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But that our soft conditions and our hearts, Pet. Why, there's a wench l-Come on, and Should well agree with our external parts ?

kiss me, Kate, Corne, come, you froward and unable worms! Luc. Well, go thy ways, old lad; for thou My mind hath been as big as one of your's,

shalt ha't. My heart, as great; my reason, haply, more, Vin. 'Tis a good hearing, when children are To bandy word for word, and frown for frown:

toward. But now, I see our lances are but straws ;

Luc. But a harsh hearing, wben women are Our strength as weak, our weakness past com

froward. pare, -

Pet. Come, Kate, we'll to bed :That seeming to be most, which we least are. We three are married, but we two are sped Tben vail your stomachs, † for it is no boot; 'Twas I won the wager, thougb you bit the white ; Apd place your hauds below your husband's

(To LUCENTIO. foot :

And, being a winner, God give you good night! In token of which duty, if he please,

(Ereunt PETRUCH10 and KATH. My band is ready, may it do him ease!

Hor. Now go thy ways, thou bast tam'd a

enrst shrew. • Gentle tempers. † Abato your spirits. Luc. 'Tis a wonder, by your leave, she will

be tam'd so.

(Ex eunt.


Curt. In her chamber,

H Making a wrmon of continency to ber :

N And raits, and swears, and rates; that she, A

poor soul, knows not which way to stand, to look, to speak; Aud siis as one new-risen froin a dream.

N Away, away! for me is contag bitber.

(Exeunt. F Re-enter PETRUCRIO. Prt. Thus have I politicly begun my reign, Amd 'uis my hope to end successfully :

F My falcon now is sharp, and passing empty : And, will she stoop, she most not be full gorg's, E For theu she never looks upon ber lure. Another way I have to man my haggard, To make ber come, and know her keeper's call, A That is,-lo watch ber, as we watch these kites, That bate, and beat, and will not be obedient. She rat na meat to-day, nor none shall eat; Last might she slept not, nor to-night she shall A. with the meat, some undeserved fault I'll and about the inaking of the bed : And bere l'll tag the pillow, there the holster, This way the coveriet, anorber way the sheets :- A Ay, and amid this burly, I intend, ) That all is doge in reverend care of her ; And, in couclusion, she shall watch all night : And, if she chance to nod, I'll rail, and brawl, And with the clamour krep her still awake, This is a way to kill a wife with kindness,

TI Aud thus l'ii curb ber mad and headsurong hu.

mour : He that knows better how to tame a shrew, Now let him speak; 'uis charity to show.

(Exit. SCENE II.- Padua.-Before BAPTISTA'S


ΤΙ Tra. Is't possible, friend Licio, that Bianca

TU Doth fancy any other but Lucentio ? I tell you, Sir, sbe bears me fair in hand.

Hor. Sir to satisfy you in what I have said, Stand by, and mark the inanner of his teaching.

(They stund aside.

TI Enter Bianca and LUCENTIO. Luc. Now, mistress, profit you in what you


read? Bian. What, master, read you ? first resolve

me that. Lur. I read that I profess, the art to love. Blan. And may you prove, Sir, master of

yont art! Luc. while you, sweet dear, prove mistress I'll of my beart.

[They retire. An Hor. Quick proceeders, marty! Now tell me, I pian,

Tal You that dursi swear that your mistress Bianca Lov'd nune in the world so well as Lucentio. Tra. O despiteful luve! uncoustant woman

kindl I tell thee, Licio, this is wonderful. Hor. Mistake no more : I am not Licio,

Tra Nor a musician, as I srem to be ; But one that scorn to live iu this disguise,

But For such a one as leaves a gentleman,

Anc And makes a god of such a cullion ://

7 Kuow, Sir, that I am call'd-Hortensio.

1 Tra. Siguior Hortensio, I have often heard

T of your eytire affection to Bianca ;

And And siuce mine eyes are witness of her light.

