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that they should take them and put them on. So the people were put into white, into fine linen, white and clean. Then said the Prince unto them, Tbis, O Mansoul, is my livery, by which mine are known from the servants of others. Yea, it is that which I grant to all that are mine, and without wbicb no man is permitted to see my face. Wear them therefore for my sake wbo gave them unto you, and also if you would be known by the world to be mine.

But now! Can you think how Mansoul shone? It was fair as the sun, clear as the moon, and terrible as an army with banners.

The Prince added further, and said, No Prince, Potentate or migbty one of Universe, giveth this livery but myself : Bebold therefore, as I said before, you sball be known by it to be mine. And now, said be, I bave given you my livery, let me give you also in commandment concerning tbem ; and be sure you take good beed to my words.

1st. Wear ibem daily, day by day, lest you should at some times appear to otbers as if you were none of mine ; Eccl. ix. 8.-2dly. Keep tbem always cubite, for if they be soiled, 'tis disbonour to me; Rev. iii. 2.-3dly. W berefore gird them up from the ground, and let tbem not be soiled witb dust or dirt. -4tbly. Take beed that you lose them not, lest you

walk naked and they see your shame.---5tbly. But if you

sbould sully them, if you should defile them (tbe which I am unwil.. ling you sbould, and the Prince Diaholus will be glad if yoit would, Rev. vii. 15--17.) tben speed to do that wbich is vritten in my law that yet you may stanıl

, and not fall before me, and before my tbrone, Luke xxi. 36. Also this is the way to cause that I may not leave youl nor forsake yout while bere, but dwell in this town of Mansoul for ever.

And now was Mansoul, and the inhabitants of it as the signet upon Emanuel's right hand; where was there now a town, a city, a corporation that could compare with Mansoul! a town redeemed from the hand, and from the power of Diabolus! A town that the

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King Shaddai loved, and that he sent Emanuel 'to regain from the Prince of the Infernal Cave; yea, a towni that Emanuel loved to dwell in, and that he chose for his royal habitation; a town that he fortified for himself and made strong by the force of his army. What shall I say : Mansoul has now a most excellent Prince, golden captains, and men of war, weapons proved, and garments as white as snow. Nor are these benefits to be counted little, but great; can Mansoul esteem them so, and improve them to that end and purpose, for which they are bestowed upon them?

When the Prince had thus compleated the modelling of the town, to shew that he had great delight in the works of his hands, and took pleasure in the good that he had wrought for the famous and flourishing town of Mansoul, he commanded, and they set his standard upon the battlements of the castle. And then, first, he gave them frequent visits, not a day now but the elders of Mansoul must come to him, or he to them, into his palace, 2 Cor. vi. 16. Now they must walk and talk together of all the great things that he had done, and yet further promised to do for Mapsoul. Thus would be often do with the Lord Mayor, my Lord Will-be-will, and the honest subordinate preacher Mr. Conscience, and Mr. Recorder. But O! how graciously! how 'lovingly! how courteously and tenderly did this blessed Prince carry it towards the town of Mansoul! In all the streets, gardens, orchards, and other places where he came, to be sure the poor should have his blessing and benediction : Yea, he would kiss them, and if they were ill, he would lay hands on them, and make them well. The captains also he would daily, yea sometimes hourly encourage with his presence and goodly words : For, you must know that a smile from him upon them, would put more vigour, life and stoutness into them than any thing else under heaven.


The Prince would now also feast them, and be with them continually; hardly a week would pass but a banquet must be had betwixt him and them, 1 Cor. v. 8. You may remember that some pages before, we made mention of one feast that they had together, but now to feast them was a thing more common ; every day with Mansoul was a feast-day now. Nor did he when they returned to their places, send them empty away, either they must have a ring, a gold chain, a bracelet, a wbite stone, or something; so dear was Mansoul to him now, so lovely was Mansoul in his eyes.

Secondly, When the elders and townsmen did not come to him, he would send in much plenty of provision upon them; meat that came from court, wine and bread that were prepared for his Father's table: Yea, such delicacies would he send unto them, and therewith would so cover their table, that whoever saw it, confessed that the like could not be seen in any kingdoni.

