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the foliage of the ancient Avenue de armorial blazons of the French nation !!! Maintenon,” now closed against the peo- in the palaces erected by the monarchs ple, and not bring back to memory, des grands siècles." amongst the many other wise and efficient On the morrow-the courtiers said, " the public and private actions of the frank, prince was enamoured of his fair fiancée generous, and enlightened Henri Quatre, yesterday-"aujourd'hui il en est fou." that noble scene, in that same green spot,

The wedded dame, the new-made where the courtiers and the people in the duchesse by the rights of lineage of her distance, waited with intense anxiety princely partner, by the grace of the late (arising from their diverse sentiments) to King Charles X., " Royal Highness Duwitness his majesty's reconciliation with chesse de Chartres," attended mass the folhis honest prime minister, the immortal lowing morning in the Catholic chapel, Tully, the boast and pillar of the state, as and demanded a bréviaire to enable her to well as his sovereign's confidential private follow the sacred service. Her royal highfriend. Later the foliage of those trees ness, at the conclusion of it, remarked to an shaded the same king of France, while of- attendant, “There is a nearer approxifering pardon to a noble of a different cast mation betwixt the Roman Catholics and of mind and heart, to the too proud and the modern Lutherans than there is betwixt treacherous Biron.

the ancient and the niodern Lutherans." The bridal pair were conducted on the The trumpet of fame has proclaimed nuptial night into the chamber called the this fair German princess to be a lettered * Pope's chamber," where had repined in lady, which signifies the deepest shade of lonely captivity, during several successive bas bleu-ism. Her royal highness is said to weeks, the sovereign pontiff of the Roman have marched with the times in liberal Catholic Church, who, by his genuine en- philosophy, and also to possess as much in. lightened piety, his earthly sufferings, his struction of divers kinds, as much erudi meek patience, has been honoured with the tion and wit, as might increase the reputa appellation of Saint Martyr.” This pon- tion of the university of Göttingen. tiff, Pius VII., was dragged from the sacred When princesses are thus endowed, by city of the Cæsars, from the heritage of St. the rolling tide of courtiers' adulations, Peter, by the gripe of a military tyrant. with the laurel wreath of a Corinne, it be Napoleon, either by a satirical design or comes their imperative duty to talk much, by a strange chance, assigned this cham- and to seek occasion to declaim on the litber to his papal prisoner, decorated as iterary works of the day. May this young then was with a tapestry from the old Ar- personage not declaim too much! A very ras looms, representing the heathen deities few days after her entry into Paris, she dewith their loves, and rich damask drape- manded that Victor Hugo might be imme. ries of imperial purple hue hung over the diately presented to her. sculptured canopy, that concealed them Victor Hugo is the most immoral French partially from the view of the Saint Père” author of the day, consequently he is the in his hours of repose. This apartment most popular with his compatriots—the auhad been carefully preserved from all thor of a romance, entitled “Notre Dame changes during the restoration, as a stern de Paris," and a pile of other unprincipled historical, although fantastic, tradition of novels and dramas, pernicious to the souls the imperial reign. It was also a hallowed of youth, to those domestic delights that memento, to many persons, of the sorrows can only ensure tranquillity and true affecof a beautiful victim of the Roman Catholic tion in the home-scene of life. Victor HuChurch. Few travellers arrived at Fon- go, half reluctant, (it is said,) appeared in tainbleau who did not eagerly demand to her royal presence. Her royal highness be shown “the pope's apartment;" but complimented him on his work of Notre Louis Philippe, a man of another mind and Dame," and assured him that his church tastes, of other passions and reasonings, is- of Notre Dame was the first she had visitsued, on this great family festival, his fiat to ed after her arrival in Paris ! The venerconvert it into a bridal chamber for his heir able cathedral of Notre Dame, the metro. presumptive, and to replace the Arras ta. politan church of Paris, her royal highpestry, the ecclesiastical colour draperies, ness denominated the church of Victor by satin hangings of faming crimson Hugo; but it was a figurative speech, 'tis dyes.

true ! Then you have read these immoral, The emblazons of the hymeneal couch he irreligious works, young unreflecting prinordered to be sculptured with trophies of cess! and, by your public protection of the poultry yard, intermingled with those their author, you give a tacit recommendaof war.

