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thy spirit, to set my affeaions afloat ! Couldst thou but thus affectionately be wail thy distractions to God, thou mightest obtain help and deliverance from them : He would say to satan), and thine imperious

lusts, as Ahasuerus said of Haman, what! : will he force the queen before niy face?

Who are these, that set upon my child in my work and presence ?

8 Help. Look upon the Success and sweetness of thy duties, as very much de

pending upon the keeping of thy heart La close with God in them.

These two things, 'the success, and sweetness of duty, are as dear to a chris. rian as his two eyes ; and both of these must necessarily be lost, if the reart be lost in duty, Job. xxv. 13. Surely God heareth not vanity, neither doth the Al. mighty regard it: the promise is made to an heart engaged, Jer. xxix. 13. Then shall you seek me, and find me, when ye shall search für me with all your hearts. Well then, when thou findest, thy heart under the power of deadness and distrace tion, say to thy soul, O) what do I lose by a careless heart now! My praying times are the choicest parts, the golden spots of all my time : could I but get up this heart wiili God, I might now obtain sucla

mercies as would be matter for a song to all eternity.

9 Help. Look upon it as a great discovery of the sincerity, or hypocrisy of your hearts, according as you find thein careful, or careless in this matter.

Nothing will startle an upright heart more than this : what, shall I give way to a customary wandering of heart froin God? Shall the spot of the hypocrite appear upon my soul? They indeed can drudge on, in the round of duty, never regarding the frames of their hearts, Ezek. xxxiii. 31, 32. but shall I do so ? When men coine into the presence chamber, and the King is not there, they bow to the empty chair. ( never let ine be satisfied with einpty dories ; never let me take my leave of a du. ty, until mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of liosts.

10 Help. Lastiy, it will be of special use to keep thine leart with God in duties, to consider what infiuence all thy duties have into thy cternity. These are your seed times ; and what


duties in this world, you must look to reap the fruit of it in another, world, Gal. vi. 7, 8. If you sow 10 the fiesh, of that you shall reap Corruption ; but if to ilie spirit, life everias.ing

iny soul, anister seriously : Wouldst thou be willing to care..ch:9:6

you sow in

of vanity in the world to come ? Darest thou say, when thy thoughts are roving to the ends of the earth in duty, when thou scarce mindest what thou sayest or bearest ; now, Lord, I ain sowing to the spirit, now I an providing and laying up for eternity, now I am seeking for glory, bonour and imıncrtality, now I am strive (ing to enter in at the strait gait, now I am taking the kingdom of heaven by an holy violence ? O such a consideration as this, should make the multitudes of vain thoughts, that press in upon thy heart in duty, fly seven ways before it. And thus I have shown you how to keep your hearts in the times of duty.

7 Season. “The seventh season, calling « for more tban common diligence to keep • the heart, is, when we receive injuries 6 and abuses froni inen, Such is the de

praviduess and corruption of man in his collapsed state, that one man is become "a wolf, a tyger to another ; they are, as the prophet complains, Hab. i. 14. as

the fishes of the sea, and as the creening things, that have 90 ruler over then. "And, as wicked men are cruel and oppressive one to another, so they conspire together to abuse and wrong the people of Gol, as the same prophet complains, ver. 13. The wicked devoureth the man


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" that is more righteous than he. Now, · when we are thus abused and wronged, o it is hard to keep the heart from reveng. "ful motions ; to make it meekly au • quietly to coinmit the cause to him tha: judgeth righteously ; to exercise no other affection but pity towards them

that abuse us.' Surely the spirit that is . in us lusteth to revenge : but it mus:

not be so ; you have choice helps in the gospel to keep down yoor hearts from

such sinful motions against your enemies, + and to sweeten your inbettered spirits.' The seventh case then shall be this, .

7 Case. How a christian may keep his heart from revengeful motions under the greatest injuries and abuses from mnen?

The gospel indeed allows a liberty to vindicate our innocency, and assert our rights, but not to vent our corruptions; and invade God's right ; when therefore thou findest thy heart begin to be in flanied by revengeful motions, presently apply the following remedies ; and the first is this,

i Rem. Urge upon thy heart the severe prohibitions of revenge by the law of God. Remember that this is forbidden fruit, how pleasing and luscious soever it be to our viciated appetites. O saith nature, stvenge is sweet, O but, saith God, the

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effects thereof shall be bitter : how plain. -ly hath God interdicted this flesh pleasing sin ? Prov. XX. 22. Say not, I will rei compense evil. Prov. xxiv. 29. Say not, I will do so to him as he hath done to me. Rom. xii. 27. Recompense to no man evil for evil ; and ver. 19.- Avenge not yourselves, but rather give place to wrath': nay, that is not all; but, Prov. xxv. 21. if thine enemy hunger, feed him : If he thirst, give him drink. The word feed hini, as critics observe, signifies to feed cheerfully and teriderly, as birds do their young ones : the scripture is a great friendto the peace and tranquility of human societies, which can never be preserved, if revenge be not deposed. It was wont to be an argument urged by the Ghristians to prove their religion to be supernatural and pore, that it forbids revenge, which is so sweet to nature ; and verily it is a thoo. sand- pities such an argumeot should be lost. Well then, awe your hearts with the authority of God in these scriptures ; and when carnal reason saith, mine enemy deserves to be hated, let conscience reply, but doth God deserve to be disobeyed ? Thus, and thus hath he done, and so he hath wronged me ; but what hath God done, that I should wrong him ? If he dase be so bold to break the peace, shall 1

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