Thirdly, If Mansoul did not frequently visit him as he desired they should, he would walk out to them, knock at their doors, and desire entrance, that amity might be maintained betwixt them and him; if they did hear and open to him, as commonly they would if they were at home, then would he renew his former love, and confirm it too, with some new tokens and signs of continued favour, Rev. iii. 20. Cant. v. 2.

And was it not now amazing to behold, that in that very place where some time Diabolus had his abode, and entertained the Diabolians, to the almost utter destruction of Mansoul, the Prince of Princes should sit eating and drinking with them, while all his mighty captains, men of war, trumpeters, with the singing men and singing women of his Father, stood round about to wait

upon them! Now did Mansoul's cup run over, now did her conduits run sweet wine, now did she eat the finest of the wheat, and drink milk and ho


ney out of the rock ! · Now she said, how great is his goodness! For since I found favour in his eyes, how honourable have I been !

The blessed Prince did also ordain a new officer in he town, Col. iii. 15. And a goodly person he was, his name was Mr. God's peace; this man was set over my Lord Will-be-will, my Lord Mayor, Mr. Recorder, the subordinate preacher, Mr. Mind, and over all the natives of the town of Mansoul. Himself was not a native of it, but came with the Prince Emanuel from the court. He was a great acquaintance of Captain Credence and Captain Goodhope; some say they were kin, and I am of that opinion too, Rom. xv. 13. This man, as I said, was made governor of the town in general, specially over the castle, and Captain Credence was to help him there. And I made great observations of it, that so long as all things went in Mansoul as this sweet natured gentleman would, the town was in most happy condition. Now there were no jars, no chidings, no interferings, no unfaithful doings in all the town of Mansoul; every man in Mansoul kept close to his own employment. The gentry, the officers, the soldiers, and all in place observed their order. And as for the women and children of the town they followed their business joyfully, they would work and sing from morning to night; so that quite through the town of Mausoul now nothing was to be found but harmony, quietness, joy, and health. And this lasted all that summer. But there was a man in the town of Mansoul, and his naine was Mr., Carnal-Security; this man did, after all this mercy bestowed on this corporation bring the town of Mansoul into great and grievous slavery and bondage. A brief account of him, and of his doings, take as followeth:

When Diabolus at first took possession of the town of Mansoul, he brought thither with himself, a great

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number of Diabolians, men of his own conditions. Now among these there was one whose name was Mr. Selfconceit, and a notable brisk man he was, as any that in those days did possess the town of Mansoul. Diabolus then perceiving this man to be active and bold, sent him upon many desperate designs, the which he ma

managed better, and more pleasing to his Lord, than most that came with him from the dens could do. Wherefore finding him so-fit for his purpose, he preferred him, and made him next to the great Lord Will-be-will, of whom we have spoke so much before.

Now the Lord Will-be-will, being in those days very well pleased with him, and with his atchievements, gave him his daughter, the Lady Fear-nothing to wife. Now of my Lady Fear-nothing did this Mr. Self-conceit beget this gentleman Mr. Carnal-security. Wherefore there being then in Mansoul those strange kind of mixtures, 'twas hard for them in some cases, to find out who were natives, who not; for Mr. Carnal-security sprang from my Lord Will-be-will by mother's side, though he had for his father a Diabolian by nature.

Well, this Carnal-security took much after his father and mother, he was self-conceited, he feared nothing, he was also a very busy man; nothing of news, nothing of doctrine, nothing of alteration, or talk of alteration, could at any time be on foot in Mansoul, but be sure Mr.. Carnal-security would be at the head or tail of it. But to be sure he would decline those that he deemed the weakest, and stood always with them, in his way of standing, that he supposed was the strongest side.

Now when Shaddai the mighty, and Emanuel his Son, made war upon Mansoul to take it, this Mr. Carnal-security was then in the town, and was a great doer among the people, encouraging them in their rebellion, and putting of them upon hardening of themselves in their resisting of the King's forces; but when he saw

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