Two gilded cocks, in their ruffled tion of them to your new youthful compafeathers, ably chiselled by a superior artist, triots, to your future subjects, and to your face each other most fiercely, apparently in royal spouse ! the action of basse cour combat, surround A visit to the camp was in the proed by swords, spears, and banners. The gramme for the amusements of the followsame elegantly imagined devices decorate ing afternoon, for the royalty of July pay the head of the couch, where these glorious much court to the military. Louis Phi. birds look in ominous hostility on the sur- lippe played the usual farce of tasting the rounding scene. They are the new chosen soldiers soup, then presented the wooden





spoon to his queen. The princesses smil. grouping of plebeian rivals, grotesque ed graciously. King Leopold of Belgi. counts, and barons, and peers; these froth um made an effort to extend his stiff fea- and scum would-be patriots of ignoble astures, that resemble a sheet of iron, into a pects, gesticulating, disputing, together, similar gracious expression. This excel presided by that modern French Socrates, lent son-in-law had been pressed into the Monsieur Le Baron Vatout-a mountebank morning pastimes, enticed from his cabi. ministry in chaos, resembling the Tower net, where he had sat secluded every of Babel-a confusion of opinions and inmorning of the hymeneal-week, closely terests—"ce sont des corps sans têtes, et occupied in writing despatches to a certain l'état est un corps sans âme.” This incon. new-made German baroness, and to the ceivable cavalcade had a grotesque, risible duchess, his sister, in England, in calculat- effect-the appearance of the carnival proing and calm foresight, to further the politi- cessions removed from the Paris Boulecal views of the existing French and Belgian vards, to deface the coup d'ail, and interupt governments, and their own family inter the august tranquillity of our forest soli. ests, to extend his personal influence over tudes. One might be at present Democrithe counsels of the mother of the then em- tus and Heraclitus at the same time, tant bryo queen of Albion's isles—being well il y a souvent à rire et à pleurer” upon the informed that William the Fourth lay at follies and frailties of human nature; and that time stretched on the sick couch, really the destiny of those persons who awaiting in pious resignation the threaten- have gained, in this cadette revolution, and ing immediate termination of earthly the destiny of those who have lost, merit sovereignty.

equal compassion. The new duchess plucked a faded flower Contrary to the previous economical infrom one of the sentimental flowery trophies tentions of Louis Philippe, every evening with which the soldiers had decorated the there came from Paris a set of comedians, greensward around their tents, first press- who acted in the private theatre in the ing the flower to her lips, and then placing palace, where degrading scenes took place, it on her breast; on which the enthusiastic for many of the tickets had been purloined colonel of the huzzars waved his plumed or sold, or given indiscriminately by the casque in the air, crying " Vira !eventu- Secretary of Athalin to his low ally looking fiercelý aghast that the res- rades. Grisettes, cooks, and other inferior ponses were so few and faint. The royal domestics, were mingled with the higher cavalcade proceeded to Mont Calvaire, an class in the boxes—in the parterre a queer elevated spot in the forest, where, amidst set of half-clothed spectators by the side of the ancient revolutions of nature, rest the officers and gentlemen strangers. vestiges of a cross and statue of our Re- My friend Le Comte de -, écuyer, deemer, broken, dispersed over the mossy came the last evening to reproach my abrocks, under the lofty foliage of the forest, a sence, and offer me a ticket for the spectasolemn memento to the Lutheran stranger cle, so well regulated as to secure me a bride, a terrific legend of the ravages of box free from indiscreet intrusions; therethat last political revolution which gained fore I yielded to his remonstrances, and the to her father-in-law the throne of his royal secret wish to renew my inspection of this kin.

