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brought the Queens Crowne, and having also put it upon her head sayd God Crowne yee &c. where upon the Druñs did beate, the Trumpets sounded, and the people with great acclamations cryed God saue the King and Queene, and a signall being made from the top of Westminster Abbey the great Ordinance at the Tower were discharged. .

The King and Queene being Crowned, the Peers and Peeresses put on their Coronets.

The 2. persons representing the Dukes of Normandy and Aquitaine put on their Caps.

The Kings of Armes also put on their Coronets.

An Anthem was then sung, at which tyme the King and Queene delivered their Orbes to the Dean of Westminster, who layde them upon the Altar.

The Anthem ended the King and Queene rose from their Chairs and passed to the Altar where the Kings sword was ungirte by the Lord Great Chamberlaine, and being deliverd to his Maty he offered it, but it was imediatly redeemed by the Nobleman who carried it, for 100 shillings, he then drew it out of the scabbard and did beare it in that manner before their Maiestyes during the solemnity that day.

[It was redeemed by the Earle of Portland, to which the Earle of Oxford excepted. in m.]

The King and Queene then returned to St Edwards Chayre, and the other set by it, where their Maiestyes reposed themselues.

The Master of the Jewell House there presented to the Lod Bishop of London two Rings each set with a ruby, wch the said Bishop put upon the fourth fingers of the King & Queens right hand, the linnen gloues being first drawne off, sayng Receive these Rings of Royall dignity &c.

There was also 2. right hand gloues presented to their Mats embroidered with the Armes of Verdon upon the account of the claime for the Mannor of Wirksop, which their Maiestyes were to put upon their right hands. /[The 2. Scepters. in m.]

(p. 118. The King and Queen remaining in their Chaires the Lord Bishop of London put into their right hands the Scepters with the sayng Receive these Scepters. He also put the Scepters with the Doue into their Mats left hands sayng, Receive the Rods of Equity and Mercy &c.

The King and Queen being thus crowned repaired to the Altar, where they delivered the scepters to such persons as were thereunto appointed

There the Treasurer of the Household delivered to the Lod Great Chamberlain the second offering (being each a marke in gold) who upon


The Q has been

Q. this paragraph and all others where a Q. is put : in m. noticed in all cases where it has been seen. 2 Q. in m.

hirds of a pound weight. in m.


his knee presented them to their Maiestyes, who offered them the Lod Bishop of London holding the Basin.

Their Mats still kneeling tooke the Scepters againe into their hands, and the Bishop of London blessed them sayng The Lord blesse &c.

Then the King and Queene rose up, and repaired to St Edwards Chayre and the other chayre that was placed by it, the Swords being borne before them, attended by the Bishops, and reposing in their Chaires, the King vouchsafed to kisse the Bishops, which being done, the Chore sung Te Deum laudamus.

At the beginning thereof their Maiestyes attended by the Bishops, the Great Officers, and the 4. swords borne before them repaired to their chayres at the foot of the Theatre where they sate doune till Te Deum was ended.

Then their Maiestyes ascended the Throne, the Bishops, Great Officers, and swords being borne before them standing on both sydes upon the steps from the Foote of the Throne to the upper most parte of it.

[Their Mats in the Throne. in m.]

Their Maiestyes being seated on the Throne, the Lord Bishop of London came before their Mats and sayd, Stand firme and hold fast &c.

The said exhortation ended, the Lord Bishop of London kneeled downe before their Maiestyes, the other Bishops 2. and 2. kneeling downe behind him upon the steps of the Throne, and sayd,

[Homage of the Bishops. in m.]

I [Henry] Bishop of London wilbe faythfull and true, and fayth and truth will beare unto you our Sovereigne Lord and Lady and your heires, Kings or Queens of England, and I will do, and truly acknowledge the service of the lands which I claime to hold of you as in right of the Church. So helpe me God.

This being pronounced in Paragraphs, the rest of the Bishops repeated them after him.

Then they stood up and kissed his Mats left cheeke, after that the Queens, the other Bishops did the like made their obeissances and retyred.

Whilst the Homage was performing, the Scepters were held by such of the Great Officers as stood nere their Maiestyes.

[Homage of the Peers. in m.]

After them Prince George of Denmark, Duke of Cumberland did goe to the Foote of Throne, and being followed by the rest of the Dukes according to their Creations, tooke off their Coronets and ascended the Throne in like manner, where they kneeled downe while the said Prince George said as followeth, I George Duke of Cumberland doe become your Leigeman of life and limbe, and of earthly worship, and fayth and truth I will beare unto you to live and dye against all manner of folks, So helpe me God.

[blocks in formation]

The rest of the Dukes repeated these words in their owne names in the manner aforesaid then put on their Coronets and descended. After them the first of the severall degrees of the Nobility according to their precedencyes did their Homage in like manner, and descended.

Then the Duke of Cumberland followed by the rest of the Dukes tooke off their Coronets and ascended the Throne againe, where they severally touched their Mats. Crownes, then kneeled and kissed their Mats Cheeke, put on their Coronets, and descended to their respective seates.

The rest of the Nobility did in like manner, and returned to their seates.

During the solemnity of the Homage, the Treasurer of the Household passed first to the South, from thence to the West and North sydes of the Throne where he threw the Coronation medalls inscribed on the one syde Ne totus absumatur. On the other Gulielmus et Maria Rex et Regina.

At what tyme the Sacrament of the Lords supper was administered.

