Men and Women of the Time: A Dictionary of Contemporaries

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Сторінка 223 - A General History of Greece from the Earliest Period to the Death of Alexander the Great, with a sketch of the subsequent History to the present time. New Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price js. 6d. Tales of Ancient Greece.
Сторінка 502 - ... the president of the United States; the chief justice of the Supreme Court; the president of the senate; the speaker of the House of Representatives; and the presidents of the following institutions, viz.: Harvard University, Yale University.
Сторінка 414 - THE GRAPHIC ARTS: A Treatise on the Varieties of Drawing, Painting, and Engraving in Comparison with each other and with Nature.
Сторінка 445 - HENNESSY, Sir John Pope.— Ralegh in Ireland. With his Letters on Irish Affairs and some Contemporary Documents.
Сторінка 425 - Liberals to power in 1880 he was appointed President of the Board of Trade, with a seat in the cabinet.
Сторінка 435 - ELECTORAL COMMISSION, composed of five senators, five representatives, and five judges of the Supreme Court. This body decided that 185 electoral votes had been cast for Hayes and Wheeler, and 184 for Tilden and Hendricks.
Сторінка 190 - Disraeli again as Chancellor of the Exchequer and leader of the House of Commons.
Сторінка 371 - Liberal party ; and that, at the age of sixty-five, and after forty-two years of a laborious public life, I think myself entitled to retire on the present opportunity. This retirement is dictated to me by my personal views as to the best method of spending the closing years of my life.
Сторінка 361 - Spectator and other journals, and in his official capacity has written numerous reports on commercial matters, besides giving evidence on similar subjects, eg, sugar bounties, gold and silver, Channel tunnel, &c., before nine Committees of the House of Commons and Royal Commissions.
Сторінка 451 - His opinions no man knew ; they were simply the opinions of the house of commons. He had with equal ability advocated every possible opinion ; as the majority had with equal impartiality voted.

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