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Manual, compiled from the alphabetical order, with illus-
Enchiridion Militis Christiani trations and examples, drawn
of Erasmus

97 from the best Writers, by Geo.

DALLAWAY,JAMES, M.B. F.A.S. English Synonyms discriminated,
i of Statuary and Sculpture by Wm. Taylor

among the Ancients, with some Engraving, an Inquiry into the
Account of Specimens pre- Origin and early History of,
served in England .... 38 opon Copper and Wood, with
Day-schools, a practical Treatise an Account of Engravers and

on, exhibiting their defects, their Works, &c. by Wm.
and suggesting hints for their Young Ottley, F.S.A. ...... 105
improvement, &c. by a School- Epidemic Diseases, an Inquiry

.... 91 into the Laws of different,with
Defective Utterance, Results of the view to determine the

Experience on the Treatment means of preserving Indivis
of Cases of, by John Thelwall,. duals and Communities from


each, by Joseph Adams, M.D. 471
Dialogues on curious subjects in Essays to do Good, by Geo.
Natural History
538 Burder...

Dibdin's, Rev. Thos. Frognal, Essays in Rhyme, on Morals and

Typographical Antiquities, or Manners, by Jane Taylor... 269
the History of Printing in Eng- Europe and Africa, Travels in,
land, Scotland, and Ireland, comprising a Journey through
&c. begun by the late Joseph France to Morocco, &c. also a
Ames, &c.

245 second Tour through France
Don Quixote de la Mancha, a in 1814, by Col. Keating ....
i literal translation, with the
Spanish interlined.

315 | FEMALE SERVANTS, Third Re-
Doughty's, Edw. Observations port of the London Society for
· and Inquiries into the Nature the Improvement and Encou-
and Treatinent of the Yellow

ragement of, by annual and
156 other Rewards

Ducatus Leodiensis, or the To- Fine Arts, Letters on the, by
pography of the Ancient and Henry Milton, Esq.

popalous Town and Parish of Fox's, W. J. Sermon on the
Leedes, and parts adjacent, in Death of Thos. P. Powell,
the West Riding of the County M.D.

of York, by Ralph Thoresby, Freedom, with other Pocms, by
F.R.S. the second edition with George Thomas ...

notes and additions, by Thos. Friend of Peace, containing a
Dunham Whitaker, LL. D. special Interview between the
F. R. S. ..

625 President of the United States

and Omar, an Officer dismissed
EDGAR, a National Tale, by Miss for duelling

Appleton ..

92 Frost's, J. Scientific Swimming,
Education of the Lower Orders being a series of practical In-

in the Metropolis, Report from structions on an original and
the Select Committee of the progressive plan, by which the
House of Commons appointed Art of Swimming may be rea-
to inquire into the, with the dily attained, &c.

Minutes of Evidence taken be- Faller's,Dr. Gnomologia; Adages
fore the Committee
522 and Proverbs, &c.

Eglantine, a Novel, by Charlotte Funeral Sermon, occasioned by

318 the melancholy Catastrophe of
Emigration, or England and Pa- Fifteen Lives being momenta-
ris, a Poem ....

rily lost under Rochester
English Synonyms, explained in Bridge, on 13th Sept......... 324



GAME Laws, Observations on ly, Sardinia, Milan, Poland,

the, with proposed Alterations Flanders, &c. with a particu-
for the Protection and In-

lar Description of its Secret
crease of Game, and the De- Prisons, Modes of Torture,
crease of Crimes, by Joseph Style of Accusation, Trial, &c.
Chitty, Esq.......

507 abridged, by Philip Limborch 74
Germany, &c. Journal of a Tour Insolvent Debtors' Bill, an im-

in, by J. T. James, Esq. 164 portant Examination of the,
Gnomologia ; Adages and Pro- with Suggestions for its sub-

verbs, &c. compiled by Thos. stantial Improvement, and for
Fuller, M.D.

427 the removal of the gross frauds
Gout, danger of the Cooling and abuses practised under

Treatment of, Ring's Answer the existing Law, by A. R.
to Dr. Kinglake on...
259 Warrand

Grammar, a practical English, Idem-Report from the Select
by Windhain Rawlinson 314 Committee on ....

an Introductory, for Institution for teaching Adults
Young Children ..

