Зображення сторінки

O blessed, will-less, childlike spirit ;

True Angel-bliss of Fatherland! My heart's desires I all surrender :

There lies my soul in God's own Hand.

O Will of God! my spirit's longing ;

My food in pain and misery :-
O Will of God, enchain me wholly !

So shall my will rest pure and free.

O Will, work in me thy good pleasure,

Through Time, and in Eternity : Be joy or sadness here my portion,

All bliss is mine, in loving thee !

Lord, help to slay the self-life in me;

The bitter Nature-powers that strive: That I my soul to Thee surrender,

And to Thy Will for ever live !



SLEEP not, O Spul by God awakened:

Eternity's loud call obey.
We wander here 'midst shadows only:

'What are we dreaming ? Why loiter we upon our way?

Lay by each weight, and all that binds thee;

Joys that thy soul's true joy would mar.
Leave Self and Nature all behind thee:

Be ever ready :-
The Bridegroom comes—He is not far.

Arise, and let us go to meet Him;

And leave all as it standeth here :
Hear His own Summons in the Spirit !

To the pure-hearted
Rings forth that Summons loud and clear.

Turn inwards—there thy soul shall find Him;

And ever in the spirit pray,
That of thy time and strength none rob thee.

Thine Oil now gather !
So shall it fail not in that day.

Now, all for God! No semblance profits.

Lord, fill us with Thine Oil of Love, To feed the flame of life's devotion ;

And give us soul-light, Which nought in death can quench or move !

Arouse our hearts Thyself, O Jesus,

The pilgrim-course with might to run.
Help us in watching, praying, dying ;

And never leave us,
Until our course on Earth is done!



From all created things, That pass not with us through the grave, My spirit turns away.

O Master, gird my loins ; And let me, as a stranger here,

Pass on; nor wish to stay !

The World hath nought in me; And I in her have nought to hope ; Her pleasures only cloy:

I close mine eyes to all. A true, eternal life alone

No dreams—can give me joy.

For ever I renounce
All that I hitherto esteemed

Upon the pilgrimage ;

'Tis but a weary load : I cannot travel whilst these cares

My heart and soul engage.

A passing stranger here, What doth this world concern my heart ?

Loosened from all, and bare,

I journey on in peace.
Joys, honours, riches, and delights ;-

I leave you lying there !

I turn e'en from the things
Of which the body still hath need:

What mine is, is not mine,

God is my Good alone;
My Life, my Portion, and my Trust :

All others I resign.

Cease, heart-grief;.cease, deceit ! ,
Thou, O my God, art all I need :
All things in Thee are found.

All Purity and Truth,
All restful inner calm and peace

Ever in Thee abound.

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