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rückgang und Sozialpolitik. O. LANDSBERG. Bergarbeiterschutz im Preussen und Oesterrcich. F. Busson. Das Lohnämtergesetz. CONSTANCE Smith. Deals with the British Act of 1909 relating to Trade Boards and Sweated Industries. Zur jüngsten Entwicklung der Arbeitgeber-Verbände. GERHARD KESSLER.

Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft, Sozialpolitik und Verwaltung

(Vienna). PART VI., 1912. Untersuchungen über Auslese und Anpassung der


Scientia (Bologna). JANUARY, 1913. The Sun-Spots. E. W. MAUNDER. A summary of

the latest views of the astronomers on the periodicity of sunspots.

Giornale degli Economisti (Rome). SEPTEMBER, 1912. Il primo annuario internazionale di Statistica

Agraria. U. Ricci. An introductory description of the annual which the International Institute of Agriculture has begun to publish. La distribuzione della richezza. L. Amoroso. A paper read to the economico-statistical section of the Congress of

Mathematicians last year. OCTOBER. Le Communicazioni ferroviarie in C'inu. U. BENEDETTI.

The development of railways in China augurs well for her economic progress, Monografia di famiglia. G. BAGLIO. A

Sicilian family budget. NOVEMBER DECEMBER. L'azione recente dell' oro sui prezzi gencrali

delle merci. R. BENINI. A severe criticism of Yves Guyot leads to a restatement of monetary principles purporting to form a bridge between the defenders and assailants of the quantity theory. Interferenze e gettito delle imposte sugli incrementi

di valore. B. Griziotti. JANUARY. Problemi del Tesoro e della circulazione. G. DEL VECCHIO.

Gli odierni aspetti dell'Economia agraria. C. di NOLA. Interesting statistics of the world's railways by G. MORTARA, and a study on the pure science of finance by B. Griziotti are buried in the small print which now, unfortunately, conceals the greater part of the Giornale.

La Riforma Sociale (Turin). NOVEMBER, 1912. Questions of definition and taxation are discussed

exhaustively, in connexion with Prof. Fisher's book on Capital and Income and Prof. Seligman's Income-tax by GIUSEPPE

PRATO. DECEMBER The polemic against protected iron manufacturers is

continued by L. EINAUDI. JANUARY, 1913. The concept of taxable income, with reference to

Prof. Einaudi's recent work, is the subject of an article by
ACHILLE LORIA. There is also an instructive description of the
failure of a Socialist business (“cantina comunale”) in an
Italian locality.



English. ASHLEY (ANNIE). The Social Policy of Bismarck: A Critical Study, with a Comparison of German and English Insurance Legislation. With a Preface by Gustav Schmoller. London : Longmans, Green. 1912. Pp. ix +95.

Pp. ix +95. 2s. net. [Birmingham Studies in Social Economics. III. To be reviewed.]

ASHLEY (W. J.). Gold and Prices. London: Longmans, Green. 1912. Pp. 32. 1s. net.

[Reprinted from the Pall Mall Gazette. Noticed in the ECONOMIC JOURNAL. June, 1912, p. 358.]

BAIRD (W.). The One Pound Note: Its History, Place, and Power in Scotland and its adaptability for England. (Third edition revised and brought down to date.) Edinburgh: Baxendine. 1912. Pp. 72. 28. net.

BOAG (GEORGE L.). Manual of Railway Statistics. London: Railway Gazette. 1912. Pp. 185. 4s. net.

[By the Assistant Manager of the Great Southern of Spain Railway, who has also had railway experience in England, the Argentine, and Southern Nigeria. A discussion of principles followed by appendices of practical material.]

CARLYLE (A. J.). Wages. (Christian Social Union Handbooks.) London: Mowbray. 1912. Pp. 125. 28. net.

CHATTERTON (ALFRED). Industrial Evolution in India. Madras : The “Hindu " Office. 1912. Pp. 369.

[This volume, by the Special Adviser for Industries and Commerce in Mysore, is a reprint of a number of articles on Indian industrial and economic questions. To be reviewed.)

Dobson (G.), translated by. Company Fire Insurance in Russia, 1827-1910. St. Petersburg 1912. Pp. 145. Large 4to., with diagrams.

[Published by the Tariff Committee of Russian Insurance Companies.]

HENRY (ROBERT). Who Pays? The Real Incidence of Taxation. London: George Allen. 1912. Pp. vii + 76. 2s. 6d.

[With some eccentric diagrams.)

LEAKE (P. D.). The Use and Misuse of the Sinking Fund. London: Gee & Co. 1912. Pp. 19.

[A paper read before the Chartered Accountant Students' Society of London, dealing in part with the proper use of the sinking fund by municipal bodies.)

PRATT (E. A.). Agricultural Organisation : Its Rise, Principles, and Practice abroad and at home. London: P. S. King. 1912. Pp. 272. 38. 6d. net.

