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Now I perceive thou art a reverend father ;
Pardot, I pray thee, for my bad moistaking.
Pel. Do, pood old grandsire ; and, witbal,

make known
which way tbou travellest; if along with us,
We shall be joyful of thy company.

l'in. Fair Sir,--and you my merry mistress, - is That with your strange encounter much amaz'd

te ;
My bame is callid-Vincentio ; my dwelling-

And bound I am in Padua ; there to visit
A of mide, wbich long I have not seen.

Prt. What is his name?
Pin. Lucentio, gentle Sir.

Pét. Happily met ; tbe bappier for thy son.
And now by law, as well as revereud age,
1 may entitle thee-my loving father ;
The sister to my wife, ibis gentlewoman,
Thy son by this bath inarried : Wonder not,
Nor be not griev'd ; sbe is of good esteem,
Her dowry wealthy, and of worthy birth;
Beride, so qualified as may beseem
The spouse of any Duble gentleman.
Let me embrace with old Vincentio :
And wander we to see thy honest son,
Who will of thy anneal be full joyous.

Vin. But is this true ? or is il else your plea-
Like pleasant travellers, to break a jest
t'pou the company you overtake ?
Hor. I do assure, thee, father, so it is.

Pet. Coure, go along, and see the truth hereof;
For our first merriment hath made thee jealous. De

yes Hor. Well, Petruchiv, this bath put me in win

heart. Have to my widow; and if she be forward,

1 Tuen bast thou taugbt Hortensio to be unto will






[blocks in formation]


SCENE 1.-Paprs.-Refore LUCENTIO'S

T Enter on one side BIONDELLO, LUCENTIO, and

BIANCA ; GREMIO walking on the other side. sir? Bion. Softly and swiftly, Sir : for the priest is ken ready.

and Luc. I dy, Biondello : but they may chance and to need thee at home, therefore leave us.

my Bion. Nay, faith, i'll see the church o'your versi back; and then come back to my master as 7 8001 as I cao. [Exeunt LUCENTIO, BIANCA, B and BIONDELLO.

7) Gre. I marvel Cambio comes not all this man while. Enter PETRUCNIO, KATHARINA, VINCENTIO, fathe

and Attendants. Per. Sir, here's the door, this is Lucentio's make house,

Ba My father's bears more toward the market. Pray,

place ; Thither mast i, and here I leave you, Sir. I have Vin. You shall not cboose but drink before years you go ;

Pet I think, I shall command your welcome bere, centjo And, by all likelihood, some cheer is toward. tbe la

(Knocks. Gre. They're busy within, you were best master koock louder.

the d Enter PEDANT above, at a window. Tra Ped. What's be, that knocks as be would an offi beat down the gate !

Father Vin. Is siunior Lurentio within, Sir!

forthco Ped. He's within, Sir, but not to be spoken withal.

Vin. What if a man bring him a bundred pound or 'wo, to make merry withal 1

Due, th



comfort in this mystery of ilt opinions, bere's

the twin brother of thy letter : but let thine inSCENE 1.-Before PAGE's House. berit first ; for, I protest, mine bever sball. I

warrant, he bath a thousand of these letters, Enter Mistress PAGB, with a letter.

writ with blank space for different names, (spre Mrs. Page. What! have l'scaped love-letters more,) and tbese are of the second edition : He in the holy-day time of my beauty, and am I will print them out of doubt : for be cares not now a subject for them? Let me see : [Reads. what he puts into the press, when he would put Ask me no reason why I love you; for

us two. I had rather be a giantess, and lie under though love use reason for his precision, he lascivious turtles, ere one chaste man.

mount Pelion. Well, I will find you twenty admits him not for his counsellor : You are

Mrs. Ford. Why, this is the very same ; the not young, no more am I; go to then, there's

What doth be think sympathy : you are merry, so am 1; ila! ha! very band, the very words:

of us? then there's more suinpathy : you love sack, and so do I; Would you desire better sympa: almost ready to wrangle with mine own bonesty.

