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Сторінка 357 - SPECIMENS OF ANCIENT SCULPTURE: EGYPTIAN, ETRUSCAN, GREEK, AND ROMAN. Selected from different Collections in Great Britain by the Society of Dilettanti.
Сторінка 320 - Testament!,' with 90 wood-cuts beautifully engraved. Crown 8vo. half bound morocco, 1(. Is. A few copies printed entirely on India paper, 2J. 2s. THE DANCE OF DEATH, exhibited in fifty-five elegant Engravings on Wood, with a Dissertation on the several Representations of that Subject; more particularly on those attributed to MACABER and HOLBEIN, by FRANCIS DOUCE, FSA 8vo.
Сторінка 339 - LODGE'S Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, with Biographical and Historical Memoirs. 240 Portraits engraved on Steel, with the respective Biographies unabridged. 8 vols. 5*. each. LONGFELLOW'S Prose Works. With 16 full -page Wood Engravings. 5*. LOUDON'S (Mrs.) Natural History. Revised edition, by WS Dallas, FLS With numerous Woodcut Illus. $s. LOWNDES...
Сторінка 272 - Histoire de saint Louis, par Jehan, sire de Joinville. Les annales de son règne, par Guillaume de Nangis. Sa vie et ses miracles, par le confesseur de la reine Marguerite. Le tout publié d'après les manuscrits de la Bibliothèque du Roi, et accompagné d'un glossaire (par J.-B.
Сторінка 282 - Recueil complet des tableaux, statues et basreliefs, qui composent la collection nationale; avec l'explication des sujets et des discours historiques sur la peinture, la sculpture et la gravure par S.-C. Croze-Magnan. Publié par Robillard-Peronville et Laurent.
Сторінка 349 - The Arte of English Poesie. Contriued into three Bookes : The first of POETS and POESIE, the second of PROPORTION, the third of ORNAMENT.
Сторінка 307 - The Tragedies gathered by Jhon Bochas of all such Princes as fell from theyr Estates throughe the Mutability of Fortune since the creation of Adam until his time ; wherin may be seen what vices bring menne to destruccion, wyth notable warninges howe the like may be avoyded. Translated into English by John Lidgate, Monke of Burye.
Сторінка 356 - Majesty's castles and palaces, together with those of the most considerable towns and colleges; the ruins of many ancient abbeys, churches, monasteries, and convents, within the said kingdom ; all curiously engraven on copperplates, with a short description of each place.
Сторінка 357 - SPECIMENS OF ANCIENT SCULPTURE; Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman. Selected from different Collections in Great Britain by the Society of Dilettanti.

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