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Shows a house already built; tells just how to start about wiring it; where to begin; what wire to use; how to run it according to Insurance Rules; in fact, just the information you need. Directions apply equally to a shop. Fourth cdition... 25 cents



The only work published that describes the modern machine shop or manufacturing
plant from the time the grass is growing on the site intended for it until the finished
product is shipped. By a careful study of its thirty-two chapters the practical man
may economically build, efficiently equip, and successfully manage the modern machine
shop or manufacturing establishment. Just the book needed by those contemplating
the erection of modern shop buildings, the rebuilding and reorganization of old ones,
or the introduction of modern shop methods, time and cost systems. It is a book
written and illustrated by a practical shop man for practical shop men who are too
busy to read theories and want facts. It is the most complete all around book of its
kind ever published. It is a practical book for practical men, from the apprentice in
the shop to the president in the office. It minutely describes and illustrates the most
simple and yet the most efficient time and cost system yet devised. Price $5.00



This book has been prepared with special reference to the generation of heat by the
combustion of the common fuels found in the United States, and deals particularly
with the conditions necessary to the economic and smokeless combustion of bituminous
coals in Stationary and Locomotive Steam Boilers.
The presentation of this important subject is systematic and progressive. The ar-
rangement of the book is in a series of practical questions to which are appended
accurate answers, which describe in language, free from technicalities, the several
processes involved in the furnace combustion of American fuels; it clearly states the
essential requisites for perfect combustion, and points out the best methods for furnace
construction for obtaining the greatest quantity of heat from any given quality of
coal. Nearly 350 pages, fully illustrated. Price . . . . . . . . . . $1.00


A complete treatise for all interested in smoke prevention and combustion, being based on the German work of Ernst Schmatolla, but it is more than a mere translation of the German treatise, much being added. The authors show as briefly as possible the principles of fuel combustion, the methods which have been and are at present in use, as well as the proper scientific methods for obtaining all the energy in the coal and burning it without smoke. Considerable space is also given to the examination of the waste gases, and several of the representative English and Amer. ican mechanical stoker and similar appliances are described. The losses carried away in the waste gases are thoroughly analyzed and discussed in the Appendix, and abstracts are also here given of various patents on combustion apparatus. The book is complete and contains much of value to all who have charge of large plants. 194 pages. Illustrated. Price .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.50



This is a practical treatise on the Gasoline and Kerosene Engine intended for the man
who wants to know just how to manage his engine and how to apply it to all kinds of
farm work to the best advantage.
This book abounds with hints and helps for the farm and suggestions for the home
and housewife. There is so much of value in this book, that it is impossible to ade-
quately describe it in such small space. Suffice to say that it is the kind of a book
every farmer will appreciate and every farm home ought to have. Includes selecting
the most suitable engine for farm work, its most convenient and efficient installation,
with chapters on troubles, their remedies, and how to avoid them. The care and
management of the farm tractor in plowing, harrowing, harvesting and road grading
are fully covered: also plain directions are given for handling the tractor on the road.
Special attention is given to relieving farm life of its drudgery by applying power to
the disagreeable small tasks which must otherwise be done by hand. Many home-
made contrivances for cutting wood, supplying kitchen, garden, and barn with water,
loading, hauling and unloading hay, delivering grain to the bins or the feod trough
are included; also full directions for mak ing the engine milk the cows, churn, wash,
sweep the house and clean the windows, etc. Very fully illustrated with drawings of
working parts and cuts showing Stationary, Portable and Tractor Engines doing all
binds of farm work. All money-making farms utilize power. Learn how to utilize
power by reading the pages of this book. It is an aid to the result getter, invaluable

to the up-to-date farmer, student, blacksmith, implement dealer and, in fact, all who can apply practical knowledge of stationary gasoline engines or gas tractors to advan. tage. 530 pages. Nearly 180 engravings. Price . . . . . . . . . . $2.00

WHAT IS SAID OF THIS BOOK: “Am much pleased with the book and find it to be very complete and up-to-date. I will heartily recommend it to students and farmers whom I think would stand in need of such a work, as I think it is an exceptionally good one." —N. S. Gardiner, Prof. in Charge, Clemson Agr. College of S. C.; Dept. of Agri. and Agri. Exp. Station, Clemson College, S. C. “I feel that Mr. Putnam's book covers the main points which a farmer should know." -R. T. Burdick, Instructor in Agronomy, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. “It will be a valuable addition to our library upon Farm Machinery."-James A.