Mrs. Page. Nay, I know not: It makes me thy! Let it suffice thee, mistress Pake, (at the l'il entertain myself like one that I am not ac. least is the love of a soldier can suflice, that quainted withal : for, sure, unless be kuow some I love thee. I will not say, pily me, 'lis not strain in me that I know not myself, he would a soldier-like phruse ; but I say, love me. By never have boarded me in this fury., me,

Mrs. Ford. Boarding, call you it I'll be Thine oun true knight,

sure to keep him above deck. By day or night,

Mrs. Page. So will l; if he come under my or any kind of light,

hatches, I'll never to sea again. Let's be re. With all his might,

venged on him : let's appoint him a meeting ; For thee to fight,

give him a show of comfort in his suit; and

John Falstaff. lead him on with a fine baited delay, till he What a Herod of Jewry is this ? o wicked, hath pawn'd bis horses to mine Host of the

Garter. wicked, world !-one ibat is well nigh wort to pieces with age, to show binself a young gal.

Mrs. Ford. Nay, I will consent to act any lant! What an unweighed behaviour baih this Fle: villa::y against him, that may not sully the mish druokard picked (with the devil's name)

chariness of our honesty. Oh! that my husout of my conversation, inat be dares in this band saw this letter ! it would give eternal food

to his jealousy. manner assay me? Why, be hath not been thrice in my company I- Ilhat should I say to bim

Mrs. Page. Why, look, where he cornes ; and I was then frugal of my minth :-heaven forgive my good man too: he's as far from jealousy, as me !-Why, I'll exhibit a bill in the parliament ! am from giving him cause ; aud that, I bope, for the putting down of men. How shall I be

is an unmeasurable distance. revenged on him ! for revenged I will be, as

Mrs. Ford. You are the happier woman. sure as bis guts are made of puddings.

Mrs. Page. Let's consult together against this greasy knight : Come bither.

(They retire. Enter Mistress FORD.

Enter FORD, PISTOL, PAGB, and Nyx. Mrs. Ford. Mistress Page! trust me, I was going to your bouse.

Ford. Well, I hope, it be not so. Mrs. Page. And, trust me, I was coming to

Pist. Hope is a curtail + dog in some affairs : you. You look very ill.

Sir John affects thy wite. Mrs. Ford. Nay, 1'll ne'er believe that; 1

Ford. Why, Sir, my wife is not young. bave to show to the contrary.

Pist. He wooes both high and low, buth rich Mrs. Page. 'Faith, but you do, in my mind.

and poor, Mrs. Ford. Well, I do then ; yet, I say, I

Both young and old, one with adictber, Ford; could show you to the contrary': o mistress He loves thy gally mawfry ;: Ford, perpend. ♡ Page, give me some counsel !

Ford, Love my wife? Mrs. Page. What's the mattrs, wompan?

Pist. With liver burning bot : Prevent, or go Mrs. Ford. Owosnan, if it were not for one

thoit, trifling respect, I could come to such honour! Like Sir Actæon he, with Ringwood at thy heels :

Mrs. Page. Haug the trifle, woman ; take the Ob! odious is the name! bonour : What is it?-dispense with trifles ;

Ford. What name, Sir ? what is it?

Pist. The boril, I say : Farewell. Brs. Ford. If I would but go to hell for an Take beed, ere summer comes, or cuckoo-birds elerval moment, or sw, I could be knighted.

do sing. Mrs. Page. What i-thou liest!-Sir Alice Away, Sir corpora Nym.Ford ---These knights will back; and

Believe it, Page ; he speaks sense. thou shouldst not alter tbe article of thy gentry.

[Erit PISTOL. Mrs. Ford. We burn day-light:-here, read,

Ford. I will be patient; I will find ont this. trad ;-perceive how I might be knighted.-1

Nym. And this is true. (To PAGE.) I like not shall thiuk the worse of fat men, as long as i the bumour of lying: He bath wronged me in bave an eye to make difference of men's liking :

some humours; I should have borne the bu. And yet be would not swear ; praised women's monred letter to her : but I have a sword, and modesty : and gave such orderly and well be it shall bite upon my necessity. He loves your baved reproof to all uncomeliness, that I would wife ; there's the short and the long. My name have sworn bis disposition would bave gone to is corporal Nym; I speak, and I avonch. T'is the truth of bis words : but they do no more tre :--my name is Nym, and Falstaff loves your ad bere and keep place together, than the hun wife. --Adieu! I love not the humour of breed dredth Psalm to the tune of Green sleeves. and cheese ; and there's the humour of it. Adiell. Wbat tempest, I trow, threw this whale, with so

(tait NTM. many tons of oil in his belly, ashore at Windsor ?