P ness, I will with you,--if you be so contented,

T Forswear Bianca and her love for ever.

Toc Hor. See, bow they kiss and court 1-Signior You Lucentio,

(For Hath

"Tis A thing stuffed to look like the game which the bawk You Totame my wild hawk.

tutter. 6 Cretend.

| Despicable fellow.


was to pursue,

which is daughter to master George Page, wbich Pal. 'Twcre better for you, if it were known is pretty virginity.

in counsel : you'll be laugh'd at. Slen. Mistress Anne Page? She has brown Era. Pauca verba, Sir John, good worts. hair, and speaks small • like a woman.

Fal. Good worts ! • good cabbage.-Slender, Era. It is that fery versou for all the 'orld, I broke your head ; What malier bave you against as jnst as you will desire; and seven hundred me ? pounds of monies, and gold, and silver, is her Slen. Marry, Sir, I have matter in my head grandsire, upon his death's-hed, (Got deliver 10 against you; and against your coney.catching + a joyful resurrections :) give, wben sbe is rascals, Bardolph, Nym, and Pistol. They carable to overtake seventeen years old : it were ried me to the tavern, and made ine drunk, and a gont motion, if we leave our pribbles and afterwards pick my pocket. prabiles, and desire a marriage between mas- Burd. You Banbury cheese ! 1 ter Abraham, and mistress Anne Page.

Slen. Ay, it is no inatter. Shal. Did her grandsire leave her seven hun. Pist. How now, Mephiostophilus ? dred puund ?

Slen. Ay, it is no inattei. Era. Ay, and her father is make ber a petter Nym. Slice, I say! pauca, pauca ; | slice ! penny :

that's my bumour. Shal. I know the young geutlewoman; she Slen. Where's Simple, my man --can you has good gifts.

tell, cousin ? Eva. Seven hundred pounds, and possibili- Era. Peace: I pray you ! Now let us under. ties, is good gifts.

stand : There is three oinpires in this matter Shal. Well, let us see honest master Page : as I understand : that is-master Page, fidelicet, Is Falstaff there?

master Page ; and there is mysell, fidelicet, my. Eru. Shall I tell you a lie ? I do despise a self; and the three party is, lastly and finally, 1 iar, as I do despise one that is false ; or, as I mine host of the Garter. despise one that is not true. The knight, Sir Page. We three, to hear it, and end it between Jobin, is there ; and, I beseech you, be ruled by them. your well-willers. I will peat the door (knocks) Ela, Fery goot : I will make a prief of it in for master Page. Whai, boa! Got pless your my note book; and we will afterwards 'ork house bere !

upon the cause, with as great discreetly as we

can. Enter P.GR.

Fal. Pistol, Page. Who's there?

Pist. He bears with ears. Era. Here is Got's plessing, and your friend, Era. The tevil and his tam! what phrase is and justice Shallow : and here young master this, He heurs uith ears? Why, it is atiecta. Slender; that peradventures shall tell you anoiber tions. tale, il matters grow to your linings.

Fal. Pistol, did you pick master Slender's Page. I am glad to see your worship's well: 1purse! thank you for my venison, master Shallow. Slen. Ay, by these glores, did he, for I would

Shal. Master Page, I am glad to see you : I might never come in niive own great chamber Much good do it your good heart! I wished your again else,) of seven groats in niill-sixpences, venison belter : it was ill kill'd :-How doth good and two Edward shovel-boards, that costine mistress Page ?-and I love you always with my two sbillings and twopence a-piece of Yead beart, la ; with my heart.

Miller, by these gloves. Page. Sir, I thank you.

Fal. Is this true, Pistol! Shal. Sir, I thank you ; by yea and no, I do. Eva. No ; it is false, if it is a pick-purse. Page. I am glad to see you, good master Pist. Ha, thor inountain-forriguer ! ---- Sir Slender.

