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The Feed-Valve Pipe

insures that the excess-pressure governor head will regulate the brake-pipe pressure in release position (as the brake-pipe and main-reservoir pressures are then in direct connection through the rotary valve), even though the feed valve is leaking, if not enough to be otherwise detrimental.



The C-6 REDUCING VALVE illustrated in Fig. 44 is used to regulate the pressure that is supplied to the INDEPENDENT BRAKE-VALVE and the AIR-SIGNAL SYSTEM;

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Copyright, 1909, by The Norman W. Henley Publishing Co. FIG. 44.—The C-6 Reducing Valve. Valve and pipe bracket com


it is practically the same as the feed valve just described, but without the duplex adjusting feature, being designed to reduce main-reservoir pressure to a single fixed pressure, which in this equipment is, as already stated,

The C-6 Reducing Valve

45 pounds. It is, in fact, the well-known feed valve that has been used for many years in connection with the G-6 brake-valve, the only distinction being in the name; but, as here used, it is attached to a pipe bracket in the same manner as the B-6 valve. To adjust this valve, remove the cap nut on the end of the spring box; this will expose the adjusting nut by which the adjustment is effected.

The pipe bracket upon which the C-6 Reducing Valve is mounted is the same as is used with the B-6 feed valve--the crossed-passage bracket, in the No. 6 equipment, and the valve turned down in its proper position.

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Fig. 45.—The SF-4 Pump Governor. The modified duplex pump

governor used in the No. 6 E T locomotive-brake equipment. MR-main-reservoir pipe, direct; ABV-pipe to automatic brakevalve; FVP-branch of feed valve pipe; B-steam pipe to boiler; P-connection with air pump; W-waste-pipe connection.

Copyright, 1909, by The Norman W. Henley Publishing Co.

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