Page. The humour of it, quoth 'a! bere's How shall be revenged on him? I think the fellow frights humour out of its wits. best way were to entertain bin with hope, till

Ford. I will seek ont Falstaff. the wicked fire of lust have melted bim in bis

Page. I never heard such a drawling affecting own grease.- Did you ever hear the like?

rogue. Mrs. Pace. Leiter for letter ; but that the

Ford. If I do flad il, well. Date of Page and Furd dillero-to thy great

• Cartien.

+ A dos ih u misses his game. • Most probably Shukspeare wroie plysician.

1 A medley.

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This bird you aim'd at, thongh you hit her not; | 8w
Therefore, a health to all that shot and miss'da
Tra. O sir, Lucentio slipp'd me like his grey. Aw

Which runs himself, and catches for his master.
Pet. A good swift. simile, but something

1 Tra. "Tis well, Sir, that you wanted for your 1

'Tis thought, your deer does hold yon at a bay.

Bap. Oho, Petrucbio, Tranio bits you now. ADC
Luc. I thank thee for that gird, good Tranio.
Hor. Confess, confess, bath he not hit you

7 beret

The Pet, 'A bas a little gall'd me, I confest ;

l'nt And, as the jest did glance away from me, ADI 'Tis ten to one it maim'd you two outright. For

Bap. Now, in good sadness, son Petruchio, I think tbou bast the veriest shrew of all. And

P«t. Well, I say-50 : and therefore, for assur. Her
Let's each one send unto his wife ; (ance,
And he, whose wife is most obedient
To come at first when he doth send for her,
Shall win the wager which we will propose. See

Hor. Content: What is the wager !
Luc. Twenty crowns.

As Pet. Twenty crowds !

Kat I'll venture so much on my hawk, or hound, Off But twenty times so much upon my wife.

IL Luc. A hundred then. Hor. Content. Pet. A match ; 'tis done.

Till Hor. Wbo shall begin

B Luc. That will l. Go, Biondello, bid your mistress come to me. The Bion. I go.

(Erit. Hata Bap. Son, I will be your half, Bianca comes. Luc. I'll have no halves; PU bear it all my. B self.

P Re-enter BIONDELLO. How now ! what news

Wba Bion. Sir, my mistress sends you word That she is busy, and she cannot come.

Pet. How I she is busy, and she cannot come! Is Ibat au answer

Р. Gre. Ay, and a kind one too : Pray God, Sir, your wife send you not a worse. W Pet. I hope, better.

Р. Hor. Sirrab, Biondello go, and entreat my wife

KA To come to me forthwith. (Erit BIONDELLO. Pet. O bo i entreat ber!

And Nay, then she must needs come. Hor. I am afraid, Sir,

It ble Do what you can, your's will not be entreated. Conta Re-enter BIONDELLO.

And i Now where's my wife 1

A WO . Bion. She says, you bave some goodly Best in Mudd hand;

And She will not come ; she bids you come to her.

Pet. Worse and worse ; she will not come i Thy Intolerable, not to be endur'd!

(vile Thy Sirrah Grumio, go to your mistress ; Say, I command her to come to me.

And i

(Extt GRUXIO. To pa Hor, I know ber answer.

To wa Pet. What

Wbile Hor. She will not come.

And c Pet. The fouler fortune mine, and there an But lo end.

Too li

Snch a Enter KATAARINA.

Even Bap. Now, by my bolidame, here comes And, Katharina!

And, a Kath. What is your will, Sir, that you send What i

for me 1 Pet. Where is your sister, and Hortensio's I am a wife 1

To of Kath. They sit conferring by the parlour fire. Pet. Go fetch them hither; if they deny to Or seek come,

When t

Why ar + Sareesm.

Unapt 1

To w

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And gr

• Witty

Fal. Good-morrow, good wife.

