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are none of his lessons. You got none of these instructions on your knees. This wisdom is not from above; nor do such persuasions come from him that called me. You got all these fables from men of corrupt minds; men with a bridle in their jaws, causing them to err; men given up to strong delusions, that they might believe a lie, and be damned; men before of old ordained to this condemnation, and ordained to deceive others; deceiving and being deceived. Before you occupy the seat of the scornful too long, let us have some account of Christ's teaching you, of his renewing you, of his cleansing you, of his healing you, proclaiming absolution to you, speaking peace to you, and taking possession of your hearts; shining into it, and filling it with life, light, and love. While you are a stranger to these things you are not a subject of the kingdom of God, for that stands in power; not in lies, nor yet in confusion. And until you are born again you cannot see this kingdom; and without an experience of the above things you will, you must, and you shall err, not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God. And, if ever a divine power should reach your heart, you will not ascribe the glory to a phantom, much less to a vain imagination, or high thought of your own brain, that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God. Whenever the arrows of God's quiver enter a sinner's heart they bring all these high things down, and every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Then you will own, but not till then, that He, who rides in the chariot from conquering to conquer, is the Most Mighty, both in glory and in majesty. And, if you never acknowledge this in time, you shall in eternity, when his enemies shall lick the dust. If you choose to become an antagonist, you know where I live. My Master stands in no need of help from an enemy.

I have returned your draft, not daring to put it among the offerings of those who minister to Jesus of their substance; for men who offer must submit themselves to the Lord first, and then bring their offering, not to a human Saviour, but to the Lord of the whole earth. See Psalm lxviii, 30; Micah iv. 13. For my part, I love honesty; and I cannot conceive how a man of such consummate wisdom as Mr. Bramah could send eight pounds to support a place and a preacher, whose religion and doctrine are nothing but deception, and serve him for nothing but ridicule; and, as it is plain that I have sowed no spirituals in his heart, I choose to reap no carnals from his pocket Those that are in the gall of bitterness, and in the bonds of iniquity, are not to be received in God's house, nor yet to be deprived of their property, because their money is to perish with them.

Your's in faithfulness,

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I HAVE at last found leisure to inform you, that this day fortnight I received a very extraordinary Letter; it was not attended with either date or place of abode, and I assure you, sir, had it been without a signature too, the unequalled rarity of its contents would have been fully sufficient to have directed me to its author.

I must, sir, in the first place ask you, what authority you had for offering me such an uncommon, and unwarrantable insult, which you certainly must allow you have, and that without assigning any specific cause for so doing.

I am not able by any means to find out, nor am I willing to allow, that I have given you, by any of my conduct, any affront, either directly or indirectly, which can possibly justify your behaviour in committing such an enormous depredation on good manners, and the most necessary obligations which constitute society: nay, I will say further,

Your Letter is the most hostile, and most monstrous attack, ever fabricated by any person, except yourself, on a fellow creature, circumstanced as I am, in the whole world; or perhaps, on the annals of time itself.

And I am certain no man of sense, candour,

truth, honesty or liberality, can for a moment be of a contrary opinion; I have showed it to sundry of my friends, and several of your's; who think with me to the uttermost in their conclusions. • And I assure you, sir, the aggregate opinion is, that you must, most certainly, have been either intoxicated, mad, or under the influence of Lucifer, when you took your pen to disgrace yourself, and your profession in such an' unhandsome, unjust, untrue, and unaccountable way; and I do give you notice, that except you immediately make a suitable apology for having done so, I will certainly expose you as you deserve. I do not mean here to enter into any investigation or comment on the unmannerly, absurd, and illiterate contents of your epistle, but shall reserve that to a future time; when it shall, God willing, be done in a proper and formal manner, and I trust more to the honour of both God and man, than the example alluded to.

And you may take it for granted that I will not make my God, should he be a demi-god, into a common stalking horse, to my pride, and virulence of ill temper, as you do on all occasions; nor do I mean to skip about the scriptures like a cunning player on an instrument, or a Nimrod, to make God's word into weapons of scurrility; nor the abettors of a base and malicious spirit, in strewing firebrands of calumny and discord, as you are so very apt to do, both in and out of your pulpit. I have ordered your Letter to be printed verbatim

as it stands, and as you have challenged me, to become your antagonist, I cannot desist, therefore mean to print and publish my answer; and you may dependon candour, truth, honesty, as you say, and a sacred attention to God's word: and I subscribe myself, a past, a present, and a future friend and lover of Joseph your steward, but never was, nor am, nor will be to King Pharaoh; and an admirer of truth.


Piccadilly, Wednesday,

13th Nov. 1793.

The following Letter was enclosed in the above.]

Piccadilly, 16th Nov. 1793. MR. HUNTINGTON,

He that judgeth in a matter before he. heareth it cannot be wise, therefore the Lord judge between thee and me; and the Lord avenge me of thee.

Wherefore dost thou devise mischief against thy brother, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee?

If I have done thee any wrong, let me be heard in the presence of two witnesses, that every word may be established.

Wherefore hearest thou men's words, saying Behold David seeketh thy hurt?

Wherefore doth my Lord thus pursue after his

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