Farra, Inst. in Agri. Engineering, State University of Ky., Lexington, Ky. GASOLINE ENGINES: THEIR OPERATION, USE AND CARE. By A. HYATT

The simplest, latest and most comprehensive popular work published on Gasoline
Engines, describing what the Gasoline Engine is; its construction and operation: how
to install it: how to select it; how to use it and how to remedy troubles encountered.
Intended for Owners, Operators and Users of Gasoline Motors of all kinds. This
work fully describes and illustrates the various types of Gasoline Engines used in
Motor Boats, Motor Vehicles and Stationary Work. The parts, accessories and
appliances are described, with chapters on ignition, fuel, lubrication, operation and
engine troubles. Special attention is given to the care, operation and repair of motors.
with useful hints and suggestions on emergency repairs and makeshifts. A complete
glossary of technical terms and an alphabetically arranged table of troubles and their
symptoms form most valuable and unique features of this manual. Nearly every
illustration in the book is original, having been made by the author. Every page is
full of interest and value. A book which you cannot afford to be without. 275 pages.

152 specially made engravings. (See page 16 for full description.) Price . . $1.50 GAS, GASOLINE AND OIL ENGINES. By GARDNER D. Hiscox. Revised

Just issued, 1915 revised and enlarged edition. Every user of a gas engine
needs this book. Simple, instructive and right up to date. The only complete
work on the subject. Tells all about internal combustion engineering, treating
exhaustively on the design, construction and practical application of all forms
of gas, gasoline, kerosene, and crude petroleum-oil engines. Describes minutely
all auxiliary systems, such as lubrication, carburetion and ignition. Considers
the theory and management of all forms of explosive motors for stationary and
marine work, automobiles, aeroplanes and motor-cycles. Includes also Producer
Gas and Its Production. Invaluable instructions for all students, gas-engine
owners, gas-engineers, patent experts, designers, mechanics, draftsmen, and all
having to do with the modern power. Illustrated by over 400 engravings, many
specially made from engineering drawings, all in correct proportion. 650 pages,

435 engravings. Price, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Net $2.50 GAS ENGINE CONSTRUCTION, OR HOW TO BUILD A HALF-HORSE.

A practical treatise of 300 pages describing the theory and principles of the action of
Gas Engines of various types and the design and construction of a half-horse power
Gas Engine, with illustrations of the work in actual progress, together with the dimen-
sioned working drawings, giving clearly the sizes of the various details; for the student.
the scientific investigator, and the amateur mechanic. This book treats of the subiect
more from the stand int of practice than that of theory. The principles of operation
of Gas Engines are rly and simply described, and then the actual construction of a
half-horse power engine is taken up, step by step, showing in detail the making of the

Gas Engine. 3d Edition. 300 pages. Price . . . . . . . . . . $2.50 MODERN GAS ENGINES AND PRODUCER GAS PLANTS. By R. E. MATHOT.

A guide for the gas engine designer, user, and engineer in the construction, selection,
purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance of gas engines. More than one
book on gas engines has been written, but not one has thus far even encroached on the
feld covered by this book. Above all Mr. Mathot's work is a practical guide. Recog-
nizing the need of a volume that would assist the gas engine user in understanding
thoroughly the motor upon which he depends for power, the author has discussed his
subiect without the help of any mathematics and without elaborate theoretical ex-
planations. Every part of the gas engine is described in detail, tersely, clearly. with
à thorough understanding of the requirements of the mechanic. Helpful suggestions
as to the purchase of an engine, its installation, care, and operation, form a most
valuable feature of the work. 320 pages. 175 detailed illustrations. Price: $2.50


A complete treatise describing all types and sizes of gasoline, kerosene and oil tractors.
Considers design and construction exhaustively, gives complete instructions for care.
operation and repair, outlines all practical applications on the road and in the field.
The best and latest work on farm tractors and tractor power plants. A work needed

farmers, students, blacksmiths, mechanics, salesmen, implement dealers, designers and engineers. 500 pages. Nearly 300 illustrations and folding plates, Price $2.00

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Their Operation, Use and Care.

