Bradford Antiquary: The Journal of the Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society, Том 1

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Сторінка 172 - They will here meet with ruts, which I actually measured, four feet deep, and floating with mud, only from a wet summer. What, therefore, must it be after a winter? The only mending it receives is tumbling in some loose stones, which serve no other purpose than jolting a carriage in the most intolerable manner. These are not merely opinions, but facts; for I actually passed three carts broken down in these eighteen miles of execrable memory.
Сторінка 416 - (his old Schoolmaster at Huntingdon), ' that Dr. Alablaster had preached flat Popery at Paul's Cross ; and that the Bishop of Winchester ' (Dr. Neile) ' had commanded him as his Diocesan, He should preach nothing to the contrary. Mainwaring, so justly censured in this House for his sermons, was by the same Bishop's means preferred to a rich living. If these are the steps to Church-preferment, what are we to expect ?
Сторінка 53 - He was never seen to be transported with mirth, or dejei-lc-i with sadness; always cheerful hut rarely merry, at any sensible rate; seldom heard to break a jest, and, when he did, he would be apt to blush at the levity of it: his gravity was natural, without affectation.
Сторінка 57 - The night is come, like to the "day ; Depart not Thou, great God, away. Let not my sins, black as the night, Eclipse the lustre of Thy light. Keep still in my horizon, for to me, The sun makes not the day, but Thee.
Сторінка 449 - IN every Parish Church and Chapel within this realm, shall be provided one parchment book at the charge of the parish, wherein shall be written the day and year of every Christening, Wedding, and Burial, which have been in that parish since the time that the law was first made in that behalf, so far as the ancient books thereof can be procured, but especially since the beginning of the reign of the late Queen.
Сторінка 47 - I feel not in myself those common antipathies that I can discover in others: those national repugnances do not touch me, nor do I behold with prejudice the French, Italian, Spaniard, or Dutch...
Сторінка 426 - Now let God arise, and his enemies shall be scattered' ; and he following us as we slowly marched, I heard him say, 'I profess they run !' and then was the Scots army all in disorder and running, both right wing and left and main battle.
Сторінка 47 - Now for my life, it is a miracle of thirty years, which to relate, were not a history, but a piece of poetry, and would sound to common ears like a fable.
Сторінка 57 - Sleep is a death ; — O make me try, By sleeping, what it is to die ! And as gently lay my head On my grave, as now my bed. Howe'er I rest, great God, let me Awake again at last with thee.
Сторінка 46 - Whosoever feels not the warm gale and gentle ventilation of this spirit, though I feel his pulse, I dare not say he lives ; for truly without this, to me there is no heat under the tropic, nor any light, though I dwelt in the body of the sun.

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