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plan, Fig. 78, the main drain and branches and risers with their respective sizes can be found. From Fig. 81, which shows the elevation of the house, can be found the total height of the building, the distance between floors, the pitch of the roof, etc. Thus far, such a view as that given in Fig. 81, we have made little use of, but in scale drawings such as we must use in figuring work, it is of as much importance as the preceding views, for only from the elevation can the lengths of risers, etc., be obtained. From the two floor plans, it will be noticed that

III See Fig. 85

Fig. 82.-Elevation of Plumbing in Kitchen. Roof


2nd Floor


cle. In order to economize space we show the stack cut off with broken lines on the second floor and in the attic, and bring the roof and attic floor and attic floor and second floor closer together than the work below. This is often done where it is desired to save space. In Fig. 83 is given the elevation of the toilet room work, the figure showing the two lavatories back to back, and the stack going up in the partition. That this stack does pass up in the partition is shown from the location of this stack in the two floor plans. As there is in the cellar a stone or brick wall dividing the cellar space, and as this wall is directly beneath the partition above, it will be seen that an offset in the stack is necessary at the first floor.

The connection of the toilet room stack is shown in enlarged detail in Fig. 86 of our next article.

It will be quickly seen by the student that the clearest view of the toilet room work can be obained by viewing it from the direction of the arrow C in Fig. 79. Á view taken at right angles to this would show one lavatory behind the other, and the result of such view would not be nearly as clear as the one given.

In the view shown by Fig. 83 the Y branch into which the waste of the two fixtures is carried, points toward the front instead of sidewise, and shows in the manner given.

In getting Fig. 82 the work was viewed looking in the direction in which arrow A points in Fig. 79. This shows the two fixtures side by side, and not one in front of the other. We shall consider the bath room work and the enlarged details of special parts of this work in the next chapter.

ist. Floor


Fig. 86.

Fig. 83.-Elevation of Plumbing in Toilet

Room. horizontal line in the cellar we show enlarged in size in Fig. 85 of our next arti

CHAPTER XVII N Fig. 84 of this article is shown the room stack, on the two floor plans, shows

elevation of the bath room work that it must be offset on the first floor, to as located in the second floor plan get around the dividing wall. While it is

of double house (Fig. 80) of the impossible on the drawing itself to show preceding chapter.

that a double T Y is used for the two waThis view is taken looking in the direc- ter closets, and a double Y for the other tion in which the arrow B points in Fig. 80. Any other view of the work would show the fixtures one behind the other,

Bath Room and would make a very confused and in

Stack distinct drawing.

Enlarged DeKitchen Stack

tail of Correc

tion at Foot of Enlarged DE

Bath Room tail of Correc

Stack tion at Foot of Kitchen Stack


1 Drain Cleanout


Room 1

/ Drain

Cellar Wall

Fig. 85. The only disadvantage in viewing the work as we have, is that the bath room fixtures on the other side of the house come directly behind those shown in our drawing, and therefore cannot be represented. In this case, however, it is not essential that more than one of the two sets of fixtures should be shown, for the two are exactly alike, and no additional benefit is to be derived from showing the rest of this work.

The connection of the bath room stack into the main drain in the cellar is shown enlarged in Fig. 86.

As in the case of the toilet room stack of our last article the location of the bath

Enlarged Detail
of Correction at
Foot of Toilet

Room Stack

Fig .86.

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Fig. 84.- Illustration Showing Elevation of Plumbing in a Bath Room.

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