An Anthem being then sung, their Mats came from the Throne [p. 119. attended by the great Officers and the 4. swords, and kneeled at their Faldstoole at the foute of the Throne, and the Lord Bishop of London having read some collects concluded with the peace of God etc.

[The going to S. Edwards Chapel. in m.

The Blessing being given their Mats did rise from their Faldstoole, having their Scepters in their hands, and the Noblemen who carried the Regalia before in the Proceeding having them againe delivered unto them, repaired to St. Edwards Chapell in the following Order.

First the Great Officers. The 3. swords. The Lord Maior of London, Garter, the Black Rod. The Lord Great Chamberlain. The Earle Marshall, The Sword of State, The Lod High Constable The Scepters with the Doue. The King & Queene, the Scepters with the Crosse in their hands. They passed out at the South end of the Altar, into St. Edwards Chapell, and repaired to the Altar at the head of St. Edwards Shrine, there their Mats delivered their scepters to the Lod Bishop of London, who layde them on the Altar. After that the said Bishop tooke off their Crownes, and layde them also on the Altar.

The King and Queene then retired to their Traverses, where his Maty was disrobed by the Lod. Great Chamberlain of St Edwards Robes, which were delivered to the Deane of Westminster, who layde them on the Altar ; The Queene being also disrobed they were in like manner layde upon the Altar.

The King and Queene being reinvested in Royall Robes of purple velvet furred wth Ermine by the Lod Great Chamberlain, and the

[blocks in formation]

Countess of Derby, repaired to St Edwards Altar, where the Lord Bishop of London put their Imperiall Crownes upon their heads, and delivered into their hands the Scepters of the Crosse. [The returne to Westminster Hall.

in m.] While the King and Queene were in St Edwards Chapell, the Officers of Armes put the Proceeding in order to returne to Westminster Hall, which was in the same manner as they came, except that the Prebends and Chores remained at the Abbey, and the Noblemen who were discharged of any of the Regalia they carried to the Abbey, returned according to their places amongst the other Peers.

[Lo High Stewards place in the returne. in m.]

The Lord High Steward also did in the returne goe alone next after the two persons who represented the Dukes of Normandy and Aquitaine.

/The Returne from the Abbey

[p. 120. to Westminster Hall. Westminster Hall was furnished in all respects as at the Coronation of King James, except as to the States, for whereas there was then a large State for the King, and a lesser for the Queen, there was but one large state for their Maiestyes.

The Proceeding. They did returne in the same Order as they did goe to the Abbey (excepting as before).

First the Drums and Fife did fall off on both sydes without Westminster Hall dore.

The Trumpets did goe into the Hall, and did repaire to their Gallery at the lower end of the Hall over the dore.

Those who followed passed to the upper end of the Hall betwene the Cupboards and Tables allmost to the lower end of them, where they repaired to their respective Tables appointed for them on the left syde of the Hall as followeth.

[Thus ordered. in m.]

On the outsyde of the Tables (except that which was for the Officers of Armes which was the lowest) sate at the lower end the 12. Citizens, aboue them the Sheriffs of London, the Aldermen of London, the Lord Maior, the Barons of the Cinque ports uppermost.

[Many of these absent. in m.]

At the inside of the Table, allmost at the lower end sate the six Clerks of the Chancery, the Masters in Chancery, the Kings younger Sergeants, the Solicitor and Atturney Generall, the Kings two Antient Sergeants,' the Barons of the Exchecq' and Justices of both Benches, The Lod Cheif Baron, Cheife Justice of the Coñon Pleas, Master of the Rolls, Cheife Justice of the Kings Bench, the Privy Councillors not Peers, The Bishops and the Arch-Bishops.

[Many of these absent. in m.]

On the other syde of the Hall, the Baronesses passed to the upper end of the Tables, then returned betwene the Cupboards and the Tables to the lower Tables, where they repaired to their Seates, and over against them were the Barons.

The Viscountesses and Viscounts in like manner placed themselves. aboue the Barons and Baronesses.

The Countesses and Earles did the like.
The Marchionesses and Marquisses did the same.
So did the Dukes and Duchesses.

[Here the Offrs of Armes repaire to theyr Gallerye. in m.]

The Great Officers, and the two persons representing the Dukes of Normandy, and Aquitaine, stood on each syde towards the Throne till their Mats. were passed by.

At the foot of the steps going up to the Throne, their Mats ascending the steps, the Barons of the Cinque Ports carryed away the Canopye.

Their Mats having ascended the Throne retyred till their Table was. served, and then returned, where the Lord Great Chamberlain preceded by the cheife Gentleman Usher and followed by the Cupbearer, the: Earle of Bridgewater, and his assistants, the Viscount Weymouth and the Lord La Ware goe to the Cupboard and from thence the Lord Great Chamberlain brought the Basin and Ewer to their Maiestyes, the Earle of Bridgewater poured out the water while their Maiestyes, washed their hands, and his two assistants held the Towell, instead of Mr. Soames, whose claime was allowed to performe that fice upon the account of his Mannor of Heyden in the County of Essex.

The Earle of Bristoll was Cupbearer to the Queene, his Assistants. the Viscount Hatton and Lord Berkley. The Earles of Sussex and Radnor, Sewers. The Earle of Stamford, the Earl of Kingston, Carvers.

Their Maiestyes Sewers did goe to the Kitchen, and the Hot meate. was carryed to their Mats Table by the Gentlemen Pentioners, as followeth. /The 2 Clerks Comptrollers.

[p. 121.. The 2 Clerks of the Greencloth.

1 These should have sate in this manner, but did not placing themselves on both sydes of the Table, at the upper end. in m.

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