singularly composed court. Passing the Seven fleeting years had passed away, Cour de la Foniaine through a motley crew and now the military band of the hussar of ill-omened visages that were waiting for regiment was concealed behind this once admittance, scrambling and struggling with sacred little temple, playing German airs, females, I arrived in my box, escorted by with born, and trumpet, and cymbal, in my écuyer, with only the trifling loss of compliment to the young German bride; an embroidered pocket handkerchief, which it was harmonious cadences, succeeding I had vainly requested the person to reto the miscreant cries of the maddened store, who I simply imagined had picked throng of Fontainbleau of that fearful it up from old-fashioned politeness, rather epoch. A little later emerged suddenly than from the modern system of equality from a mass of rocks Youssoff Bey, the of rights, and I had not the resolution to African, with turbaned brow, astride on cry out “Thief !” even at the entrance to his Arabian panting steed, prancing, the palace of a citizen king—too contented neighing, snorting in the air. The rider to escape from a citizen crowd with so and his courser burst through the entan. trifling a loss. gled thickets—now the Algerine cavalier Ere I had been long seated, I perceived, curbed in his fiery steed—now abandoned conducted with extreme difficulty into the the rein, leaving him to his own boundless upper range of boxes L'homme à Treize will. The ladies gave their unanimous Serments-as conversant with the mysteries suffrages that Youssoff Bey" a l'exterieur of the green-room of a theatre as with d'un joli homme de bon ton."

those of the secret behind-scenes of the The subsequent afternoons were devoted diplomacy. He was finally, after much to scenic promenades, in the royal party's exertion, safely deposited in the box apopen

vehicles of varied fashions—the propriated, during the splendours of the guests, more closely packed, in ponderous empire, to the brilliant pages of Napoleon uncovered omnibuses, a miscellaneous and his empress. Then he turned himself

towards the stage, seemingly entirely en-d'Orleans ; Monseigneur, I repeat; je le grossed by the representation of the ficti- veux, c'est mon ordre.” tious comedy, turning his back (perhaps by From that instant the old walls of this habit) on the real life, (the comedy spec. palace reverberated with the --Monseig!acle personated in the royal box by his neur! present favoured sovereign.) In the front In the same imperious tone, the royal row of the tier arranged themselves the mother of Monseigneur issued forth her tissue-turbaned portly dames of Marshal command, that in future mass should be Soult and of the Préfet of the Seine. The daily celebrated in the small chapel of St. aristocratic amiable Madame Dolomieu was Saturnine, as it formerly was. The attend. there, in the contrasting dignity of the old ants opened wide their eyes, as well as Palais Royal Court, an admirer of court their ears, standing before citizen-majesty etiquettes, who would fain restore them in in a state of mental stupefaction, at this the full plenitude of antiquity at the Tuil- unexpected announcement. Do the citizen eries.

king and queen of a nation of unbounded The new created baroness of the Belgian liberal consciences permit the doors of the Court, the electic beauty of female diplo. chapel of St. Saturnine to be re-opened for macy, and the heiress of a late noble public worship, where silence had reigned British admiral, entered—the frowns of the during seven long years? latter setting off to advantage the hand Her majesty, impatient at the stricken some smiling face of her younger daughter. attitude of her audience, repeated her In the back ground, to display to more mandate in a raised tone—“ Mass every advantage the female figures in the picture, day of the week in the royal chapel-it is stood General Lobau in all his glorious my will !" national guard importance.