Quick. That were a jest, indeed !-they have Quick. Not so, an't please your worship. not so little grace, I hope ;-that were a trick, ful. Good maid, then.

indeed! But mistress Page would desire you Quick. I'll be sworn ; as my mother was, the i to send ber your little page of all loves ; . hey first hour I was born.

husband has a marvellous infection to the litue Pal. I do believe the swearer : What with page : and, truly, master Page is an honest man. me !

never a wife in Windsor leads a better life than Quick. Shall I vouchsafe your worship a word she does ; do what she will, say what she will, or two?

take all, pay all, go to bed when sbe list, rise Fal. Two thousand, fair woman ; and I'll when she list, all is as she will; and, truly, voucbsafe thee the bearing.

she deserves it: for if there be a kind wornan Quick. There is one mistress Ford, Sir:-1 in Windsor, she is one. You must send ber pray, come a little bearer this ways :-1 myself your page ; no remedy. dwell with master doctor Caius.

Fal. Why, I will. Fal. Well, on : Mistress Ford, you say, -- Quick. Nay, but do so then : and, look you, he

Quick. Your worsbip says very true : I pray may come and go between you both; and, in your worship, come a little nearer this ways. any case, have a nay.word, that you may know

Fal. I warrant thee nobody bears --nine one another's mind, and the boy never need to own people, mine own people.

understand any thing; for 'tis not good that Quick. Are they so ! Heaven bless them, and children should know any wickedness : old folks, naake tbem his servants !

you know, have discretion, as they say, and Fal. Well : mistress Ford :-what of her ? know the world.

Quick. Why, Sir, she's a good creature. Lord, Ful. Fare thee well : commend me to them lord! your worship's a wanton: Well, heaven both : there's my purse ; I am yet thy debtor.forgive you, and all of us, I pray!

Boy, go along with this woman.-This news fal. Mistress Ford ;-come, mistress Ford,-- distracts me I (Exeunt QUICKLY and ROBIN. Quick. Marry, this is the short and the long Pist. This punk is one of Cupid's carriers :of it ; you bave brought her into such a cana- Clap on inore sails ; pursue, up with your tights ; ries, as 'tis wonderful. The best courtier of Give tire; she is my prize, or ocean whelin them all, when the court lay at Windsor, could

them all!

(Erit Pistol. never have brought her to such a canary. Yet Fal. Say'st thou so, old Jack I go thy ways; there has been knights, aud lords, and gentle-l'll make more of thy old body than I have men, with their coacbes; I warrant you, coach done. Will they yet look after thee? Wilt after coach, letter after letter, gift after gilt; thou, after the expense of so much money, be smelling so sweetly, (all musk,) and so rust now a gainer? Good body, I thank thee : Let hing, I warrant you, in silk and gold ; and in them say, 'uis grossly done; so it be fairly done, such alligant terms; and in such wine and sugar no matter, of the best, and the fairest, that would have won any woman's heart; and, I warrant you, they

Enter BARDOLP). could never get an eye-wink of her.-I had my- Bard. Sir John, there's one master Brook self twenty angels given me this morning : but I below would fain speak with you, and be ac. dely all augels, (iu any such sort, as they say,) quainted with you ; aud hath sent your worship but in the way of honesty :--and, I warraut you, a morning's draught of sack. they could never get her so much as sip on a Fal. Brook is his name? cup with the proudest of them all : and yet there Bard. Ay, Sir. bas been earls, nay, which is more, pensioners ; Fal, Call him in; (Exit BARDOLPH.) Such but, I warrant you, all is one with her.

Brooks are welcome to me, that o'erflow such fal. But what says she lo me? be brief, my liquor. Ah ! hal mistress Ford and mistress good she Mercury.

Page, have I encompassed you l go to; via! i Quick. Marry, she hath received your letter ; for the which she thanks you a thousand times :

Re-enter BARDOLPX, with Ford disguised. and she gives you to notify, that her husband Ford. Bless you, Sir. will be absence from bis house between ten aud Fal. And you, Sir : Would you speak witha eleven.

me Fal. Ten and eleven ?