John, and master mine, Slen. How does your fallow greyhound, Sir! | 1 combat challenge of this lattcu bilbo : ". I heard say, he was out-run on Cotsale.

Word of denial in thy labras ++ here ; Page. It could not be judg'd, Sir.

Word of denial; froth and scum, thou liest. Slen. You'll not confess, you'll not confess. Slen. By these gloves, then 'twas he.

Shal. That he will not ;--'tis your fauit, 'tis Nym. Be advised, Sir, and pass good bu your fault :-'Tis a good dog.

mours : I will say, marry trap, with you, if you Page. A cur, Sir.

run the putbook's humours on me ; tbat is the Shal. Sir, he's a good dog, and a fair dog ; very note of il. Can there be more said ? ue is good and fair.- Šlen. By this hat, Iben be in the red face had Is Sir John Falstatt here?

it : for though I cannot remember wbat I did Page. Sir, he is within ; and I would I could when you made me drunk, yet I am uut aitogedo a good office between you.

ber an ass. Era. It is spoke as a Christians ought to Fal. What say you, Scarlet and John ! speak.

Bard. Why, Sir, for my part, I say, the Shal. He bath wrong'd me, master Page. gentleinan bad drunk himsell out of his five Page. Sir, be doth in some sort confess it. sentences.

Shal. If it be consess'd, it is not redress'd ; is Era. It is his five senses : fe, what the ignonot that so, master Page! He hath wrong'a rance is! me ; indeed, he hath ;-at a word, he hath ; - Burd. And being fap, 3; Sir, was, as they believe ine ;-Robert Shallow, esquire, saith be say, cashier'd; and so couciusions pass'd the is wrong'd.

careires.fil Page. Here comes Sir John.

Slen. Ay, you spake in Latin then too ; but

'tis no matter : l'll ne'er be drunk whilst I live Enter Sir Joan FALSTAFF, BARDOLPH, Nry, again, but in honest, civil, godly coinpauy, for and PISTOL.

this trick : if I be drunk, I'll be drunk with Fal. Now, master Shallow; you'll complain those that have the fear of God, and gol will of me to the king?

drunken kuaves. Shal. Knight, you have beaten my men, killed Evu. So Got 'udge me, that is a virtuous iny deer, and broke open my lodge.

mind. fal, But not kiss'd your keeper's daughter ? Shal. Tut, a pin ! this shall be answer'd.

• Worts was the ancient name of all the cabbage kind

+ Sharpers were called coney-catchers. Fal. I will answer it straight ;-I have done Nothing but paring. all this :--That is now answer'd.

The name of a familiar spirit in the old story of Shul. The council shall know this.


Few words. Ehing Edward's shillings, sed in the game of hulle board.

.. Diade as thin aslatb. • Soft.

:: If you say I am a thief Drunk, + Cotswold in Gloucestershire

11 The bounds of pood bebaviour.

Fal. You bear all these matters dealed, gen. Slen. ay, or else I would I might be bsaged, a tlemen ; you hear it.

Re-enter Anne Page Enter Mistress ANNE Page with seine ; Mis- Shal. Here comes fais mistress A

tress Ford and Mistress Pages following. Would I were young, for your sake, Distress Amer Page. Nay, daugbter, carry the wine in ; we'll

Anne. Tbe diouer is on the table; my lax drink within.

(Exit ANNE PACE. desires your worsbip's company. Slen. 0 beavens ! this is mistress Anue Page.

Shal. I will wail og him, fair mistress Anne. Page. How now, mistress Ford ?

Era. Od's plessed will; I will boi bat Ful. Mistress Ford, by my troth, you are very sence at the grace. well met : by your leave, good wistress.

(Eseunt Shallow and Sir H. Esass

(Kissing her. Anne. WilP't please your worship to Page. Wife, bid these gentlemen welcome : in, Sir. Come we have a bot venison pasty to uinuer ;

Slen. No, I thank you, forsooth, heariy; ! conne, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down am very well. all unkindness.

