Зображення сторінки

CHAPTER XX N Fig. 105 we present the elevation main line of soil pipe in the cellar on

mentioned in the preceding chap- end, whereas in the present view it apter. As will be clearly seen, this pears in such a way as to show it length

one elevation shows the entire wise. The reader will see very clearly plumbing system for the residence, which that about all that could be seen of the we have been considering in the last two main line from the front position would

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Fig. 108.

the work of such a system as the one shown in our illustration is shown more clearly and to better advantage by making separate elevations of different parts of the work, viewing the several parts from the most advantageous position, rather than to show it all in one eleva tion. However, it sometimes happens

which the stacks pass through the roof brings to mind the fact that a roof plan is sometimes very useful in showing this location. We therefore present Fig. 106 as a roof plan of the residence, of which we have been showing plans and elevations. This plan shows the exact location of the four stacks, A, B, C and D.

While dealing with this part of the work it will be well to take up the subject of roof connections, and to that end we show several methods of doing this work, in Figs. 107, 108 and 109. The two roof flanges or shoes, shown in Fig. 107 and the upper one in Fig. 108, are patent devices, and in the case of the two first mentioned, we have shown sectional views, to better represent them. The other connection of Fig. 108 shows a roof connection made from ordinary sheet lead. In Fig. 109 we have shown two

methods of roof connection for flat roofs, those preceding having been or pitch roofs. The upper method shows a patent flange, while the other gives a method for using sheet lead.

Figs. 107, 108 and 109 will give the student good practice work, and we advise in connection with it the making of sectional views, such as we have given.

CHAPTER XXI PROBLEM which brings in a few all three floors, as the plumbing of each points not heretofore covered by is identical. the work which we have taken up, In the cellar plan is shown in addition

is that of a six-flat apartment to the main drain and branch lines to the building. This style of building, laid out kitchen stacks, the rain leaders, the celafter the style which we show, is very lar drainage and sub-soil drainage sys. common, and the six-flat building will toms, and the drip sinks which are pro

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FIG. 110.

MENT House.

serve to show equally well what would vided to receive the drip from the refrig. be found in buildings containing a larger erator lines. number of apartments.

Most plumbing ordinances, by the way, Figs. 110 and 111 give respectively the require that a sink used for such purcellar plan and floor plan of the building poses shall be supplied with water. This in question, one floor plan serving for of course is done, so that during the

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