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your lover.

With heart-sore sighs; one fading moment's Pro. But dost thou hear 9 gav'st thou my mirts,

letter to Julia 1 With twenty watchful, weary, tedious nights : Speed. Ay, sir : 1, 2 lost mutton, gave your Il haply won, perhaps, a hapless gain ;

letter to her, a laced muttuur; * and she, a laced If lost, why then a grievous labour won ; mutton, gave me, a lost mutton, nothing for my However, but a' folly bought with wit,

labour. Or else a wit by folly vanquished.

Pro. Here's too small a pastore for such a Pro. So, by your circumstance, you call me store of muttons. fool.

Speed. If the ground be overcharged, you Val. So, by your circumstance, I fear, you'll were best stick her. prove.

Pro. Nay, in that you are astray ; 'imere best
Pro. 'Tis love you cavil at ; I am not Love. pound yon.

Val. Love is your master, for he masters you : Speed. Nay, Sir, less than a pound shall serve
And be that 18 80 yoked by a fool,

me for carrying your letter.
Methinks should not be chronicled for wise. Pro. You mistake ; I mean the poorid, a pin-

Pro. Yet writers say, As in the sweetest bud fold, The eating canker dwells, 80 eating love

Speed. From a pound to a pin? fold it over Inhabits in the finest wits of all.

and over, Val. Yet writers say, As the most forward 'Tis threefold too little for carrying a letter to

bud Is eaten by the canker ere it blow,

Pro. But what said she did she nod ? Even so by love the young and tender wit

[SPEED nods. Is turn'd to folly, blasting in the bud,

Speed. 1. Lasing bis verdure even in the prime,

Pro. Nod, 1 ? why, that's noddy. + And all the fair effects of future hopes.

Speed. You mistook, Sir; ! say she did nod: Bat wherefore waste I time to counsel thee, and you ask me, if she did nod, and I say, I. That art a votary tu fond desire ?

Pro. And that set together, is-noddy.
Once more adieu : my father at the road

Speed. Now you bave taken the pains to set
Expects my coming, there to see me shipp'd. it together, take it for your pains.
Pro. And thither will I bring thee, Valen. Pro. No, no, you shall have it for bearing

the letter.
Val. Sweet Proteus, no; now let us take our Speed. Well, I perceive, I must be fala to

bear with you. of Milan, let us hear from thee by letters, Pro. Why, Sir, how do you bear with me? At thy success in love, and what news else Speed. Marry, Sir, the letter very orderly ; Betideth bere in absence of thy friend : having nothing but the word, noddy for my And I likewise will visit thee with mine.

pains. Pro. All happiness becbance to thee in Pro. Beshrew me, but you bave a quick wit. Milan!

Speed. And yet it cannot overtake your slow
Tai. As much to you at home 1 and so farc-purse.

(Erit VALENTINE. Pró. Come, come, open the matter in brief ;
Pro. He after honour hunts, I after love : What said she
He leaves his friends, to dignify them more ; Speed. Open your purse, that the money and
I leave myself, my friends, and all for love. the matter may be both at once deliver'd.
Thou, Julia, thou hast metamorpbos'd me ; Pro. Well, Sir, here is for your pains : What
Made me neglect my studies, lose my time, said she ?
War with good counsel, set the world at Speed. Truly, Sir, I think you'll hardly win

Made wit with musing weak, beart sick with Pro. Why? Could'st thou perceive so much

from her 1

Speed, Sir, I could perceive nothing at all
Enter SPEED.

from her ; no, not so much as a ducat for deli.

vering your letter : And being so hard to ine Speed. sir Proteus, save you; Saw you my that brought your mind, ! fear, she'll prove as master 1

hard to you in telling ber mind. Give her no Pro. But now he parted bence, to embark | token bat stopes; for she's as bard as steel. for Milan.

