Зображення сторінки

And the blessèd, glorious Angels,

Who have guarded us below,
Find we there in countless numbers,

Joyful in our triumph now.

Hear their Song of Praise exultant ;

“Glory in the Heavenly Height To our God for aye be given ! Now in you is His delight !”

As one Angel Choir rejoiceth,

Other bands begin to soar; Bringing to the Feast of Glory,

Still new Glory, evermore.

O ye Cherubim and Seraphs,

Blessèd Throne-attendant Throng ;When shall I behold your Service ?

When shall I too hear your Song ?

· Yet more shall we find in Heaven :

There, The Friend Who for us bled ; Joined us unto God for ever ;

And through all our journey led :

He, Who from our sins redeemed us ;

Clothed us in white, spotless dress ; Won for us the Rest Eternal ;

Heaven's undying Blessedness :

His great Glory, O redeemed ones,

All in earth and Heaven declare ! Lowly bend in adoration

To The Lamb, both here and There !

We shall see, O wondrous Vision !

God's Own Face, in clearest Light : What shall be the untold Glory

What the Radiance of that Sight !

O great Mystery unspoken !

Here Eternity doth lay Holy stillness on the spirit;

Melting thoughts of Time away.

There, my heart, abide thou wholly,

Where thou would'st for ever be ; Leave all earthly things below thee;

Live above, in spirit free!

O my God, Thy Heavenly Kingdom

Even now is near at hand : Seeking for it in the spirit,

Patiently I waiting stand :

Waiting, till Thy Love revealeth

Thine Own Presence in my heart; Who my Glory, Joy, and Treasure,

And my soul's true Heaven art.





One more flying moment

Of my short life past :
Faithful Friend, I thank Thee !

Hold me firm and fast,
Through this hour also,

In the heart's still ground :
So in Thee my spirit

Shall unmoved be found.

Time goes fleeting swiftly,

Leaving little trace;
Yet is it all-weighty,

This “to-day” of Grace.
Now, Thy Heart lies open ;

Now, we toil and love ;
Now, we hourly hasten

Towards our Home above.



SWEET or bitter, love or woe,

In Time's valley here of sadness ;What is it? If Love be pure,

It consumes both pain and gladness Love alone can well endure

Many a cross with patient heart : Love all work can undertake ;

Strength to each design impart. Love, in all things, seeks alone

God to please, with soul sincere : Love, accounting Self as nought,

Keeps the spirit pure and clear.

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