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I'm held down wi' wark frae morning till e'en,
My claise ay unsnod, and my face seldom clean!
How the sorrow! on me can our lads ever look
When I gang aye sae thief-like, as black as the


For fairs and for preachings I hae but ae gown!
(Lord! I wish I was busk'd like our queans in the

Yet whane'er I stay late-how my father he'll ban,
Wi' a- Divil confound ye! ye'll ne'er get a man!'


My mither aye thinks I'm to sit still and spin :
Whan the sogers gae by, war I fell’d I maun rin,
Then she roars, and she fiytes (though the sam's

done by Kate)
Wi' am Sorrows be on ye! ye'll gang a grey gate!'


I fain wad hae Jamie- -but then he loes Jean ;
And I'd e'en tak lean Patie, tho' just skin and bane ;
But my faither and mither tauld baith him and Dan
That I'm three years owre young yet to hae a


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A usage sae barb'rous! nae mortal can bear!
-Odd! they'll drive me to madness wi' perfect

If I canna get Jamie, nor yet Dan nor Pate,
Faith I'll e'en tak the first chiel that comes in my



Gle'yd Sawnie, that haiv’rel, he met me yestreen,
He roos'd first my black hair, and syne my black


While he dawted and kiss'd, tho' I ken he's a fool, Lord! I thought that my heart wad hae loupt out


Quo he, ‘Bonny Maggy, gin ye war mine ain,,
I hae house and plenty, for wife and for wean,
And whan my auld daddy steps aff to the grave,
Faith! we'll then liaud our head up as high as the


I dinda like Sawnie-he's blind o’an ee;
But then he's the first's talk' o' marriage to me;
And whan folk are ill us'd they maun do what they

Sae I'll make them a' liars, and tak a gudeman.



*LASSIE wi' the gowden hair,
Silken snood, and face sae fair :
Lassie wi' the yellow hair,

Think nae to deceive me!
Lassie wi' the gowden hair,
Flattering smile, and face sae fair ;
Fare ye weel! for never mair

Johnie will believe ye!
O no! Mary bawn, Mary bawn, Mary bawn, *
O no! Mary bawn, ye'll na mair deceive me!

* Bawn, (Gaelic) fair, white, generally applied to the hair.

Smiling, twice ye made me troo ;
Twice~(poor fool!) I turn’d to woo ;
Twice, fause maid! ye brak your vow,

Now I've sworn to leave ye!
Twice, fause maid! ye brak your vow,
Twice, poor fool! I've learn'd to rue-
Come ye yet to mak me troo?

Thrice ye'll ne'er deceive me!
No! no! Mary bawn, Mary bawn, Mary bawn!
O no! Mary bawn! thrice ye'll ne'er deceive me.

Mary saw him turn to part ;
Deep his words sank in her heart;
Soon the tears began to start

‘Johnie, will ye leave me !!
Soon the tears began to start,
Grit and gritter grew his heart!
Yet ae word before we part,

Luve cou'd ne'er deceive ye!
O no! Johnie dow, Johnie dow, Johnie dow, *
O no! Johnie dow-luve cau'd ne'er deceive ye.'

Johnie took a parting keek,
Saw the tears hap owre her cheek!
Pale she stood, but coudna speak!

Mary's curd oʻsmiling.
Johnie took anither keek-
Beauty's rose has left her cheek!
Pale she stands, and canna speak.

This is nae beguiling.
O no! Mary bawn, Mary bawn, dear Mary bawn,
No, no! Mary bawn-Luve has nae beguiling.

* Dow, (Gaelic) black, generally applied to the hair. VOL. XXXIX. I i




Air.--Cauld Frosty Morning.

The sun raise sae rosy, the grey hills adorning! Light sprang the lavroc and mounted sae hie; When true to the tryst o' blythe May's dewy morn

ing My Jeanie came linking out owre the green lea.

To mark her impatience, I crap 'mang the brakens, Aft, aft to the kent gate she turn'd her black ee; Then lying down dowlie, sigh'd by the willow tree,

* Ha me mohatel na douska me.'*

Saft through the green birks I sta' to my jewel, Streik'd on spring's carpet aneath the saugh tree! * Think na, dear lassie, thy Willie's been cruel,'

* Ha me mohatel na douska me.'

'Wi' luve's warm sensations I've mark'd your im

patience, Lang hid 'mang the brakens I watclıd your black


• I am asleep, do not waken me.-The Gaelic chorus is pronounced according to the present orthography,

You're no sleeping, pawkie Jean ! open thae lovely

een!' Ha me mohatel na douska me.'

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• Bright is the whin's bloom ilk green dow adorn

ing! Sweet is the primrose bespangled wi’ dew! Yonder comes Peggy to welcome May morning! Dark waves her haffet locks owre her white brow !

0! light! light she's dancing keen on the smooth

gowany green, Barefit and kilted half up to the knee! While Jeanie is sleeping still, I'll rin and sport my

fill,''I was asleep, and ye’ve wakened me!'

"I'll rin and whirl her round; Jeanie is sleeping

sound; Kiss her and clasp her fast; nae ane can see ! Sweet! sweet's her hinny mou'— Will, I'm no

sleeping now, I was asleep, but ye waken'd me.'

Laughing till like to drap, swith to my Jean I lap,
Kiss'd her ripe roses and blest her black ee!
And ay since whane'er we meet, sing, for the sound

is sweet,
Ha me mohatel na douska me.'

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