The True History of Tom and Jerry, Or, The Day and Night Scenes of Life in London: From the Start to the Finish, with a Key to the Persons and Places, Together with a Vocabulary and Glossary of the Flash and Slang Terms Occuring in the Course of the Work

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Reeves and Turner, 1888 - Всего страниц: 216

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Стр. 169 - Ah! could you but see Bet Bouncer, of these parts, you might then talk of beauty. Ecod, she has two eyes as black as sloes, and cheeks as broad and red as a pulpit cushion.
Стр. 3 - REAL LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Rambles and Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, The Hon. Tom Dashall. By an Amateur (Pierce Egan). With 31 Coloured Plates by Alken and Rowlandson, etc.
Стр. 83 - How lov'd, how honour'd once, avails thee not, To whom related, or by whom begot ; A heap of dust alone remains of thee, 'Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be ! Poets themselves must fall, like those they sung, Deaf the prais'd ear, and mute the tuneful tongue.
Стр. 131 - Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic in their Pursuits through Life in and out of London...
Стр. 158 - I'll kneel down, And ask of thee forgiveness; so we'll live, // And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues Talk of court news; and we'll talk with them too, Who loses and who wins; who's in, who's out...
Стр. 176 - A head like a snake, a neck like a drake, a back like a beam, a belly like a bream, a foot like a cat, a tail like a rat.
Стр. 30 - THOMAS CRIBB, I have the honour this day of being the representative of a numerous and most respectable body of your friends ; and though I am by no means qualified to attempt the undertaking which has devolved on me by a vote of the subscribers, yet the cause will, I am confident, prove a sufficient excuse for my want of ability. You are requested to accept this cup, as a tribute of respect, for the uniform valour and integrity you have shown in your several combats, but most particularly for the...
Стр. 189 - TWAS landlady Meg that made such rare flip ; ' Pull away, pull away, hearties ! At Wapping she lived, at the sign of the Ship, Where tars meet in such jolly parties.
Стр. 13 - Flash, my young friend, or slang as others call it, is the classical language of the Holy Land ; in other words, St. Giles's Greek. Jerry. St. Giles's Greek ; that is a language, doctor, with which I am totally unacquainted, although I was brought up at a Grammar School.

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