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My heart is a breaking, dear Tittie,

Some counsel unto me come len', To anger them a' is a pity;

But what will I do wi' Tam Glen?

I'm thinking, wi' sic a braw fellow,

In poortith I might mak a fen'; What care I in riches to wallow,

If I mauna marry Tam Gien?

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There's Lowrie the laird o' Drumeller,

"Guid day to you, brute,' he comes ben : He brags and he blaws o' his siller,

But when will he dance like Tam Glen?

My minnie does constantly deave me,

And bids me beware o' young men; They Aatter, she says, to deceive me ;

But wha can think sae o' Tam Glen?

My daddie says, gin I'll forsake him,

He'll gie me guid hunder marks ten: But, if it's ordain'd I maun take him,

O wha will I get but Tam Glen?

Yestreen at the Valentine's dealing,

My heart to my mou gied a sten; For thrice I drew ane without failing,

And thrice it was written, Tam Glen.

The last Halloween I was waukin

My droukit sark-sleeve, as ye ken; His likeness cam up the house staukin,

And the very grey breeks o' Tam Glen!

Come counsel, dear Tittie, don't tarry ;

I'll gie you my bonnie black hen, Gif ye will advise me to marry

The lad I lo'e dearly, Tam Glen.


O MEIKLE thinks my luve o' my beauty,

And meikle thinks my luve o' my kin; But little thinks my luve I ken brawlie,

My Tocher's the jewel has charms for him. It's a' for the apple he'll nourish the tree;

It's a' for the hiney he'll cherish the bee ; My laddie's sae meikle in luve wi' the siller,

He can na hae luve to spare for me.

Your proffer o'luve’s an airl.penny,

My Tocher's the bargain ye wad buy ; But an ye be crafty, I am cunnin,

Sae ye wi' anither your fortune maun try. Ye're like to the timmer o'yon rotten wood,

Ye're like to the bark o'yon rotten tree, Ye'll slip frae me like a knotless thread,

And ye'll crack your credit wi' mae nor me.


GANE is the day and mirk's the night,
But we'll ne'er stray for faute o' light,
For ale and brandy's stars and moon,
And bluid-red wine's the rysin sun.

Then guidwife count the lawin, the lawin, the lawin, Then guidwife count the lawin, and bring a coggie


There's wealth and ease for gentlemen,
And semple-folk maun fecht and fen’;
But here we're a' in ae accord,
For ilka man that's drunk's a lord.

Then guidwife count, &c.

My coggie is a haly pool,
That heals the wounds o' care and dool;
And pleasure is a wanton trout,
An' ye drink it a' ye'll find him out.

Then guidwife count, &c.



What can a young lassie, what shall a young lassie,

What can a young lassie do wi' an auld man? Bad luck on the pennie that tempted my minnie To sell her poor Jenny for siller an' lan'!

Bad luck on the pennie, &c.

He's always compleenin frae mornin to e’enin,

He hosts and he hirples the weary day lang; He's doylt and he's dozin, his bluid it is frozen,

0, dreary's the night wi' a crazy auld man !

He hums and he hankers, he frets and he cankers,

I never can please him, do a' that I can; He's peevish and jealous of a'the young fellows:

0, dool on the day I met wi' an auld man!

My auld auntie Katie upon me takes pity,

I'll do my endeavour to follow her plan; I'll cross him, and wrack him, until I heart-break

him, And then his auld brass will buy me a new pan.


BONNie wee thing, cannie wee thing,

Lovely wce thing, wast thou mine, I wad wear thee in my bosom,

Lest my jewel I should tine.

Wishfully I look and languish

In that bonnie face o' thine ;
And my heart it stounds wi' anguish,

Lest my wee thing be na mine.

Wit, and grace, and love, and beauty,

In ae constellation shine ;
To adore thee is my duty,
Goddess o' this soul o' mine!

Bonnie wee, &c.


Tune, The Moudiewort.'


An 0, for ane and twenty, Tam!

An hey, sweet ane and twenty, Tam! r'll learn my kin a ratilin sang,

An I saw ane and twenty, Tam.

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