315 to read, an Account of the
Grandfather, the, a Tale, by E. Origin, Principles, Proceed-

538 ings, and Results of an 658
Great Poet, Lines on the Depar- Ionian Islands, Memoirs of the,

ture of a, from this Country: 92 considered in a Commercial,
Griffiths's, Sophia, She would be Political, and Military Point
a Heroine, a Novel.... 91

of View, &c. by Gen. Guil-
Gulzara, Princess of Persia.... 517 Jaume Vaudencourt, translated

by Wm. Walton ·

HALE's, Sir Matthew, Letter of Ivan, a Tragedy, by Wm. Sothe-
Advice to his Grandchildren 90 by, Esq.

Hase, sur l'Origine de la Langue

Grecque Vulgaire, et sur les JAMES's, J. T. Journal of a Tour
avantages que l'on peut reti-

in Germany, &c.

rer de son Étude

488 Johnson's, Dr. Samuel, Diary of
Haskins's, J. Battle of Waterloo, a Journey into North Wales
a Poem

92 in the year 1774, edited by R.
Hatfield's Terra Incognita of Duppa, LL.B, &C....

......... 330

434 Journey into North Wales, Diary
Hawker's Instructions to Young of a, in the year 1774, by Sa-

Sportsmed on the choice, care, muel Johnson, LL.D. edited

and management of Guns, &c. 209 by R. Duppa, LL.B. &c..... 330
Hereditary Peculiarities of the Juvenile Delinquency, Report

Human Race, a Philosophical of the Committee for Investi-
Treatise on the, &c. by Joseph gating the Causes of the alarm-
Adams, M.D.
471 ing Increase of

Hofland's, Mrs. Son of a Genius, 657
Hogg's, James, Mador of the KEATING'S TRAVELS in Europe
Moor, a Poem..

130 and Africa, comprising a
Howard's Clara, or Fancy's Tale, Journey through France,
a Poem..

429 Spain, and Portugal, to Mo-
Human Hair, an Historical, Phi- rocco, &c. also a second Tour

losophical, and Practical Es- through France in 1814.... 1
say on the, by Alex. Rowland, Keith's, the Rev. P. System of
207 Physiological Botany

IMPRESSMENT, Letters on the LAVINIA FITZ-AUBYN, with other


Infant Minstrel, the

538 Lay of the Laureate, Carmen
Inquisition, History of, as it has Nuptiale, by Rob. Southey,
subsisted in France, Italy, Esq. Poet Laureate

Spain, Portugal Venice, Sici- Lee's Sunday Lecturer




Letter to H.R. H. the Duke of Mathematical Synopsis, or Table

Kent, on “ the Revulsion of of Diameters, Circumferences,
Trade," and " our sudden &c. by J. Snart

Transition from a System of Meditations and Prayers select-
extensive War to a State of ed from the Holy Scriptures,
543 &c. by a Clergyman

Letters written on board H.M.S. Melancholy Hours ; a Collection
the Northumberland and at St.

of Miscellaneous Poems

Helena, in which the conduct Metrology, or an Exposition of
and conversations of Buona- Weights and Measures, chiefly
parte and his Suite during the

those of Great Britain and
voyage, and the first months France, comprising Tables,
of his residence in that Island &c. by P. Kelly, L.L.D. ... 95
are faithfully described, by Milton's, Henry, Esq. Letters on
Wm. Warden

the Fine Arts

L'Europe, de l'Etat présent de; Monarchy, the, according to the
et de l'accord entre la Légiti-

Charter, by the Viscount de
mité et le Système Représen-


tatif, par M. Chas. Theremin 122 Monney's Caractacus, a Tragedy 404
Limborch's, Philip, History of Moscow, lines on the conflagra-

the Inquisition, as it has sub. tion of, by the Rev. C. Colton,
sisted in France, Italy, Spain,


Portugal, Venice, Sicily, Sar- Motherless Mary

dinia, Milan, Poland, Flanders,
&c. with a particular Descrip- Naiad, the, a Tale, with other
tion of its Secret Prisons,


Modes of Torture, Style of National Church, a Sermon on
Accusation,Trial,&c.abridged 74 the excellencies of the esta-
Lincolnshire, the Terra Incog- blished Liturgy of our, &c. &c.

nita of, by Miss Hatfield . 434 by the Rev, Henry G. White 210
Literary Bazaar, the, by Peter Nooth's Eglantine, a Novel.... 318