Anné. Tbe dinner attends you, Sir, (Exeunt all but SHALLOW, SLENDER, and Slen, I am not a-hungry, I tbank roe, fer EVANS

sooth : Go, sirrah, for all you are us Haa, Slen. I had rather than forty shillings, I bad wait upon my cousiu Shallow : (Exif SixPLE. my book of songs and Sunnets bere :

A justice of peace sometime may be bebora

to bis friend for a man :-1 keep bat tère za Enter SIMPLE.

and a boy yet, till my mother be dead : But How now, Simple! where have you been? Uwbat though ; yet I live like a poor featies as must wait on myself, must |? You have not born. The Book of Riddles about you, bave you?

Anne. I may not go in without your robin: Sim. Book of Riddles! why, did you vet lend they will not sit till you come. it to Alice Shortcake upon Allhallow was last,

Slen. l'faith, ll eat Dothing ; I thank ses a fortnight afore Michaelmas ? •

as much as tholigh I did. Shal. Come, coz; come, coz; we stay for Anne. I pray you, Sir, walk is. you. A word with you, coz: marry, this, cuz ;

Slen. I had rather walk bere, I Loans Fos: There is, as 'twere, a iender, a kind of tender, bruised my sbin the other day with playing made afar off by Sir Hugh here ;-Do you un at sword and dagger with a master of frize, derstand me?

three veneys for a dish of siewed ; Slen. Ay, Sir, you shall find me reasonable ; and by my troth, I cannot abide the emel of if it be so, I shall do that that is reasuli. bot nicat since. Why do your dogs task al Shal. Nay, but understand me.

be there bears i the town! Slen. So I do, Sir.

Anne. I think there are, Sir ; I beard tbea E'a. Give ear to his motious, master Slender : talked of. I will description the matter to you, if you be

Slen. I love the sport well; but I shal x capacity of it.

soon quarrel at it, as any man in Engbsd.Slen. Nay, I will do as my cousin Shallow You are afraid, if you see the bear bousc, xe says : ! pray you, pardon me; he's a justice of you not? peace in his country, simple though I stand here. Anne, Aye indeed, Sir. Era. But that is not the question; the question

Slen. That's meat aud drink to me box: 1 is concerning your marriage.

have seen Sackersun loose twenty times ; ! Shal. Ay, there's the point, sir.

have taken him by the chain : but, I TU Era. Marry, is it; tue very point of it; to you, the women have so cried and brita'. mistress Anne Page.

it, that it pass'd: 1-out women, inderd, at Slen. Why, if it be so, I will marry her, upon uot abide 'em; they are very ill latou any reasonable demands.

rough things. Era. But can yon affection the 'man ? Let us command to know that of your mouth, or of

Re-enter PAGE. your lips ; for divers philosophers bold, that Bage. Come, gentle master Slender, com; the lips is parcel of the mouth;—Therefore, we stay for you. precisely, can you carry your good will to the Slen. I'll eat nothing ; I thank yon, Sir. maid 1

Page. By cock and pse, 5 you shall not besse, Shul. Cousin Abraham Sleuder, can you love Sir: come, come. her?

Slen. Nay, pray you, lead the way. Slen. I hope, Sir,-1 will do as it sball be. Page. Come on, Sir. come one that would do reason.

Slen. Mistress Anne, yourself shall go arst. Era. Nay, Got's lords and bis ladies, you Anne. Not I, Sir ; pray you Icep on. must speak possitable, if you can carry her Slen. Truly, I will not go tirst ; truly, 12:1 your desires towards her.

will not do you that wrong. Shal. That you must: Will you, upon good Anne. I pray, you, Sir. dowry, Inarry her ?

Slen. I'll rather be upmannerly that treate Slen. I willl do a greater thing than that, upon some : you do yourself wrobę, iudeti, 'a. your request, cousin, in any reason.