Pro. What, said she nothing ? Speed. Twenty to one then, he is shipp'd already ;

Speed. No, not so much as-take this for thy And I have play'd the sheep in losing him.

pains. To testify your bounty, I thank you, Pro. Indeed a sheep doth very often stray,

you bave testern'd me; in requital whereof, An if the sbepberd be a while away.

eforth carry your letters yourself: and so, Speed. You conclude that my master is a

Sir, I'll commend you to my master. shepherd then, and I a sheep ?

Pro. Go, go, be gone, to save your ship frota

wreck : Pro. I do. Speed. Why then my borns are his horós, Being destined to a drier death on shore :

Which cannot perish, baving thee aboard, wbether I wake or sleep.

I must go send some better messenger; Pro. A silly answer, and

fitting well a sheep. i fear, my Julia would not deigo my lines, Speed. This proves me still a sheep. Pro. True; and thy master a shepherd.

Receiving them from such a worthless post.

(Exeunt. Speed. Nay, that I can deny by a circum

stance. Pro. It stall go hard, but i'll prove it by SCENE 11.— The same. Garden of Julia's another.

house. Speed. The shepherd seeks the sheep, and not thy sheep the shepherd; but I seek my master,

Enter Julta and LUCETTA. and my master seeks not me ; therefore, I am


Jul, But say. Lucetta, now we are alone, uo sbeep.

Would'st thou then counsel me to fall in love ? Pro. The sheep for fodder follow the shep

Luc. Ay, madam; so you stumble Dot' un. herd, the shepherd for food follows not the heedfully. sheep ; thou for wages followest thy master, thy master for wages follows not thee: therefore,

A term for a girl of pleasure: Matton-lane, in Speed. Such another proof will make me ery such persons.

Clerkenwell, is so called from being frequented by

+ A game at cards. baa.

+ Given in a sixpence.


thou art a sheep.



Shall lodge thee, till thy wound be thorough!

But twice, or tbrice, was Proteus writtel

Jul, or all the fair resort of gentlemen, Wben inward joy enforc'd my heart to smile ! That every day with parle encounter me, My penance is, to call Lucetta back, In thy opinion, which is worthiest love?

And ask remission for my folly past Luc. Please you, repeat their names, I'llWhat ho! Lucetta!

show my mind According to my shallow simple skill.

Re-enter LOCETTA. Jul. What think'st thou of the fair Sir Egla

Luc. What would your ladyship!
mour 1
Luc. As of a knight well-spoken, neat and

Jul. Is it dear dinner-time?
One ;

Luc. I would it were ;
But, were 1 you, he never should be mine.

Tbat you might kill your stomach on your Jul. What think'st thou of the rich Mercatio 1

meat, Luc. Well of bis wealth; but of bimself, 60

And not upon your maid.

Jul. What is't you took up Jul. Wbat think'st thou of the gentle Pro

So gingerly? teus ?

Luc. Nothing. Luc. Lord, lord! to see what folly reigns in

Jul. Why did'st thou stomp then?

Luc. To take a paper up that I let fall. Jul. How tow! what means this passion at

Jul. Aud is that paper nothing! bis name?

Luc. Nothing concerning me. Luc. Pardou, dear madam; tis a passing

Jul. Then let it lie for those that it conantis. share,

Luc. Madam, it will not lie where it colThat I, unworthy body as I am,

cerns, Should censure + tbus on lovely gentlemen.

Unless it have a false interpreter. Jul. Why not on Proteus, as of all the rest ? Jul. Some love of your's bath writ to you in Luc. Then thus,--of many good I think him

rhyme. best.

Luc. That I might sing it, madam, to : Jul. Your reason !

tune : Luc. I have no other but a woman's reason ;

Give me a note : your ladyship can sel. I think bim so, because I think him so.

Jul. As little by such toys as may be posJul. Aud would'st thou have the cast my love

sible : on bim?

Best sing it to the tune of Light o' tore, Luc. Ay, if you thought your love not cast Luc. It is too heavy for su light a lune, away.

