Зображення сторінки

Here, upon the paper planted,

Stand the Spirit's Garden-Flowers God himself will give them sunshine,

Paint their hues, and send them showers. Be their soil the silent heart-ground :

There may every swelling seed Burst in Truth, and Power, and Substance ;

Blooming forth in all who read.





Thus, then, another year of pilgrim-life,
(Not void of dangers, though without sore fall;—
Not free from heart-wounds, though it brought not death,)
Has vanished, with its heavy burdens all !

Onward, my spirit ; go forth trustingly;
One step awaits thee ere thy course is done.
Give me Thy Hand, O Thou, my soul's True Guide !
So shall I venture farther to toil on.

“ Still onward !" is the Christian's watchword here :
The pilgrim may not tarry on his road.
What can the world bestow upon the heart
Whose home is in Eternal Life, and God ?

My soul immortal yearns for that sweet Life:
Ah, when wilt Thou my spirit, Lord, prepare ?
The earthly dwelling threatens oft to fail :-
Thus live I on, in longing, watchful prayer.

O give Thy Help, that I to self may die;
And live more wholly, only unto Thee !
Thy Cross work purity and gentleness ;-
Thy Love work Love's true-heartedness in me!

Bear Thou me on; thus I my load shall bear :
As Thou hast held me, do Thou succour still :
If hatred meet me, let me have Thy Love,
Which e'en the aged hearts with fire doth fill.

My heart's own God ;—Thou Beauty Old and New !
Thee do I love: O faithful let me be
Even to death! to Thee I yield my soul
For guidance here, and through Eternity!



The outer sunlight now is there,

And shineth fair and bright; Yet God is nearer to my soul,

With His own Living Light.

Ah, dwell in me, Thou Sun Divine;

Thy sky my spirit be;
That I, O purest bliss of souls !

Be glorified in Thee.

Night's darkness passes, when the sun

Reveal's his opening ray : Thus, through Thy Presence in my soul,

Drive self and sin away!

Thou art a Light; and dwell'st in Light :

O make me light and pure ; That I may look into Thy Face,

And Thine own Glance endure.

The eagle gazes at the sun

With joyous sight, and free :Lord, open Thou my spirit's eyes,

That I may look on Thee !

He who within the soul's deep shrine

Beholds Thee in Thy Light, Like to the Cherubim, in awe

Adores Thee day and night.

So let me walk before Thy face

Through all my journey here, That all I do, or leave undone,

Be pure, and light, and clear.

Let Thine Eye guide me, lest I stray

Upon the earthly race : Ah, stay with me my whole life long,

Till I behold Thy Face!

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