The grave of O'Neill with other poems

Передня обкладинка
pr. by A. O'Neill, 1823 - 80 стор.

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Сторінка 80 - Out of every corner of the woods and glens they came creeping forth upon their hands, for their legs could not bear them: they looked like anatomies of death: they spoke like ghosts crying out of their graves...
Сторінка i - ... walls As if that soul were fled. So sleeps the pride of former days, So glory's thrill is o'er, And hearts that once beat high for praise Now feel that pulse no more. No more to chiefs and ladies bright The harp of Tara swells : The chord alone, that breaks at night, Its tale of ruin tells. Thus Freedom now so seldom wakes, The only throb she gives Is when some heart indignant breaks, To show that still she lives.
Сторінка 79 - Tyrone hath been heard to complain that he had so many eyes watching over him — that he could not drink a full carouse of sack, but the state was advertised thereof a few hours after.
Сторінка 80 - And no spectacle was more frequent in the ditches of towns, and especially in wasted countries, than to see multitudes of these poor people dead with their mouths all coloured green by eating nettles, docks, and all things they could rend up above ground.
Сторінка 73 - ... cautioned the confederacy against his artifices ; it gave confidence to Rinuccini, who, with the great majority of the Irish clergy, adhered to the letter of that oath by which they associated for the establishment of their freedom. " The parliamentarians of Munster," says Mr Leland, and in this assertion we cannot be better supported, '* in the fulness of their zeal, would be contented only with the extirpation of popery and the rebellious Irish race.
Сторінка 75 - O'Nial assembled the chief officers of his army and addressed them thus. " Gentlemen, to demonstrate to the world, that I value the service of my king, and the welfare of my nation, as I always did, I now forget and forgive the supreme council, and my enemies their ill practices, and all the wrongs they did me from time to time, and will now embrace that peace which I formerlyrejected out of a good intent.
Сторінка 73 - ... remains from every part of Ulster. He passed the Bann, and advanced into the county of Tyrone. Hence he addressed a letter to Owen O'Nial, expressing his concern, that a man of his reputation should come to Ireland for the maintenance of so bad a cause. Owen replied, that he had belter reasons to come to the relief of his country, than his lordship could plead for...
Сторінка 79 - Sir John Davis's Hift. Relat. p. 117. . * " Tirone (on this occafion) fled privately into Normandy, in 1607, thence to Flanders, and then to Rome; where he lived on the pope's allowance, became blind, and died in the year 1616. His fon was, fome years after, found ftrangled in his bed at Bruflels ; and fo ended his race.
Сторінка 74 - Ormond and the supreme council, was received with general joy by the confederate nobility, and the greatest and best part of the clergy : but the nuncio, and general Owen...
Сторінка 75 - Coote came fo compliment him, and perform his conditions, and afterwards invited him and his chief officers into the town, and treated them nobly.

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