Hugs for Dad: Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire

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Simon and Schuster, 1997 - 128 стор.
Someone you know needs a hug today . . . it may even be you! Something wonderful happens when you share a hug with your Dad. Your hugs express all the love, respect, gratitude, and devotion you feel in your heart. Dads need to be hugged -- often -- so they'll know how very much they're appreciated.

In the pages of this very special book, you'll find a great many hugs that express your warmest feelings of love and admiration. Each part of this collection is chosen to inspire and encourage Dad in his life. Fascinating stories by the beloved storyteller John William Smith, personalized scriptures by LeAnn Weiss, uplifting quotes by various well-known people, and powerful messages by an "anonymous disciple" come together to form enduring hugs that will warm Dad's heart.

Do you know a dad who needs a hug today? Share a hug that will bless him for a lifetime!


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Making History
Leading Your Family
Experiencing Victory
Creating Independence
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Instilling Values
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John Smith wrote five books in the Hugs series. In addition to Hugs for Mom, he authored Hugs for Dad, Hugs to Encourage and Inspire, Hugs for the Hurting, and Hugs for the Holidays. He has been a preacher and teacher for more than forty years and taught public school at the junior and senior high level; he also taught at the college and university level. He is an in-demand speaker for graduations, as well as for athletic, education, fund-raising events. He and his wife, Kila, live in Huntsville, Oklahoma, and his three adult children are scattered about the country.

LeAnn Weiss, as a college student, accepted her pastor's challenge to reexamine the Bible as God's personal love letter and source of encouragement. As she started journalizing what God showed her while she meditated on Scripture, her walk with God was revolutionized, and she began writing personalized, paraphrased scriptures featured in the best-selling Hugs Book Series. LeAnn's Encouragement Company was recently featured in Women of Faith speaker Marilyn Meberg's best-selling book "I'd Rather Be Laughing".

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