Jul. Heavy ? belike it hain some burden Jul. Why, be of all the rest bath never mov’d

then. ine.

Luc. Ay; and melodious were it, would you Luc. Yet he of all the rest, I think, best loves

sing it. ye.

Jul. And why not you? Jul. His little speaking shows his love but Luc. I cannot reach so high, small.

Jui. Let's see your song ;-How now, miLuc. Fire, that is closest kept, burns most

mion 1 of all.

Luc. Keep tune there still, so you will sing Jul. They do not love, that do not show their

it out; love.

And yet metbinks, I do not like this tune. Luc. Oh I they love least, that let men know Jul. You do not their love.

Luc. No, madamr; it is too sbarp. Jul. I would I knew bis mind,

Jul. Yoni, minion, are too saucy. Luc. Peruse this paper, madam.

Luc. Nay, dow you are too flat, Jul. To Julia,--Say, from whom !

Aud mar the concord with two barsb a det Luc. That the contents will show.

cant : Jul. Say, say; who gave it thee?

There wanteth but a mean to all your song, Luc. Sir Valentine's page ; and sent, I think,

Jul. The mean is drowu'd with your buroly from Proteus :

base. He would have given it you, but I, being in the Luc. Indeed, I bid the base for Proteus, way,

Jul. This baible shall not benceforth trouble Did in your name receive it; pardon the fauit,


Here is a coil 6 with protestation !
Jul. Now, by my modesty, a goodly broker ! 1
Dare you presume to barbour wanton liues ?

Go, get you gone; and let the papers lie: To whisper and conspire against my youth ?

You would be tingering tbem, to auger me. Now, trust me, 'us an office of great worth,

Luc. She makes it strange, but she would be And you an oscer fit for the place.

best pleas'a There, take the paper, see it be return'd;

To be so anger'd with another letter. Or else return no more into my sight.

Jul. Nay, would I were so anger'd with the Luc. To plead for love deserves more fee

same! than hate,

O hateful bapds, to tear such loving words ! Jul. Will you be gone ?

Injurious wasps i to feed op such sweet honey, Luc. That you may ruminate.

(Exit, And kill the bees, that yield it, with your Jul. And yet I would i bad o'erlook'd the

stings! letter.

I'll kiss each several paper for amends. 1t were a shame to call ber back again,

And here is writ-kind Julia ;-unkind Julia ! And pray her to a fault for which I chid ber.

As in revenge of thy ingratitude, What fool is she, that knows I am a maid,

1 throw thy name against the bruising stone! And would not force the letter to my view ?

Trampling coutemptuously on thy disdain, Since maids, in modesty, say, No, to that

Look, bere is writ-love-rounded Proteus which they would have the profferer construe, Poor wounded name! my bosom, as a bed,

Ay. fie, fie ! how wayward is this foolish love,

heal'd; That, like a testy babe, will scratch the nurse,

And thus | search it with a sovereign kiss. And presently, all humbled, kiss the rod !

How churlishly ! chid Luceita beuce.
When willingiý I would have had her bere!
How angrily I taught my brow to frown,

• Passion or obstiuary

+ The truer in music

A matchmaker. • Talk + Pass sentence

* A challenge.

I pray.

[Tears the letter

Basile, kir.

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Be calm, good wind, blow not a word away, Even with the specdiest execution
Till I have found each letter in the letter. I will despatch him to the emperor's rourt.
Except mine own name; that some whirlwind Pant. To-morrow, may it please you, Don

Unto a ragged, fearful, banging rock,

With other gentleinen of good esteem,
And throw it thence into the raging sea !

Are journeying to salute the emperor,
Lo, here in one line is his name twice writ, And to commend their service to his will.
Poor forlorn Proteus, passionate Proteus, Ant. Good company; with them shall Pro.
To the sueet Julia ;-that I'll tear away;

teus go :
And yet I will not, sith so prettily

And, in good time,- now will we break with

He couples it to his complaining names :
Thus will I fold them one upon another;

Now kiss, embrace, contend, do what you will.