And now fervently rejoice the old superHis citizen-majesty entered the royal intendents and servitors that they are box, and ceded his place to his bridal permitted openly to pray, and for better daughter ; she would have declined the times, in the old palace of their exiled royal perilous honour, but the monarch persisted masters. Alas, most august religion ! thou in displacing himself, entering immediate- art, in France, the play and sport of ambily into a spirited conversation. A facetious tious men, rejected or courted as suits their and pleasing smile irradiated his counte- ardent thirst after worldly dignities, or nance, while chatting with his angel from their baser avaricious passions. the north, who seems to reanimate and dif. Sunday morn saw the departure of the fuse some rays of cheerfulness over the phalanx of fictitious royalty. The town of family circle, and to dissipate their fears Fontainbleau then resumed its dullness, the of assassination. Marie Amelie appeared streets their solitariness. The iron gates of the least changed from her habitual inani- this ponderous pile of palaces were immedimate fatigued state, her chin tucked in. ately closed aad locked. Silence regained wards, as if oppressed by the weight of its empire there—silent and solitary are its her turban, and in fearful anxiety of losing courts. No longer is permitted (as under its a jewel from the mass that usually bedecks hereditary sovereigns) a free circulation to it. Although of royal race and education, the inhabitants of the town to strangers-no come from the most brilliant court of the longer free ingress and egress on summer south, she has not the very noble bearing evenings to the gardens and avenues, to of ancient royalty, she might pass in private contemplate their natural and artificial beaulife for a plain, good looking, honest kind ties. Additional palisades and gates have of woman; but I must recount that rumour been erected at the entrance of each avenue, tells, and indeed it is a certainty, that the and in the interior courts, which give to this hardier qualities of ambition attributed to rendezvous of palaces the appearance of an her royal highness previous to her eleva-old convent, abandoned by its community, tion to the throne, have been more clearly or of a state prison. When Louis Philippe demonstrated within these few days in the comes there alone to view the judicious reinterior arrangements of her court. Tajesty storatio and the modern embellishments, and command have resumed their expres- in bad taste, he has ordered to be executed, sion over her person ; the interesting humil. he has the appearance of a wild animal ity of a citoyenne reine has vanished there; walking in his grilled cage. This deprivashe has raised her lofty crest in the peremp-tion is one of the advantages derived by this tory tone of command; assembled the fanciful nation from their last darling revo. ancient and new-made servitors and super- Jution. intendents of the palace, in the presence of The curate preached that Sabbath-day in her court circle, to announce to them her the parish church, on the advantages of eduwill that the elder-born of her race should cation, exhorting mothers to superintend the in future be addressed by the title of Mon- morals of their offspring with more minute seigneur.

attention, and to select the most moral books Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans !" vo. for their perusal, as the only probable means ciferated the anxious dependants.

to regenerate France. I walked, after di. " You are still wrong," exclaimed the vine service and this edifying discourse, into queen, "Monseigneur alone, point de Duc the apartment of my handsome, flexible.

, so prudently decided to serve under every Calvinist—what are the differences betwize flag. I found her pretty daughter reading a them and the Episcopalian Church of Engtranslation into English of Gil Blas. The land ?" "Where can we see, where can we translation of any work is unfavourable to hear these Dissenters ?" Therefore, on the the language you wish to cultivate. But Gil several following Sundays, the Parisians, in Blas to a girl of fifteen, who had, during their love of novelty and dramatic scenes in these hymeneal scenes, been confirmed by church or state, hurried, some to the chapel the bishop in the chapel of St. Saturnine ! of Monsieur Cuvier, to l'Eglise l'Oratoire, I shuddered, I remonstrated, I argued and others to hear the English Bishop Luscombe, reargued the subject. The inconsistent in the English church, Rue d'Aguesseau. mother opened wider her fine blue eyes, Poor l'Abbé Chatel l'Evêque de l'Eglise and heard with apathetic indifference. i Française ! his evequeship had to perform a offered Miss Mitford's beautiful “ Village solo. What inglorious confusion on the Walks" to the blooming, the yet innocent- holy Sabbath day! What hopes of regeneminded girl, and succeeded in persuading rating France ! La pauvre France ! her to prefer it to the further perusal of the thou art like a young person of good famiAdventures of the licentious Gil Blas; but ly, whose education has failed, and who has the mother comprehended not, or would not delivered herself up to wild fearful wandercomprehend, my reasonings.

ings. Curiosity was again awake on a subject What were my subsequent movements resulting from this

royal wedding. All were and feelings may be perused in my pilinquiring, “ What are the ceremonies of the grimage to Scotland.


THEY bore her away to the house of prayer,

Ere the last lingering smile from her lip had gone,
Slowly, and sadly, they lowered her there,

To the home of her fathers beneath the stone.

And mutely they turned from that lonely tomb,"?

