Third and Final Series of Bibliographical Collections and Notes on Early English Literature, 1474-1700

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Сторінка 159 - New England's Memorial ; or, A brief relation of the most memorable and remarkable passages of the providence of God, manifested to the planters of New-England in America ; with special reference to the first colony thereof, called NewPlimouth.
Сторінка 37 - The Peoples Ancient and Just Liberties Asserted, in the Tryal of William. Penn, and William Mead, at the Sessions held at the Old-Bailey in London, the first, third, fourth and fifth of Sept., 70, against the most Arbitrary procedure of that Court.
Сторінка 5 - An Argument, proving, that according to the Covenant of Eternal Life, revealed in the Scriptures, Man may be translated from hence into that Eternal Life, without passing through Death, although the Human Nature of Christ himself could not be thus translated till he had passed through Death ; 1703.
Сторінка 193 - A Present for a Papist: or, The Life and Death of Pope Joan, PLAINLY PROVING OUT OF THE PRINTED COPIES, AND MANUSCRIPTS OF POPISH WRITERS AND OTHERS, THAT A WOMAN CALLED JOAN WAS REALLY POPE OF ROME ; And was there Deliver'd of a Bastard Son in the open Street, as She went in Solemn Procession. By a Lover of Truth, Denying Human Infallibility.
Сторінка 121 - LAWS | of | Jamaica, | Passed by the | Assembly, | And Confirmed by | His Majesty | in | Council, | April 17. 1684. | To which is added, | The State of Jamaica, | As it is now under the Government of | Sir Thomas Lynch.
Сторінка 223 - Majesty's castles and palaces, together with those of the most considerable towns and colleges; the ruins of many ancient abbeys, churches, monasteries, and convents, within the said kingdom ; all curiously engraven on copperplates, with a short description of each place.
Сторінка 289 - House, Dated Nov. 3, 1673. Subscribed JG and concluding with these words ; If thou darest to Print or Publish any Lie or Libel against Doctor Parker, By the Eternal God I will cut thy Throat.
Сторінка 67 - Einleitung. the Dublin Scuffle: being a challenge sent by John Dunton, citizen of London, to Patrick Campbel, bookseller in Dublin. Together with the small skirmishes of bills and advertisements.
Сторінка 27 - Thomas Campanella an Italian friar and second machiavel. His advice to the King of Spain for attaining the universal monarchy of the world. Particularly concerning England, Scotland and Ireland, how to raise division between King and Parliament, to alter the government from a kingdome to a commonwealth.
Сторінка 25 - An Account | of the | Late Revolution | in | New England. | Together with the | Declaration | of the | Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of Boston, | and the Country adjacent.

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