Ford. I make bold, to press with so lule Quick. Ay, forsooth ; and then you may come preparation upon you. and see the picture, she says, ibat you wot+ Fal. You're welcome; What's your will ? of ;-master Ford, her husband, will be from Give us leave, drawer. [Exit BARDOLPH. home. Alas! the sweet woman leads 20 ill Ford. Sir, am a gentleman that have spent life with biin; he's a very jealousy mau; she much; my name is Brook. leads a very frampold life with him, good Fal. Good master Brook, I desire more ac. beart.

quaintance of you. Fal. Ten and eleven : Woman, commend me Ford. Good Sir John, I sue for yours : not to to ber: I will not fail her.

charge you ; for I must let you understand, I Quick. Why, you say well : But I have an think myself in better plight for a lender than other messenger to your worship : Mistress Page you are : the which hath solnething embolden'd bath her hearty commendations to you too ;- me to this unseasoned intrusion ; for they say, and let me tell you in your ear, she's as fartuous if money go before, all ways do lie open. a civil modest wife, and one (I tell you) that Fat. Money is a good soldier, Sir, and will on. will not iniss your morning nor evening prayer, Ford. Troih, and I have a bag of money here as any is in Windsor, whoe'er be the other: and troubles me: if you will help me to bear it, Sir she bade me tell your worship, that her busband John, take all, or ball, for easing me of the te seldom from bome; but, she bopes, tbere will carriage. come a time. I never knew a woman so dote Fal. Sir, I know not how I may deserve to upon a man; surely, I think you have charms, be your porter. la ; yes, in truth.

Ford. I will tell you, Sir, if you will give me Fal. Not I, I assure thee ; setting the attrac- the hearing. tion of my good parts aside, I have no other Fal. Speak, good master Brook; I shall be charms

glad to be your servant. Quick. Blessing on your heart fort!

Ford. Sir, I hear you are a scholar, - I will Far. But, I pray tbee, tell me this: has Ford's be brief with you ;--and you have been a man wife, and Page's wife, acquainted each other how long known to me, though I had never so go".d they love me • A mistake of Mrs. Quickly's for quandaries.

• Br Il means. 1 kuon.

i Fredful, peenish. + A watch-*ord. A const phrase of exultatina,


l'age. I think you know him ; master doctor Mrs. Page. O you are a Batterieg boy ; so Caius, the renowned French physician.

I see, you'll be a courtier.
Kva. Got's will, and bis passion of my heart!
I bad as lief you would tell me of a mess of

Enter FORD. porridge.

Ford. Well met, mistress Page : White 5 Page. Why?

Eva. He has no more knowledge in Hibo. Mrs. Page. Truly, Sir, to see yons sile : is crates and Galen,-and be is a kaave besides; a she at home ? cowardly knave, as you would desires to be ac. Ford. Ay; and as idle as she may bing the quainted withal.

getber, for want of company : thru, i Page. I warrant you, he's the man should fight busbands were dead, you to roald war. with him.

Mrs. Page. Be sure of that,-* other bra Sten. O sweet Aune Page !

bands. Shal. It appears so, by bis weapons :-Keep Ford. Where had you this pretty westbestheta asunder ;-here comes doctor Caius. cock

Mrs. Page. I cannot tell what the extes Enter Host, CATUS, and RUGBY.

bis name is my busband had him of : be Page. Nay, good master parson, keep in your you call your knight's name, sirah 1 weapon.

Rob. Sir John Falstaff. Shal. So do you, good master doctor.

Ford. Sir John Falstaff ! Host. Disarm them, and let them question ; Mrs. Page. He, be; I can never be a let them keep their limbs whole, and back our name. There is such a leagie Detsen English.

good man and he !- Is your wife at bore, . Caius. I pray you, let-a me speak a word vit deed ! your ear : Verefore vill you not meet-a me 1 Ford. Indeed, she is.

Eva. Pray you, use your patience : In good Mrs. Page. By your leave, Sir ;-! 12 , time.

till I see ber. Cains. By gar, you are de coward, de Jack

[Ereunt Mrs. Pace, and Roris, dog, John ape.