Where the loveliest and loved in the cold vault lay;
They felt that a shadow o'er earth had come,

A glory had passed from each spirit away.
Yet time wore on in its weariless track,

Till the hue returned to each cheek again,
And the full glad tone to each voice came back,

As though sorrows were hushed into silence then.
A young knight hath come in his glory and pride,

To his childhood's home from a far-off shore,
And seeketh he fondly his destined bride

In the once glad halls where he sought her of yore.
They led him then forth, 'midst the wild flowers' blooms,

They showed him the grave where the loved one slept,
Nor dreamed, as they turned from the churchyard's glooms,

How fearful a blight o'er his spirit had crept.
All quenched was the fire of that young knight's eye;

Ay, colder than stone was that lofty brow,
And the hand that had wielded the axe on high,

Fell powerless and still as an infant's now.
That dauntless frame to the earth was bowed low,

As the lily might bend 'neath the raging blast,
And low suppressed sobs on the soft breeze flow,

As the warm tears gush from his soul full fast.
A warrior rode forth from the tented field,

Begirt with the trophies of victories won,
His armour of steel, and his blazoned shield,

Flashed dazzlingly bright in the noon-day sun.

And his foaming steed pranced gaily on,

As the shouts of a multitude sounded afar,
And proudly he passed from that countless throng,
The victor of battles

the glory of war.

A withered man came to his ancient halls,

His spirit was bowed 'neath its weight of pain,
His once-proud banners were hung on the walls,

Never to flutter in triumph again.
Lonely he traversed his native vales,

The flowers seemed faded, the moon shone dim,
Did the birds then warble the same glad tales ?

Alas! all their music had passed from him.
Yet time had not altered that glowing scene

Time had not robbed it of beauty or tone,
But shadows had swept o'er the soul within,

And the treasures of earth seemed shrouded and gone.



SHAKSPEARE FANCIES.* labours of the actual author ; the first to the

frisking morn, glowing into noon: the second
to the grey twilight of evening, subsiding
into the purple darkness of summer's night.

The first is encouraged, because it draws How different is the love of maturity from me out of wearisome self; the second, bethat of youth! If there be more fervour, ex. cause love is necessary to wearied self. If uberance of spirit, self-abandonment in the the first had been Cleopatra's, regardless of latter, there is more of perpetual, calm medi- Cæsar, and of all the world, she would have tation on the reality in the former. It is not descended to the dying Antony; not like vivid imagination which feeds it, but sober Juliet is she, at first regardless of self; her truth ; not in delirium is the affection yield- first consideration is for her personal safety, ed, but with a slow pulse, a cool blood, a as it could not have been with one of our reasoning brain; it is not the wild hastening previous heroines, who were too spiritual for of a child to a pleasure inexperienced, but that. But she had superior fascinations to the deliberate action of an understanding render her love all-conquering, so that what and duly estimating mind; one is the access was lacking in one way was more than of fever when we, as it were, restlessly long atoned for, to such as Antony, in another ; it for something unattainable, when we wildly is true, she was a queen, and therefore, by expect something, we know not what; we station, authorised to remember self firsi: it have no fear (though we know our friends is a bad system which thus inculcates more have) about ourselves; our new and tumult- generous conduct to be derogatory-a sys. uous emotions we give rein to, with ardent tem which, as the world progresses, even as and headlong curiosity; we are, while really it does now, bids fair, in part at least, to be in a state of madness, to ourselves apparent- done away with, like the superfluous cerely composed; we neither hasten forwards, mony and expenditure of a coronation. Dignor linger behind, though enjoying this nity of mind, not pomp of circumstance, do strange development of things with pressing we now demand. eagerness : the other, instead of to the ac. Cleopatra's grief was counterpoised by her cess of fever, may be likened to the sedate pleasure that Antony had escaped for aye enjoyment of moderate illness and approach- from the toils of Cæsar, as she, too, buoyantly ing convalescence so spiritually described anticipated doing. And why weep, when the by Charles Lamb, when the patient has separation was to be so transient, the meeting such pleasure in the attention paid, the ten- to occur so speedily? How' maliciously derness shown, the intellectual contempla- pleasant is the application of degrading epitions, encouraged by opportunity, on pastihets to one of whom we are so jealous, befeelings, and those in future to be fostered; cause our lord has loved her, or to whom we in the delicious absorption from the cold- suspect him of affection, even though he deny hearted world and tormenting cares: the it-epithets which will not be answered or first may be likened to the dreams of the found fault with, as he is now engrossed by embryo writer; the second to the enjoyable us, and deems it useful to fret us, to whom he

ought to be grateful, and who have him some. * Continued from vol. VII. p. 310. what in our power. Antony's life has not

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