Pro. Sweet love ! sweet lines ! sweet lite !
Re-enter LUCETTA.

Here is her hand, the agent of her heart;
Luc. Madam, dinner's ready, and your fa. Here is her oath for love, her honour's pawn :
ther stays.

Oh! that our fathers would applaud our loves
Jul. Well, let us go.

To seal our happiness with their consents!
Luc. What, sball these papers lie like tel!-lo heavenly Julia !
tales here?

Ant. 'How now 1 what letter are you reading
Jul. If you respect them, best to take them

there? up.

Pro. May't please your lordship, 'tis a word Luc. Nay, I was taken up for Jaying them

or two down:

of commendation sent from Valentine, Yet here they shall not lie, for catching cold. Deliver'd by a friend that came from him. Jul. I see, you have a month's mind to Ant. Lend me the letter ; let me see what them.

news. Luc. Ay, madam, you may say what sights Pro. There is po news, my lord; but that he you see;

writes I see things too, although you judge I wiuk. How happily he lives, how well belov'd, Jul. Come, come, wilt please you go? And daily graced by the emperor;

[Ereunt. Wishing me with bim, partner of bis fortube.

Ant. And how stand you affected to his wish ? SCEVE III.-The same.--A Room in Pro. As one relying on your lordsbip's will, ANTONIO's House.

And not depending on his friendly wish.

Ant. My will is something sorted with his

wish :
Ant. Tell me, Panthino, what sad talk was Muse + not that I thas suddenly proceed ;

For what I will, I wili, and there an end.
Wherewith iny brother held you in the cloister? I am resolv'd, that thou shalt spend some timo
Pan. 'Twas of his nephew Proteus, your With Valentinus in the emperor's court :

What maintenance he from his friends receives,
Ant. Why, what of him?

Like exhibition I thou shalt have from me.
D'un lle wonder'd, that your lordship.

To-morrow be in readiness to go:
Would suffer bim to spend his youth at home :

Excuse it not, for I'm peremptory
While other men, of slender reputation,

Pro. My lord, I cannot be 80 soon provided ;'
Pat forth their sons to seek preferment out:

Please you, deliberate a day or two. Some, to the wars, to try their fortune there ; Ant. Look what thou want'st, shall be sent Some to discover islands far away ;

after thee : Some to the studious universities.

No more of stay ; to-morrow thou must go.
For any, or for all these exercises,
Come on, Panthino; you shall be employ'd

1 He said, that Proteus, your son, was meet;

To hasten on bis expedition.
And did request nie, to importune you,

(Exeunt Anr, and PAN. To let him spend his time no more at bume,

Pro. Thus have I shunu'd the fire, for fear of Which would be great impeachment to his burning; age,

And drench'u me in the sea, where I am In having known no travel in his youth.

Art. Nor need'st thou much importune me I fear'd to show my father Julia's letter,
to that

Lest he chould take exceptions to my love ;
Whereon this month I have heen hammering. And with the vantage of mine own excuse
I have consider'd well bis loss of time;

Hath he excepted inost against my love.
And how be cannot be a perfect inal,

Oh ! how this spring of love resembleth Not being try'd and tutoria in the world :

The uncertaiv glory of an April day; Experience is by industry achiev'd.

Which now sbows all the beauty of the sun,
And perfected by the swift course of time : And by and by a cloud takes all away!
Then, tell me,' whether were i best to send
bin 1

Re-enter PANTIINO.
Pan. I think your lordship is not ignorant, Pan. Sir Proteus, your father calls for you ;

. How his companion, youthful Valentine,

He is in baste, therefore, I pray you, go. Attends the emperor in his royal court.

