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friends at Colonsay earnestly advised us to mosses, deprived of every necessary: not a visit this island, which, had it not been for drop of water could be had during a good their solicitation, we had no intention of part of the way. Came, after travelling a visiting this season. This island is remark- considerable distance, to two or three ably beautiful; the soil in general is good, houses; were supplied with water, and adand very productive. It is very extensive, dressed the people residing there, from the and contains a population upwards of gospel of John, 3d. chapter. twelve thousand three hundred. There is "We are happy to say that, with a very a great want, with regard to the gospel, few exceptions, all the inhabitants of this throughout the whole island; the inhabi- | island had an opportunity of hearing the tants having no opportunity of hearing it gospel during our continuance among thein, purely and faithfully preached, except on It is very rocky and mountainous, and but occasional tours of this nature. Three thinly inhabited. Continued our journey missionaries could not supply the wants of along the coast; observed a vessel unloadthe people. We earnestly request our bre- ing. One on board inquired of us, if we inthren to consider the circumstances of the tended to take passage to the main land ;--inhabitants of Islay, and let them endea- we asked them, Whither they intended to vour to sead a person qualified, to preach sail ?- We were informed, that they were the gospel to the people, and to unite the to sail immediately to Luing, a small island disciples, and afford them an opportunity of opposite to the north end of Jura. On apwalking in the commandments and ordi- proaching the vessel, four men from Conances of the Lord blameless.

lonsay were on board, who knew whither “ 14th.-On this day we separated from we intended to go-we went on board at each other, in order to supply two different three o'clock, with the intention of visiting places, distant six miles from one another; | Luing. The wind was contrary till seven, had an opportunity of addressing a few at then we got a very favourable and expeworship in those places.

ditious passage, and arrived between two JURA.

and three in the morning, at a place called

the Black-Mill-Bay. . "23rd.-Got up early in the morning “Considering the desire manifested by with the intention of leaving the island, sa- the inhabitants of Colonsay, Islay and Jura, tisfied that we were directed thither by of hearing the gospel, and their disadvandivine providence, and that our labour was tage at present, with regard to the means eminently blessed in comforting and in- of spiritual instruction, we are convinced structing his people, and we have reason to that a prudent and a faithful labourer might believe that the truth declared may have be very useful in these islands. As there is proved to be the power of God to salvation, a packet twice-a-week between Colonsay to some who heard it. Proceeded forward and Islay, and the passage very moderate to Port Askan, crossed to Jura, continued (only one shilling) and conveyance from the our journey to Broasdale, and there preach- latter island to Jura, for four-pence: a ed to a number who came to hear, having preacher stationed in one of the above been informed of our arrival. After sera islands, could easily preach, in rotation, mon, we earnestly implored the direction through the three places. Besides the good and assistance of our heavenly Father to he could do, by the blessing of God, to the guide us through this most destitute island; | | inhabitants in general, he might be exceedtravelled on three miles to Tighna Craije; | ingly useful to the disciples, who are exarrived much fatigued, in consequence of tremely anxious that one should be sent to the softness of the road, by reason of the labour among them. Let the churches deheavy rain which still continued.

liberately consider the state of the ipba" 25th.—This morning, refreshed in soulbitants of the islands just now described, and and body, we got ourselves prepared for the disadvantages under which the disciples the important duties of the day. Came to labour, and endeavour to give them the the place appointed, and preached to an means of instruction, as they are at present audience, about 80 in number, who sat | crying, “ Come over and help us." There without doors, on the green grass, during are twelve Baptists in Islay. sermon. Taking farewell of the people proceeded forward to another place called

LUING AND SEIEL. Lagg. We personally went through the neighbourhood, soliciting them to come to

“ 27th,-Arrived in Luing, immediately hear sermon: about forty attended. After entered into the public house, in which we sermon, returned to the inn, where we slept for a few hours. Being refreshed with lodged all night.

rest, we set off about eleven o'clock to "26th,—This morning got up early, with Scaraba (a small island adjacent to Luing,) the design of proceeding to the north-east to see our brother, Alexander Grant, who is point of the Island. The day was exceed- engaged in teaching Gælic there-he is ingly warm ; had to travel through hills, from the church at Badenoch- we found climb steep.accents, and walk through soft him employed in teaching; and conversed

together, for some time, in relation to our 1 ANNIVERARY MEETINGS IN tour in the isles. In dismissing the school,

MAY. he requested the scholars to circulate among the inhabitants (they are but few) an inti Wednesday, May 1st. -THE BRITISH AND mation of a sermon.' They met at five FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY will hold its en. o'clock. After sermon we returned again suing Meeting at Free Mason's Hall, Great to Luing; and though we heard they are Queen-street, Lincoln's-Ino-Fields, to comnot much disposed to turn out to hear, we mence at 12 o'clock. . determined to make a trial. " 28th.-This morning consulted respecte