Ford. Kas Page any brains! bat be Eva. Pray you, let us not be laughing-stogs eyes ? bath he any thinking ? Sare, they stery: to other men's humours: I desire you in friend. he hath no use of them. Why, this bar ship, and I will one way or other make you carry a letter twenty miles, as easy as aar abends ;-1 will knog yoar urinals about your bon will shoot point-blank twelve score. knave's cogscomb, for missing your meetings and pieces-out his wife's inclinativa ; be give me appointinents.

folly Inotion, and advantage : and not Caius. Diable !- Jack Rugby,-mine Host going to my wife, and Falstaff's boy wit br. de Jarterre, have I not stay for bim, to kill A mau may bear ibis sbower sing in the wint:bim ! have I not, at de place I did appoint ? and Falstaft's boy with ber !-Good plats

Eva. As I am a Christians soul, now, look they are laid ; and our revolted wives share yo!, this is the place appointed ; I'll be judg. damnation together. Well; I will take bs, went by mine Host of the Garter.

then torture my wife, pluck the lorrosed sc Host. Peace, I say, Guallia and Gaul, Freacb of modesty from the so seeming* mistinis Pax, and Welsh ; soul-curer and body.curer.

divulge Page himself for a secure and we Caius. Ay, dat is very good I excellent ! Actæon; and to these violent proceedings a

Host. Peace, I say ; bear mine host of the my neighbours shall cry aim.. (Clack stroom Garter. Am l politic? am I subtle ? am I a The clock gives me my cue, and my asract Macbiavel ? Shall I lose iny doctor no; he bids me search; there I shall And Faisai: 1 gives me the potions, and the motions. Sball sball be rather praised for this, than nucnt; I lose my parson ! my priest? my Sir Hugh ? for it is as positive as the earth is fire, at no; he gives me the proverbs and the noverbs. Falstaff is there : I will go. -Give me thy hand, terrestrtal; so :-Give me lby hand, celestial ; s.-- Boys of art, I have Enter PAGE, SHALLOW, SLENDER, Host, Sir deceived you both ; I have directed you to wrong

Hugh Evans, CaTus, and Rtest. places : your hearts are mighty, your skins are Shal. Page, &c. Well inel, master Ford. whole, and let burnt sack be the issue. Come, lay Ford. Trust me, a good knot. I have good their swords to pawn :-Follow me, lad of peace ; cheer at bome; and, I pray you, all go sta se follow, follow, follow.

Shal. I must excuse myself, aster Ford. Shal. Trust me, a mad host :-Follow, gentle- Slen. And so must I, Sir; ve bave 27 med men, follow.

to dine with mistress Aune, and I would su Slen. O sweet Anne Page !

break with her for more mouey thaa 11 saat (Exeunt SHAL. SLEN. Page, and Host. of. Caius. Ha! do I perceive dat? have you make Shal. We have lingered about a match bet a de soto of us ? ha, ha 1

tween Anne Page and my cousin Sleeder, Eva. This is well ; he has made us bis vlont. this day we shall have our answer. ing-stog, t-I desire you, that we may be friends ; Slen. I hope I have your good-vül, father and let us knog our prains together, to be re- Page. venge on this same scall, scurvy, cogging com- Page. You bave, master Slender; 1 stand panion, the host of the Garter.

wholly for yon ;-but my wife, master docter, Caius. By gar, vit all my heart; he promise for you altogether. to bring me vere is Anne Page : by gar, be de- Caius. Ay, by gar; and de maid is larea ceive une too.

me ; my pursh-a Quickly tell me so past. Eva. Well, I will smite bis noddles :-Pray Host. Wbat say you to young master Fort yon, follow.

(Ereunt. ton ? be capers, be dances, he has eyes of youth

he writes verses, be speaks biyday, be sur SCENE II.-The Street in Windsor. April and May: he will carry'l, be will can't Enter Mistress PagE and ROBIN.

pris iu his buttons ; be will carry'l.

Page. Not by my consent, I pronujne yoo. Mrs. Page. Nay, keep your way, little gal. The gentleman is of no baving : he kept cos laut ; you were wont to be a follower, but now pany with the wild Prince and Poins : be sol you are a leader : Whether had you rather, lead tvo high a region, he knows too much. No, be mine eyes, or eye your master's heels ?

shall not kait a knot in his fortunes with the Rob. I had rather, forsooth, go before you like tinger of my substance : if he take ber, let bon a man, tban follow him like a dwarf.

• Specious.

+ Shall enesen • Fool

Flouting-stock. 1 Out of the commos style. 1 Netrick.

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