The Simplest, Latest and Most Comprehensive

Popular work published on Gasoline Engines
275 (5 x 7) PAGES.



This book describes what the Gasoline Engine is; its construction and operation; how to install it; how to select it; how to use it and how to remedy troubles encountered. Intended for Owners, Operator and Users of Gasoline Motors of all kinds,

A complete glossary of technical terms and an alphabetically arranged table of troubles and their symptoms form most valuable and unique features of this manual. Nearly every illustration in the book is original, having been made by the author. Every page is full of interest and value. A book which you cannot afford to be without.


Types of Motors-Operation of Two-cycle Motor-Operation of Four-cycle Motor-Various Designs, Makes and Forms of Two-cycle Motors-Three-port Motors-Combination and Fourport Motors-Open-base and Distributor-valve Motors-Multiple-cyclinder Two-cycle Motors Various Forms, Designs, and Variations of Four-cycle Motors-Valves and their Operation -Valve Mechanisms and Motions-Automatic and Mechanically operated Valves-Sleeve-valve and Rotary-valve Motors-Opposed-cylinder and Offset-crank Motors, Freak Motors, and Horizontal Motors-Parts of Two-cycle Motors-Parts of Four-cycle Motors-Design and Construction of Motor Parts Cylinders, Pistons, Crank.cases, Rings, Pins, Jackets, Shafts, Connecting-rods, Bearings, Cams and Gears-Cooling Methods-Water and Air-cooled Systems -Motor Accessories-Vaporizers and Carburetors-Pumps, Fans and Water CirculationLubrication-Gravity and force-feed Oiler, Grease Cups and Oiling Methods-Principles of Electrical Ignition-Dynamos and Magnetos-High and Low-tension Magnetos -The Wico Igniter-Spark Coils-Spark Plugs-Vibrators-Timers-The Delco System-Make-and-break Ignition-Igniters-Operation of Igniters-Comparsion of Make-and-break and Jump SparkAltering Make-and-break to Jump Spark-Mufflers and Exhaust Devices-Governors-Fuel and Fuel Consumption-Oils and Greases-Installation-Piping and Wiring-Gaskets and Packings-Adjustments—General Care of Motors-Table of Motor Troubles with Causes and Remedies-Tools-Emergency Repairs and Makeshifts-Grinding Compounds. Polishes. Enamels. Paints, etc-Carbon Removers and Cleansers Belts and Belt Dressings-Anti-freezing Mistures-Glossary of Alphabetically Arranged Technical Terms with Explanations-Heat Values of. Fuels-size and Capacity of Tanks-ton Pipe Table-U. S. Standard Screw ThreadsCap-Screw Sizes-Drills for Screw Holes-Surface and Volume Tables.

JUST PUBLIS H ED MOTORCYCLES, SIDE CARS and CYCLECARS Their Construction, Management and Repair

By VICTOR W. PAGÉ, Author of "The Modern Gasoline Automobile,” Etc., Etc. Contains over 350 illustrations showing the most valuable series of drawings per.

taining to motorcycle design and construction ever published. 550 PAGES

PRICE $1.50 The material contained within the pages of this book is of a practical nature that can easily be assimilated and understood by anyone. The instructions given for control, maintenance and repair will be valuable for the novice rider, while the discussions of mechanical principles will undoubtedly appeal to the more experienced riders, dealers and others in the trade.



