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Mineralogy and Geology.-Note on the supposed Fossil Footmarks in Kansas, by C.

H. HITCHCOCK, 132.—On Ivigtite, by G. HAGEMANN, 133.-Notes on the Chemical

Geology of the Gold-fields of California, by J. ARTHUR PHILLIPS, 134.—Gold in

Rhinebeck, Dutchess county, New York, 139.

Botany.--Botanical Necrology for 1868, GEORGE A. WALKER-ARNOTT, 140: NATHAN-


DELESSERT, 142: HORACE MANN: Index to the Native and Scientific names of

Indian and other Eastern Economic Plants and Objects, by J. FORBES WATSON:

Synopsis Filicum, or Synopsis of all known Ferns, including the Osmundaceæ,

Schizæaceæ, Marattiaceæ and Ophioglossaceæ, by Sir WILLIAM JACKSON HOOKER

and JouN GILBERT BAKER, 143.- Plantæ Wrightianæ Cubenses, WRIGHT, 144.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—The Flow of the Great Lakes, 145.

Miscellaneous Bibliography.How Crops Grow; a Treatise on the Chemical Com-

position, Structure and Life of the Plant, by SAMUEL W. JOHNSON, 147.–Outlines

of Comparative Anatomy and Medical Zoology, by HARRISON ALLEN, 149.-A

List of the Birds of New England, by ELLIOTT COUES: Synopsis of the Birds of

South Carolina, by ELLIOTT COUES : The Butterflies of North America, by WM.

H. EDWARDS: Extra Digits, by Burt G. WILDER: The Natural Wealth of Call-

fornia, &c., by Titus Tex CRONISE, 150.—Outlines of Physiology, Human and

Comparative, by JOIN MARSHALI.: Reliquiæ Aquitanicæ : Geological Survey of

Illinois, WORTHEN, 151,

Proceedings of Societies, 152.


Physics and Chemistry.-On the wave lengths of the metallic rays, TAALEN, 272.

-On spectral analyses: On a normal spectrum of the sun, FIZEAU: On the red

protuberances from the surface of the sun, 273.-Further observations on the

spectra of some of the stars and nebulæ, etc., HUGGINS, 274.

Mineralogy and Geology.-Recherches Anatomiques et Paléontológiques pour servir

à l'histoire des Oiseaux fossiles de la France, par A. MILNE EDWARDS, 276.—Re-

port on recent Explorations in the Gibraltar Caves, by FRED. BROME, 277.-

On Calamiteæ and Fossil Equisetaceæ, by WILLIAM CARRUTHERS : Geological

Map of New Jersey, by GEORGE H. COOK : New Geological Map of Wisconsin,

by I. A. LAPHAM: Reliquiæ Aquitanicæ, 279.-Gold in Scotland, 280.

Botany and Zoology.--Field, Forest, and Garden Botany, a simple introduction to

the common plants of the United States east of the Mississippi, both wild and

cultivated, by Asa GRAY: Are Unios sensitive to light? note by C. A. WHITE, 280.

-Critical Remarks on Halcyonoid Polyps ; No. 3, by A. E. VERRILL, 282.-On

the Distribution of Fresh-water Fishes in the Allegheny Region of South West-

ern Virginia, by E. D. COPE: Catalogue of the Reptiles and Batrachians found in

the vicinity of Springfield, Mass., with Notices of all other Species known to in-

habit the State, by J. A. ALLEN, 285.—Notes on Radiata in the Museum of

Yale College, No. 6.-Review of the Corals and Polyps of the West Coast of

America, by A. E. VERRILL: Annual Report of the Trustees of the Museum of

Comparative Zoology, 286.

Astronomy.-Meteors in August, 1868: Le Stelle Cadenti del Periodo di Agosto, os.

servate in Piemonte ed in altre Contrade d'Italia nel 1868: Error in Stanley's

Logarithmic Tables, 287.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.-Convention of American Philologists, 287.-

Gynæcological Society, of Boston, 288.- Obituary.- Carl Friederich Philipp von

Martius, 288.-John Cassin, 291.-Prof. Theodore Strong, 293.-James David

Forbes : Dr. Hörnes, 294.

Miscellaneous Bibliography.—Handbook of Chemistry, for School and Home use, by

W. J. ROLFE and J. A. GILLET, 294.-Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Mag-

azine : Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution :

The Manufacturer and Builder: Blank Maps for marking the distribution of

Plants and Animals, 295.-Le Naturaliste Canadien, 296.

