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Thee to love for ever

Pledged are all my vows; Draw my spirit to Thee,

And my soul espouse ! Through Thine own Love's burning

Melt us both in one :Jesus, Whom I long for,

Leave me not alone !

Now from every danger

Thou Thy child wilt keep. Hold me in Thy Bosom's

Rest, so still and deep ! Let my soul each hour

Know Thee for its own :Jesus, Whom I long for,

Leave me not alone !

Jesus, look upon me

Where I go, and stand : When I fall or waver,

Hold me by Thy Hand. Comfort me in sorrow;

Strengthen me in strife : Jesus, Whom I long for,

Stay with me through life!

Must I here still tarry,

Let me live with Thee : Let Thy Blessed Presence

Brighten all to me: Else, in weary sadness

I must journey on :Jesus, Whom I long for,

Leave me not alone !

With Thee let me slumber,

And with Thee arise ; Be my every action

Guided by Thine Eyes : In my speech, and silence,

Sorrows, toil, and rest ; Jesus, Whom I long for,

Keep me near Thy Breast !

Thou and I for ever

One alone will be : Free from cares and troubles,

Let me hide in Thee ! Thus are Earth's distractions

To my soul unknown :Jesus, Whom I long for,

Leave me not alone!

If Thou hide Thy Presence,

Let me know no fear,
But in woe still praise Thee

Through the darkness drear. Would'st Thou, keenly chastening,

Fit me for Thy bride ;Jesus, Whom I long for,

Close with me abide !

Thine own Love's pure essence

To my spirit give,
That e'en in this earth-land,

To Thy joy I live ;-
Till in Heaven I see Thee,

Love Thee as mine own :--
Jesus, Whom I long for,

Leave me not alone !




O WILL of God, all sweet and perfect;

The spirit's calm, unbroken rest ;
My Anchor-Ground, and Living Fortress ;-

I flee for safety to Thy breast !

God's Will all bitterness can sweeten ;

All things make good that He doth send. Without this Will, Earth's best enjoyments

No gladness to the soul can lend.

When sin and evil powers assail me,

I think, “ 'Tis ordered by His Will :
He will give strength and sure protection;"-

Thus rests my heart content and still.

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