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Ministers ; both he and all the people kneel | everlasting life; through Jé

LMIGHTY God, Father sus Christ our Lord. Amen. of our Lord Jesus Christ,

« Then shall the Priest say,

Hear what comfortable Maker of all things, Judge of

words our Saviour Christ all men; We acknowledge saith unto all that truly turn and bewail our manifold sins

to him. and wickedness, Which we,

VOME unto me all that from time to time, most griev- C ously have committed, By | den, and I will refresh you.

travail and are heavy lathought, word, and deed, St. Matth, xi. 28. Against thy Divine Majesty,

So God loved the world, Provoking most justly thy that he gave his only-begotwrath and indignation against ten Son, to the end that all us. We do earnestly repent, that believe in him should And are heartily sorry for

not perish, but have everlastthese our misdoings; The remembrance of them is grieving life. St. John iii

. 16.

Hear also what Saint Paul ous unto us; The burden of

saith. them is intolerable. Have

This is a true saying, and mercy upon us, Have mercy worthy of all men to be reupon us, most merciful Fa-ceived, That Christ Jesus ther; For thy Son our Lord

came into the world to save Jesus Christ's sake, Forgive sinners. 1 Tim. i. 15. us all that is past; And grant

Hear also what Saint John that we may ever hereafter

saith. Serve and please thee In newness of life, To the honour Advocate with the Father, Je

If any man sin, we have an and glory of thy Name; Thro?

sus Christ the righteous; and * Then shall the Priest (or the Bishop, being he is the propitiation for our

present,) stand up, and turning himself to sins. 1 St. John ii. 1.
the people, pronounce this Absolution,

9 After which the Priest shall proceed, saying, heavenly

Lift up your hearts. of his great mercy hath pro- unto the Lord.

Answer. We lift them up mised forgiveness of sins to all them that with hearty re

Priest. Let us give thanks

unto our Lord God. pentance and true faith turn

Answer. It is meet and unto him; Have mercy upon right so to do. you; pardon and deliver you from all your sins; confirm - Then shall the Priest turn to the Lord's

Table, and suy, and strengthen you in all IT is very meet, right, and goodness; and bring you to our bounden duty, that we

Father) must be omi.


should at all times, and in all | death hath destroyed death, places, give thanks unto thee, and by his rising to life again These words (tolz . O Lord, Holy

Holy hath restored to us everlastTrimiy-sur Father, Almigh- ing life. Therefore with Anty, Everlasting God. gels, &c.

Here shall follow the Proper Preface, ac- Upon Ascension-day, and seven days cording to the time, if there be any specially

after. appointed : or else immediately shall follow, THI

HEREFORE with An- T'dearly beloved Son Je

gels and Archangels, and with all the company of sus Christ our Lord; who heaven, we laud and magnify after his most glorious Re

surrection manifestly appearthy glorious Name; evermore ed to all his Apostles, and in praising thee, and saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God their sight ascended up into of hosts, heaven and earth heaven to prepare a place for are full of thy glory: Glory us; that where he is, thither be to thee, O Lord most

we might also ascend, and

reign with him in glory. High. Amen.

Therefore with Angels, &c. Proper Prefaces.

Upon Whit-sunday, and six days Upon Christmas-day, and seven days

after. after. BECesus Christ thine only whose most true promise, the ECAUSE thou didst give THROUGH

Jesus Christ Son to be born as at this time Holy Ghost came down as at for us; who, by the operation this time from heaven with of the Holy Ghost

, was made a sudden great sound, as it very man of the substance of had been å mighty wind, in the Virgin Mary his mother; the likeness of fiery tongues, and that without spot of sin, lighting upon the Apostles, to make us clean from all sin. to teach them, and to lead Therefore with Angels, &c. them to all truth; giving Upon Easter-day, and seven days them both the gift of divers after.

languages, and also boldness UT chiefly are we bound | with fervent zeal constantly

to praise thee for the to preach the Gospel unto glorious Resurrection of thy all nations; whereby we have Son Jesus Christ our Lord: been brought out of darkness for he is the very Paschal and error into the clear light Lamb, which was offered for and true knowledge of thee, lls, and hath taken away the and of thy Son Jesus Christ. sin of the world; who by his | Therefore with Angels, &c.


Upon the Feast of Trinity only. made clean by his body, and THO art one God, one our souls washed through his

Lord; not one only most precious blood, and that Person, but three Persons we may evermore dwell in in one Substance. For that him, and he in us. Amen. which we believe of the glory When the Priest, standing before the Table of the Father, the same we

hath so ordered the Bread and Wine, that

he may with the more readiness and decency believe of the Son, and of break the Bread before the people, and take

the Cup into his hands, he shall say the the Holy Ghost, without Prayer of Consecration, as followeth. any difference or inequality.