ROYAL BRITISH INSTITUTION, NORTHing the most probable method of being use

STREET.--The Annual Meeting of this Infully employed on this day, and on the

stitution will be held on Friday, May 3rd, morrow, which was the first day of the

in the large School Room, North-street, week: we thought it advisable, that one of

Finsbury. The Duke of Sussex will take us should preach in Luing, and that the

the Chair, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon other should sail to another small island,

precisely. called Seiel, adjacent to the former. The The Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the one that remained, preached at a place LONDON HIBERNIAN SOCIETY will be held called Caillepoul, being the most populous, at Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-Jon-Fields, the other in Seiel. At the conclusion, we on Saturday, May 4th, at 12 o'clock. His intimated in both places, that we intended Royal Highness the Dukc of Gloucester, to preach in Seiel on the Lord's day, being Earl of Connaught, &c. the Patron of the the most centrical, and whither they Institution, will take the Chair, might easily come from Eisdale and Luing.

The Fourth Anniversary of the Port or “ 29th.—The Lord's day; met at twelve

London SOCIETY for promoting Religion o'clock--observed the people crowding

among Seamen, will be held at the City of from every direction. Each of us preached,

London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, on Monaccording to our accustomed practice, on

| day, May 6th, at 12 o'clock precisely. The the Lord's day. The audience was about 300;

Rr, Hon, ADMIRAL LORD GAMBIER, K, G. who listened with much attention. O that

C. B. will take the Chair. they may derive much advantage from the | Monday, May 6th, LONDON FEMALE doctrine they heard! In the evening, we PENITENTIARY, at the Crown and Anchor crossed to Eisdale, a small but populous | Tavern in the Strand. LORD CARRINGTON, island. They turned out well to hear the President ; Mr. WILBER PORCE, Vice-Prenumber might be about 400. We now left sident. The Chair to be taken at 12 o'clock, the islands, and, by this description, you Entrance from Arundel-street. will understand, that we visited ten of them. Preaching to the people the doctrine of the

| The Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the cross of Christ ; calling their attention to his

LONDON ITINERANT SOCIETY, will be held mission, sufferings, resurrection, and ex

at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgatealtation; exhibiting his work as the

street, on Monday the 6th instant, at Six ground of a sinner's hope, by which com

o'clock in the Eveniug.

; plete atonement was made for sin, justice | SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. --- The Appual satisfied, the law magnified and made ho. Meeting of this Society will be held at the nourable, and an everlasting righteousness City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, brought in, which is unto all, and upon all on Wednesday morning, May 8th. Breakthat believe, without any difference; en fast at half past Five o'clock, and the Chair deavouring to persuade the people of their taken at half past Six. need of such a salvation, as was revealed in the gospel; and earoestly entreating them,

Tract Society.—The Annual General to be reconciled to God, by faith in the

Meeting of this Society will be held at the Lord Jesus Christ.

City of London Tavero, Bishopsgate-street,

on Friday Morning, May 10th. BreakOBAN.

fast to be provided by Six o'clock, and the

Chair taken punctually at half past Six. - 30th.-Having taken farewell, for the present, of the isles, we directed our course

The Annual Meeting of the PROTESTANT to Oban; about three o'clock arrived

SOCIETY for the Protection of Religious there, called on Mr. J. Campbell, an Inde

Liberty will be held at the City of London pendent'preacher there, who sent a bellman.

Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, on Saturday, through the village, giving intimation that

May 11th, at 12 o'clock precisely. LORD we were to preach in the evening, precisely

Joan RUSSELL will preside. at six o'clock, in Mr. Campbell's chapel, Home M18SIONARY SOCIETY.-The Genewly erected. About 80 attended at the neral Meeting of this Society will be held at hour specified. We resided with some of the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgateour friends all night.

street, on Monday Evening, May 13th, 182%, at Six o'clock precisely. T. F. Baxton, on Sabbath the 24th ult. Mr. Turnbull, Esq. M. P. will take the Chair.

Presbyterian; Mr. Gibbs, Independent, CONTINENTAL SOCIETY. - The Fourth

and Mr. Pengilly, Baptist, (all of New

castle) preached on the occasion. It was Annual Meeting of this Society will be held

built chiefly by a contribution from twelve on Wednesday, May 15th, at the Free Ma

chapels, the ministers of which are to supply son's Tavern, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's

in rotation. No one denomination is to Inn-Fields. SiR THOMAS BARING, BART.

have more right in it than another, till all M. P. will take the Chair at 12 o'clock.