Pro. Why this it is ! 'niy heart accords there..
Ant. I know it welle

to ;
Pan. 'Twere good, I think, your lordship And yet a thousand times it answers, no.
sent bim thither :

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There shall be practise tilts and tournaments,
Hear sweet discourse, converse with noblemen ;
And be in eye of every exercise,

Worthy his youth and nobleness of birth.
Ant. I like thy counsel ; well bast thou ad-

SCENE 1.-Milan. An Apartment in the

DUKE'S Palace. And, that thou may'st perceive how well i

Enter VALENTINE and SPEED. like it, The execution of it shall wab. known;

Speed. Sir, your glove.

• Break the matterto him. + Wonder, # Reproach.


vis'd ;

• Since.

SCENE VI.-The same.-An Apartment in Bat qualify the dre's extreme rage, the Palace.

Lest it should burn above the bounds of mass.

Jul. The more thou dain'st it up, the more : Enter PROTBUS.

burns ; Pro. To leave my Julia, shall I be forswom; The current, that with gentle murmur çlides, To love fair Silvia, shall I be forgworn';

Thou know'st, being stopp'd, impatienty doid To wrong my friend, I shall be much forsworn;

rage ; And eveu that power, which gave me first ms But, when bis fair course is not hindered, oath,

He makes sweet music with the enamel'd stones, Provokes me to this threefold perjury.

Giving a gentle kiss to every sedge Love bade me swear, and love bids me for. He overtaketh in his pilgrimage swear :

And so by many winding nooks be strays, O sweet-suggesting love, if thou hast sinn'd, With willing sport, to the wild ocean. Teach me, thy tempted subject, to excuse it. Then let me go, and hinder not my course : At tirst I did adore a twinkling star,

I'll be as patient as a gentle stream, But now I worship a celestial sun.

And make a pastime of each weary step, Unheedful vows may heedfully be broken ; Till the last step tave brought me to my love; And he wants wit, that wants resolved will And there I'll rest, as, after inach turmoil, To learn bis wit to exchange the bad for bet. A blessed soul doth in Elysium. ter.

Luc. But in what babit will you go aloag! Fie, fie, unreverend tongue ! to call her bad, Jul. Not like a woman ; for 1 would provest Whose sovereignty so oft thou bast preferr'd The loose encounters of lascivious mes : With twenty thousand soul-confirming oaths. Gentle Lucetta, fit me with such weeds I cannot leave to love, and yet I do ;

As may beseem some well-reputed page. But there I leave to love, where I should love. Luc. Why then your ladysbip must cut you Julia I lose, and Valentine I lose :

hair. If I keep them, I needs must lose myself; Jut. No, girt ; I'll knit it up in silken strings, If I lose them, thus find i by their loss,

With twenty odd-conceited true love knots : For Valentine, myself; for Julià, Silvia. To be fantastic may become a youth I to myself am dearer than a friend ;

of greater time than I shall sbox to be. For love is still more precious tban itself:

Luc. What fashion, madam, sball I make your And Silvia, witness beaven, that made her fair !

breeches ? Shows Julia but a swarthy Ethiope.

Jul. That fits as well, as —" tell me, good my I will forget that Julia is alive,

lord, Rememb'ring that my love to her is dead; “What compass will you wear your farthis. And Valentine I'll bold an enemy,

gale ?" Aiming at Silvia as a sweeter friend.

Why, even that fashion thoa best lik'st, Lecetta, I cannot now prove constant to myself,

Luc. You must needs bave them with a Without some treachery used to Valentine :

piece, madam. This night, he meaneth with a corded ladder Jul. Out, out, Lucetta! that will be 18+ to climb celestial Silvia's chamber-wiudow;

vour'd. Myself in counsel, his competitor :

Luc. A round bose, madam, bor's not worth Now presently I'll give ber father notice,

a pin, of their disguising, and pretended flight: Unless you bave a cod-piece to stick pins en. Who, all enrag'd, will banish Valentine ;

Jul. Lucetta, as thou lov'st me, let me bare For Thorio, he intends, shall wed his daughter : Wbat thou think'st meet, and is nost saosetly: But, Valentine being gone, I'll quickly cross, But tell me, wench, bow will the world repude By some sly trick, blunt Thurio's dull proceed

me, ing.