, Therefore with Angels, &c. heavenly Father, who < After each of which Prefaces shall immedi- of thy tender mercydidst ately be sung or said,

give thine only Son Jesus TH

"HEREFORE with An- Christ to suffer death upon

gels and Archangels, and the Cross for our redemption; with all the company of hea- who made there (by his one ven, we laud and magnify oblation of himself once ofthy glorious Name ; ever- fered) a full, perfect, and suffimore praising thee, and say- cient sacrifice, oblation, and ing, Holy, holy, holy, Lord satisfaction, for the sins of God of hosts, heaven and the whole world; and did inearth are full of thy glory : stitute, and in his holy Gospel Glory be to thee, O Lord command us to continue, a most High. Amen.

perpetual memory of that his & Then shall the Priest, kneeling down at the precious death, until his comLord's Table, say in the name of all them that shall receive the Communion this Prayer

ing again ; Hear

US, follorcing.

ciful Father, we most humbly TE do not presume to beseech thee; and grant that

come to this thy Ta- we receiving these thy creable, O merciful Lord, trusting tures of bread and wine, acin our own righteousness, but cording to thy Son our Sain thy manifold and great viour Jesus Christ's holy inmercies. We are not worthy stitution, in remembrance of so much as to gather up the his death and passion, may be crumbs under thy Table. But partakers of his most blessed thou art the same Lord, whose Body and Blood: who, in the property is always to have same night that he was betraymercy : Grant us therefore,

: Here Che priest ed, * took Bread; gracious Lord, so to eat the into his hands!

when he flesh of thy dear Son Jesus

had given thanks, Christ, and to drink his blood, brendremo

Anda bered to the brake it, and that our sinful bodies

may be

gave it to his dis

O mere



And here to lay his hand upon all

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ciples, saying, Take, eat,

Form before prescribed ; beginning at (Our

Saviour Christ in the same night, &c.] for this is my Body the blessing of the Bread; and at [Likewise the Bread.

after Supper, &c.) for the blessing of the Cup. which is given for

& When all have communicated, the Minister you : Do this in remembrance shall return to the Lord's Table, and reve.

rently place upon it uhat remaineth of the of me. Likewise after sup- consecrated Elements, covering the same

with a fair linen cloth. Here he is o per he † took the take into

Then shall the Priest say the Lord's Prayer, his hand : Cup; and, when he the people repeating after him every Petition. had given thanks, he gave it to UR Father, which art in them, saying, Drink ye all of heaven, Hallowed be 11. And here to lay this; for this is thy Name.

thy Name. Thy kingdom arritesh per te my Blood of the come. Thy will be done in om in which there New Testament, earth, As it is in heaven. Give consecrated.

which is shed for us this day our daily bread. you and for many for the re- And forgive us our trespasses, mission of sins: Do this, as As we forgive them that oft as ye shall drink it, in re- trespass against us. And membrance of me. Amen. lead us not into temptation ;

Then shall the Minister first receive the But deliver us from evil: proceed to deliver the same to the Bishops For thine is the kingdom, Priests, and Deacons, in like manner. The power, and the glory, also in order, 'into their hands, all meekly For ever and ever. Amen. kneeling. And, when he delirereth the Bread to any one, he shall say,

« After shall be said as followeth. HE Body

Lord and heavenly FaJesus Christ, which was

ther, we thy humble sergiven for thee, preserve thy vants entirely desire thy faa body and soul unto everlast- therly goodness mercifully to ing life. Take and eat this accept this our sacrifice of in remembrance that Christ praise and thanksgiving; most died for thee, and feed on humbly beseeching thee to him in thy heart by faith grant, that by the merits and with thanksgiving

death of thy Son Jesus Christ, 9 And the Minister that delivereth the Cup and through faith in his blood,

to uny one shall say, 'HE Blood of our Lord we and all thy whole Church

Jesus Christ, which was may obtain remission of our şhed for thee, preserve thy sins, and all other benefits of body and soul unto everlast- his passion. And here we ofing life. Drink this in re- fer and present unto thee, o membrance that Christ's Lord, ourselves, our souls and Blood was shed for thee, and bodies, to be a reasonable, be thankful.

holy, and lively sacrifice unIf the consecrated Bread or Wine be all to thee; humbly beseeching Priest is to consecrate more uccording to the thee, that all we, who are


christ, which was O


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all his works, and constantly mission of sins; the Resurbelieve God's holy Word, and rection of the flesh; and obediently keep his com- everlasting life after death? mandments.

Answer. All this I stedThen shall the Priest demand of each of the fastly believe. persons to be baptized, severally, these Questions following:


ILT thou be baptized
OST thou renounce the

in this faith? devil and all his works, Answer. That is my desire. the vain pomp and glory of

Question. world, with all

LT thou then obedidesires of the same and the ently keep God's holy carnal desires of the flesh, so will and commandments, and that thou wilt not follow, nor walk in the same all the days be led by them?

of thy life? Answer. I renounce them Answer. I will endeavour all.

so to do, God being my Question.

OST thou believe in God q Then shall the Priest say,
the Father Almighty,

that Maker of heaven and earth?

the old Adam in these And in Jesus Christ his persons may be so buried, that only-begotten Son our Lord ? the new man may be raised And that he was conceived up in them. Amen. by the Holy Ghost; born of Grant that all carnal affecthe Virgin Mary ; that he tions may die in them, and suffered under Pontius Pilate, that all things belonging to was crucified, dead, and bu- the Spirit may live and grow ried; that he went down into in them. Amen. hell, and also did rise again Grant that they may have the third day; that he as- power and strength to have cended into heaven, and sit- victory, and to

to triumph, teth at the right hand of God against the devil, the world, the Father Almighty; and and the flesh. Amen. from thence shall come again Grant that they, being here at the end of the world, to dedicated to thee by our ofjudge the quick and the fice and ministry, may also dead?

be endued with heavenly virAnd dost thou believe in tues, and everlastingly rethe Holy Ghost; the holy warded, through thy mercy, Catholick Church; the Con- o blessed Lord God, who munion of Saints; the Re- dost live, and govern all

O Merciful God, grant that

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