Little Warbler of the Cottage, ORACLE, the, or the Friend of
and her Dog Constant
658 Youth

Loidis and Elmete, or an Attempt Oracular Communications, ad-
to illustrate the Districts de.

dressed to Students of the Me-
scribed in those words by dical Profession, by Escala-
Bede,and supposed to embrace pius

the lower portion of Aredale Otranto, Duke of, Correspon-
and Wharfdale, together with dence witb the Duke of Wel-
the entire Vale of Calder in


the County of York, by Thos. Ottley's, W. Y. F.S.A. Inquiry
Dunham Whitaker, LL. D. into the Origin and early His.
F. R. S.

625 tory of Engraving upon Cop-
L'Origine de la Langue Grecque per and Wood; with an ac-

Vulgaire, et sur les Avantages count of Engravers and their
que l'on peut retirer de son 'works, &c. ·

Etude, &c. par M. Hase 488 Owen Castle, or which is the
Lowe's Treatise on Profits, Dis- Heroine, a Novel, by Mary
connts, and Interest ..
89 Ann Sullivan


Owen’s, Robert, Address deli-
Mador of the Moor, a Poem, by vered to the Inhabitants of
James Hogg........

130 New Lanark, on the 1st of
Mant's, Dr. Sermop on Regene- January, 1816, at the opening
ration vindicated

98 of the Institution established
Marriot's Course of Practical

for the Formation of Character 541


Owen's, Robert, New View of
Masterton's Amyntor and Ade- Society,or Essays on the Form-

laide, a Romance of Poetry.. 429 ation of the Human Character,


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preparatory to the develope. Publications, List of new, Oct. 437
ment of a Plan for gradually


Nov. 551
ameliorating the condition of


Dec. 664

541 Parity of Heart, or the Ancient

Costume, a Tale, in one Vol.
PARKER's, Emma, SelfDecep-

addressed to the Author of
tion, a Novel


Pearson's, C. : New and Com-
plete Master Key to Walking.

QUILLINAN's Sacrifice of Isabel,
ame's Tutor's Assistant.. 88 a Poem.....

Phillips's Garland for the Grave

of Richard Bridsley Sheridan 480 RAWLINSON's Practical English
Plague, the City of the, by John



186 Regeneration, Dr. Mants's Ser-
Poems by Arthur Brooke, Esq. 318 mon on, vindicated

Poetic Mirror, the, or the Living

Registration of Slaves, a defence
Bards of Britain.


of the Bill for, by James Ste-
Poor Laws, Thoughts on the, and phen, Esq. in Letters to Wm.

on the Improvement of the con- Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. .... 27

dition and morals of the Poor 96 Religious Liberty stated and en-
Poor, means of improving the forced on the principles of

condition of the, in Morals and Scripture and Common Sense,

Happiness, by Tho. Williams 432 in Six Essays, &c. by Thos.
Population and Production, the Williams

Principles of, as they are af- Restoration of Royalty in France,
fected by the Progress of So-

an Historical Narrative of the,
ciety, &c. by J. Weyland, Esq. 401 by M. de Pradt ............ 321
Portfolio, the, Political and Lite- Ring's Answer to Dr. Kinglake,

539 shewing the danger of his cool
Pottinger's, Lieut. Hen., Travels ing treatment of the Gout.... 259

in Belochistian and Sinde... 263 Rouse's investigation of the er-
Powell, Thos. P. M.D. Sermon rors of all writers on Annuities

on the Death of, by W.J. Fox 99 in their valuation of Half Year-
Practical Sermons, by the Rev.

ly and Quarterly Payments ;
Harvey Marriott...

211 including those of Sir Isaac
Pratt's Historical Narrative of Newton, Demoivre, Dr. Price,

the Restoration of Royalty in Mr. Morgan, &c. with Tables 89

321 Rowland's Historical, Philoso-
Prayers, twenty-one short Forins phical, and Practical Essay on
of Morning and Evening, for the Human Hair....

the use of Families.......... 98
Prayers and Discourses for the SACRIFICE OF ISABEL, the, a
use of Families, by Joseph Poem, by Edw.Quillinan,

Esq. 390

291 Sandham's Grandfather, a Tale 538
Preston's (M. P.) further Obser- Schimmelpenninck's Theory on

vations on the State of the Na. the Classification of Beauty
tion, &c.
442 and Deformity, &c.