For undertaking so unstaid a journey ! Love, lend me wings to make my purpose swift, I fear me, it will make me scandaliz'd. As thou hast leut me wit to plot this drift! Luc. If you think so, then stay at home, ad


Jul. Nay, that I will not. SCENE VII.-Verona.-A Room in JULIA'S Laic. Then never dream on infamy, bot . House.

If Proteus like your joumey, when you coat,


matter who's displeas'd, when you are

goue : Jul. Counsel, Lucetta ; gentle girl, assist i fear me, he will scarce be pleas'd witbala me !

Jul. That is the least, Lacetta, of my fear: And, even in kind love, I do conjure thee, - A thousand oaths, an ocean of his tears, Who art the table wherein all iny thoughts, And instances as infinite of love, Are visibly character'd and evgrav'd,

Warrant me welcome to my Proteus. To lesson me! and tell me some good mean, Luc. All these are servants to deceitfal Da. How, with my honour, I may undertake

Jul. Base men, that use them to so base A journey to my loving Proteis.

effect ! Luc. Alas! the way is wearisome and long. But truer stars did govern Proteus' birth :

Jul. A true-devoted pilgriin is not weary His words are bonds, bis oaths are oracies; To measure kingdoms with his feeble steps; His love sincere, his thoughts intaculate; Much less sball she, that bath love's wings to His tears, pure messengers sent from his beart: ty ;

His heart as far from fraud, as leavta frus And when the flight is made to one so dear,

earth. of such divine perfectiou, as Sir Proteus.

Luc. Pray heaven, he prove so, wben you Luc. Better forbear, till Proteus make re

come to him! turu.

Jul. Now, as thou lov'st me, do bim bo ta Jul. On! know'st tbou not, his looks are my

wrong, soul's food?

To bear a hard opinion of bis truth : Pity the dearth that I have pined in,

Only deserve my love, by loving bim; By longing for that food so long a time. And presently go with me to my chamber, Didst thou but know the inly touch of love, To take a note of wbat I stand in need of, Thon would'st as soon go kindle fire with snow, To furnish me upon my longing : journey. As seek to quench the fire of love with words. All that is mine I leave at thy dispose, Luc. I do not seek to quench your love's hot My goods, my lands, my reputation ;

+ Trouble. • Confederate. t latended,

• Clusest.

1 Longta for.

go not.

tire ;

Only, in lieu thereof, despatch ine hence : Duke. Nay, then no matter ; stay with me a Come, answer not, but to it presently ;

while ; I am impatient of my tarriance.

I am to break with thee of some affairs, (Ereunt. That touch me near, where iu twu inust be

secret. 'Tis not unknown to thee, that I have sought

To match my friend, Sir Thurio, lo my daughaACT HI.


Val, I know it well, my lord; and, sure, the SCENE I.-Milan.- An Ante-room in the

match Duke's palace.

Were rich and honourable ; besides, the gentle

man Enter DUKE, THURIO, and PROTEUS.

Is full of virtue, bonnty, worth, and qualities Duke. Sir Thurio, give us leave, I pray, Beseeming such a wife as your fair daughter : awhile :

Cannot your grace win her to fancy him? We have some secrets to confer about.-

Duke. No, trust me : she is peevish, sullen, (Erit TUURIO.

froward, Now, tell me, Proteus, what's your will with Proud, disobedient, stubborn, lackiug duty; me 1

Neither regarding that she is my child, Pro. My gracious lord, that which I would Nor fearing me as if I were her father : discover,

And, may I say to thee, this pride of her's, The law of friendship bids me to conceal ; Upon advice, hath drawn my love from her; But, when I call to mind your gracious favours And, where I thought the remnant of mine Done to me, undeserving as I am,

age My duly pricks me on to utter ibat

Should have been cherish'd by her child-like Wbich else no worldly good should draw from

duty, me.

