk, from July 27, so long as toes and boil them; when cold, beat them there shall be at the Hótel Dieu any of in a mortar into a pulp, adding a pint of the men who were wounded in the memo sour milk to 5lbs. of potatoes. Keep the rable contest.

mass covered for three or four days, and Pew young men of agreeable persons then beat it again. Make it into small or conversation turn out great artists. It cheeses, which are to be placed in baskets, is easier to look in the glass than to to let the superfluous moisture escape. make a dull canvass shine like a lucid Dry them in the shade, and then pile them mirror; and, as to talking, Sir Joshua used on each other for 15 days; after which to say, a painter should sew up his mouth. they may be put away in any manner in a It was only the love of distinction that dry place. They have a very pleasant produced eminence; and if a man was favor, and will keep good for years, imadmired for one thing, that was enough. proving with age. We only work out our way to excellence Mrs. Ibbot used to relate to me many by being imprisoned in defects. It requires whimsical illustrations of dramatic life';

long apprenticeship, great pains, and and among others, once said, that about prodigious self-denial, which no man will the period of her entering the profession ami to, except from necessity, or as the (1740), she was present at the performance ply chance he has of escaping from ob- of an old Roman play, in a gentleman's surity. I remember when Mr. Locke (of barn in Norfolk, when the principal actos Sonbury-Park) first came over froin Italy, came forward to deliver the prologue and old Dr. Moore, who had a high opin- (which then in the country used generally in of bin, was crying up his drawings, to be a part of the plot), and having to say, and asked me if I did not think he would “ When Hannibal and Scipio first waged make a great painter? I said, “ No, ne war, they took a circumference to Africa," Fer!" "Why not?” “ Because he has he enunciated— "When Han-ni-bawal and six thousand a-year."

No one would Ski-pi-o first wag-ged war, they took a throw away all the advantages and indul. kirk-kum-fer-ence round to Afri-ca.” gences this ensured him, to shut himself Curious Party Titles.—Two factions, up in a garret to pore over that which, for nearly two centuries, divided and agiafter all, may expose him to contempt and tated the whole population of Holland and ridicule. Artists, to be sure, have gone Zealand. One bore the title of Hoeks on painting after they have got rich, such (fishing-books); the other was called Kaaas Rubens and Titian, and indeed Sir beljauws (cod fish.) The origin of these Joshua; but then it had by this time be- burlesque denominations was a dispute come a habit and a source of pleasure between two parties at a feast, as to wheinstead of a toil to them, and the honors ther the cod-fish took the hook, or the and distinction they had acquired by it hook took the cod-fish? This apparently counterbalanced every other consideration. frivolous dispute was made the pretext for Their love of the art had become greater a serious quarrel; and the partisans of the than their love of riches or of idleness : nobles and those of the towns' ranged but at first this is not the case, and the themselves at either side, and assumed repugnance io labor is only mastered by different badges of distinction. The Hothe absolute necessity for it.

eks, partisans of the towns, wore red Jumal Magnetism. The professors of caps : the Kaabeljauws wore grey ones.


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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, Fragments of Voyages and Travels. By The accomplished and veteran artist, Captain Basil Hall, R.N., are preparing. Mr. Northcote, has just completed for pub

Thos. Haynes Bayly, Esq., announces lication a Life of Títian, including Notices a Poem on the French Revolution of 1830, of the Arts, and Anecdotes of distinguished with Wood-cuts, from Designs by George persons in' his time. From such a hand, Cruikshank.

the public may well expect a series of We understand that a new daily evening living portraits. paper will shortly make its appearance, Under the name of " Scenes of Life and ralled The Albion, for the purpose of giv. Shades of Character," a work is shortly ing a liberal support to the ministry of the expected, of which the most favorable anDuke of Wellington.

ticipations are formed by those who are Rosamond, a Trugedy, from the German in the secret of the authorship. of Theodore Korner.

The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, by Dr. The Rev. Mr. Grant promises a Volume Paris, which has been a long time in preon the Character of a Christian Family, paration, is likely to appear towards the entitled " The Rectory of Valehead.” close of the present month. An able life

The Father's Eye is announced by Mrs. of this great inan, long a desideratum, both Sherwood, logether with the Two Paths; as regards the interests of science and the or, the Lofty and the Lowly Way; and gratification of general curiosity, may be the Mountain Oak.

expected from the pen of this distinguished The Winter's Wreath for 1831, illus- writer. trated with 13 Engravings, will speedily A new edition of Hope Leslie, a tale of appear.

social and savage life, by the author of * Wilson's American Ornithology," “ Clarence,” is announced. with the continuation by Charles Lucien Sir Jonah Barrington's Personal Bonaparte, will contain upwards of 100 Sketches, that were found so fertile in Engravings, with an enumeration of the amusement and variety, are to be repubnewly discovered species. By Sir William lished immediately, with the addition of Jardine, Bart., Author of Illustrations of new anecdotes and sketches. Ornithology

Lives of Captain Hugh Clapperton and Professor Jameson is preparing for Con- Dr. Oudney, Travellers in the Interior of stable's Miscellany, an edition of Wilson's Africa, are announced. great work on Anerican Ornithology. The Edinburgh Encyclopædia is at last

Mr. Kennedy, the Author of Fitful completed, and we regret to hear from that Fancies, announces The Arrow and the good city that the Editor and Proprietors Rose, with other Poems.

have gone to loggerheads about the Preface. The Proprietors of the Friendship’s The Author of “ Marriage " is busy Offering announce a Comic Offering, un with a novel for next season, entitled Desder the Superintendence of Miss L. H. uny: she is a good writer, and cannot Sheridan.

fail, we think, to produce a good book. The French Keepsake, embellished with Mr. Atherstone, the author of the "Fall 18 Engravings on Steel, will appear at the of Nineveh” (a production of great ability, usual period.

though we fear not sufficiently accordauit The forthcoming Volumes of Lardner's with the taste of the day to have been enCyclopædia are the Military Memoirs of couraged as it ought), is also turning his Arthur, Duke of Wellington, and the Life attention to prose, and promises us the sea and Reign of George the Fourth.

Kings in England, a romance of the time The Second Number of the National of Alfred. Library has for its subject the History of The Romantic Annals of France, from the Bible, by the Rev. G. R. Gleig. It is the time of Charlemagne to the reign of designed to convey a connected and accu Louis XIV., will form the new series of rate view of the several religious dispen- " The Romance of History." By Leitch sations granted to mankind from the crea- Ritchie. tion to the establishment of Christianity. Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia, Vol.

A new publication, named “ The Re- X., contains the History of the Nethermembrance,'' is promised among the forth- lands, by T. C. Grattan, Esq. coming Annuals for 1831. From a speci Major Leith Hay is preparing a Narramen of the engravings which has been tive of the Peninsular Campaigns, extendcirculated, it holds forth no inconsiderable ing over a period of nearly six years' serclaim to public patronage, while, from the vice in Spain and Portugal, from 1008 io known ability of Mr. Thomas Roscoe, the 1814. editor, it may be fairly presumed that the Murray's Family Library, Vol. XVI., literary part will fully equal that of any contains Letters on Demonology and rival work.

Witchcraft. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart. A History of the Covenanters, from the Addressed to his Son-in-law, J. G. LockReformation to the Revolution in 1668, hart, Esq. An interesting extract from them will shortly appear.

will be found in our number of to-day.

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