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The consecration of the Queen begins on p. 62, and three manuscripts give permission to a simple priest to perform this office : ab episcopo vel presbytero dicenda. In Appendix X. is printed the modern order; and it is of interest to see that, though the order for the King has undergone so many and repeated changes, yet the order for the Queen remains not unlike that which appeared nearly a thousand years ago.

The constitutional lawyer may note that although the author of the second recension of our coronation order has retained in the prayer Omnipotens Sempiterne Deus on p. 55, the word eligimus, which in Liber regalis appears as consecramus, yet in Sta et retine there already exists hereditario iure in the sentence regni solium hereditario iure tibi delegatum per auctoritatem Dei.

1 Missale

Westm. ii. 688.





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/The Report concerning the Coronation.

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May it please yor Majesty

The Coñittee appointed by yor Matie to consider the Preparations and manner of yor Maties Coronation, having sent unto the several Offices and Officers who are to provide all things in this great Solemnity and to attend therein, to transmit unto Us? what was furnished and provided in their respective Offices, and also in what manner the same was done, do humbly report to yor Matie That We find the method of the Preparations of the last Coronation, wch we judge to be most exact to be as followeth.

An Order was made for Mr Atturney to prepare a draught of a Proclamation, and also a draught of a Comission to pass the great Seal, for erecting a Court of Claims which is here prepared accordingly with Blanks for yor Matie to put in the names of the Comissioners, and the day yor Matie shall appoint them to meet in the Painted Chamber at Westmr. And that yor Matie please to pass the said Proclamation at Council, and to Order the Comission to pass the great Seal accordingly.

The Duke of Norfolk Earl Marshall hath brought a Scheme of the Proceedings at the last Coronation, and also offered a new Scheme for this Coronation, in regard yor Matie and the Queen are to be both Crown'd as Soveraigns.

The Lord Bishop of London hath brought the forms of the Divine Service to be used in the Abbey.

The Lord Steward is preparing the manner and Estimate of a Dinner with the same number of Tables as at the last Coronation but more proper and not exceeding in the Expense.

Sr Cħr Wren hath delivered a Report that the exact charge of all the work done by his Office at the last Coronation, for fitting and preparing Westmr Hall for the Dinner with Galleries, taking down and setting up the Courts of Justice, The Throne and

1 of: interlined, not in Council Register. 2 In the Council Register the third person is used, not the first.

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