A book that will at once commend itself to mechanics and draftsmen. Does away with all the trigonometry and fancy figuring on bevel gears, and makes it easy for anyone to lay them out or make them just right. There are 36 full-page tables that show every necessary dimension for all sizes or combinations you're apt to need. No puzzling, figuring or guessing. Gives placing distance, all the angles (including cutting angles), and the correct cutter to use. A copy of this prepares you for any

thing in the bevel-gear line. 3d Edition. 66 pages. . . . . . . . . $1.00 CHANGE GEAR DEVICES. By OSCAR E. PERRIGO.

A practical book for every designer, draftsman, and mechanic interested in the inven.
tion and development of the devices for feed changes on the different machines requir-
ing such mechanism. All the necessary information on this subject is taken up, analyzed.
classified, sifted, and concentrated for the use of busy men who have not the time to
go through the masses of irrelevant matter with which such a subject is usually
encumbered and select such information as will be useful to them.
It shows just what has been done, how it has been done, when it was done, and who
did it. It saves time in hunting up patent records and re-inventing old ideas. 88

pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00 DRAFTING OF CAMS. By Louis ROUILLION.

The laying out of cams is a serious problem unless you know how to go at it right. This puts you on the right road for practically any kind of cam you are likely to run up against. 3d Edition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 cents



A treatise on the properties, power, and resources of water for all purposes. Including the measurement of streams, the flow of water in pipes or conduits; the horse-power of falling water, turbine and impact water-wheels, wave motors, centrifugal, reciprocating, and air-lift pumps. With 300 figures and diagrams and 36 practical tables, All who are interested in water-works development will find this book a useful one, because it is an entirely practical treatise upon a subject of present importance, and cannot fail in having a far-reaching influence, and for this reason should have a place in the working library of every engineer. Among the subjects treated are: Historical Hydraulics, Properties of Water, Measurement of the Flow of Streams; Flow from Sub-surface Orifices and Nozzles; Flow of Water in Pipes; Siphons of Various Kinds; Dams and Great Storage Reservoirs; City and Town Water Supply; Wells and Their Reinforcement; Air Lift Methods of Raising Water: Artesian Wells: Irrigation of Arid Districts; Water Power; Water Wheels; Pumps and Pumping Machinery; Reciprocating Pumps; Hydraulic Power Transmission; Hydraulic Mining; Canals; Ditches; Conduits and Pipe Lines; Marine Hydraulics; Tidal and Sea Wave Power, etc. 3

s. Price . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00



This is one of the latest and most comprehensive reference books published on the
subject of refrigeration and cold storage. It explains the properties and refrigerating
effect of the different fluids in use, the management of refrigerating machinery, and the
construction and insulation of cold rooms with their required pipe surface for different
degrees of cold; freezing mixtures and non-freezing brines, temperatures of cold rooms
for all kinds of provisions, cold-storage charges for all classes of goods, ice making and
storage of ice, data and memoranda for constant reference by refrigerating engineers,
with nearly one hundred tables containing valuable references to every fact and con-
dition required in the installment and operation of a refrigerating plant. Illustrated.
(5th Edition, revised.) Prico . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . $1.50



This is a book designed as a guide to inventors in perfecting their inventions, taking
out their patents and disposing of them. It is not in any sense a Patent Solicitor's
Circular nor a Patent Broker's Advertisement. No advertisements of any description
appear in the work. It is a book containing a quarter of a century's experience of a
successful inventor, together with notes based upon the experience of many other
Among the subjects treated in this work are: How to Invent. How to Secure a
Good Patent. Value of Good Invention. How to Exhibit an Invention. How to
Interest Capital. How to Estimate the Value of a Patent. Value of Design Patents.
Value of Foreign Patents. Value of Small Inventions. Advice on Selling Patents.
Advice on the Formation of Stock Companies. Advice on the Formation of Limited
Liability Companies. Advice on Disposing of Old Patents, Advice as to Patent
Attorneys. Advice as to Selling Agents. Forms of Assignments. License and Con.
tracts. State Laws Concerning Patent Rights. 1900 Census of the United States by
Counts of Over 10,000 Population. Revised edition. 120 pages. Price . . $1.00