PROTHERO (R. E.). English Farming Past and Present. London: Longmans, Green. 1912. Pp. xii+504. 12s. 6d. net.

[To be reviewed.]

SEATON (R. C.). Power v. Plenty: Some Thoughts on the Tariff Question. London: P. S. King. 1912. Pp. 164.28. 6d. net.

[Tariff Reform" represents the policy of Productivo power--a policy whose aim it is to develop all the resources of a State with a view to national 'independence' as opposed to national interdependence.'” The treatment of the subject is common-place.]

" The

SHADWELL (ARTHUR), Edited by. Nelson's Encyclopædia of Industrialism. London: Thomas Nelson. 1913. Pp. 543. 1s. net.

[The editor of this encyclopædia has followed the wise course of including a comparatively small number of separate articles, but each of substantial length and by à distinguished contributor. For example, there are articles on Capital and Cost of Living by Prof. Ashley, Wages by Mr. Bowley, Employers' Unions by Sir Hugh Bell, Methods of Industrial Peace by Prof. Chapman, Factory Law by Mr, J. 6. Greenwood, Hours of Labour by Mr. Ramsay Aacdonald, Strikes by Prof. Nicholson, Labour and Politics by Mr. Philip Snowden. To be reviewed.]

THOMSON (MARY HORNER). Environment and Efficiency: A Study in the Records of Industrial Schools and Orphanages. With a Preface by J. Rendel Harris. London: Longmans, Green. 1912. Pp. viii + 100. 2s. net.

[Birmingham Studies in Social Economics and Adjacent Fields. I. Studies in this Series,” which is under the editorship of Prof. W.J. Ashley, "are the outcome of the inquiries of students working for the Social Study Higher Diploma or for the Higher Degrees of the University of Birmingham.” To be reviewed.]

Trades for London Boys and How to Enter Them. Revised with additions. London: Longmans, Green. 1912. Pp. 204. ls. net.

[Compiled by the Apprenticeship and Skilled Employment Association. A valuable handbook of practical details in regard to a groat number of trades.]

WALSH (ROBERT). The Principles of Industrial Economy, illustrated by an inquiry into the comparative benefits conferred on the State and on the Community by Free Trade and Fair Trade or Moderate Protection. London: P. S. King. 1912. Pp. xiv +257. 6s. net.

(An advocacy of Protection. The author contends that, if all the wheat required by the United Kingdom were grown within the country, this would lead to an additional creatiop of wealth amounting annually to £64,922,946.]

WATSON (ALFRED WILLIAM). Friendly Society Finance considered in its actuarial aspect. London: C. & E. Layton. 1912. Pp. v+132.

[Lectures delivered at the Institute of Actuarios, 1911–12.]

WINDER (Pilyllis D.). The Public Feeding of Elementary School Children: A Review of the General Situation, and an Inquiry into Birmingham experience. With a Preface by Norman Chamberlain. London: Longmans, Green. 1913. Pp. ix + 84. 2s. net.

[Birmingham Studies in Social Economics. II. To be reviewed.]

American. COMAN (KATHARINE). Economic Beginnings of the Far West: How we won the land beyond the Mississippi. Vol. I. Explorers and Colonisers. Vol. II. American Settlers. New York: The Macmillan Co. 1912. Pp. xix +418+ix +450. 17s. net.

[A readable rather than a learned work.]

FARNAM (HENRY W.). Bibliography of the Department of Economics and Sociology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. 1912. Pp. 17.

[The Department has been engaged since 1903 on organising work entitled “ Contributions to American Economic History.” 238 monographs or parts of monographs have been prepared, 108 of which are unpublished. This is a complete list of the titles and authors of those monographs.]

MOULTON (HAROLD G.). Waterways versus Railways. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 1912. Pp. xviii + 468. $2 net.

[Reviewed above.]

PATTEN (SIMON N.). The Reconstruction of Economic Theory. Philadelphia : American Academy. 1912. Pp. 99.

[Supplement to The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, November, 1912. The thesis of this very interesting essay is not casily summarised. To be reviewed.]

Railway Economics. Chicago: University Press. 1912. Pp. 446. 12s. net.

[A collective catalogue of books in fourteen American libraries, prepared by the Bureau of Railway Economics, Washington, D.C.]

RIPLEY (WILLIAM Z.). Railroads : Rates and Regulations. London: Longmans, Green. 1913. Pp. xviii +659. 14s. net.

[An important and comprehensive treatise, to be followed shortly by a companion volume on Railways : Finance and Organization. To be reviewed.]

STEVENS (WILLIAM S.), Edited by. Industrial Combinations and Trusts. New York: The Macmillan Co. 1913. Pp. xiv +593. 8s. 6d. net.

[A collection of first-hand materials, which aims at putting within the reach of students the original documents relating to “ Pooling, Trust, Factors', and International Agreements; court decisions and laws against Trusts; Trust methods of fixing prices, eliminating competition, and restraining trade; the dissolution plans of dissolved Trusts ; lease and license agreemonts of representative patent monopolies; and the views of eminent business and professional men.” To be reviewed.)