1" shall see eye to eye,” and shall “ all be BRITISH AND FOREIGN School SOCIETY. | of one mind.” This looks like a step to-The Annual Meeting of this Society will ward that promised union of the whole be held at Free Mason's Hall, Great Queen church of Christ, the prospect of which is street, Lincoln's-Ion-Fields, on Thursday, so delightful to the mind of the humble May 16th. The Chair taken precisely at Christian. QUERY. Might not many popu12 o'clock.

lous districts in the vicinity of large towns, be thus blest with places of public worship,

wbere no one denomination would undertake ANNIVERSARY OF THE MISSION.

their erection : and would not the ministers ARY SOCIETY.- THE 28th GENERAL

of those towns, with equal readiness and MEETING.

harmony, engage in supplying them ? The arrangement of the intended Services is | Pleasing indeed would it be to see such a as follows: plan widely acted upon.

R. P. WEDNESDAY, May 8th.

April 9. 1822. Brother Evan Herbert, Morning, Surry Chapel. - The Rev.), Samuel Hanna, D. D. Professor of Divinity

Pastor of the Particular Baptist Church for the General Synod of Ulster, in the Aca

meeting at the Soho Baptist Chapel, Oxford demical Institution of Belfast, Ireland, to

Street, was publicly recongnized. Ministers

engaged were Messrs. Timothy Thomas, preach.

Shenstone, Upton, Sen. Upton, Jun, Paice Evening, Tabernacle.The Rev. Timo- I and Thatcher. thy East, of Birmingham, to preach.

THURSDAY. Morning, Surry Chapel. The Members of the Society will meet to hear the Report

LITERARY NOTICES, &c. of the Directors, and transact the General Business of the Institution.

This day is Published. Evening, Tottenham Court Chapel.—The The Young Communicants 'RememRev. W. Wilkins, of Abingdon, to preach.

brancer: a Treatise intended at once to

remind the Young Communicant of the FRIDAY.

practical obligations of Religion; and to Morning, St. Anne's Church, Blackfriars. | direct and encourage him amidst the duties - The Rev. J. A. Stephenson, M. A. Rector and difficulties of the Christian Life. By of Lympsham, Somerset, to preach. the Rev. William Hamilton, Minister of

Afternoon, Sion Chapel. - At Four Strathblane. 12mo. price 3s. 6d. boards.. o'clock, the Members of the Society are to A 12mo. abridged edition of Mr. Josiah meet for business in the Committee Room. Conder's admirable work on Nonconformity Evening. The Sacrament of the Lord's |

is in the Press. Supper will be administered at Sion Chapel, Mr. Jeffrey Taylor, (Author of Æsop in Silver Street Chapel, Orange Chapel, and Rhyme, &c.) has a small work in the Press, at Tonbridge Chapel, to those Members and entitled “ Tales and Dialogues in Prose and Friends of the Society who are stated Com-| Verse." municants. - Such only can be admitted. Tickets for admission may be bad of their |

Sketches of Sermons, Vol. 3, Part I. (To respective Ministers.

| be continued Quarterly) Price 2s. The Morning Services to begin at Ten,

Preparing for Publication. and the Evening Services at Six o'clock. A The Life and Times of Daniel De Foe, Collection, for the benefit of the Institution, with a copious account of his Writings, and will be made at each of the places. several of bis contemporaries. By Walter


Mrs. Schimmelpenninck has in the press

a Second Volume of Biblical Fragments, (SINGULAR CASE.) A New Chapel, of all Denominations of which will appear in May. Orthodox Christians, was opened at He- An Address to the Promoters of the late worth-shore, Dear Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Concert at Surrey Chapel. Price 63.


Original Poetry.


A shout of glory fills the skies,
Down to the earth a message flies;
A proclamation of our God,
Spread it all human tongues abroad.
Swift to the world's remotest end .
The salutary bliss extend;
From east to west, from south to north,
Bear the transporting tidings forth.
Strait from its centre to the pole,
Let the melodious murmur roll;
In ceaseless echoes to and fro,
Around the wide circumference flow.
Cities and towns reflect the strain,
And deserts give it back again ;
Till every ear, and heart, and voice,
Is one sweet ecstacy of joys.
Go, great commissioned Gospel, go,
Why yet should thy, advance be slow?
While wond'ring nations wait to hear,
Thy sweet soft accents bless their ear.
O Zion! blow thy trumpet round,
Shepherds of Judah wake the sound;
Nor let a single voice be still,
Around the everlasting hill.
Join, every language, all your store
Of polish'd or unpolish'd lore;
Emphatic forms of speech to yield,
Expressive of the grace revealed.
Treasures of every precious thing:
Silver and gold your aidance bring :
Sceptres and thrones, and crowns of state,
Upon the heav'nly errand wait.
Waft it triumphant o'er the deep,
Ye winds and waters as ye sweep;
Whirlwind and tempest through the air,
Earthquake and storm its way prepare.
This is the message of the sky,
To guilty rebels doomed to die :
Hear the propitious sound arrive,
Perishing nations, and revive !
When shall it thus, dear Saviour, be,
That all shall thy salvation see;
All flesh before thy footstool fall,
And all thy praise ascend from all :


March 25.

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