This is å practical book giving complete and simple directions for making all the most useful and ornamental knots in common use, with chapters on Splicing, Pointing.

is fully illustrated with one hundred and fifty original engravings, which show how each knot, tie or splice is formed, and its appearance when finished. The book will be found of the greatest value to Campers, Yachtsmen, Travelers, Boy Scouts, in fact, to anyone having occasion to use or handle rope or knots for any purpose. The book is thoroughly reliable and practical, and is not only a guide but a teacher. It is the standard work on the subject. Among the contents are: 1. Cordage, Kinds of Rope. Construction of Rope, Parts of Rope Cable and Bolt Rope. Strength of Rope, Weight of Rope. 2. Simple Knots and Bends. Terms Used in Handling Rope. Seizing Rope. 3. Ties and Hitches. 4. Noose, Loops and Mooring Knots. 5. Shortenings, Grommets and Salvages. 6. Lashings, Seizings and Splices. 7. Fancy Knots and Rope Work. 128 pages. 150 original engravings. Price

. . . 60 cents



A new revised edition, and the only complete American work on the subject,
written by a man who knows not only how work ought to be done, but who also
knows how to do it, and how to convey this knowledge to others. It is strictly
up-to-date in its descriptions and illustrations. Lathe history and the relations
of the lathe to manufacturing are given; also a description of the various devices
for feeds and thread cutting mechanisms from early efforts in this direction to
the present time. Lathe design is thoroughly discussed, including back gearing,
driving cones, thread-cutting gears, and all the essential elements of the modern
lathe. The classification of lathes is taken up, giving the essential differences of
the several types of lathes, including, as is usually understood, engine lathes,
bench lathes, speed lathes, forge lathes, gap lathes, pulley lathes, forming lathes,
multiple-spindle lathes, rapid-reduction lathes, precision lathes, turret lathes,
special lathes, electrically-driven lathes, etc. In addition to the complete exposi-
tion on construction and design, much practical matter on lathe installation.
care and operation has been incorporated in the enlarged 1915 edition. All
kinds of lathe attachments for drilling, milling, etc., are described and complete
instructions are given to enable the novice machinist to grasp the art of lathe
operation as well as the principles involved in design. A number of difficult
machining operations are described at length and illustrated. The new edition
has nearly 500 pages and 350 illustrations. Price .......... $2.50


This important and practical subject is treated in a full and exhaustive manner, and nothing of importance is omitted. The principles and practice and all the different branches of Turning are considered and well illustrated. All the different kinds of Chucks of usual forms, as well as some unusual kinds, are shown. A feature of the book is the important section devoted to modern Turret practice; Boring is another subiect which is treated fully; and the chapter on Tool Holders illustrates a large number of representative types. Thread Cutting is treated at reasonable length; and the last chapter contains a good deal of information relating to the High-Speed Steels and their work. The numerous tools used by machinists are illustrated, and also the adjuncts of the lathe. In fact, the entire subject is treated in such a thorough manner as to make this book the standard one on the subject. It is indispensable to the manager, engineer, and machinist as well as to the student, amateur, and experimental man who desires to keep up-to-date. 400 pages, fully illustrated. Price. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.50 TURNING AND BORING TAPERS. By FRED H. COLVIN.

There are two ways to turn tapers; the right way and one other. This treatise has to do with the right way; it tells you how to start the work properly, how to set the lathe, what tools to use and how to use them, and forty and one other little things that you should know. Fourth edition. . . . . . . . . . 25 cents



This book gives the history of the theory, discovery, and manufacture of Liquid Air,
and contains an illustrated description of all the experiments that have excited the
wonder of audiences all over the country. It shows how liquid air, like water, is
carried hundreds of miles and is handled in open buckets. It tells what may be ex-
pected from it in the near future.
A book that renders simple one of the most perplexing chemical problems of the
century. Startling developments illustrated by actual experiments.

scientific interest and authority, but is intended for the general reader, being written in a popular style_easily understood by every one. Second edition. 365 pages. Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : $2.00

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