Princess of Wales, the attempt

Self Deception, a Novel, by
to Divorce the, impartially

Emma Parker...
considered. &c.


283 Sheridan, Rich. Brins. Speeches
Prisoner of Chillon, the, and of the late Right Hon. Edited

other Poems, by Lord Byron, 567 by a Constitutional Friend.. 232
Public Acts passed in Anno 1816,

a Gar-
a Compendious Abstract of land for the Grave of, by C.
the, by Thos. Walter Williams, Phillips, Esq.,

....... 480

317 She would be a Heroine, a Novel,
Publications, List of new, July, 102 by Sophia Griffiths..


Aug. 215 Smith's, Thos. First and Second

Sept. 327 Letter to the Right Hon, the



Earl of Liverpool, on the pro- Taylor's, Jane, Essays, in rhyme,
posed New Coinage

95 on Morals and Manners..... 269
Soart's Mathematical Synopsis, Thelwall's Results of Experience

or Table of Diameters, Cir- in the Treatment of Cases of
cumferences, &c.
90 Defective Utterance

Son of a Genius, a Tale, by Mrs. Theremin, Charles, de l'Etat pré-


sent de l'Europe, et de l'accord
Sotheby's Ivan, a Tragedy .... 293 entre la Légitimate et le Sys-
South Sea, or Pacifie Ocean, a tème Représentatif.......


Chronological History of the Thomas's, George, Freedom, and
Voyages and Discoveries in other Poems.....

the South or Pacific Ocean, Time's Telescope for 1817 ; or
(Vol. IV.), to the Year 1723, a complete Guide to the Al.
including a History of the Buc- manack; containing an expla.
caneers of America, by Cap- nation of Saints Days and Ho-

tain James Burney, F.R.S. 58 lidays; with illustrations of
Southey's, Robert, Lay of the British History and Antiqui-
Laureate. Carmen Nuptiale 16 ties, &c.

......... 660
State of the Nation, further ob- Tithing in England, the necessi-

servations on the, by Richard ty of abolishing the System of,
Preston, Esq. M. P.

442 and substituting an equitable
Statuary and Sculpture, of, provision for the Clergy, in lieu

among the Ancients, with some thereof, by an Impartiał Ob-
accounts of Specimens pre-

served in England, by James Tripoli, Narrative of a ten year's

Dallaway, M.B. F.A Š.... 38 residence at, by R. Tully, Esq. 143
Stephen's, James, Esq. Defence Tully's, Richard, Esq. Narrative

of the Bill for the Registration of a ten year's residence at Tri-
of Slaves, in Letters to W. poli

Wilberforce, Esq. M.P..... 27 Typhus and other febrile Dis-
Stories for Children, selected

eases, practical illustrations of,
from the History of England 657 by John Armstrong, M.D. 604
Sullivan's, Mary Ann, Owen Typographical Antiquities, or
Castle, a Novel

91 the History of Printing in Eng-
Sunday Lecturer, the, by Anne land, Scotland, and Ireland,

325 &c. begun by the late Joseph
Superville's Sermons, translated Ames, and enlarged by the

from the French by J. Allen 434 Rev. Thos. Frognal Dibdin 245
Surgery and Midwifery, obser- Tyrant of the Church.... ...... 545

vations on the projected Bill
for restricting the Practice of, VAUDENCOURT's Memoirs of the
to Members of the Royal Col. Ionian Islands, considered in
leges of London, Edinburgh, a commercial, political, and
and Dublin, and to Army and military point of view, &e.
Navy Surgeons, by a General translated by Wm. Waltop.. 217

540 View of Society, a new, or Es-
Swimming, Scientific, being a says on the Formation of the

Series of Practical Instruc- Human Character, preparatory
tions on an original and pro- to the developement of a gene-
gressive Plan, by which the ral Plan for gradually amelio-
Art of Swimming may be rea- rating the condition of Man-

dily attained, &c. by J. Frost 90 kind, by Robert Owen.....: 641
TALES of my Landlord, collected UNITARIANISM, American, a re-

and arranged by Jedediab view of, by the Rev. Thomas
614 Belsham

Taylor's English Synonyms dis- Urquharts, Thos. Letters on the

581 Evils of Impressment ...... 207

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