I now am full resolved to take a wife, Know, worthy prince, Sir Valentine, my friend, And turn ber out to who will take her in : This night intends to steal away your daughter; Tben let her beauty be her wedding-dower ; Myself am one made privy to the plot.

For me and my possessions she esteems not. I know, yon bave determin'd to bestow her Val. What would your grace bave me to do On Thirio, whom your gentle daughter hates ;

in this ! And should she thus be stolen away from you, Duke. There is a lady, Sir, in Milan here, It would be much vexation to your age.

Whom I affect; but she is nice, and coy, Thus, for my diity's sake, I rather chose

And nought esteems my aged eloquence ; V To cross my friend in his intended drift, Now, therefore, would I have thee to my tutor,

Than, by concealing it, beap on your bead (Fur long agone I have forgot to court : A pack of sorrows, which would press you Besides, the fashion of the time is changid; down,

How, and which way, I may bestow inssell, Being unprevented, to your timeless grave. To be regarded in her suu-bright eye. Duke. Proteus, 'I thank thee for thine honest Val. Win her with gifts, if she respect not care ;

words ; Which to requite, command me while I live. Dumb jewels often, in their silent kind, This love of their's myself bave often seen, More than quick words, do move a woman's Haply, when they have judged me fast asleep;

mniud. And oftentimes have purpus'd to forbid

Duke. But she did scorn a present that I sent Sir Valentine her company and my court :

her. But, fearing lest my jealous aim• might err, Val. A woman sometimes scorns what best And so, unwortbily, disgrace the man,

contents ber : (A rasbness that I ever yet have shuna'd,) Send her another; never give her o'er ; I gave him gentle looks; thereby to find

For sworn at first makes after love the more. That which thyself bast now disclos'd to me. If she do frown, 'tis not in bate of you, And, that thou may'st perceive my fear of this, But rather to beget more love in you: Knowing that tender youth is soon suggested, t If she do chide, 'tis not have you gone ; I nightly lodge her in an upper tower,

for why, the fools are mad, if left alone. The key whereof myself bave ever kept ; Take no repulse, whatever sbe doib say ; And thence sbe cannot be convey'd away. For, get you gone, sbe doth blot mean, au ay; Pro. Know, noble lord, they have devis'd a Flaiter, and, praise, commeud, extol their

graces ; How be her chamber-window will ascend, Though ne'er so black, say, they have angels' And with a corded ladder fetch her down;

faces. For which the youthful lover now is gone, That man that hath a tougue, I say, is no And this way comes be with it presently ;

man, Wbere, if it please you, you may intercept him if with his tongne he cannot win a woman. Bat, good my lord, do it so cunningly,

Duke. But she, I mean, is promis'd by her That my discovery be not aimed i at;

friends For love of you, not hate unto my friend, Unto a youthful gentleman of werth ; Hath made ine publisher of this pretence. $ And kept severely from resort of meu, Duke. Upou mine honour, he shall never That no man bath access by day to her. know

Val. Why tbeu I would resort to her by That I had any light from thee of this.

night. Pre. Adieu, my lord ; Sir Valentine is com- Duke. Ay, but the doors be lock'd, and keys ing.


kept sale,

That no man hath recourse to her by night. Enter VALENTINE.

Val. What lets, but one may enter at her Duke. Sir Valentine, whither away so fast ?

window 1 Val. Please it your grace there is a inessenger Duke. Her ehamber is aloft, far from the That stays to bear my letters to my friends,

ground; And I am going to deliver them.

And built so shelving that one cannot climb it Duke. Be they of much import?

Without apparent hazard of his life. Val. The tenor of them doth but signify Val. why tben, a ladder, quaintly made of My beaktb, and happy being at your couri.


To cast up with a pair of anchoring books, Tempted. Geessed. A Desiga.

• Hinders.


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