UPSON (LENT Dayton). Sources of Municipal Revenue in Illinois. Illinois: The University. 1912. Pp. 126. 75 cents.

[University of Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences.]

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BELLOM (MAURICE). La Définition Légale del 'Invalidité en
matière d’Assurance Sociale: Recherche d'une forinule. Paris :
Rousseau. 1912. Pp. 28.

[Based on a comparison of the practice of different countries.]

FISCHEL (MARCEL-MAURICE). Le Thaler de Marie-Thérèse : Etude de Sociologie et d'Histoire Économique. Paris : Giard & Brière. 1912. Pp. xxi +208. Fr. 5.

[To be reviewed.]

GUYOT (YVES). La Gestion par l'Etat et les municipalités. Paris : Félix Alcan. 1913. Pp. viii + 437. Fr. 3.50.

[Reviowed above.]

MAHAIM (ERNEST). Le Droit international ouvrier. Paris : Sirey. 1913. Pp. 385. Fr. 6.

[Lectures delivered before the Faculty of Law in the University of Paris. To be reviewed.]

MATAJA (VICTOR). La Réclame dans ses rapports avec les Affaires et le Public. Paris : Polmoss. 1912. Pp. 77. Fr. 2.

[Translated from the German. Reviewed above.]

NOGARO (BERTRAND). Éléments d'Économie politique : Production-Circulation. Paris : Giard. 1913. Pp. vii +388. Fr. 6.

[A text book, primarily intended for French law students in their first and second years.] No. 89,--VOL. XXIII,


RAYNAUD (B.). Vers le Salaire Minimum: Etude d'économie et de législation industrielles. Paris : Recueil Sirey. 1913. Pp. xi + 518. Fr. 12.50.

[Bibliothèque d'Economic politique et de Sociologie TI. An exhaustive treatise on the subject. To be reviewed.]

German. BEER (M.). Geschichte des Sozialismus in England. Stuttgart : J. H. W. Dietz. 1913. Pp. xii + 512.

[First part (pp. 222), 1750–1824 ; second part (pp. 196) 1825-1854 ; third part (pp. 83) 1855–1912. To be reviewed.]

HERNER (HEINRICH). Hafenabgaben und Schiffs-vermessung: ein Kritischer Beitrag zur Würdigung ihrer technischen, wirtschaftlichen und statistischen Bedeutung. Jena : Gustav Fischer. 1912. Pp. vi+128. M. 8.

[Probleme der Weltwirtschaft XI. A technical, rather than economic, discussion of the dimensions of ships and their regulation.)

HERRMANN (ELISE). Auslese und Anpassung der Arbeiterschaft in der Wollhutindustrie. Munich: Duncker & Humblot. 1912. Pp. 63. M. 1.80.

[Published in the Shriften des Vereins filr Sozialpolitik, being a further instalment of their Untorsuchungen ilber Auslese und Anpassung (Berufswahl und Berufsschicksal) der Arbeiter in de verschiedenen Zucigen der Grossindustrie.]

KÄHLER (WILHELM). Die Bildung von Industriebezirken und ihre Probleme. Leipzig : Teubner. 1912. Pp. 27. M. 0.80.

[From the Vorträge der Gehe-Stiftung zu Dresden.]

KUCZYNSKI (R.). Arbeitslohn und Arbeitszeit in Europa und Amerika, 1870-1909. Berlin: Julius Springer. 1913. Pp. vi +817. M. 24.

[A huge collection of facts and figuros relating to wages and hours of labour in a great numbor of trados. To be reviewed).

Jacobi (DR. DOROTHEA). Die gemeinnützige Bautätigkeit in Deutschland, ihre kulturelle Bedeutung und die Grenzen ihrer Wirksamkeit. Munich: Duncker & Humblot. 1913. Pp. x+152. M. 4.

[Schmoller's Staats-und sozialwissenschaftliche Forschungen, Vol. 167.]

LENZ (PAUL). Die Konzentration im Seeschiffahrtsgewerbe. Jena : G. Fischer. 1913. Pp. viii + 142. M. 4.

[On capitalisation, monopoly, and competition, the tendency to concentration, etc., in the shipping trade. To be reviewod).

MANES (ALFRED). Versicherungswesen. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner. 1913. Pp. xiv +485. M. 11.

Socond odition, revisod and enlarged of Professor Manes' treatise on the origin, meaning, organisation, and technique of Insurance, both in general and in numerous particular forms. The first odition was published in 1905 and was reviewed in the ECONOMIC JOURNAL, Vol. xv, p. 418. To be reviewed.]

Passow (RICHARD). Materialien für das wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Studium. III. Warenbörsen. Leipzig: Teubner. 1912. Pp. v + 152. M. 2.50.

[A collection of material relating to the regulations of the German produce exchanges.]

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