Shal.' Nay, conceive me, conceive nie, sweet coz; what I do, is to pleasure you, coz: Can

SCENE II.- The same. you love the maid ?

Slen. I will marry her, Sir, at your reqnest; Enter Sir Hoch Evans and SIXPLE. but if there be no great love in the beginniug,

Era. Go your ways, and ask of Doctor Caves's yet bearen may decrease it upon belier ac. inore occasion to know one another : 1 hope: dry nurse, or bis cook, or bis laundry, bis wasbes, quaintance, when we are married, and bare house, which is the way; and there duells de upon familiarity will grow more content:

and his wringer. but if you say, marry her, I will marry her,

Simp. Well, Sir. that lain freely dissolvid, and dissolutely. Era. It is a ferry discretion answer; save, lletter; for it is a 'oman that altogether's x

Era. Nay, it is petter yet :--give her this the faul is in the 'ort dissolutely : the north quaintance with mistress Anne Page; and the according to our meaning, resolutely ;-bis inea ing is good.

• Three set-to's, bouts, or hits. Shul. Ay, I think my cousin meant well.

+ The name of a bear exhibited st Paris-Gardre

Surpassed all posts.

A common ndjuration : and a cusraportes vt the sa • An intended blunder,

cred Naine in the vid Moralities.



letter is, to desire and require her to soliolt, with such a greedy intention, that the appetite your master's desires to mistress Aune Page : of her eye did seem to scorch me up like a I pray you, be gone ; I will make an end of my buruing glass ! Here's another letter to ber : dinner; there's pippins and cheese to come. slie bears the purse too ; she is a region in

(Eseunt. Gliana, all gold and bounty. I will be cheater

to them both, and they shall be excbequers to SCENE III.-A Room in the Garter Inn.

me; they shall be my East and West Indies, Enter FALSTAFF, Host, BARDOLPH, NYM,

and I will trade to them both. Go, bear tbon

this letter to mistress Page; and thou this to PISTOL, and ROBIN.

mistress Ford : we will thrive, lads, we will Fal. Mine host of the Garter,

thrive. Host. What says, my bully-rook Speak Pist. Shall I Sir Pandarus of Troy become, scholarly, and wisely.

And by my side wear steel? then, Lucifer take Fal. Truly, mine host, I must turn away some

all ! of my followers.

Nym. I will run no base humour ; here, take Host. Discard bully Hercules; cashier : let the humour letter ; I will keep the 'baviour of them wag ; trot, trot.

reputation. Frl. I sit at ten pounds a week.

Fab. Hold, sirrah, (To Ron.) bear you these Host. Thou’rt an emperor, Cæsar, Keisar,

letters tightly it and Pheezar, I will eniertain Bardolph; he sail like my pinnace to these golden shores.sball draw, he sball tap : said I well, Bally Rogues, hence avaunt ! ravish like bail-stones, Hector 1


(pack! Fat. Do so, good mine bost. Host. I have spoke ; let him follow : Let me Falstatt' will learn the bumour of ibis age,

Trudge, plod, away, o' the boof; seek shelter see ibee froth, and line: am at a word; fol. French thrist, you rogues ; mysell, and skirted low.

(Exit Host.

page. (Exeunt FALSTAFY and Rubix. Fal. Bardolph, follow him; a tapster is a

Pist. Let vultures gripe thy guts ! for goud good trade : An old cloak makes a new jerkin ;

and fuilam | bolds, a withered servingir in, a fresh tapsier ; Go ; and high and low beguile the rich and poor : adieu. Bard. It is a life that I have desired; I will Base Phrygian Turk!

Tester > I'll have in pouch, wueu thou shalt lack, thrive.

(Exit BARD. Pist. O base Gongarian wighi ! wilt thou he humours of revenge.

Nym. I have operations in my head, which the spigot wield ?

