Зображення сторінки
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stacks in Fig. 129, measure to the left of the wall a distance equal to the distance on the cellar plan from the foundation to the center of the main drain.

We show simply a single line to designate the length of the soil pipe risers. If those of our readers who are not used to scaling drawings will figure out the distance in feet between the several floors and the depth of floor beams, it will be good practice for them, and this might be done also with the cellar plan.

In Fig. 130 we give two simple sketches of the two stacks shown on the cellar and floor plans. The same scale that has been used on these plans is used on the elevations of the two stacks, as far as heights between floors, etc., is concerned, but the diameter of the pipe, length of fittings, etc., is not drawn to this scale; in fact, not to any scale.

It can readily be seen that if this scale were followed on the piping the diameter of the 4-inch pipe would appear on our drawing as only 1-24-inch, which would be too small to show well. It will usually be found almost impossible to adhere to the scale on the piping for the reason just given.

We would advise the reader as excellent practice work, to work out the several floor plans on some scale larger than that which we have followed, completing fully the twc floor plans which we have shown only partially complete, and also completing the work on the elevations of Fig. 130, by showing the fix. tures and all their connections.

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EFORE leaving this part of our ence to going to the extra trouble of get-

subject, there is one system, ting out a plan of the attic simply to
the plumbing for a country show this one point.

residence, which it is desirable On the cellar plan also, we have located to take up.

the cesspool 50 feet from the house. ACThis work is different from city work in several respects, and we believe it

Well o will be of benefit to consider such a system.

For such a country residence we show

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in Figs. 131, 132 and 133, the second and first floor plans and cellar plan respect

Sesspool ively.

The cellar plan shows some difference from the same plan for city work, from the fact that on this plan, the locations cording to the scale it will be found much of well, cesspool, etc., is shown. In the closer than that, but where such a dimensecond floor plan, we show in dotted linession is given it is always to be followed, the storage tank to be located in the and no attention paid to the distance that attic.

the regular scale would give. Fig. 134 We have adopted this method in prefer gives a plain elevation of the residence,

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that as a general thing, work in the country is not done under the regulations of a plumbing ordinance, and for that reason in a majority of cases the work is put in without venting, though the country resident is gradually being convinced that he should have as good and as sanitary work in his house as his city brother.

Acknowledging that work of this kind has to be done, we show this plumbing system invented, and as a precaution against syphonage, show drum traps under the fixtures instead of the ordinary strap, which is more susceptible to syphonage.

On such work, the style of trap shown, or one of the modern anti-syphon traps, we believe far preferable to the S trap.

It will be noticed that in accordance with Fig. 134, our elevation shows the well located above the cesspool, which

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- - -
Elevation of Water
Supply - Sountry House

Ssale You!'.
Fig. 136.

should be demanded in order to lessen supply, though both are equally important. the danger of leeching of the contents of This needs attention before we bring the cesspool into the well.

our series to an end, and will therefore In Fig. 136 we give another elevation, next claim our attention. showing the water supply for the house It will be a good plan for those interwith windmill pumping to the storage ested, to work out the two elevations tank,

which appear in this article, using, howThis and the drainage system elevation ever, a much larger scale, for the use of a are generally combined in one drawing, small scale makes this work of such a but on such a small scale greater clear puttering nature that it becomes very ness is obtained by keeping them sep- tiring, and furthermore, a larger scale arate.

would allow of showing small details, Thus far in this series we have done such as fittings, wiped joints, etc., and more work in connection with the drain these little points go a long way to make age end of plumbing than with the water an attractive drawing.

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