Proceedings of Societies, etc., 296.


ART. XXV.-On the Variability of Personal Equation in

Transit Observations; by William A. Rogers,-


XXVI.-Upon the Atomic Volumes of the Elements; by



XXVII.—Contributions from the Laboratory of the Law-

rence Scientific School. No. 7.-On some Minerals

from Newlin Township, Chester Co., Penn., described

by Dr. Isaac Lea; by S. P. SHARPLES,


XXVIII.—On the Washing of Precipitates; by R. BUNSEN, 321

XXIX.-Note upon the origin of the Phosphatic Formation;

by C. U. SHEPARD, Sr.,


XXX.-A Point in the Geology of Western Vermont; by

the Rev. J. B. PERRY,


XXXI.—On some derivatives of Trichlormethyl-sulphon-

chlorid, (CC13)SO,Cl; by O. LOEW,--


XXXII.—Note on the structure of the Blastoidea; by E.



XXXIII.-Notes on the occurrence and composition of the

Nodular Phosphates of South Carolina; by CHARLES

U. SHEPARD, Jr. ...


XXXIV.-Notes on American Fossiliferous Strata; by T.



XXXV.-On certain Phenomena of Transmitted and Dif-

fused Light; by M. CAREY LEA, -


XXXVI.—Process for determining the Carbon chemically

ombined with Iron; by Prof. EGGERTZ,


XXXVII.—Geographical Notices; by D. C. GILMAN, 377

XXXVIII.—The Cohahuila Meteoric Irons of 1868, Mexico;

by J. LAWRENCE Smith,


XXXIX.-Atomic Ratio; by Josiah P. COOKE, Jr.,-.-.-. 386

XL.-Notice of some New Reptilian Remains from the

Cretaceous of Brazil; by Prof. O. C. Marsh,


XLI.—Notices of papers in Physiological Chemistry–No.



XLII.—Meteors of November 14th, 1868; by H. A. NEWTON, 399


Physics and Chemistry.-On the refrangibility of the brilliant yellow ray of the sun's

atmosphere, 415.-On the presence of the vapor of water in the neighborhood of

the solar spots and on the spectral study of certain stars, 416.-Spectral obser-

vations of the star R in Gemini, Secchi: On absorption lines produced by the

passage of the solar light through chlorine, MORREN: On hydrogen in its relation

to palladium, GRAHAM, 417.- Production of an artificial spectrum with a single

Fraunhofer's line: On the analysis of different varieties of carbon, BERTHELOT,

418.-On the direct synthesis of Cyanhydric acid, BERTHELOT: On the Ammo.

nium amalgam, LANDOLT, 420.-On a new method for preparing Carbonylic Sul-

phid, BERTHELOT: On Carbonylic Sulphid, BENDER, 422.-On carbonylic chlorid,

and a new compound of this substance with platinum, SCHÜTZENBGRGER, 423.-

On the relation between boiling point and constitution of hydrocarbons, SCHOR-

LEMMER, 424. -On a new source of octylic Alcohol, 425.—Tritylic (propylic) al-

cohol produced by fermentation: On the reduction of acetic oxyd to ethylic al.

cohol: On the alcohol obtained by the saponification of castor oil, 426.-On Sul-

pho-carbamid, 428.

Geology.-On a Mineral Phosphate from the island of Redonda, W. I.; by CHARLES

UPHAM SHEPARD, 428.-Final Report on the Geology of New Jersey; by GEO.

H. COOK, 430.

Zoology.- Are Unios sensitive to light? by ISAAC LEA, 430.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.-On the use of sodium in explosive powders,

Dr. H. FLECK, 431.-Decrease in the Production of Gold, BLAKE, 432.—Dana's

System of Mineralogy, 433.-Obituary.-J. Nicklès: William Mitchell, 434.

Miscellaneous Bibliography.--Handy Book of Meteorology, by ALEXANDER BUCHAN :

Annual of Scientific Discovery, by SAMUEL KNEELAND, 434.–First Principles of

Chemical Philosophy, by J. P. COOKE: Outlines of Physiology, Human and

Comparative, by John MARSHALL: The Ornithological Collection of John Cas-

sin, 435.-Catalogue of the Orthoptera of North America, described previous to

1867, by 8. H. SCUDDER: Memoirs of the Peabody Academy of Science: Bulle.

tin of the Essex Institute, 436.

Proceedings of Societies, etc., 436.


Page 193, line 3 from top, for“ declination " read “co-declination."

364, line 10 from bottom, read "one to two thousand."

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