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Moshenskyi S. Financial centers of Ukraine and securities market of the industrial age (In Ukrainian) The book is devoted to the formation and development of the main financial centers of Ukraine in age of industrial capitalism (the second half of XIX - early XX centuries) - Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv. They became financial centers of the industrial age influenced by the processes of the "first globalization", when investment flows directed in these cities, stimulating the sugar boom in Kiev, oil production in Galicia, a massive grain exports through Odessa and the construction of major steel plants in eastern Ukraine. Each of the financial centers of Ukraine had its own specialization. United by transportation network of railways, they were oriented in the early twentieth century on the global capital markets.

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Sergey Z. Moshenskiy (ec@planeta.ua) - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Director of Economic and Legal Affairs of the Group of companies "Planet" (Kiev). Author of books focusing on the history of financial and securities markets - "History of the Weksel", "Weksel. Basic Concepts", "Securities Market. The processes of transformation", "Securities Market of Russian Empire", "From Global Imbalances to the Great Depression (1914-1939)", "Financial centers of Ukraine and Securities Market of the Industrial Age". "Research in the field of financial history suggests global context" - said prof. S. Z. Moshenskiy. "For the full research of modern scientists need to be part of the intellectual elite of the global post-industrial society. Because innovative impulse as very intellectual freedom - freedom of thought stereotypes and bias, freedom of intellectual creativity - can only give a global context. Global space of ideas".

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