Pist. Wilt thou revenge? Nym. He was gotten in drink : Is not the

Nym. By welkin, and her star! humour conceited ? His mind is not heroic, and

Pist. With wit, or steel? there's the humour of it. Pal. I am glad I am so acqnit of this tinder. I will discuss the bumour of this love to Page,

Nym. With both the humours, I : box ; his thefts were too open : bis tilching was

Pist. And I to Ford shall ele unfold, like an uuskilful siuger, be kept not line.

How Falstaff, varlet vile, Nym. The good humour is, to steal at a mi.

His dove will prove, bis gold will hold, nute's rest.

And bis soft couch deille. Pist. Convey, the wise it call : Steall foh ; a

Nym. My humour shall not cool : I will in. co for the phrase !

cense | Page to deal with poison; I will possess Fal. Well, Sirs, I am almost out at beels.

him with yellowness, for the revolt of micu Pist. Why then let kibes ensue.

is dangerous: that is my true humour. Fal. There is no remedy ; I must coney-catch;

Pist. Thou art the Mars of malcontents : ! I mast shift.

second thee; troop onl.

(Eseunt. Pist. Young ravens must have food. Pal. Which of you know Ford of this town? SCENE IV.-A Room in Dr. Caius's House.

Pist. I ken the wight; be is of substance good.

Enter Mrs. QUICKLY, SIMPLE, and Ruose. Fal. My bonest lads, I will tell you what I

Quick. What ; John Rugby I-I pray thee am about.

go to the caseinent, and see if you can see my Pist. Two yards, and more.

master, master Doctor Caius, coining : if be do Fal. No quips now, Pistol ; Indeed I am in i'faith, and find any budy in the house, bere will the waist two yards about : but ! am now about be an old abusing of God's patience and the no waste ; I ain about thrift. Briefly, I do mean King's English. to make love to Ford's wife ; I spy entertain.

Rug. I'll go watcb.

(Erit Rugby. in nt in ber; she discourses, she carves, she

Quick. Go; and we'll have a posset for't soon gives the leer or invitation ; I can construe the at night, in faitli, at the latter end of a sea-coal action of her familiar style ; and the bardest fire. voice of her bebaviour, to be English'd rightly, servants shall come in house withial, and !

Au bonest, willing, kiud fellow, as ever is, I am Sir John Falstaf's. Pist. He hath studied her well, and translated his worst fault is, that he is given to prayer; he

warraut you, do tell-tale, nor no breed-bate :". her well; out of honesty into English. Nym. Tbe anchor is deep : will ibat humour las his fault ;-bat let that pass. Peter Simple,

is something peevish ++ that way : but nobody but pass? Fal. Now, the report goes, she has all the you say your name is?

Sim. Ay, for fault of a better. rule of her busband's purse ; she hath legions of

Quick. And master Slender's your master! bogels. I

Sim. Ay, forsooth. Pust. As many devils entertaia; and, 7b her,

Quick. Does he not wear a great roand beard, bew, say I.

like a glover's paring knife 1 Nym. The humour rises; it is good : humour

Sim. No, forsooth; he hath but a little wee me the angels. Fal. I bave writ me here a letter to ber : and face, with a little yellow beard ; a Cain coloureu

beard. 1 bere another to Page's wise; who even now gave me good eyes too, examin'd my parts with

Quick. A softly-sprighted man, is be not?

Sim. Ay, forsooth : but he is as tall g) a man most judicious eyliads : soinetimes the beam of ber view gilded my foot, sometimes my portly beily.

• Echratony, an officer in the Exchrquer. Pist. Then did the sun an dung-bill sbine.

* Cleverly.

i False dne.

Sixpence I'll have in pocket Nym. I thank thre for that bunur.

I lustigate

Jealousy Fol. Ob! she did so course o'er my exteriors

.. Strife.

** Pontia

11 in the old tapestries, Cain and Juda: wire repre • For Dunvarian. I F16. • Gold coio. scuted with yellow beards.

9 Date

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